Overkill - Eliselle Yu - ebook

Bruce is facing a lethal countdown while his co-worker Steve is wondering where he is.But very soon, Steve will be forced by Ramona to care only about himself.

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Table of contents

The Bruce Vanishing

The Rape Bath

Explosive End

The Bruce Vanishing

They had tied him tight and gagged. And after the ropes, adhesive tape too, chains and belts. He did not know them, did not know who they were nor what they wanted, but one thing was certain: they wanted to be absolutely sure that he could not escape from that basement and performing their task, had been brutally effective.

That it was useless, come to think of it, because in that forgotten and abandoned room, three floors below ground, in a forgotten and abandoned palace, you can only come with an old elevator that his captors took pains to tamper with and block.

So why? He even dared to question if it was not in his mouth one crumpled rag since she had been taken from home a few hours before. So just nonsensical mumblings as she watched them tighten knots on his naked body, unrolling adhesive tape on his smooth skin and close chains on his now blocked joints.

And anyway, would definitely get no answers even if he could speak, they behaved as if he wasn’t there, looking after just to add impotence to impotence on his own body now completely immobilized.

So the question from Why? Became Why? that might seem the same, but it is not all, in fact, because now he was wondering what was the reason why the ' kidnapped him, more than the reason why he was being closely tying in a room from which he could not escape.

Same word, but different question.