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DESCRIPTIONIn this erotic tale of family depravity, Charles discovers the forbidden desires of his submissive daughter. Taking his daughter for the sexual satisfaction of a wealthy pervert, this Daddy tastes the fruits of incestuous desire. Just what will happen between this loving father and daughter pair in Surely Wilder’s latest tale of graphic lust fulfilling incestuous BDSM?EXCERPT“Now, tell me the truth, has your father ever molested you?” He asked as he began taking off latex gloves. That relieved me a little, at least he had used protection.“No... Never.” I stated as I began to regain some control, but it was difficult. He had stopped just as I was building to a crushing orgasm. I pulled on the chains holding my hands and feet to no avail. I couldn’t break free.“Have you ever had romantic thoughts about your father?”“What do you mean, romantic?”“Have you ever looked at him and admired his physical appearance?” He asked as he began stroking my face delicately with the back of his hand so that the touch was somehow sensual.“Yes.”“Have you ever wondered what it might be like to kiss him intimately?”“Maybe when I was drunk and in college. Never when I was standing next to him.”“So you have had fantasies about him.”“Gentle ones. Silly ones. The kind of fantasies young girls and drunk women have about their fathers taking care of them. Nothing sordid.”“Oh my... I wasn’t going to ask if you ever wanted to fuck him.” He laughed at me. I could see his eyes sparkle with glee through the ski mask.“God... what do you want?” Suddenly he pulled up my shirt so that it caught above my breasts. I was standing completely naked in front of him and he could see all of my intimate charms.“Isn’t it obvious from my questions? I’ll make it clear for you. Have you ever seen your father’s penis?” he asked as he began stroking my breasts.My voice changed as I answered. I could no longer deny the level of arousal I felt. I could feel how slick my pussy had become as I stood there incapable of stopping his hands. “A few times and only by accident, I don’t even think he knows.”“Have you ever seen his erection?” The man was now only using his finger tips with feather light pressure. Tingles of desire radiated through my system as he glided them all over my naked flesh. “No... God no... Oh.”“Have you wanted to see his erection?”“Yes...” I admitted weakly. Shit why was I doing this? The man smiled.“What do you call your father?”“Pa, Papa, Daddy.”“Do you like sex, Joy?”“Yes.” I admitted as his hands came down to my vulva.“Have you had truly satisfying sex, the kind that makes you weak at the knees and makes you shake with multiple orgasms?”“No.” I panted and he pressed his finger upon my clit. I guess it was simply a reaction, but I pressed my hips forward onto him.“Would you like to experience that?”“Yes” Again, why was I telling him this?

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Surely Wilder’s

A Wilder Short

Published by Lot’s Cave

A Wilder Short

Papa’s Joy, © 2015, by Surely Wilder

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Moira Nelligar

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Chapter 1 –Wedding Plans

Chapter 2 –Survival Plans

Chapter 3 –Joy’s Story

Chapter 4 –Reaction

Chapter 5 –Epilogue


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1

Wedding Plans

There are some sick people in the world with deep, dark secrets that infect the soul of mankind with greed, depravity, and lust. Few people escape being infected by these individuals who wittingly prey upon the innocent and unsuspecting. For the few who are strong, they can escape the web of pollution created by these monsters. Most people aren’t strong. Once they are infected with the pollution of these evil doers, they become equally sick themselves. That is what happened to me. I was infected, allowed it to blossom into a full raging fever, and though I’ve controlled the spread of the infection, I’m afraid that I have given it to others. You should know that this work carries the infection, so unless you are strong, you should probably find another story to read. For those of you who are courageous, read on, but never say, I didn’t warn you.

My oldest daughter and first born child was getting married. It was the kind of fairy tale story that I was so proud to witness. She graduated from high school, went to college, earned a degree in business and was beginning to climb the corporate ladder of success. Her fiancé was a bit of brown-noser, but as a business attorney, he made excellent money. In one month he made more than I did in most of a year. Of course he spent his cash, but I was fine with that as Joy was the recipient of his generosity. He took her to concerts, the theatre, lovely restaurants, and showered her with the kind of clothes, jewelry, and nick-knacks that just simply spoiled my daughter to pieces. The ring he gave her must have cost as much as a new automobile. I didn’t have to worry that he could provide for her; he had proven that. I wasn’t concerned about him abusing her because he was too much of a wimp, besides I had taught my little girl how to defend herself. And I wasn’t worried about whether he loved her or not, because from his standing there was no advantage in marrying Joy.

I don’t mean that she was a bad catch; quite the contrary, she was an excellent catch; pretty, smart, accomplished, a hell of a cook, and a hard worker to boot. But I’m a carpenter by trade. It’s good money and I’ve built a lot of things with my hands that I’m quite proud of. Actually, it’s a little discouraging now a days with the way new equipment can be programmed by a computer to plane, bevel, and route wood in less than a quarter of the time it used to take me. The new carpenters coming out today are mainly hacks because they rely on all those gizmos. It might take me longer to build a cabinet, but I guarantee it’s a lot more valuable and will last longer because I still use the old ways.

So, I made a good living for my family, but I wasn’t rich; not by any accord. I had been in the houses of the rich and famous to work for them, but that didn’t mean I had any power of my own. I had some nice investments, wasn’t too worried about the future, and was just comfortable without being extravagant. I liked the simple things in life—a burger, a cold beer, Sunday sports, simple. No, Ben got nothing by marrying into the family. He was doing it because he loved my daughter, and in that decision he showed excellent taste.

My wife passed a few years back. It nearly broke my heart when it happened. She had always looked forward to Joy’s wedding day and she made me promise over and over again that I wasn’t going to skimp on it. No sir, it was all out or nothing; they’d have to elope. I had been saving for it. I had fifteen thousand dollars set aside to make sure my little girl had a day she’d always remember, that’s for sure. Katie, my wife, died in a drowning accident; and I was heart sick when it happened, but I kept remembering my promise to her. Her girl was going to have a beautiful wedding.

Joy was twenty four years old and I have to admit that she could have been a movie star or a model if she had wanted that lifestyle. Thank the good Lord, he put some sense into her and she was just as grounded as her mother. Joy even took after her mother with gorgeous strawberry blonde hair that she kept long and curled. Blue eyes, cute button nose, and a smile that would warm the heart of Scrooge. She was a beauty. I hate to admit it, but she took after her mother with the rest of her charms. She worked hard to stay in shape and would either wear lose jackets to hide her bountiful bosom or she’d show it off by wearing tight sweaters and T-shirts. When she was in high school, I always knew when date night was coming because she would be dressed to the nines. Just like her mother, she was a beauty and I kept a vigilant eye on her suitors to make sure they were respectful.

We were three weeks away from the wedding to the day when Joy called me and insisted, “We have to get my wedding gown, Pa.”

I liked that she called me Pa at home. In public it would be Dad or even worse Father, but when we were alone, she’d still call me Pa or Papa. There’s just something nice about that. “Alright dear, I know I’ve been putting it off, but set up a schedule of places and we’ll get your gown this Friday. I promise.”

Joy was delighted. I was happy as a lark; I’d get to spend time with my oldest on Friday. It was nice since all of the other kids were out of the house now. I had two more girls and two more boys. All of them were working or going to college, but Joy’s wedding in three weeks’ time would bring them all home to roost and it’d be a full house again.

I did all the planning I needed to do and pulled money from savings into checking so that this would be a nice day for the two of us. I was a little surprised to see that my investment account had a little more money in it than I thought and that was a good sign. Saturday came, and Joy stopped by at 9:00 a. m.

“Stores aren’t even open dear.”

“They will be when we get there,” She smiled.

There were three different wedding shops she wanted to check out and I drove her to each of them. She told me that she wasn’t going to make a decision until she had been to all three. The first store had a beautiful dress that made Joy look radiant in my eye. It was covered in all kinds of lace and pearls and even sparkled with diamonds in places. I knew that she liked the dress, but then she looked at the price tag, it was $1,500.00. I saw her face sink a little. She knew that I was a proud man and that I wanted to buy her dress, but I guess she figured I didn’t have the money. She took it off and came out of the dressing room.

“It’s beautiful,” she said to me, “But it’s too much.”

“No it’s not darling, if that’s the dress you want, it’s the dress you’re going to have.”

“Daddy, it’s fifteen hundred dollars.” She whispered so the store clerk couldn’t hear her concern.

“Yes it is,” I smiled. “Say the word and it’s yours.”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes I am. You may have to help me with your sister’s weddings.”

“Deal, Daddy,” she gushed as she kissed my cheek.

“Well go on and get it,” I smiled.

“Oh, I can’t Daddy, we haven’t seen the other stores yet.”

Well that’s what my daughter wanted, and by God, she was going to get it. I looked at the clerk and confided. “Keep this one on hold; I’m pretty certain we’ll be back.”

The clerk smiled at me and nodded his head like he had been through this ritual many times before.

We went to the second shop and I have to admit, I was a bit unimpressed. I know that wedding gowns are to women what cars are to men. We can spend hours looking at new cars, but to me one white lacy dress is pretty much like another one. Joy spent a considerable amount of time in this shop looking at one design after another. She picked out two of them and they were a lot cheaper than the dress at the other store. I knew that’s what was weighing on her mind.

“Let me ask you something, girl. Do you like either of these dresses any more than the one in the first shop?”

“Not really,”

“Then I’m not going to buy them. If you don’t find a dress you like better at the next place, we’re going back to the other store.” We left that shop without her trying on a single dress even though we were there for over an hour and a half.

We got back into my Ford F-150. It was a bit of an extravagant purchase for me, but I loved that pickup truck. It had enough space to haul all the things I needed for work and four seats for comfort. I treated it like it was my own child and cleaned it to perfection everyday. We drove to the next place and my jaw just hit the ground. I had no idea that a place like this might even exist. It literally looked like a Sam’s club for wedding gear. There were dresses hanging in racks that reached up from the floor to the ceiling. I nearly got snow blind when we walked in because of all the white.

I looked at Joy, and she seemed to be in heaven. There was just such a look of ultimate satisfaction on her face, and I knew that we’d be there for some time. I kept thinking, why in the world do they keep making wedding dresses? Why they could never make another one for the next fifty years and this one place alone would be able to outfit every girl in Pueblo. No sir, it just didn’t make any sense to me.

Joy began wandering up and down the aisles. She found the one that had dresses in size 10, but I guess that my earlier assessment was right; this was more of a Sam’s club. All the dresses she looked at were somehow cheaper, or not as nice as the first one she had seen. I knew we were going back to the first store. We could have saved time if we would have just gotten the dress then, but I enjoyed spending time with my oldest.

We went back to the first store and the clerk I talked to earlier came up to us as he gave me a knowing look, “I had a feeling you’d be back.”

“Can I try it on just one more time?” Joy beamed. There was no question in my mind that this was the one, and she looked beautiful in it.

“Of course you can.”

While we waited, I told the clerk that I’d like to make this a one stop shopping experience if I could; and that I didn’t know everything she needed with the dress, but I wanted to make sure that she had it.

“Do you need a tuxedo to go with the dress?”

“I actually have one of those,” I smiled, and I did. I had purchased it a couple of years ago when Joy was accepting an award from college. I figured I was coming to the time when I would need one so instead of renting, I just purchased it out right. It still fit.

Joy came out of the dressing room and that’s all that needs to be said. The look on my little girl’s face fit her name perfectly, and I told her we were getting the gown and that she was to get everything she needed to pull it off. Thirty minutes later we were finished. I felt kind of important writing a check for $2,127.83, but the look on my daughter’s face told me that it was well worth it.

As we walked out of the place I was carrying the packages, and I looked at Joy as I confessed, “Well, that just about wore me out. You owe me lunch.”

She laughed. “Yes I do, Papa.”

There was a burger joint down the way that I liked and I told her to get us a table outside so I could enjoy a cigar and to order me a beer while I put the things away in the car. Joy kissed my cheek and floated down the side walk. In three weeks she’d be another man’s girl, but for now she was mine.

I went to the truck; put the things away and walked up to the restaurant. Joy was sitting there waiting for me and she had a nice bohemian beer on the table, the kind I liked.

“You don’t mind if I smoke do you?”

“Have I ever minded, Papa? Of course I wished you’d quit just for your health.”

“Are you kidding, this is what keeps me in good spirits. A nice cigar, good beer, company with my daughter, what could be better? Have you ordered yet?”

“Not yet, I was waiting for you.”

I started working on my beer as Joy took a few sips of her wine. Everything seemed fine for the moment, but the waiter was staying scarce and I was getting hungry. We had been sitting there for about ten minutes or so. Joy had finished most of her wine and I had drunk down at least half my beer when I noticed that she seemed to be getting really sleepy.

“Joy, are you ok?”

“Something’s wrong Pa.” She stated. I looked at her and realized she wasn’t doing well at all. I had to get her out of there, maybe even to a hospital. I looked inside my wallet. The smallest thing I had was a twenty. Well at least that would cover the drinks I knew. I put the money on the table and helped my daughter to stand. I started guiding her down the side walk to the truck, but then it hit me, something was messing with me too.

I somehow got her inside the truck when all of a sudden I started feeling really dizzy and sleepy. There had to have been something in the drinks I realized. The last thing I remember was the truck door opening and being pushed inside. I was sound asleep.

Chapter 2

Survival Plans

I awoke to a completely different reality as ice cold water splashed on my face. I instantly panicked when I looked up to see Joy standing before me. She was chained to an open frame that held her feet, and arms spread wide apart. Thankfully, she wore her white T-shirt and tight blue jeans, but there was a thick piece of black gaff tape across her mouth. I could see that we were in a large garage or warehouse type space and that my truck was parked inside. Over in the corner there was a stack of hay bales, the square kind. I looked at Joy and saw fear radiate from her eyes which told me how serious our situation was. I tried to stand, but recognized that there was no way to do this, and no way to escape for the moment. I had been bound with handcuffs and tethered to a support pole for the building.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

Joy nodded yes.

“Has he hurt you?” She shook her head no.

“Do you know where we are?” Again, no.

“Do you know who did this?” Again she shook her head no and then her eyes opened in terror.

“So good of you to join us...Pa.”

I sat still as a naked man came to stand in front of me, he had a gun and he pointed it at my head.

“I don’t know what you want, but I’ll give you what I have, just don’t hurt my daughter.” I belted out.

“Oh, I have no intention of hurting your darling daughter.” The man said as he knelt by my side. This was far too bizarre. His only clothing was a ski mask so it was impossible to tell who he was other than he was white or at least used to be. He had an all over tan that just looked oddly sickening to me. There were no identifying marks as he had no tattoos; and no hair on his body. I couldn’t tell if he was blonde, brunette, or pink and blue punk. He had a stocky build that was repugnant with a round belly. The only thing that was different about him was that he had an uncircumcised penis which I made every effort not to look at.

“Good, then let her go and you and I can settle this like men.” I offered as I struggled at the restraints.

“Oh, now I don’t think that will work. You see, your daughter is absolutely essential to my plans, and so are you, Papa.”

“Then tell me what you want.”

“I was intrigued when I saw you two today. You seem to have such a tender and caring relationship, and I wanted to know how sincere it might be.”

“I’d do anything for my daughter.”

“That’s good to know.” He smiled as he pointed the gun at me and then back to Joy.

“No, you don’t need to do that.”

“Good,” he said as he pointed to the hay bales. “You aren’t on a ranch, I’ll tell you that much, but can you guess what the hay bales are for?”

“No idea if you don’t have horses.”

“They’re to soak up blood, they’re excellent for that and there’s plenty over there for both of you. So the rules of the game are these. You play nice. You do exactly what I say. You don’t try to be a hero. And both of you get out of this alive. You violate the rules, and I pull the trigger.” He aimed the gun at the hay bales and fired. I saw a clear indention which indicated he wasn’t shooting blanks. “Do you understand me, Papa?”


“And make no mistake, I know you don’t care about your life as much as you do your precious little girl so the first bullet goes to her. Do I make myself clear?”


Now that he had set the rules, the man stood and walked over to Joy. He pulled the tape from her mouth and my daughter screamed in agony as the adhesive ripped from her face. “Such a beautiful daughter, Daddy. You should be very proud,” he smiled as he reached up and cupped her left breast. I watched in disgust as his penis began to enlarge as he slid his hand all over Joy’s torso and began groping my daughter in front of me. “Really magnificent breasts: large, natural, firm, perfectly symmetrical, and very sensitive too. Her nipples come to such delightful points with the slightest pressure and I love her pink slightly puffy areolas.” He commented as the tips of my daughter’s nipples began to press through the thin material of her T-shirt. Joy groaned and wiggled with his touch to try to get him to back away, but the more she struggled, the more it encouraged the sick pervert. His comment made me understand that he had already seen her naked breasts and I began to struggle at my restraints though it was a futile effort.

“Have you ever felt them?”

“Of course not.”

“How odd that you’ve never touched your greatest creation; why if I had made this, I would have watched and felt everything.” The man smiled at her and slapped her ass hard. Joy winced with the pain and offered an “Ohh.” But other than that, she kept quite still.