One hundred desserts with coffee - The italian cook - ebook

A hundred dessert recipes with coffee, a hundred incentives to the culinary imagination for the sweet tooth and for all cooking enthusiasts.

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The Italian Cook

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Baba with coffee

Coffee Bavarese

Bavarian with vanilla and coffee

Coffee biscuits

Coffee biscuits (2)

Coffee biscuits (3)

Coffee biscuits (4)

Coffee carnival cookies

Coffee pudding

Coffee pudding (2)

Coffee pudding (3)

Coffee and chocolate pudding

Brazilian pudding

Viennese coffee

Viennese coffee (2)

Coffee candies

Charlotte Brasilia

Coffee beans

Coffee cups

Brazil cups

Cups of coffee cream

San Salvador cups

Coffee cream

Coffee cream (2)

Coffee cream (3)

Coffee cream (4)

Coffee cream (5)

Coffee cream (6)

Coffee cream (7)

Baked coffee cream

Cream four cantons

Coffee zabaglione cream

Coffee Dobos

Dessert with coffee ricotta

Mascarpone coffee cake

Sweet mocha

Sweet fate

Coffee treats


Stuffing with coffee

Flan of coffee

Coffee ice cream

Coffee ice cream (2)

Coffee ice cream (3)

Coffee ice cream (4)

Coffee ice cream with cream

Cream ice cream with coffee sauce

Zabaione coffee ice cream

Moka ice cream

Moka ice cream (2)

Icing at the coffee

Coffee slush

Coffee slush (2)

Coffee slush (3)

Coffee granita

Coffee granita (2)

Coffee Granita with Cream

Mascarpone with coffee

Mascarpone with coffee (2)

Tile of coffee

Meringues with coffee

Meringues with coffee (2)

Meringues with coffee (3)

Coffee Mousse

Coffee Mousse (2)

Coffee Mousse (3)

Lean coffee mousse

Lean coffee mousse (2)

Moretta mousse

Delicious cream

Coffee parfait

Coffee parfait (2)

Pyramid of meringues with coffee

Coffee sorbet

Coffee soufflé

Coffee soufflé (2)

Coffee soufflé (3)

Coffee foam

Coffee foam (2)

Sweet-bitter froth

Spumone with coffee

Tartlets with coffee and vanilla

Coffee truffles


Tiramisu (2)

Tiramisu (3)

Tiramisu (4)

Cake Coffee

Cake Coffee (2)

Cake Coffee (3)

Cake Coffee (4)

Cake Coffee (5)

Cake Coffee (6)

Zabaglione cake and coffee liqueur

Arabica cake

Cake with coffee cream

Coffee cake

Moka cake

Eggs in the snow with coffee cream

Zuccotto with coffee

(*) Base for cream ice creams

Baba with coffee

Ingredients and doses for 6 people

200 gr of flour
3 eggs
1 glass of milk
100 grams of butter
30 grams of sugar
10 gr of brewer's yeast
For the syrup:
1 glass of coffee
½ glass of rum
50 gr of sugar
Prepare the dough: melt the yeast in warm milk.
Place the flour in a fountain, in the middle pour the diluted yeast, the eggs and salt.
Jumbled up.
Add the butter and sugar.
When you have obtained a smooth and homogeneous paste, cover it with a napkin and let it rise.
It must almost double in volume.
Grease a donut mold and fill it with the dough until halfway.
Let it rise again until the volume has almost doubled.
Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 40 minutes.
Prepare the syrup: in a saucepan pour the coffee, the rum, add the sugar and bring to a boil.
Keep on the heat until the sugar has melted.
Turn out the cold babà on the serving dish.
Slowly pour over the coffee syrup so that the pasta absorbs it completely.
Garnish the cake with sweet whipped cream.

Coffee Bavarese

Ingredients and doses for 6 people

3 sheets of isinglass
50 cl of milk
1 vial of vanilla essence
50 gr of coffee powder
6 egg yolks
300 grams of sugar
50 cl of cream
some coffee beans
whipped cream
Soften the isinglass in cold water.
In the meantime bring the milk to a boil in a saucepan with the vanilla and coffee powder, which you will add only a few moments before removing the container from the heat.
Put the egg yolks in a bowl with the sugar and whisk them with a wooden spoon and the electric mixer.
Always mixing dilute with the vanilla flavored milk and coffee, pouring it through the strainer.
Put the cream on the low heat and keep it until it starts to boil, stirring constantly, then immediately remove it from the flame and add the squeezed gelatine, stirring until you see it completely dissolved; let the mixture cool.
Meanwhile, whip the cream and add it to the cream when it is very cold.
Pour it all in a pudding mold (previously greased) that has the walls blown.
Introduce it in the coldest compartment of the refrigerator for about 3 hours.
After this time immerse the mold in boiling water for a few moments (to make the cake slip more easily), then dry it and turn it upside down on the serving plate.
Decorate the center and the edges of the Bavarian with coffee beans and tufts of cream.

Bavarian with vanilla and coffee

Ingredients and doses for 6 people

6 egg yolks
120 grams of sugar
50 cl of milk
1 vanilla stick
7 sheets of fish glue
50 cl of cream
1 spoon of freeze-dried coffee
1 spoon of Tia Maria
Prepare the basic cream for the vanilla bavarois.
The basic cream of the cake is prepared like the English cream: stir in a saucepan the egg yolks with the sugar, add the boiling milk flavored with the vanilla bean and heat the mixture. To check the cream's cooking point, place it on the wooden spoon and blow it over: the cream is ready if it forms a series of circles.
In a bowl dissolve the lyophilized coffee in 1 tablespoon of boiling water, then add a tablespoon of Tia Maria or another coffee liqueur.
Divide the vanilla cream into two parts, put one half in a 1.5 liter mold and flavor the other half with the coffee mixture, then place it in a pastry pocket with a smooth nozzle.
Dip the nozzle for about 1 cm in the layer of vanilla cream, then press the pocket to let the coffee cream out.
Working in this way you will get a 'heart' of coffee cream enclosed in a vanilla wrap, visible when the Bavarian is cut.
Serve the cake, once deformed, with a chocolate sauce, obtained by melting a chocolate glaze in a saucepan with a little cream.

Coffee biscuits

Ingredients and doses for 4 people

300 gr of flour
200 grams of sugar
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
1 teaspoon of carnation powder
70 cl of thick espresso coffee
1 tablespoon of milk
1 whole egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla
100 gr of hazelnuts
100 grams of flaked chocolate
Mix the dry ingredients.
Beat the egg, coffee, milk and vanilla together.
Make a bowl in the dry mix, add the liquid mixture.
Intrude the mixture without too much work it, adding flour if necessary.
Divide the dough into two parts.
Form two well compressed sticks (diameter of 4-5 cm).
Post them on a plate and cook them in a medium oven for 30-35 minutes.
When cooked, wait 10 minutes before cutting them into slices of one centimeter.
Toast lightly on the 2 faces.

Coffee biscuits (2)

Ingredients in doses for 4 people

4 eggs
200 gr of flour
20 gr of coffee powder
Whip the eggs with the sugar until frothy, add the coffee powder and flour.