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NASA sends some special skilled people to the outer space in search for life in a future controlled by robots. How to escape from a net of virtual data when someone is already tangled as an artificial intelligence? Ann's crush, an astronaut, turns her life upside down as he gets involved into a potentially dangerous mission: Search life elsewhere in outer space. The protagonist then finds herself in a crucial dilemma. Would she cherish her life or would she take a huge step and risk her soul when or if she follows the man of her dreams traveling to one of the most inhospitable places out of the Earth to help him in his quest as well as save billions of living beings? When she decides to take the journey through galaxies, Ann meets unexpected experiences, faces unbearable truth of trials and betrayals. All of her life she was a mere mirror of what had passed in a world that didn't exist anymore. It´s a virtual world, in adversities and diversities, and IT still insists to recreate itself. Will it finally cease (or decease)? Or, like a black hole, will it keep its course, devouring all sources of existence and turning life into a fictional event, using and inventing new data from a long past humankind? This is the last book from the trilogy Memoirs of An Amazon:The Witches of Avignon (The Past)First book of the trilogy talks about the Amazons from Ancient Times to our modern days, the Witches during the medieval Era and an introduction to the subject Reincarnation. The Pierrot's Love (The Present)The second book of the trilogy is about two ghosts from the nineteenth century who haunt a teenage girl until her mother takes the matter to her hands and write their story. The problem is they have two versions of the same story. Then who is telling the truth?Out Of Thin Air (The Future)Thus this book closes the circuit of the trilogy.Happy reading!

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Out Of Thin Air

Ana Claudia Antunes


Translated by Ana Bowlova 

“Out Of Thin Air”

Written By Ana Claudia Antunes

Copyright © 2014 Ana Claudia Antunes

All rights reserved

Distributed by Babelcube, Inc.


Translated by Ana Bowlova

Cover Design © 2014 Ana Claudia Antunes

“Babelcube Books” and “Babelcube” are trademarks of Babelcube Inc.

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Out Of Thin Air











NASA sends some special skilled people to the outer space in search for life in a future controlled by robots. How to escape from a net of virtual data when someone is already tangled as an artificial intelligence? Ann's crush, an astronaut, turns her life upside down as he gets involved into a potentially dangerous mission: Search life elsewhere in outer space. The protagonist then finds herself in a crucial dilemma. Would she cherish her life or would she take a huge step and risk her soul when or if she follows the man of her dreams traveling to one of the most inhospitable places out of the Earth to help him in his quest as well as save billions of living beings? When she decides to take the journey through galaxies, Ann meets unexpected experiences, faces unbearable truth of trials and betrayals. All of her life she was a mere mirror of what had passed in a world that didn't exist anymore. It´s a virtual world, in adversities and diversities, and IT still insists to recreate itself. Will it finally cease (or decease)? Or, like a black hole, will it keep its course, devouring all sources of existence and turning life into a fictional event, using and inventing new data from a long past humankind?

This is the last book from the trilogy Memoirs of An Amazon:

The Witches of Avignon(The Past)

The Pierrot's Love(The Present)

Out Of The Blue (The Future)

This book is part of the spiritual trilogy

Memoirs of An Amazon by Ana Claudia Antunes:

The Witches of Avignon (The Past)

First book of the trilogy talks about the Amazons from Ancient Times to our modern days, the Witches during the medieval Era and an introduction to the subject Reincarnation.

The Pierrot's Love (The Present)

The second book of the trilogy is about two ghosts from the nineteenth century who haunt a teenage girl until her mother takes the matter to her hands and write their story. The problem is they have two versions of the same story. Then who is telling the truth?

Out Of The Blue or Out of Thin Air (The Future)

Thus this book closes the circuit of the trilogy.

Happy reading!

A letter to the unknown

“Ever since the movie "The Blue Lagoon" was released on a movie theater near my home when I was only eleven I wanted to capture the images I saw printed in the magazines referring to the amazing role Brooke Shields took on one of her remarkable works in her already fulfilled career when she was only fifteen.  And I knew that the images would be even greater on the big screen or could be even more magnificent if I could reproduce in life the beauty of the surroundings and forever preserve that innocence that I felt then. That was only possible by savoring the dazzling colors, the fascinating scenes and fantastic photography that movie provided. Since then I tried to reach that level of magnificence, of being one with nature, of staying in the moment and living in Paradise if not for eternity at least for those marvelous minutes I became mesmerized in front of the film when I was old enough to be able to watch it. My dreams of finding that exotic place on life remained with me for forever.  I keep searching for the Blue Lagoon that for me signifies the elixir of life where we can keep our true self and remain in a constant delight, observing with an eye of a child the wonders of this planet. I invite as many to accompany me in that quest.  Today, 10/10/10 I will show the result of my endeavors of trying to find that place on Earth where every second seems like an eternity and the eternity can be felt as enlightenment. And it's for all those who also search for that light deep inside their souls that I dedicate this book.



P.S. Last Christmas I was so eager to celebrate it with my family, whom I consider the entire world, that I shared some tips in my blog with five limericks and acrostics that I wrote on how to spend the most festive time of the year in accordance with the Christmas spirit of benevolence, caring and respect:


Tip number 1- LIGHT

Let's keep safe and not let the house burn,

Including tips and other lessons to learn.

Got to use light instead of candle.

Hence, not easy to handle,

The lights may electrify you in turn.

Tip number 2- CYCLE

Can you make surprises from recycle stuff?

You can make a cover, a pillow or a puff.

Cold weather shifts.

Let's create the gifts,

Enhanced with a warm comfy muff. 

Tip number 3- TREES

Those who choose to adorn with natural trees,

Remain longer and a lot stronger, you agree.

Even knock on wood,

Ever cut the mood,

So the forests won't suffer for free.

Tip number 4- DECOR

Decorate your house with leaves and pine cone.

Embrace ornaments, from multiples to one.

'Cause if you don't have any,

Or you need to create many,

Reinvest in candies, fruits and magical stones.

Tip number 5- CARDS

Christmas is there to reuse your old cards.

And from that you win many rewards.

Rearrange a pile if you may,

Don't just throw them away,

So there will be more to show in the yard.

"Bow wow, now I believe in Santa Claws," her puppy barked.

Ann looked in the mirror and saw what at first appeared to be numbers written with ink on her forehead: 1...1...1. Looking closer though she noticed it was not the number 111  as there were two diagonal lines between each number making it a design of a butterfly, like saying that she was the chosen one.




“The UN declared access to clean water and sanitation as a human right on July, 28th of 2010. And what could that possibly mean?? It means an effort and most of all a commitment for all governments... well, not all as some countries refused to give their votes, mostly from the developed countries which claim they don't want to pay for the underdeveloped countries' toilet. Now the question is, "If there is no safe water to drink anywhere, how it is possible for anyone to have clean water in their own home if the planet is one? Do I make sense here? So instead of abstaining of taking action with a matter that is vital to ALL of US, and I say US as the whole world, shouldn't it be worried and help EVERYONE to live in a blue planet free from pollution and diseases?? Remember that SWINE FLUE that attacked not only Mexico but the whole planet not long ago? Yes, that was thanks for a bad sanitation that could be avoided by simply having access to clean water.

So instead of turning our heads and saying "That's nothing to do with me" let's face the problem and see that, YES, that has everything to do with you, with me, with all of us living in this amazing planet, which can and will provide all the resources if we use it wisely.

Finally here are some tips we can start right now to act:

Ask your government to take action now by stopping polluting our rivers and ocean with oil spills and other chemical substances that just deteriorate our beautiful planet Earth.

Don't use hot water when cleaning your clothes. They are well clean with just cold and besides the colors from your cool T-shirts won't be washed away if you use soft cycles.

Use the same water you shower yourself by having a recipient big enough to control the amount of water that goes out to flush the toilet, cleaning your backyard, your floor with what is called gray water. When brushing your teeth or cleaning the dishes, don't waste water. Just use it when the whole ensemble are well brushed and wash it with conscience.

Actually, every move you make with consciousness is a blessing to the entire world...” She was about to finish her letter to whoever she wanted to send when a big blue butterfly hovered over  an opened window from the pavilion and making some loops went all the way to the hall and came inside her room. It turned and turned and went right into the papillae of her tongue.

“Puft, puft,” she spewed, “what is in my mouth??” Ann jumped from the chair, holding her breath while gently allowing the invader to rest somewhere else besides her open mouth.  But the butterfly insisted that it was a very nice and sweet spot indeed. “But I already had dinner!,” she started to giggle. She then took the butterfly by the wing and caressed it with the top of her finger.  And let it take a walk and make a waltz over her hand.  She looked outside her window and saw there were plenty of blue butterflies just like the one she had in her hand, all flying over the garden where a ceremony was being prepared.

“Papillons in the pavilion,” she thought. “That must be a good sign.”

She rapidly signed the paper and left it open over the desk. She was wearing a satin white dress with yellow laces enveloping her waist way down to her hips. Little pieces of diamonds were dancing all around her. She looked like a princess coming from a fairy tale, waiting to be taken in the arm of a Prince Charming.  But he was nowhere to be found.

“Where the heck is he now?” she asked to herself. “I'm quite sure he's still in that laboratory searching for some life outside our planet. No wonder I want to marry an astronaut. He's my type. Besides, I'm a lunatic one who deserves to be treated with respect. Who knows we will be lucky enough to raise three or four children, maybe in another galaxy?? Or even better, from another galaxy... that's it. We will raise them as if they were from another planet. For I'm pretty much sure he's and I am. At least, for that I'm certain. I surely came from another planet.” As her voice started to fade out so did her eyes from green to grayish blue. “I so wish he wouldn't be late for that,” she softly whispered to her imaginary little windy friend, to whom she had named Tavia. “Not for that.  After all, it is our wedding day!”  Though she was afraid that someone could hear her sobbing such sad words as she slowly took her veil out of her face and looked into the mirror saying, “...and how many times someone takes the decision to live with someone for the rest of their lives?”

After all it's not out of the blue that they both met. They were promised to be together a long, long time ago. They both took the vow. It was a match made in heaven and they could not fail each other or escape their own destiny. Or else, some terrible consequences were awaiting them right there at the corner of their lives. If they regret taken that mayor step, what should be a blessing would finally end up turning into a curse. And that was definitively something she did not expect. That, and the fact that she was already expecting...definitely, a heart was beating tenderly inside her womb.

But how come could she be pregnant if she was still a virgin. She felt funny on her stomach, and she thought that the sandwich that she ate the day before was making a mess inside her belly. So she went to the toiled. Could that be that she was having cold feet? She was chicken out. No, it was just that she had chicken soup the night before and it could not wait anymore. She then remembered a joke her fiancé once told her. Although he said that it was a real story and that it happened to his class, she knew him too much at least enough to know that he used to be a clown before he decided to take special studies of the outer space.

There was a Q&A session going on at the college. Students made the queries and the teachers would give the answer as much politely as possible. So they started:

“The Archimedes' principle is...”


“Name the Capital of France?”

“"F",” answered a teacher who was signaling the apostrophe with both hands moving the index and middle fingers together and up and down twice.“F in caps lock.” Everybody laughed.

“It seems that it is you head that is blocked,” a student said.

“At least I didn't leave my middle finger up in the air,” he justified.

“What is Hitler's first name?”

The Anthropologist raised his arm and yelled “Heil!”

“Hey, and what does it mean to have a seizure in the middle of a session?”

“It means to have a Roman emperor who just entered the room. We shall all stand up!” The History teacher, known for his authoritarian discipline got up. He was one of many who were avoided by his pupils for his military disciplined acts were always very dramatic.

“Something that floats in a bath...”

“Water,” answered the Chemistry teacher.

“Can you explain one of the processes by which water can be made safe to drink in this planet of ours?”

“Sure,” assuredly said cocky and pretentiously well-dressed another Chemical professor, known for being a converted womanizer. “Flirtation makes water safe to drink because it removes large pollutants like grit, sand, dead sheep and canoeists.”

“And  what's a planet?”

“A body of dirt, dust, rocks and earth surrounded by a dazzling sky,” answered the professor of Literature.

“And what is the fibula placed?”

“As a small lie.”

“What are steroids?”

“Things for keeping carpets still on the stairs,” the janitor said.

“No, you idiot!” The Astronomy teacher was infuriated. “You are not even an Academic professor. What do you know about steroids?”

“Steroids are little rocks orbiting around the space-crap fertilizing the stellar system which in turn sterilizes the stars,” replied the Gymnastic teacher with a big smile in his small head compared to his huge body.

“Something that flies that doesn't have an engine?”

“A bicycle with wings,” said all in unison the Mechanics & Engineering staff members.

“Something a blind man might use?”

“A bowl of letter soup,” answered the culinary staff.

“Which system is your stomach part of?”

“When the system is no longer available it parts from your guts and goes directly to the abdominal cavity which contains the five essential vitamins as the bowels, A,E,I,O and U,” said the kindred garden assistant, who was just there to watch her son.

“Something you do in the bathroom...” One teacher used to spell each word and be followed by his pupils just answered right away, “Decorate!”

“Something you open other than a bathroom's door...”

“Your bowels!,” a professor who had just been into the toilet quickly replied.

And right it went like a chicken soup down the toilet. The water was brownish, dirty, and smelly. It was just too painful to live without clean water, as it was hygienically and unhealthily insane. She got some allergies in and all over her skin and her scalp looked like a nasty nest. She couldn't wash her hair anymore. It was pretty disgusting to just open the faucets and let that mud drained down through the sinkhole. 

Her father came from heaven, or what they used to call “Haven” where he was a King. Back then there was still fresh water flowing in the rivers. So he came to Earth to inhabit it as a missionary whose mostly concern was to keep the resources clean at the best. And he tried in vain to implant a system where people could live in peace where he could install what it was a piece of Paradise for him. But people at that time was not interested on the future, they preferred pretty much leave behind their worries and live in an eternal ecstasy where everything was allowed and nothing forbidden, where they could drink until they dried each and every well, and that was some five hundred years ago when they could not build machines to extract all the preciousness the land offered then.

And John, as was called her father, had failed, since he allowed people to take advantage of all the facilities and step over every hill, leaving no untouched land. Now he was an old man, after living for decades in decadence. The only hope he had it was her daughter who he taught some skills at least to survive a hundred years more without the luxury of having a fertile soil to cultivate her own food.

Her father waited for her to take her to the altar and maybe seeing her for the last time, for she had already decided where to go for a honeymoon and that mean some sort of travel where the newlyweds would take a way of no return. Maybe they wouldn't even survive the mission. And who knows if they could live to tell the story anyway? Who knew then if there will be still people living in the beautiful and sacrificed planet Earth?

Old John took her towards the tower where guests were on line to see her entering the sacred hall. There he stood high, the proud groom stared at her gorgeous bride, gleaming against the sun, in a dazzling dress made of pearls and diamonds, all shining into the distance. A tall and fair and handsome man was there looking at her. He looked at her with a silver glance, like a knife cutting through the crowd. So shapely and well formed was the entire ceremony. There was no place for humorous thoughts, or other rumor or turmoil or the least inevitable error. Everything had been planned some five decades ago, there where they still lived in Haven.

A clear ringing of silver trumpets broke the silence in the room as father and daughter arrived into the alley. A soft morning breeze gently touched them as if to announce the beginning of spring and suddenly everyone could see there was a smile and a tear over the bride's face. For once in that place a castle had been built, the same castle she lively and happily lived with her father and mother and her sister for four hundred years and where now there was only doomed tombs beyond that consecrated land.

Suddenly the earth started to shake. Her tears turned into two pearls that once in contact to the ground became ice-blocks so heavy it was that each drop caused a crack on its fall which in turn made a big hole on the floor sucking down everything that surrounded it, and that included the bride and her father and two small penguins that were following them. Then the hole closed back as if there was never such a tunnel built before.

“Honey, are you all right?”

“Father, I cannot see anything. It's so dark in here. Where are you?”

Old John touched her hair so softly and lightly that she thought he had picked a feather to tickle her. He then took her up from the ground with both hands. A door opened but there was no one behind it. There they could see a big hall with candlesticks hanging in both sides. But none of them was lit. There was a small passage where some thin air passed through. A black rock blocked the orifice and didn't allow the light to penetrate inside the cave. Old John took one of the candles and with a fire made by the friction from his own hands he lit it up. As fragile as the light seemed it enabled them to look a palm in front of them. 

Underneath their feet there were tombs of kings where a throne made of marble and a golden crown was lying over. Solemnly and with great care they stepped into the small white stones that protected the grave.

“Daddy, is it possible?? Are we...stepping on our ancestors?,”  Ann said astonishingly, even petrified by her own revelation. “Is  it possible?? Are we in...” Ann choked.

“..in the sacred womb?,”  Old John looked at her with piercing eyes. “Yes, hon, I'm quite convinced that is what it is.”

Ann took a glass that stood close to one of the tombs. Her father followed her steps as she took the lead now, taking another candle and burning the fire over it. Now she could get a bigger picture over the recipient. There were names of Kings and Queens written over it, like a ritual they left their inscriptions of their lives in detail. That she knew for her father had taught her about the legends and myths of the time he lived in Haven. But what she didn't know was that they in fact existed, and they were no legends at all. And juts now she recognized her father had been left it occult for whatever reason he had to not allow anyone see what was underneath their own feet. 

“All allowed a fantasy...it's Halloween!” The cremated Queen screamed. It was a ghost from one of their predecessors. A minotaur suddenly ran behind them and in a sweep disappeared as fast as it came in the light.

“Clip-clap, click-clack, chip-chap...that one was a chap! That one was a cheap-chap! The two penguins laughed in exaltation flapping their flippers with satisfaction.

“Why didn't you tell us about this?? Ann couldn't understand why her father had left out that part of their own history. Or could he omit such a thing for so long or have he forgotten that this had really happened, she could not put any reason for the case. In fact, how come he did not trust her on such a serious secret. There they were buried in a cave filled with skeletons on the way throughout a mysterious path, looking for a way out and yet having to deal with ghosts from their past monsters that seemed extinguished or perhaps never existed. A rare insect with a blue incandescent body hovered over Ann's head. The winged being turned around her and left. She followed it. Maybe there was a passage somewhere. After all the bats and other insects, they certainly had to come from somewhere and the also had to leave at night to search for food. The light faded away and then disappeared.

“Who were you talking to, Ann?,” asked her imaginary winged friend.

“Oh, Tavia Windy! I'm so glad you are here. Stay with me, please, and make me company and I shall...,” Ann cried out loud with gladness and sadness, all confused with her unbearable feelings of loneliness. “I shall even give you recompense, I am telling you, only if you stay here with me...and that as soon as I get out of here.” Ann shouted. Tavia made a flip-flop over Ann's shoulder. “Please, stay with me,” Ann cried even louder.

“You don't say a word...Tavia, can you at least whistle?”

A tiny little being the size of a pea, Tavia made a humming-like sound with her small lips like two petals, as a little bird asking for food, but in an almost inaudible sound. She flipped her thin and transparent tiny wings behind her back, showing her ability to float in plain air. But as she tried to talk, only her mouth opened and there was only the sound of the wind blowing between her pearly teeth.

“You cannot talk, I know,” Ann nodded. “But I'm so lonely. I have had no one to talk to since my father left here to die alone.”  She turned her head down and softly let her body lie back on the ground. “Or that's what I thought would happen.” She shrank her body against a slippery stone and whispered, “At least that's what I believed so far...that I could die alone. I cannot even do that anymore. That's indeed a terrible curse.” She shook her head down and went back to sleep.

Ann woke up and saw that everything was dark. The last wood she had there was consumed by the fire and there was nothing else to replace the combustible material. She remembered about the winged being. She thought that it would be useful then.

Silence reigned. She felt too weak and all that she could do was to go back to sleep. 

“Ann, Ann!” She thought she had just heard someone whispering her name. She looked around, and as it was so dark she cold see not even a palm in front of her.

“Ann...” Again that voice echoing in her head.

“Who's there?,” Ann said. “Am I getting crazy now? I absolutely heard someone calling my name,” she said to herself.

“Yes, it was I!” Ann rose up from the ground in a jump. She forgot about her weakness, her tiredness, her extreme hot joints and that burning sensation that consumed her soul and hurt like a fire shaking in and out and around her bones.

“It's I!” Ann looked around and she nothing and no one.

“Over here!” She looked between her eyes, right at the tip of her nose there was a small insect, actually a half-human half-beast mythological creature, a miniature of a Minotaur, a Centaurus riding over her pointy nasals.

“I got a story to tell you. It's about a man, a stupid one, who won the lottery and then he kicked himself out of his only place that he had lived, took all his money and bought a big mansion.  He had two pools and a yard that would make anyone envy him.  But after a year or so he had spent all his money with drugs and drinking his way to the grave he left his wife alone. And you know what happened to him after that?”

“After he had died of a drinking problem?” Ann spewed without even worried or thinking about asking him who he was and what was he doing in the cavern.

“Yes, of course, you silly girl, after he had died!”

“I don't know,” she said, shrinking her shoulders up and down in fast pace.

“Yes, you do, of course you do!”

“Why in heavens would I know such thing?,” she cried out loud. “That's your story, not mine...how can I possibly know the end of it?”

“First of all there is no end. The story is not over yet, you silly girl...ha ha ha ha,” he laughed, scorning her lack of confidence in her own instincts. Then he jumped between her forehead and back to her nose again, and he danced with his four legs like a horse training to perform a Ballet. “That's the thing; I had to write a script to make it believable. Are you paying attention to me?”

“Hahn, nah...I mean, yeah...ham,” Ann could barely keep her eyes open. She was so exhausted and hungry that she could not think of nothing else but the next meal that she would have when all that would be over. Besides her eyes, they seemed so heavy and with a Minotaur jumping and stepping over them from time to time didn't help her to maintain her eyes awaken.

“That's the story of a nerd who never leaves his house and always gets stuck in front of your computer does finally get a hit via the Internet to send us a sketch of a contest and win a trip to Hollywood studios. But as a nerd and everything will go as I expected and not everything is as it seems.

“That has actually happened to me, and that's why I am here now living in this bloody hellish hot cave.”

“Pay attention to my narration. Or you might as well go back to sleep. Are you listening?”

“Yes, yes, I'm listening,” Ann said, yet a litlle afraid of the man with the body of a horse would tell, “but here it is so warm, and this rock that I have been lying on...that's so cozy that all I can is to want to go back to sleep and...” Ann looked down over her worn out shoes, taking them out and revealing two holes in her sock from each of her feet. “And your talking is so monotone, a miniature of a Minotaur whose talking is so...so...”  She stopped talking even more worried about her own reaction.  “And you are so... so mean,” she repeated taking a deep breath in.

“Ahn?” The Centaurus was furious. He never thought that he would get such a hard listener like she was. 

“Ah, and this story is so boring,” Ann finally yawned. Then  she felt a lump in the left side of her neck. There was something stuck inside. She felt the urge to throw that thing out of her system. She puked and saw a silver coin the size of a lemon coming out from her throat.

“So that's what has been bothering me the last couple of days. I might have swallowed it when I picked it from the ground and flipped it up,” she thought to herself. “So that's why it was so strange that the coin had disappeared when it went over my head.  It's simply that I had my mouth open when I did that and didn't realize that the coin would fall right inside my throat.” She chuckled while looking and analyzing the metallic medal. “That must be something very valuable. It's indeed rare. And to be stuck on my neck and I not even feeling it...That's rare...” She shook the coin between her hand and fell back to sleep.

The Minotaur didn't pay attention to her, or made as if he didn't listen to her. His eyes were like two red lights pointing directly to the middle of her forehead. She could not sleep with those spotlights staring at her like that anyway.

“A man has his eyes red from time to face your computer. The screen is to write a sketch for a sitcom. An astonished fungus walks on the room and scream while he dreams out loud:

“I always wanted a house in Malibu.”The man runs out of the house into the street and is completely naked when an officer arrives and grabs it.

“But I win the contest,” says the astonished fungus.

“If you won. Was that "A beauty contest”? Then I do not think so. But if it was a contest to see who is the stupidest man on earth and you were to be charged with the sentence of an indecent assault, then I would say you win.” The POLICE say, putting handcuffs over his wrists.

“But if I have to go catch a plane tonight...I cannot miss that for nothing on this planet.” said the astonished fungus.

“You are going somewhere tonight, yes indeed, sir, you are.  And that's to do with tonight, yes, you are right. And what you are going to do tonight is to sleep in jail,” answered the police.

“What?” said the astonished fungus.

Now we are in the interior of a prison. It's night in the jail. Pay closer attention now... The fungus astonished face is stuck in the bars of his cell in the prison with other prisoners who have some bad vibes. He begins to make a bomb with what appears to be dynamite. And that goes from a little drawing he had made and that he takes from his pocket and with that he manages to scare everyone. One of the prisoners perceived that it was not a bomb but the mini-banana is actually a fruit that another prisoner had left in his pocket. All the other prisoners pushing in his direction, but the fungus astonished with his own matter is too busy launching the "dynamite" in the air.

Now the scene goes to the exterior at the patio in the facility.”  The Minotaur gave a pause for a moment just to check if Ann was still awaken.

“It's outside the city. It's night. A pump on the other side of the building manages to escape all the prisoners slowly falling into the hands of guards and dogs that chase them around the patio. Mush Room only manages to flee, moving to an abandoned house. Only an annoying hum persisted causing a deafness in  fungus who remained astonished and deaf due to the explosion.

“Victory!” The astonished fungus jumped in veraciously contentment. Finally he was able to escape...

“Luckily the suit that they gave me let me keep the pocket filed with some tools to make the dynamite...”

Now we are in the daylight at the LOS ANGELES AIRPORT.

A plane arrived in the city. A bus took fungus to a Mush Room with all the dirty and dust that he had brought while escaping and his clothes were all torn but he kept him cheering up with a big smile. Another man dressed in a black suit greets him. He was accompanied by a blonde funny girl. It was the “PRODUCER” with big letters for he is big stuff, and the one responsible to make fungus have his own big break.

“Well, come to Los Angeles,” said the producer with an even bigger smile. With strong gringo accent, the blonde also congratulated him. “Felicitaciones!”

“But how was the trip?” She said with a grave tone showing some honest and deep concern.” Shouldn't you be tired... or are you not tired after all the travelling?”

Astonished fungus couldn't hear anything at all.

“What did you say?”, he asked.

“You know, are you...sick? You look so worn out. Are you tired?,” asked the blonde.

The only thing astonished fungus could do it is to read her lips. So no more talking he decided to leave his mouth shut.

The man looked impatient.

“So we began, and the whole crew is waiting.

“Look, I need a shower first ...” That's the only thing fungus could think of after spending a night in prison and the whole day travelling overseas.

The executive producer looked at him from head to toe.

“Ah, yes, yes, of course! A shower ...And then, work now? What do you think?”

Inside a nice hotel in the corner of a quiet street, the winner of the contest was preparing to take a bath. Fungus, astonished,  opened up the faucet, letting the water pour down on the tub. He sang a tune and whistled while showering. He was filled with foam for all sides. He let the foam reach through and inside the ears that was in turn imbibed in soap. The phone rang. He did not seem to hear anything. He opened the shower curtain so slowly that suddenly the phone that kept ringing for some time stopped. He turned to bathe. The phone rang again. When fungus astonished suddenly made a brisk move to open the curtain once again, the phone got mute. That kept going for at least one hour or so, or for about more five times until his skin got wrinkled from dehydration.

It was night at the hotel and the contestant...are you still listening to me?” The Centaurs looked at Ann's eyes which were almost completely closed.

“Astonished fungus finally got out of the shower. He hoped to get a call from the producer and waited patiently seated in the bed and in there he remained motionless. The soap still covered his ears. The producer knocked on the door.

"Where the fungi is this fungus?,” he asked, looking at his watch with impatience. He rang. No answer. He went to the reception and asked the doorman if fungus had gone out.

“No, sir, I've been here all day. No one left except that old lady still trying to cross the road over there.” And the doorman pointed to a very old woman who tried in vain to put her foot over the crosswalk without a car stopping to let her pass.

The producer gave up in trying finding fungus and left to help her. They looked at each other with bewilderment. She put her hands over her head and pledged him to help her. It was already dawn when they finally crossed the road and both became a pinpoint over the horizon and simply vanished away.

Now fungus was at the beach...”

“Where?” Ann asked, with her eyes closing.

“At the beach...”

“Where? The peach?” Ann asked again. She couldn't pay any more attention to what he was saying. She was too tired to discern her own thoughts, what to say of making sense of anybody else's words.

“I said, the beach, the BEACH, you bitch!” Centaurs was upset with her lack of attention. “It was another night that he was spending at the beach, in its dark and cold sand under the pier. A ceiling made of cardboard covered his head, with fungus astonished inside an improvised cabin. He had taken the hotel's bedspread and he took the sheet to make a tent which protected him from the harsh wind. Outside he had managed to build a fire that he shared with three other homeless people. And he trembled as he thought that would be just another long night to spend and more lonely nights to come and he had just went to sleep for it was too cold outside. But the next morning there was no more cabin or sheet to cover him. Or poor people to make him some company.  They were all gone and never came back.  Fungus did learn a lesson that day. To never trust his ears, much less his own peers...hehehehehe! And no one ever came to his rescue, except a witch who made a deal: He would have never had to worry about feeling cold only if she could transform him into a horse. He not only accepted the agreement as he was so glad that she made him half-animal half-human, but also promised to devote his life to her. And he decided to no longer live in a Mush Room for he was only a fungus. So he had promised to give her a ride.”  All went dark again. Ann had her eyes closed already.

“So did you like my story?” Then Centaurs danced with frenzy excitement. “That's actually my own story. It did indeed happen to me. I was that stupid fungus once. And after I met that witch to whom I am eternally grateful and to whom I told the story about the Mush Room and my deafness she then turned me into what I am now and threw me in this hole...so I could sing and cry and laugh again without feeling trapped.” And he started to sing out loud.