P is for Pleasure II - Surely Wilder - ebook

DESCRIPTIONKathleen's lover helps her discover the fullness of her submissive qualities during the 2nd week of her new affair. It shocked even her to realize how much she loved to obey, and thrilled her to become an exhibitionist and engage in group sex for the first time. Of course, she found the greatest joy was to experience the signs and know that she was fully pregnant with her master’s child.EXCERPTI began moving forward and, for the first time, noticed the jiggle as my heavy, braless tits bounced freely underneath the strips of material that barely covered them. The wind created a sudden up and down draft as I felt nature blowing across my most important and aroused erogenous zones at once. I was surprised at how nice the cool morning air felt on my tight nipples and especially between my legs as it fluttered across my wet pussy. It was as though nature itself had begun a session of foreplay to prepare me for the day’s adventure. I shouldn’t have done it, but I simply stood still and spread my legs even wider to feel the delicious tickle of the wind stimulate my body. To be honest, I felt fully naked, exposed, and alive. It was exhilarating, and I wanted so much to simply rip off all my clothing and stay outside to feel the sun and wind on my excited flesh. My indulgence proved to be my downfall, for I know that if I had only gone inside instantly, the day would have turned out much differently. I’m so glad I stayed outside.I know that I was quite nervous, and after enjoying the sensations of nature arousing my senses for a few moments, I began moving quickly for the door. I kept thinking that if I could just make it inside I would be safe, no one would see me, and I could hide in my little cubicle for the rest of the day. My plans were thwarted though because I hadn’t worn high heels in some time, and wasn’t used to them. Just as I made it to the curb in front of the building, I heard the unmistakable sound of a car pulling into our parking lot. I was so startled as I looked back to see who it was that I fell off of my right shoe. My ankle seared in pain as I realized I had twisted it badly and even worse, I lost my balance and lunged toward the pavement, catching myself with my hands.In this position, I was fully bent over. A feeling of exhilaration flooded me as I felt my skirt rise higher exposing the bottom of my ass cheeks. Even more embarrassing, my legs were spread and I could feel the breeze flutter the flaps in the back of my skirt and flow wickedly across my wet pussy. I knew in that instant that I was fully exposed to the world and whoever had just pulled into the lot behind me now knew that I was indeed a natural redhead.

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Surely Wilder’s

Published by Lot’s Cave

P is for Pleasure II, © 2014, Surely Wilder

Cover by Moira Nelligar

A Lot’s Cave Novel


All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, scanning or otherwise—save in short quotations in critical reviews or articles, without the express permission of the author.

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older


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Chapter 2

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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1


Thirty minutes ago, my young master led me down to our play room in the basement of the home we share. Last month, it had been a typical basement complete with a washer, dryer, a spare library and unused odds and ends of yesteryear. It was rarely used except as a place to do laundry. Today, it is a pleasure dungeon complete with video monitors, cabinets filled with erotic lotions and sex toys, pornographic magazines, videos, homemade sex tapes, a bondage stock, a pleasure bed, wall restraints, whips of all kind, and me.

I am waiting to fulfill both my desire and my master’s whim. You see, tonight is my birthday and soon a gathering of our most erotic and intimate friends will descend upon our pleasure room where they will discover me, as my master left me: naked, spread eagle, tethered to a sex bed that my master and another lover made especially for me. I will invite our guests to use my body as they wish, and I will deny them nothing. They will be allowed to explore every inch of my enticing flesh with their hands, tongues, cocks, or pussies; and in turn, my mouth, rectum, and cunt will be stuffed full of their ravenous tongues, curious fingers, hard cocks, and dripping pussies. My body will glisten with the sheen of multiple orgasms, and my flesh will be slick with cum, spit, vaginal secretions, and piss; or at least, that is my greatest hope. For I know that as I inspire their pleasure, they will give me so much more in return.

My master is so very good to me. Before him, no man had ever given me a single orgasm. At the age of 38 I had literally given up all hope of finding a suitable lover, but that was mostly because I was afraid and naïve. I had been widowed when I was quite young, raised a beautiful young man to adulthood, maintained a respectable job, and sacrificed my carnal pleasures all in the name of propriety. Why?

The man I married was the man who took my virginity so I had known no other experiences before my master. My husband, though a good man in some ways, was never an attentive lover. Our love making was always a one sided affair where he would quickly get off leaving me completely frustrated and unsatisfied. In the months following his death, I felt guilty because I actually had a sense of relief. If all men behaved as badly as he, I figured I would be better off alone and celibate.

It took my master to unleash the hidden, insatiable, horny, inner trollop in me; and once she was free, my lover nurtured her, and allowed her freedom and pleasure she never knew existed. He taught her the exquisite luxury of depravity and unlocked her hidden desires. You see, he trained me to be a sexual virtuoso by building my desire, endurance, and tolerance for all things sensual.

Before my master, I had never allowed a man to place his swollen penis into my mouth nor known the erotic intensity I would feel when he lost all control and shot his creamy, hot essence on my hungry tongue. I had never realized how desirable my body was to men, nor the lewd power I would feel as I teased them with hints of my full D-cup breasts, round ass, or peeks of my crimson fire bush. I had never felt the incredible pleasure that followed the excruciating pain when my rectum was pried opened by a thick, powerful cock nor the mind blowing orgasm I would experience as I begged my lovers to sodomize me. I had never tasted the delicious heat and tang of a freshly fucked, dripping pussy nor known the delight I could experience as I brought another woman to orgasm. I had never experienced the exotic thrill of dirty talk, exhibitionism, bondage, spanking, or pee play, and so much more. I think it is quite safe to say that my lover unlocked a world I never knew existed, and I can never go back to the dull, uneventful life I used to lead.

My transformation began one evening when my darling master tricked me into believing that I would be home alone. After a quick shower I decided to enjoy a glass of wine as I watched television. Entering the living room, I discovered two pornographic magazines he had planted for my discovery. I was shocked since this kind of material wasn’t welcome in my home. This wasn’t a religious objection; it was simply the Victorian values I had been raised with. Women were to be respected and valued, not objectified. I was naturally quite disturbed, but also somewhat curious.

I knew I would have to confront him. If I was to object to this material, I had to know what the magazines contained, and how they excited him. So, I justified my curiosity by telling myself that I was simply doing research, yet in truth, I wanted to look at the magazines for me. I hadn’t had sex in more than 17 years, and rarely masturbated for fear that I might lose control like my sister had when she was so much younger. I fully confess that my interest in the magazines quickly turned prurient and personal.

For close to 2 hours I looked at images of men and women in the most lewd couplings imaginable and read stories of unbelievable filth. Women stuffed hard, rampant, unprotected penises in every orifice of their bodies. Semen dripped from their mouths, rectums, and vaginas; and they seemed delighted to be used in that manner. They looked like utter sluts, but even worse, they looked happy. It was an expression I quickly realized that I had never enjoyed, perhaps ever in my life. Their debauchery gave them a sense of power, it was so confusing.

While the pictures began to inspire my passions, it was the stories that attracted my greatest attention and proved to be my downfall. Each story I read became more and more vulgar, and I found my body strangely responding to such unabashed stories of sexual depravity. I took off my robe and began fondling my long under stimulated body as I read a particularly depraved story of a gangbang, and another story of a woman who actually invited her own son into her bed. Not only did she accept his incestuous advances, she reveled in them and allowed him to impregnate her with his seed. This was beyond pornographic and the tingles flowing from the nerves in my breasts and loins betrayed the disgust I should have felt. Instead, I too found pleasure in their carnal confessions.

Throwing caution to the wind, I began to masturbate wildly, but could not find any sexual release. As I groped at my breasts and fingered my wet vagina, I felt numerous orgasms approach, but was denied the ultimate relief I craved. I needed to cum. For a moment, I gave into my inner desires. I wanted to be the woman in the gang bang so that I might feel numerous phalluses penetrating my body. Even worse, I wanted one of those penises to belong to my son, to feel him enter my body again. I was desperate for fulfillment, and in that moment, I heard a noise.

I looked up in disbelief and beheld my master’s adult, naked form for the first time. My mouth watered as I beheld his beautiful red hair, muscular and smooth chest, his rippled stomach, and most of all the patch of crimson pubes that crowned the colossal cock he aimed directly at me. He was breathtaking, and in that moment, I wanted him so, but I was still too afraid to act, as I held on to the prudish teachings of my past.

Instinctively, I tried to move, the flight or fight mechanism was in full gear. But instead of escaping, my lover trapped me on the couch, teased me with his gentle caresses, played into my desire, and enticed me with those erotic, vulgar words I had once been too frightened to say. His patience and persistence paid off. In the span of a few short hours, I sucked his cock, and for the first time in my life, tasted the rich reward of cum as his hot, creamy semen spurted in my mouth. He then dropped to his knees and with amazing skill, brought me to orgasm as he licked my pussy and ass to ecstasy. He was the only person to have ever done that and I could not believe that I had denied myself that pleasure for so long.

As I lay back enjoying the afterglow of the best orgasm I had ever experienced, my ever ready master positioned himself between my legs, brought his virile cock to the opening of my fertile, unprotected pussy, and after what seemed an eternity of carnal persuasion, pried my unused baby chamber open with his huge life staff. He pummeled my body to ecstasy and I joined his vulgarity as I commanded him to cum inside of me. He showed me in that one night what I had been missing and how inept my husband had been. I fell deeply and romantically in love with this wonderful man as he emptied his potent seed in my very fruitful loins.

He was the first person to gain entry to my fertile valley since his father died 17 years ago. Yes, the man who awakened my pussy, taught me the heady passion of lust, filled me with unquenchable desire, stretched my birth canal with his naked, fertile cock, and spilled his potent seed in my ready womb, is the same child I gave birth to twenty years ago. That single night of passion transformed my life in so many ways, and I am so much happier now than I was before.

Before, I was a barren vessel, unable to appreciate passion, love, or romance. It felt as though I was a decorated vase on a shelf. No one seemed to notice me and I was powerless to do anything at all. Yet tonight, I will be the star of the show, and this will be proven once all of the birthday celebrants arrive and Philip and I announce our exciting news. All of our guests know that he is my son, and they accept our incestuous bond simply because all of them are engaged with similar unions of their own. We’ve even encouraged a few of them to happen. Tonight, our family, lovers and partners in incest will learn that I carry twins, sired by my son. I have made my son a father and in due course I shall deliver my grandchildren, his sisters. I know our friends will be delighted for us as they help us celebrate the announcement with what I hope will be the most wonderful orgy I’ve ever experienced.

Philip is currently greeting our guests at a local restaurant. While he is away he has asked me to tell our story to this video camera as I watch excerpts of how our relationship evolved. You see, without my knowledge, my son placed hidden video cameras all over the house. He captured many of our escapades together and edited them in a lovely, homemade porno film starring me. This is part of my birthday gift from him as I have never seen the footage before tonight. My pussy flows with desire as I witness how raw and sensual our first weekend together became. I am certain that my daughters/granddaughters will be nymphomaniacs when they reach adulthood given how insatiable their mother and brother are in this film. I hope they will.

It seems that the video has moved beyond our first weekend when Philip and I devoted our lives to each other and embraced our incestuous bond. You see, I had doubts that first evening as to whether or not I could become my son’s lover. A mother worries, and my greatest concern was that our illicit union would harm him. After our first fuck, I knew that I wanted him to be with me always. My son was my soul mate. He did things to me in our first encounter that broke through my world of inhibitions and destroyed my prudential past. I knew I wanted him, but would this be good for his future?

I convinced myself after he came inside of me for the first time that it would have to be our one and only time together. I would not have him throw away his life for a woman who was twice his age. What could I offer him? He was young, alive, and vibrant; his whole future lay before him. I had lived my life, and though I so yearned to feel the heat of his affection again, I could not allow him to waste his vitality on me. I was adamant that we would never have sex again.

Of course, my son was devastated with my decision. In our talk following the event, Philip professed his love and devotion to me. He promised me a world of carnal pleasure. He teased me with his intellect, gentleness, devotion, and erotic intensity. He destroyed my objections to sharing my body with him by showing me the pleasure I had denied myself for so many years. Then, he promised me the one thing for which I had lost all hope. He promised to place his seed in me and that together we would raise a healthy, wonderful child together. I could see that he was sincere, and I made a silent vow to myself that if a heart was to be broken, it would be mine. Knowing the full implications of my actions, I eased my hips forward, felt my youthful son’s cock stretch my vaginal ring, and promised to be his forevermore. With ever more certainty of my desires, I commanded him to bring me to ecstasy, and pour his life essence into my fertile womb. I was his.

The video is now moving on and I can see that this is the morning of my fulfillment. Oh how my heart soars as I recall the series of emotions I felt that day. I passed between utter despair to exhilaration in just a few moments. It seemed like an eternity. I know that there are cameras in both the bedroom and the bathroom. I hope that they capture all of the experience.

Chapter 2


The camera reveals how I awoke the second Thursday following my first Thursday with my son. For the last eight glorious days my son and I engaged in the most awesome and mind blowing sex marathon imaginable as we reveled in our incestuous bond. Philip taught me things about sex I had never known. I never realized there were so many positions for fucking, but my son made sure to teach me all he knew. I now knew what missionary meant, and that it and the rocking chair were my favorite positions when I wanted to feel intimate and loved. When I wanted to cum, I wanted to either ride my precious boy cowgirl and feel him hammer into my pussy from below, or allow him to slam into me from behind, doggy style while we talked dirty to each other.

In those first few days, there was absolutely no restraint for either of us as we indulged every curiosity and whim. Whenever we felt amorous, which was all the time; we would arouse and titillate each other. I loved the times my son would simply fall to his knees before me with sudden desire for my pussy. It always happened at the strangest times. I would be having coffee at the table, or talking on the phone, and without warning, Philip would quietly descend to his knees and crawl between my legs. I gave no resistance as he spread my legs and pushed his tongue into my crimson covered gash. I was powerless to resist him as he covered my sex with the liquid heat of inquisitive tongue. Ever diligent, he would work my clitoris until a mind numbing orgasm would take hold. Arching my back I would cover my boy with the same vaginal secretions I had nurtured him as a baby. Coming back to reality, I would see his face, my face really, as he’d plead, “I want to come back inside, Mommy.” How could I deny him?

Not to be out done, I joined the game and would often reward my precious boy by surprising him with an unexpected blowjob. I was simply enthralled with the way my son’s erection would blossom between my lips. Soft, I could easily fit his entire package into my mouth. Of course that never lasted long as his prick would begin to harden the moment he felt the heat and moisture of my tongue. But, if I planned it just right, I would be rewarded with miracle of his virility.

Philip had taken to the habit of wearing pajama bottoms or shorts when he chose to wear anything at all. I would surprise him while working at the computer and ask him for help. Philip would come to me thinking that I had a legitimate problem, but the moment he was in reach, I would pants my darling boy to reveal his beautifully small weapon. With lightning speed, I’d open my mouth and touch my tongue to the bottom of his shaved balls as I devoured his penis and scrotum together. In moments, I’d feel him respond as the head of his dick began to swell and elongate toward the back of my throat. How I loved that.

Backing off, I’d tighten my lips and undulate my jaw forward and back upon his hardening bone sending shivers of delight through his system. In moments, I would be rewarded with the sight of his thick hard penis ready for pleasure. Depending on my mood, I would continue sucking him till his delicious cum erupted in my mouth. I was also likely to take him into my pussy in a mad round of raunchy, dirty sex that we both thoroughly enjoyed. More than a few times, I must confess, I offered my dear son the extra tight confines of my asshole. I cannot explain it, but the exquisite hot torture of allowing my son to sodomize me with his huge cock skewering my tight rectum always brought me to a thrilling orgasm.

While all of this was wonderful, our final sex of the day was always my favorite. We weren’t just making love. Evening became the time of our dream fucking. At night, my precious little boy would revert to a younger time, and he would allow me to be his mommy. There was never anything remotely out of place with what we did, except for our ages. I so enjoyed bathing him as I did when he was so much younger. As I scrubbed his chest with a wet wash cloth, I spoke to him like a little boy instead of a man. It was always difficult for me to maintain control as I dried his body and applied lotion to his alabaster skin. Seeing the patch of crimson, pubic hair on his pelvis that was the same color and hue as mine always made my body yearn for the moment when our two mounds would kiss as his cock plunged to the deepest point of my pussy; but I had learned the value of restraint. By denying myself immediate gratification, I was always rewarded with so much more in return.

Next, I would put my darling, young man into his pajamas. He always looked so innocent in PJ’s and memories would flood me of the young man who loved to play video games and watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. Never did I think in those times that he would turn into the man I craved.

Once he was clean and dressed, I’d tuck my young man into our bed and read a bed time story to him. This is when our innocent play would become less innocent. I always wore a short nightie with nothing on underneath. While I read my son an innocent story like “Goodnight Moon,” I would hold him next to me and allow his hands to wander wherever they might. On more than a few occasions, my darling son would slip from my arms, spread my legs, and feast on his birth hole as I stroked his red hair and tried to maintain some decorum. Philip delighted in hearing me catch my breath or moan softly as his fingers delved into my sensitive cleft. I would try to keep a motherly voice while he sucked my nipples and finger fucked my pussy with devilish skill. By the time I would finish the story, my son’s cock would be hard and my pussy was more than ready for him.

The pattern of our conversation would change from night to night, but it basically went like this.

“Mommy, my penis hurts.” He would say in a cute little boy’s voice.

“Really? Well, Mommy better have a look at it. Would you be willing to show me your penis, Son?”

“I don’t know, Mommy, it’s my private part.”

“Oh, honey, I know that, but I saw it many times when I changed your diapers. So it’s ok for me to see it now.”

“Ok, it hurts really bad,” he’d whimper.

“Then let Mommy take a look at it, dear.” I’d say while ruffling his hair.

“Oh yes, Mommy, can you please make it feel better?”

With that I would pull back the covers, and Philip would lie perfectly still as I hooked my fingers into the waist band of his pajamas to draw them down. His beautifully hard phallus would wobble in the air as the flannel material came down allowing me to see my son’s marvelous, eight inch baby maker surrounded by his red pubic hair. “Oh my, Son, you are becoming such a big man. Your penis is so swollen and dark red. Why your penis is thicker around than Mommy’s wrist.”

“Is that good thing, Mommy?”

“Oh yes, Son. It is a very good thing, and someday you will make a lucky girl very happy,” I’d reply as I allowed my finger to trace the dark veins of his appendage. Philip’s penis would jump as my finger made contact. “Such amazing flexibility you have you’re your cock, Son.”

“Is that a good thing, Mommy?”

“Oh, it’s a very good thing because that means you will be able to pleasure a woman when you put it inside of her.” I would tease as I continued to caress the underside of his stalk while allowing my breath to tease him.

“Such truly thick veins you have, Son.” I would tease and gently lick the sensitive nerves of his penis.

“Is that good Mommy?”

“Oh it’s a very good thing, dear. It’s what makes you so big and lets you last so long.” I would praise.

“But, Mommy, it still hurts,” Philip would moan, is there anything you can do to make it feel better?”

“Well, there is something I can do, but it must be our little secret.” I would smile as I gripped the top part of his cock to hold it steady.

“Yes, Mommy.” With his assurance, I would bend forward and rake my tongue across his smooth scrotum.

“Oh, Mommy, that feels so good.” Philip would moan as I suckled each of his blessed sperm filled testicles in my mouth. I always wanted him to be filled with cum at this point, and I found that direct manipulation always seemed to help even if we had an overactive day. Spending as much time as possible I would tenderly tease the hard buds in his nut sac, making sure that they were fully stimulated for our ultimate purpose.

Then I would return to the underside of my son’s amazing stalk and begin to lick the sensitive nerves on the underside of his prick. In moments, his penis glistened in the evening air and I was rewarded with the unmistakable sound of his enjoyment as his breath caught over and over again as I blessed the penis that had formed inside my womb with my maternal kisses.

Finally, having teased my precious boy enough, I would raise up to swirl my tongue around the crown of his life staff. I was always greeted with the sweet tang of his pre-cum which assured me that he was ready and would be able to pump a healthy dose of his baby batter into me.

With this assurance I would engulf his cock taking the full length as deeply in my mouth as possible. I loved having my oral cavity stuffed with his hard flesh now, and as I bobbed my head up and down on his fertile scepter, I would play with my flowing chamber knowing that soon he would be inside.

“There, did Mommy’s kiss make your penis feel better?” I would ask when I knew he was fully primed to inseminate me.

“Oh yes, Mommy, while you were doing it, but now that you’ve stopped, it hurts again. Is there something else you can do? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“Oh darling, I don’t want my child to be in pain, so yes, there is something I can do for you, but it is a bit dangerous.”

“Why is it dangerous, Mommy?” He would ask in his little boy’s voice.

“Because it’s the way that people make babies. So we have to be careful or you could put your baby sister or brother in me.”

“Mommy, I’ve always wanted to have a little brother or sister.” Philip would tease as he pawed my breasts.

“Oh, but honey, this would be more than that, you see you would be the Daddy/Brother to your baby brother or sister.”

“You could make me a daddy, Mommy.”

“No, Son, only God can do that; but Mommy can help. Does your penis still hurt, Baby?”

“Yes Mama, more than ever.”

“Well then, I have a special place that will make it feel so much better. It will make you feel like you’re shooting something out. If you want to be a daddy/brother, you keep it inside of mommy’s pussy; but if you don’t, pull out. Ok?”

“Do I have to decide right now, Mommy?”

“No dear, just role on top of me.”

“I don’t want to crush you, Mommy.”

“You won’t darling, see, I’ll spread my legs and your body will fit in between them. See?”

Philip would role on top and hover gently over me. “Your right, Mommy, I fit perfectly,” He would beam.

As I looked at my son, ready to penetrate me with his fertile penis, I always saw a combination of images which made me fall deeper in love with him. I saw the little boy I had raised, the man he had become, the lover I desired, and I saw myself looking back at me with desire. His hair, his flesh tone, his eyes, and lips; they were all mine. I could only imagine how beautiful our baby would be, a dream I was determined to make reality. As I looked deep into my son’s eyes, I would reach between us to take hold of his swollen cock.

“Now darling, please be gentle.”

“I love you, Mommy.”

“Oh Son, I love you too.” And with that I’d press the head of his bare penis against my vaginal ring and move my hips higher. Inch by glorious inch I would impale my unprotected pussy upon his life giving staff and pray that I wasn’t too old to conceive his precious issue. His baby maker filled my breeding glove perfectly and I would moan as I felt the impeccable stretch of his cock inside of me.

“Does your penis feel better, Darling,” I would pant.

“Oh yes, Mommy. It feels so good to be inside of you.”

“Again, Darling. You need to remember that I carried you inside of me so many years ago. Now, I want to show you how to make it really feel good. Move your hips up and down and push your penis in and out of Mommy’s pussy.”

Philip would of course comply and I felt the intense pleasure of his prick burrowing into my fertile chamber.

“That’s it, Baby... You’re doing a great job... Your fucking your mother... With the big dick she made for you. Keep fucking me, Son.”

I would moan as Philip would intensify his thrusts. On and on we would rut together as I clenched his invading cock with my pussy walls.

“Oh, Mommy... Something’s happening... I can feel it wanting to come out.”

“You have to let it go baby... Remember... if you want to be a daddy stay inside.”

“Oh Mommy... I do... I want to be a Daddy.”

“Then do it, Son... Shoot your sperm inside of Mommy… Cum inside of me!” I would moan as our bodies would lurch together and we would cum together in an amazing orgasm of creation.

As soon as he finished, he would fall upon me and I would feel the wonderful weight of my naked son both within me and outside. “Stay inside of me, Philip.” I would pant as I would reach over for a pillow to place under my bottom to tilt my pelvis up. I wanted all of his thick cream to fall on my cervix and enter my uterus. So as he stayed inside of me to prevent any of his precious seed from leaving my body, I would contract my pussy around his lovely cork knowing that his semen was draining into my fertile core.

At this point, the little boy game would end, and our fantasy world would begin.

“That was awesome, Mom; thank you.”

“I had fun too, and who knows, maybe this is the one that takes hold,” I’d tease as I’d playfully lick his lips.

“You know we’ll keep trying till it does.” With that I would hug him tight. It felt so good to know that my son was as equally invested in our conception as I.

“Mom, do you want a little boy or a little girl?”

“Oh, Son. I had so much fun raising you, but honestly, I do want a little girl.”

“Why, Mom?”

“Every mother wants a little girl to pamper, and dress, and make-up. Plus, I want to do this right.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we’ll home school your sister and give her the best of everything. We’ll teach her three languages and music and art along with history and science. She’ll feel loved and protected from the moment of her birth.”

“Of that I have no doubt.

“We’ll raise her right, without prejudice or hate; and we’ll make sure that she doesn’t have those horrid hang ups my mother instilled in me.”

“What do you mean, Mom.”

“I want her to know that the human body isn’t sinful. It is beautiful, and to teach her that, we’ll have family bath times together. You will be able to watch your beautiful red haired daughter grow from an infant to a young adult and see every moment of her wonderful development, from her puffy nipples to her budding breasts; you’ll see her peach fuzz covered pussy bloom into a lovely strawberry patch, just like her Mommy’s. You’ll be able to see her as her hips widen and her ass blossom signaling that she is ready to know the joy of parenthood. It will be wonderful.”

“You seem certain of that, Mom.”

“Oh, I am. Promise me we won’t create a false adolescence for her.”

“What do you mean?”

“My sister and I both went through it. You have to choose between being a princess or a slut. I was the good girl of the family and had Cinderella fantasies that never came true till you showed me what I was missing. My sister, your aunt, was the whore. I can’t tell you what kind of hell she went through because of that. I won’t have our daughter live that way.”

“So, what do you propose, Mom?”

“When our daughter comes of age and is ready, I don’t want her to be ashamed of her desires. I want her to embrace them, understand that they are fully natural and beautiful; and I want her to enjoy her body. She’ll need to know what to do.”

“In what way?”