Paradise Beneath The Waves - Trina Page - ebook

An innocent day at the shore quickly spirals out of control for June as she is accosted by a strange blob. The thing turns out to be a secret experiment and when the people in charge take he hostage she finds herself caught between them and the creature, bent on taking what it believes is theirs. 

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Trina Page


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JUNE ENJOYED STARING OUT AT the ocean. The wildness of the waves as they hit the rocky shore. This was her last full day of her vacation, and she fully planned on spending most of the time at the sea. By now she knew the paths at the park like the back of her hand.

The early morning light caused small shadows in the wind-blown trees. The young woman took a deep breath, sighing as her lungs filled with the salty air. Her car was parked a few hundred yards behind, the lone vehicle in the lot.

Her long blonde hair was blown around by a sudden gust. With a frustrated growl she pushed it back behind her ears. The summer dress she wore was simple, decorated with a flowery pattern. The tennis shoes on her feet didn’t quite match but she wasn’t going hiking without them.

The gravel on the path crunched underneath her as she walked along. The only other sound besides a few birds chirping in the bushes. The orange color in the sky heralded sunrise. As it was her final time here, she preferred to get up early so as to not waste a moment.

She could hear the sound of the waves long before she could see the water. The young woman blinked, the sun shining off the the ocean as she came out of the woods. The liquid was a pristine blue, foaming as it swept over the large rocks on part of the beach.

Such a beautiful sight, but June couldn’t help but feel more than a hint of sadness. A full week of vacation, almost gone. For two years she’d scrimped and saved to visit New England. The picturesque towns and wonderful woods. Everything was even better than she’d imagined.

That only made leaving all the more difficult. But tomorrow she would take her flight back to Oklahoma and her boring, everyday life of working forty hours a week in retail. Only twenty-seven and so jaded, she sighed to herself. Flinging those thoughts to the back of her mind, she allowed herself to indulge in the moment.

The boulders were a fun challenge as she slid and hopped toward the beach. Any moment she could sprain an ankle, sliding on some moss or a wet stone. But the trip down was uneventful. The tide was in, which meant that the sandy beach was underwater, but that didn’t deter her from taking her shoes and socks off.

Sliding to the rock closest to the water, she dipped her feet in, shuddering as the coolness permeated her skin. She wiggled her toes, trying to acclimate to the temperature. After a few minutes she felt much better, enjoying the wonderful view.

There weren’t any boats in the water. The blue went on for as far as she could see, disappearing as it combined with the equally blue sky.

A sudden movement beneath her feet and she leaned over, thinking that a sea creature was around. There was a black shadow swirling around among the small rocks. The thing seemed to have no discernible form and she could see the sand beneath it. At first June thought it to be a piece of moss, but the creature moved with purpose along the shore.

Nervousness crept up her spine and she lifted her legs up and away, cradling them against her body. The shadow continued to move slowly toward her, twisting and shirting around the sand bed. Finally, the thing came to a stop right beneath her.

She waited with baited breath, wondering what it was going to do next. There was no possible way she could have been prepared for what happened next.

With a sudden burst the black form rose from the water, droplets spraying all over. Her arms came up to shield her. And then June felt a cool slide against her bare feet. Staring, she started and then let loose a high-pitched scream.

Whatever the blob was, it wasn’t as small as she thought. The bubbling thing was enormous, five times larger than her, and it kept getting bigger, somehow extending its body. And it was touching her. She flinched, scrambling backward on her rock.

The thing followed, quickly engulfing her foot. The cool, slimy texture set her skin crawling. Jerking her appendage she tried to shake it off. It might as well have been glue. Budging not an inch, instead the thing slid further upward, climbing her ankle.

Hastily, fingers digging for holds in the stone, she twisted around and tried to escape by heading up toward the forest. There was a tug and instead she was sliding back down on the wet rock. Her other foot was next, the goo traveling up to her waist. Her continued screams went unheard at this early hour.

The next minute was the worst in her life. Slowly the creature swallowed her entire body. Her arms scrabbled for purchase as they were absorbed, becoming weightless. Lastly June’s head was covered, her screams became muffled by the material surround her.

She imagined that air would be impossible, but there was no lack of oxygen. There seemed to be a bubble that allowed her to breath normally. She floated there, her unbound hair drifting in front of her eyes. Flailing her arms, she couldn’t seem to move about like in normal liquid. She remained squarely where she was.

Her entire body trembled as her voice gave out. Hugging her arms around herself, she quivered in terror. From outside the bubble came a distant sound of shouting and an engine. Looking up, she beheld a large boat that had nearly come onto shore, it was so close.

The vessel was alive with men running back and forth, and divers were already in the water, swimming their way. Her wondering at who they were was promptly interrupted when the blob surrounding her suddenly became warmer.

Pressing against her, she arched as thick appendages materialized, sliding between her breasts and around her thighs. Struggling uselessly, she tried to grasp the slick vines. She might as well have been trying to grab water for all the good it did her.

The tentacle on her lower body slid closer to an intimate part of her. Squeezing her legs together she tried to deny it access, but failed. Thrusting against her crotch, she gasped in shock as the creature, still damp from the water, slid against her most sensitive area.

On her back, she was moving restlessly, trying to escape. In her distraction the people were even closer now. As if sensing the urgency the creature pressed even tighter, exploring her body, sliding underneath her clothes.

She was surrounded, being invaded everywhere and unable to do anything about it. Her breath was choked gasps, tears streaming down her face. The thing was unfazed by her struggles. Her panties, like the rest of her clothes, were no barrier.

Pushing apart her nether lips, the thing pushed inside until suddenly it stopped. Panting, she waited, her entire body shivering. Rather than moving forward the creature chose to withdraw completely.

One moment she was suspended in the air and the next she was sitting on the cool, wet rock once more. Staring, she saw the dark object slide away, racing back into the water. Ahead of her the divers were calling out to each other and pointing after it.

They dove underwater, but moments later came up. With horror she saw why. The blob was holding them up by their waists, lifting them into the air. In moments their entire bodies were engulfed like hers was. They shouted in surprise and fear as they thrashed wildly.

But their struggles ended swiftly, leaving them lying there quietly. Not knowing whether they were alive or dead she struggled to her feet, standing on shaky legs. The next second the thing was letting them go, dropping their limp forms back into the ocean.

They didn’t move. The ship beyond was filled with even more activity. A net suddenly sprang through the air, landing within feet of the creature as it eluded the object. As swift as a fish the thing moved away through the water, rounding a bend and disappearing from view.

There was already a life raft being let go from the boat, heading toward the men in the water. The larger vessel quickly followed in pursuit of their prey.

Her first instinct, once she’d gotten her wits about her, was to run. And she did, climbing up the steep incline. Sight on the rocks in front of her, she didn’t notice the other people until she was almost to the top of the hill. A small cascade of rocks tumbled by her. She stopped short, lifting her head to stare at them in shock.

Above her stood several men, most of them armed with guns. The only one who wasn’t stood in the middle, eyeing her with confusion. His expression hardened as he spoke. “You’ll have to come with us.”



HER FIRST REACTION WAS TO soundly deny him, but the sight of their weapons held her tongue. They weren’t drawn, but the stance of the men, along with their silent threat, told her that they wouldn’t hesitate to use force.

Two of them climbed down to her as she stood there, wet to the bone and shaking. Each of them grabbed an arm, heaving her up the last few yards of rock. Closer now, she was able to get a better look at who she assumed to be the leader.

He wore a pair of dress pants and a long, brown jacket. His large glasses hung on the edge of his nose. June judged his age to be around forty or so. Without her shoes the ground was hard and pointy beneath her feet. She stepped gingerly up to him, completely surrounded on both sides.

Crooking one finger, he gave them swift orders. “Bring her to the vehicle.” Turning, he didn’t bother to see if they would follow his orders. The man had absolute faith they would. A bit of her spirit was returning, and she tried to dig her heels into the dirt.

“Where are you taking me?” she demanded. No one answered her. Instead they grabbed her under the arms and bodily lifted her forward. Wiggling, she tried to break their iron grips, to no avail. The trail went by quickly, their steps sure and swift.

Very soon the parking lot came into view. Beside her own vehicle now stood several others, all of them nondescript SUV’s and even a Hummer. Every single one had tinted windows. Still being carried, they took her toward the one the man climbed into the back of.

She debated on whether to grab the edge of the door, but thought better of it. They would probably not be gentle in prying her off. The young woman was thrust inside and promptly put into a seat next to the older man.

One of the armed men followed her and the door was closed behind him. Another got in the front, starting the engine. No one said anything as they backed up and then took off, leaving the rest of the party to follow them.

Turning around, June saw that someone was in her own vehicle, bringing it along as well. She didn’t know how, as her keys were still on the beach, laying in her forgotten purse.

Soon they were turning onto the highway, in the opposite direction of the town she was staying at.

“Where are you taking me?” she demanded once more.

“You’ll see when we get there,” was all the response she could get from the man wearing glasses. His thoughts were evidently elsewhere and he ignored any further inquires. Stuck between the two strangers, there wasn’t much option for escape, especially with the speed the vehicle was traveling at.

Unfamiliar with this part of the country, she couldn’t begin to figure out where they were driving to. Traffic was beginning to get more congested as people went to work. Weaving in and out, they made good speed as they went along.

There came a break in the trees and June caught a glimpse of large buildings to one side. Taking the next exit, the car came to a wide space of open ground. Before them sat a check in station and beyond that what appeared to be a base of some kind.

The base was large, and from what she could see completely surrounded by a barbed-wire fence over eight feet tall. They didn’t dawdle at the gate, but were quickly ushered through. There were several large hangars and warehouses, their doors closed so she was unable to see what was inside.

The vehicle pulled up in front of a two-story house near the edge of the perimeter. Opening his door, the doctor beckoned her out. “You’ll be staying at my home.”

Sliding along the seat, still very wet, she hesitantly followed him. Behind her she felt the other man do the same. With no other option she was forced to follow the man. The entryway was spacious, and the rooms on either side decorated with modern furniture.

There was a set of stairs directly ahead, that he led them up. Her room was right at the top of the landing. Opening the door, he stepped aside so she could enter.

Hesitantly she moved past the door jam and inside. The furnishings weren’t top of the line, but they were comfortable. There was a queen bed in one corner with a small end table. A desk sat in another and a single chair and breakfast table completed the ensemble.

On one side there was an open doorway, and within she glimpsed a tub and toilet. Behind her she felt the air move and turned around just in time to see the door close shut. She rushed forward, pulling at the handle, finding it securely locked.

She was a prisoner.