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DESCRIPTIONWidowed at an early age, Kathleen forgoes the pleasures of physical intimacy and romance to raise her son to adulthood. She never realizes her sacrifice and devotion are fully appreciated by her son, till he sets a clever trap to seduce her. Still, a mother worries; she cannot give in to her own growing desires till she knows his love for her, and his desire for her impregnation are as sincere as hers.EXCERPTWith that, Philip descended again and put his babymaker at the opening of my sex. This time there was no pushing, we both held perfectly still in this moment of decision.“So, if I say yes, you will keep me naked whenever possible?”“Yes.” Philip growled.“You’ll make me go down on my knees and suck your hard cock till your hot cum explodes in my mouth?”“Yes,” his voice softened.“You’ll scream vile and perverted things at me and fuck me when I least expect it?”“Yes, Whore.” Oh God, I never thought that word could be a compliment, but in this time and place it described exactly how I felt. Still, I had to know just a little more.“You’ll show me all the ways of pleasure and deny me no fantasy?“Yes,”“You’ll kiss me gently at night and tell me how much you love me?”“Always,” He promised with sincerity.“You’ll knock Mommy up and give her as many babies as she wants?”“Yes.”“You’ll do all these things for me?”“This and more, this is only the beginning of your training.”Oh, what a thought, my sexual training? I had my answer. I tilted my pelvis up and felt his cock open my chamber as I screamed. “Then do it, Son. I am your willing fuck toy. Plunge your cunt stick into me and never ask permission again.” I pleaded.With that, I felt Philip’s weight press down on me as his prick stabbed into my birth canal. It was a heavenly pressure filled with so much promise and more. I was fully aware of the vows I had just made to him. I could only hope that he would be true to the vows he had given me. I was also very aware that we were fucking for real. At 38 I could have many more children and I was willing to have as many as we could afford.

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Surely Wilder’s

A Mother’s Confession; or

Published by Lot’s Cave

P is for Pleasure, © 2014, Surely Wilder

Cover by Moira Nelligar

A Lot’s Cave Novel


All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, scanning or otherwise—save in short quotations in critical reviews or articles, without the express permission of the author.

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older


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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1


At this very moment, I lie naked, tethered to a special pleasure bench made by my master just for me. Tonight is to be a special night, and Sir was so very gracious to me in the way he prepared me for my trial. You see, he guided me downstairs to our special playroom and disrobed me as he has done numerous times before. I stirred with anticipation as I felt his hands glide upon my engorged breasts and pinch my sensitive nipples. My pussy moistened in anticipation for his next command which came without words. After cupping my breasts, he slid his hands upward upon my soft skin sending shivers of delight through my body. After caressing my face, his hands descended to my shoulders and he gently pressed down. I knew in an instant what he wanted; it was my command, my obligation, and, my reward. Without hesitancy I lowered myself before his fertile body, and kneeling, I pulled down the band of his sweat pants. His magnificent cock, soft and flaccid, appeared before me. I wanted to draw him close to me so I could feel his rod harden in my mouth, but I knew better and waited as my master looked down on me.

“Are you thirsty?” He asked while stroking my hair.

“Yes, Master.” My heart stirred.

“Good, then I have a treat for you. You may aim my staff as you like.”

I watched as my Master looked skyward and felt his relaxation as the first few droplets of his golden potion bubbled down upon me. Without hesitation, I reached up aiming his flowing penis at my recently styled hair. I felt my crimson curls loosen as his warm pee flowed freely upon my scalp drenching my auburn locks. The exquisite warmth of his pungent piss invigorated my desire as I guided his stream upon my face and felt his urine coat my flesh. His stream intensified, and I opened my mouth savoring his liquor as I swallowed hungrily. Of course I could not capture it all and I savored the feeling as his hot liquid cascaded down my body, trickling over my breasts and making my nipples hard.

How much does my master love me? He clearly saved a strong reserve to quench my thirst, even as the heat, aroma, and taste of his discharge intensified the growing desire in my loins. Sir thoughtfully trained himself to control his flow and only allowed a moderate stream that seemed to go on for five minutes. I could not believe his level of control, but I fully luxuriated in his decadent fluid as I aimed it at my hair, my tender breasts, my swollen stomach, my cunt, and my open mouth, enjoying each elegant moment. As I sensed that he was coming to an end, I opened my lips again and engulfed his now semi-rigid prick. He continued spraying in my mouth as I latched on to his hot pole and drank his final stream.

“Ah, excellent...” He murmured as I nursed the final drops from his piss pipe.

I so love the feeling of a cock blooming in my mouth, and this time it felt almost as empowering as the first time I felt his penis on my inexperienced tongue. Of course, then it was a surprise, and he hadn’t trained me. I was timid and unsure of what I was doing. But as I bathed his penis in the warm confines of my oral cavity, I could feel my heart race just as it had the first time he seduced me and taught me the joy of oral pleasure.

I thrilled as his tender flesh became a strong, virile staff between my lips which made my pussy ache with desire. The taste and smell of his urine electrified my passions and made me want to devour his manhood and thank him for the abundant kindness he had just showered upon me. I was wet in every imaginable term and I tried to demonstrate my gratitude to my master as I swallowed his growing cock, taking the head of his gorgeous organ down my throat. I needed his cream now to accompany the other fluid he had so generously deposited in me.

I know that it is odd, and to some repugnant; but what the uninitiated does not know is how the fluids of the body inflame passion. Each carries with it a unique blend of texture, taste, pheromone, and feeling that when fully appreciated, can so entice the passions of a partner. For those who are adventurous or brave enough to overcome the initial revulsion, a wondrous world of erotic discovery lays open to them. That is what my master taught me. At the age of 38, I had only known the power of a kiss, which is intoxicating enough. I had never imagined that the smell, taste, and texture of sperm could be even more electrifying. And, when my master taught me the power of pee play, I was even more overwhelmed. Judge if you will, but until you have felt the lascivious power of piss, consider yourself a virgin in the light of sexual adventure.

Wasting no time, I began to pleasure my master the way he had instructed me. Though it might sound surprising, I had never sucked a cock before his, and given I was so mature when it happened, I was certainly working to make up for lost time. My master appreciated my innocence and explained that there were numerous ways to suck a cock and give a man pleasure. I worked diligently to master each of the ways he described. There was the teasing way with lots of tongue and gentle kisses. There was the playful way, with gentle bites and head tossing. There was the nasty way with deep throating and gagging. And, there was the whore’s way when a woman just needed the taste of cum because of how much she likes it.

This night, I was and would be a whore, his whore. Locking my lips around his staff, I began moving my head forward and back in a desperate attempt to make him cum. Something was different about this time than the others before. Rather than wanting to prolong his pleasure, I wanted to inspire it. I just needed to feel and taste the rich ropes of his creamy cum on my tongue. It didn’t take long. Perhaps it was the anticipation of what would happen later that evening; perhaps he was pleased with the way I had reveled in his pee play; perhaps he was convinced that I was now truly his submissive; perhaps a combination of all; but in moments I heard the delightful and wondrous sounds of his impending orgasm. I braced myself as I felt the head of his cock swell in my mouth; and then it happened. His cock jumped and the first spurt of his love juice scalded the back of my mouth. His thick, creamy sap soothed the back of my throat even as a second spasm flooded my tongue. He had so much cum, but I was determined to hold on to him. I felt him tense one more time and as I heard his labored breath and grunts of pleasure, I increased the pressure on his staff while breathing through my nostrils.

After his third spasm, Sir withdrew from my mouth. To be certain, he was not finished cumming. He grabbed the base of his cock and coated my upper lip with a thick blast of his creamy love goo. I knew better than try to clean it and I held still as he splashed still two more hot blobs onto my cheeks.

“You look beautiful.” My master complimented as he finished, “Show me.”

Looking up at him, I opened my mouth to reveal all of the spent seed he had deposited in my mouth. I was more than thrilled as he bent down and, opening his mouth, he pressed his lips to mine. I delighted as I felt his tongue slithering in the sloppy slime of his cum as we shared his warm delicious essence together.

Sir pulled away from me and as he watched, I greedily gulped the rest of his load as I awaited further instruction. My master raised a finger to tell me that I should sit perfectly still. I did as instructed and felt a quiver of humiliating arousal as he began to paint my face with his withering penis. Chills shot through me as I felt the tip of his cum covered phallus spread the remaining deposits on my cheeks, forehead, and lips. He was very careful to make sure that my nostrils were coated in his spunk so that I would be able to smell him all the more.

When he finished, I took his pearl covered cock back into my mouth and began cleaning him. I sucked out the remaining semen in his penis and made sure that his beautiful phallus and shaved balls were in perfect order.

“You did very well.” My master praised.

“Thank you, Sir, may I please you more?”

“Just give me my pants.” He commanded.

Reaching down, an instant thrill and dread shot to my stomach. His sweat pants were now a terrible, soppy mess and I knew instinctively what would happen.

“Master...” I began.

“Did I give you permission to speak?”

“No, Sir. But I did not wish to disappoint you,” I whispered with my eyes focused on the ground.

“And how would you do that?” He teased.

“I’m afraid, Sir, that your pants are a mess. I failed to drink in all of your piss and now they are as wet as I.”

“I know,” he stated as he stepped out of the drenched garment. Reaching down, he bundled the pants and held them over my head as he began to wring them out. A torrent of cooled urine rained down upon me and I looked up to catch as much in my mouth as possible. It was over almost before it began and my lover, sensing my need, sloshed the sodden pants through the puddle on the floor around me. Again he squeezed the garment as more piss splattered my body and covering me in its rank and earthy odor.

As the last drop trickled down my body, I heard my master say, “Assume the position.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I gasped knowing what would happen next.

Slowly, I stood on very uncertain knees. It is hard to explain how a combination of desire and fear can make a woman so unsteady on her legs, but my master sensed my difficulty and guided me toward my pleasure bench. As soon as I was close enough, I bent over so that my head came to rest on the padded cushion. My naked ass was now fully prone to my lover’s desire. He could tickle me, spank me, lick me, stick things inside of me, or fuck me in any way that he desired; I was his willing toy. I thrilled to feel my master’s hand grab the flesh of my left cheek as his fingers slid down my ass crack. He cupped my globe as he descended past my perineum to the lips of my open pussy. It was his turn to feel my arousal and I was happy not to disappoint. Sir fondled me for what seemed like such a short time and then his hand was gone.

I knew what was about to happen, relished the moment, and bracing myself, I felt Sir’s hand slap the bottom of my right cheek with a cold and vicious attack. The initial shock of his hand was followed by a jolt of erotic electricity that coursed through every nerve of my body. Again and again his hand rained down on my exposed bottom and each time my pussy melted with growing desire. After 20 sound whacks, ten for each cheek, my master stopped. My face was hot and my eyes were wet, but I held back from disappointing him. I was fully out of breath and unable to move.

It was then that I felt my Master caress my back. Would he fuck me? I was so ready to feel his hard cock slide deep into my pussy. He stood behind me and I could feel his hot penis rest on my ass as he continued to massage me. Yet, I knew in an instant, I would have to be patient. He was soft and not ready to be serviced by me.

After finishing his massage, he helped me lie down on my special bed and with practiced efficiency he quickly tethered my arms and ankles to the posts, rendering me spread eagle. Next, he turned on an oscillating fan so that the air would flow over my body. The room was warm, but given how wet I was, the breeze both chilled and delighted me. Finally, he turned on a video monitor with the sound muted. On screen I was surprised to see him. Somehow, he had managed to videotape all of our encounters from the beginning. He had promised me that one night I would be able to watch them, but I had never had the chance. This was my night, it was my gift.

“Slut, I have to go out for a bit, but I will soon return with friends... You have a question?”

“Yes, Master, how many friends will I entertain?”

“Enough to satisfy you, my beautiful slut.”

“Will you want me to please them?”


“Will it be cocks or cunts?”


“I will not disappoint you, Master.”

“You never do.”

My mind reeled. Before my master I had only had sex with one person at a time, but he had introduced me to a world of polyamorous combinations I never knew existed. Not only that, he had released all of my latent desires so that I knew the joy of pleasing men and women, and of being pleased by them. My master could be so generous when he was satisfied, and I sensed that he was truly pleased.

“I’ll be back in two hours; and in that time I’d like you to arouse yourself.”

“Forgive me sir, how shall I do that without the aid of my hands.”

Sir smiled, “You have the videos of our encounters; do they not help?”

I looked at the screen and was entranced as I saw the memory of the first time he saw me naked, and the first time I beheld his hard mature cock aimed at me. Had it truly been only four months ago? The woman on the screen was dead to me. She had always been dead, timid, shy, and unable to feel or even admit the desires of her body. Standing before her on the screen was the teacher who would unlock all of her potential, my master.

“Yes,” I murmured as the scene continued.

“Good, you’ll notice that there is no sound accompanying the video. But on this camera,” he suddenly revealed another camera with the red light on, “You will be able to provide commentary. So this is only part of your gift.”

I could no longer hold back the tears as they began to swell forth. “You have already given me so much.” I managed to confess.

“Shh.” The softer side of my master emerged as he came forward and knelt by my side. “I have only shown you what is possible if you want it.” He said as he stroked my hair. Then he leaned forward and kissed me with a deep, longing kiss. I did not think it possible, but the sweetness of his saliva combined with the lingering flavors of his piss and cum made me feel even more wanton and lewd. How I wanted him to fuck me before he left so I could feel his hot cum leak from pussy while I waited for him and the guests, but even as I hoped for it, I dared not ask.

Sir stood and smiled. “Prepare yourself and rest as much as you can. You will need both. Now confess, slut.”

With that, the lovely young man departed leaving me with the erotic images of our lovemaking, and the thrilling anticipation of what was to come when he returned.

You see, I told you, my master knows how to treat me. He is the only man that I can imagine who would ever be able to fulfill me completely. I have loved him since the moment I first laid eyes on him and held him close in my arms. He has awakened a world of passion, depravity, and romance I never imagined could exist. And I, in turn, have satisfied his every need, fantasy, and desire more than any woman could. For I know him better than any woman could. He has made me aware of myself and even more, he has given me the gift of life, by placing his seed into my fertile womb. Soon, he will know the wonderful joy of parenthood just as I felt when I held him in my arms 20 long years ago. Little did I know that the child who had just come from my body would return in adulthood as my lover, sire, and master.

Yes, my master, the father of my child, is my son; and I am his loving mother, his fuck toy, his slut, his willing sex slave, his cum depository, and his mistress. My confession is simple. I held his naked body in my arms four short months ago, invited his bare penis into my unprotected pussy, milked the virulent seed from his testicles, and conceived our first child together. Since then, I have been his obedient student and his willing partner in lust. He has erased so many of my past burdens so that now I fully own and enjoy the sensual power of my body. And, tonight, it seems that he will put my training to a test as I will be asked to offer my mouth, ass, and pussy to numerous men and women. They may want me to satisfy them more than once, I hope they do. I hope they will continue until my orifices drip with cum and my body shimmers in the light of their pleasure. I want be lost in a world of orgasmic bliss as they cover me in saliva, cum, cunt juice, and piss. The thought is overwhelming, but I cannot dwell on a promised future. I must do as my master asked and fully confess how I was changed from a conservative prude into the magnificent slut I am now. So let me start at the beginning.

Chapter 2


As I lay here, I can hear the shower running. Philip must be preparing for the dinner gathering he mentioned. I have no idea how many people will arrive to celebrate my announcement and my birthday, but I can guess. Given all that has transpired over the last few months, there should be no less than 9 men and 4 women of various ages. You want names? What would be the point of that? It’s so much more fun to tell you how I know they will be coming, and cumming.

On the screen, I can see the evening of, what shall I call it, my conversion? I am sitting on the living room couch in a pink robe. I have yet to open it and reveal that I have nothing on underneath. Instead, I am engrossed in the trap that my clever son set for me. At the time, I had no way of knowing it was a trap, but as I watch myself squirm with the new, erotic revelations I am just beginning to grasp, I know that he set this up to seduce me. I am an unwitting participant, perhaps even a little unwilling at first. But as will become clear, my resolve soon dissolved to full consent; especially as I became more and more aware of my part as catalyst for my son’s fantasies and obsessions. I may have been unaware of my actions, but clearly there was a part of me that wanted this to happen just as much as he.

My son has asked me to recount what happened and how I came to engage in a consensual, incestuous relationship with him. He hopes that by doing so, I will be ready for the near dozen people who will ravage my body later this evening, but what he doesn’t know is that I am already beyond the point of readiness. My face is covered in his drying cum and the smell of his musk reminds me with every breath what waits. Even more, I know that our guests will be led down stairs to our play room where they will see me tethered, spread eagle in the slovenly state he left me. The image on the television screen helps me relive the moments of my seduction; and with all of these individual parts, my pussy is literally flowing with desire. I only hope that I can keep my voice steady enough that I can fully recount the details. But, enough of my current state, let me tell you how all of this began.

The day of my seduction, and the beginning of my training, was as normal and uneventful as anyone could imagine. I worked, at the time, as an assistant to what I thought was a local P. R. firm. The year was 1994, and the Internet was beginning to explode with new possibilities. While my colleagues seemed to be gifted with all of the new and exciting opportunities that were being presented, I was the principal associate for the local markets. Though rather mundane and hum-drum, I took care of all local events, car dealerships, galas, auctions, openings, restaurants, etc. I can tell you now that there is nothing more exciting than reading pizza coupons for the cagillonth time. I just never seemed to be able to break through the glass ceiling of the good old boys club that was my work place. Nothing lurid ever happened, and it was one of the reasons I liked the job; but it also made me both tired and depressed. Robert, my boss, was a kind man who never in a million years would have crossed any lines. Though only 45, he seemed to have been born of an earlier time and followed a code of etiquette to the letter and insisted that all of us in the office did as well. I knew that as long as I worked for him, I would be protected even if that meant my work would be predictable.

Protection was important for me. You see, my husband died several years ago, leaving me as a single mother to raise our only child, Philip. My husband, it’s difficult for me to call him by name, was a rather abusive man. Not that he ever raised a hand to me; but when the choice came between me and a bottle of Chivas Regal, well, you know who won that battle. Thus, I spent the last few years of our marriage, devoting myself to Philip and making sure that my son never felt the neglect I endured.

My husband was a police officer, and in a freak accident that no one could see coming, he was killed in the line of duty after he had pulled over a car for reckless driving, and another drunk driver careened into the parked car killing my husband instantly. Philip was three at the time and so in 1977 I began the arduous journey of raising my child to manhood as a single mother.

Being both Mother and Father was difficult. I closed the door on the idea of romantic entanglements because I decided that my experience had been so disappointing. Drunk sex with a man who is beyond the reach of the law is no fun. Except for the beginning, sex was never interesting with my husband. His idea of foreplay was to grab my breasts for a few moments while he lubed his penis before climbing on top. He would have certainly won any quick draw awards, for he never made me cum as my son has shown me I can. My husband always said that he came so quickly because I was so tight, as though that was a compliment.