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Questo libro contiene una serie di informazioni, desunte dall'autore attraverso lunghe conversazioni con un misterioso personaggio, un uomo che gli ha trasmesso una serie di "rivelazioni" sorprendenti, in cui la presenza di esseri extraterrestri (fisici e spirituali) fra noi costituisce il filo conduttore che domina la storia umana. Tali rivelazioni si riferiscono alla teoria della colonizzazione della Terra, all'analisi delle categorie degli esseri che la popolano, alle potenzialità della memoria e sui concetti di dubbio, sogno e realtà. This book contains a series of information, taken from the author through long conversations with a mysterious character, a man who has transmitted a series of surprising "revelations", in which the presence of extraterrestrial beings (physical and spiritual) between us constitutes a common thread that dominates the history of human beings. These revelations refer to the theory of the colonization of the Earth, to the analysis of the categories of beings that populate it, to the potentialities of memory and the concepts of doubt, dream and reality, which could irreparably change our existence.

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CHAPTER 14 - Updates of the second edition

Gabriel L.

On a collision route with God

ISBN | 9788827854365

Prima edizione digitale: 2018

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This book, if it is interpreted correctly and understood by man, can represent the beginning of a new era.

In this new age, man will understand his role in the universe and that of all the other physical and spiritual individuals around him.

Before examining why it was written, it is good to specify the meaning of the title which also summarizes its content:


At first sight, such a bizarre title could hide the author's desire to differentiate it from the many books on religious or paranormal subjects, which now bookshops are full of. The reason why it was written is that the world and man are immersed in the most total chaos.

Not a day passes, in fact, that the mass media do not bombard us with news of religious and paranormal origin, so even those who should be experts, now no longer understand anything.

In many television and radio broadcasts we talk about spirits, extraterrestrials, miracles, striking facts and so on.

These transmissions cause the listener to believe the people who are involved, without having any reference parameters to say that what they say is true.

Just to try to understand something, in many years I read books and newspaper articles, I listened to television and radio broadcasts.

Frankly, however, I must say that instead of clarifying my ideas, these readings confused them even more. All this lasted until a few years ago, when by chance, I met a strange character.

A man of about 60 years, who has lived the world of the paranormal and the occult on his skin, enriching himself at the intimate level of that contact with the transcendental phenomenon, which makes him a unique person of his kind.

This strange character, who for some years has involved me emotionally in his stories revealing me news and various forms, now it is gone, gone and I have not seen it again.

This happened when, having exhausted his task of satisfying my curiosity, he found that I could now understand by myself.

From the interviews I had, I made some material, from which I chose some topics, reported in this book. Talks with this strange character began a few years ago.

Initially during the discussion, everyone remained of his convictions, but it was pleasant to listen to him. Slowly I realized that his way of dealing with these subjects was so profound and unprecedented that it left me amazed.

He was making prophecies and diagnoses of what was happening worldwide, and he seemed to know everything about everyone.

Certain events of a political, social and other nature were revealed and explained to me before they occurred.

After weeks or months, reading the newspapers, listening to the radio and television, I was amazed to see that he had guessed.

Because I am a rational person, as they say with their feet on the ground, out of curiosity, I decided to see each other more clearly. When I had a free moment, I spent it discussing with him the topics that are reported in this book. I could not always find it, but when the conversations that came out of it were possible, they left me amazed and incredulous.

The reader will find examples of these conversations, such as question and answer. They are the complete transcription of what he said.

When I sometimes asked him who these revelations were coming from, he replied that they were entities called mutants.

Mutants are intelligent beings, living in a world close to God, called the energy kingdom. In practice, they are intelligent and immutable forms of energy over time, and they have knowledge that goes back to the initial phases of the creation of the universe.

They are called that because they can move from the energy to the physical. Among the topics discussed in this book we talk about the colonization of the earth 1.8 million years ago by extraterrestrial beings, coming from planets far from the solar system, who transmitted their genetic code to the humanoids that populated the planet, from then the current man is derived.

It is good to point out that these mutants have nothing to do with these beings. Indeed, they too (the extraterrestrials, as well as some men on earth, in their spiritual growth), tend to have contacts with these mutants. Because it is possible through these beings to know the true God who created us.

Because these mutants are able to switch from the energy to the physical, during contact with men they are forced to take a physical form, otherwise they would be invisible.

These beings are capable of tampering with matter, that is, decomposing it to the most elementary particles (they break down atoms) and transport it to the energetic realm, where physical laws are no longer valid.

On the the energy level, they are able to move instantly anywhere in the universe and in other dimensions.

Being intelligent energy forms, they do not have their own aspect, and they take the most congenial in their contacts with men.

They manage to break down the matter, for example if they take a stone, in the atomic decomposition, this loses all its physical characteristics and disappears from view.

It passes into the energetic plane and, under the influence of their own creative thought, can be transformed by falling into the physical plane into any other object, also living and endowed with its own intelligence.

Whenever events of global importance occur on Earth, such as wars, political and social upheavals, they physically and physically affect the characters involved.

This also happens in everyday life, without anyone noticing it.

Mainly they are of two types:

1) beings who are in the order of creation, have the knowledge of the true God, tend to union, concordance and peace among men.

2) Satanic beings, who tend to centralize power through others, who are in conditions of being possessed. In fact they manage to take over the children or overlap the human mind of adults without them noticing. The revelations and all the news contained in this book come from beings of the first kind.

When events of global importance occur, these two types of mutants affect telepathically on the two sides. Knowing the vastness of the phenomenon, we can say that the whole planet is under the complete control of these beings.

The end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and many other events in recent years have been possible due to the direct influence of these beings. Some world political leaders have sensed, albeit broadly, that world events are being driven in some way.

For example, the former president of Russia Gorbachev, in an interview said that during the phases of the changes in the former USSR, it seemed that certain problems were resolved magically, under the influence of some external influence.

Insoluble and insurmountable problems, suddenly thinned out and the solution was found. Because of the influence of these beings, world events take place at an impressive rate.

According to what was revealed to me by the person to whom the revelations of this book are due, the time (ie the period during which the events of the world happened) was accelerated by a factor between 15 and 16.

This means that what happened before in 15 years, now happens in a year. Therefore, the events that occurred before in a 150-year time frame, now happen in just 10 years.

If you think that most technological development and scientific discoveries have taken place in the last 100 years, you have an idea of what such an acceleration means.Taking into account what has been said, we understand the importance of this book, which tries to make people understand what is happening.

Not only that: it indicates a new way that humanity will have to travel in the next few centuries if it wants to rediscover the great powers that have been given to man by those who created us, that is, from God.

For my part, I am aware of the fact that there is no evidence to confirm what has been revealed in this book.

But each of us, looking inside in his own intimacy, after reading the book, will discover an unknown and fantastic world, which will allow us to face the problems covering our own existence in a easier way.


The Author

Gabriel L.








Reading this book can trigger psychic phenomena on which, even if they do not represent a danger, it is good that the reader is informed.

Since every man, even if he derives from the same seed, that is from God, is unique and is intimately different from all the other individuals, it is impossible to describe all the psychic phenomena that can happen.

I will however try to give an idea of what can occur.

Reading this book paranormal phenomena can occur, the most common of which are reported according to the chronological order in which they occur:


- sometimes it can happen that if you hit the blows, for example on a table or on a wall, you will hear after a few moments the identical noises whose origin you can not understand;

- you hear noises such as footsteps, breaths or voices of unknown origin;

- if you are in a closed room, especially at night, as soon as you turn off the light, you hear noises of objects moved into adjacent rooms, as if someone rummaged. If you go to check, you realize that nobody is there;

- objects of everyday use disappear, even while they are held in their hands and reappear in other rooms;

- phenomena of premonition and telepathy occur;

- the lights of the house light up and remain lit. The same can happen for television and for the stereo system.

While you are watching television, or listening to the radio, the previously tuned channels change by themselves.

The audio cassettes are demagnetized. The computer freezes as if there is a virus and no longer receives the commands from the keyboard. Turning it off and on again, the phenomenon disappears.

It is good to clarify that all these phenomena occur in human beings of any language and nationality. Because all men at the level of seminal origin have transcendental characteristics that derive from God.




It is good to point out that these phenomena occur rarely but they can happen, and are the same ones that have been described several times by people of great spiritual value in the various historical periods, such as the mystics, the saints, those who have had in their lives extrasensory perceptions.

To reduce the effects in people who have already had these events in the past, it is necessary to read the various chapters of the book, one at a time, by spending several days or weeks between one chapter and another.

If possible, it is better to read a few pages at a time.

If the phenomena take on a certain gravity, it is essential to suspend the reading, because after having reached periods of intense activity, follow periods of calm. If, in spite of these psychic phenomena, one is able to complete the reading, then they decrease in intensity, because the addiction takes over and there is no more case.

It may happen that after an initial period, in which the above-mentioned phenomena occur, one has the sensation that they have ceased.

This is not the case, because phenomenology has a wave-like character, that is, periods of intense activity generally follow periods of calm.

Given that we all have a remote memory and that we all have the greatest attention to the physical life we live, these phenomena will occur to the extent that our intimate attention will be directed more or less towards remote memory or real physical life, in a indeterminable psychic play by means of rationality and will.

In any case, if on a conscious and rational level you realize that you are afraid, you must think absolutely that you live in God, so that nothing bad can happen to you, a stranger to his will and yours.

Everything contains and defends you.

Making a scale from l to 100, statistically 30% of the living, is addressed to life on the physical plane, in an unconscious way. 55% are aimed at cultural and psychic life, always unconsciously, 15% is blandly addressed to the spiritual life, as well as to life on the psychic level.

These percentages are to be taken with benefit of inventory.

The intertwining of these three conditions of life, which have no real boundaries, are completely alien to the real reason and consciousness of the living and sink their roots in the inheritance (common to all living) biological and spiritual.


These events should never be faced with challenges and curses


We must not challenge them, because those who challenge and take on these phenomena challenge themselves and take away all control of their own unconscious personality.


On the contrary, prayer reinforces the phenomena of control over one's own psyche.


It must be said that there are men who continually live with these phenomena, some of unimaginable scope, and live quiet and peaceful on this planet without mental disturbances.

These men are exempt from all constricting links on the moral and physical level.

In conclusion, do not be afraid, because these obstacles are part of evolution and are necessary for man to rise spiritually, understand the cause of his creation and the purpose for which it is intended.




   We sometimes dream of having a teacher, not being able to create it, perhaps entrusting this task to a person who knows more than we do.

   Intimately we are sincere, loyal, not with ourselves, not with others, but with the shadow of ourselves. To others we always try to sell more and make the things we have more beautiful appear, but rather within ourselves, especially in necessity, we are well aware of our limitations.

   So when another proves to be more capable of doing the things we care about most, we entrust him with the task of carrying on our flag, so to speak, and of expressing the qualities we would like in ourselves.

   We admire the doctor because he knows the medicine, the athlete who represents our flag, the military that defends our weapons, the politician who directs our interests.

   We do this because we believe we can not know the matter, and therefore we can not do these things. On the contrary we could know how to do better than who we delegate to represent us.

   The social organism of today is not based on revealed truths of the essentiality of every man, but on truths sold. Our knowledge is acquired not by life experience, but by trade.

This unfortunately is the error of the information of today's science.

   Today's science is a falsehood in human evolution, of such a scale that it risks destroying the nature of man himself.

   While on the one hand it magnifies and amplifies every phenomenon to give it an almost immediate echo in all societies, on the other, there being no direct experience of the individual towards the other individual and not being able to give an assignment by direct experience, an assignment is made for acquired commerce, that is, for acquired information.

   They tell us that guy is a valid person, they tell us that an instrument works and not having been able to experiment, even knowing that we do not have an experience that we can judge, we trust those who tell us.

   Today's society among other things, allows us to make a comparison: we know that a good boxer fights well and is good from 25 to 30 years. But, we must acknowledge in this period a certain amount, which allows him, after 30 years, to overcome even the season in which he no longer fights.

   This method that we apply to sport that is healthy, to music because we can hear it, we do not use it with politics, with police and justice that are more important, more vital and more sacred.

   How can we think that a man, just because he has been a politician for ten years is better, while we are fiercely selective in what we can analyze directly with our eyes?

   We get dumb and buy products that are empty bins, where there is no more milk inside, where there is no more to eat, they are old boxes.

   The countermeasure on which their experience is based is wisdom, the fruit of wisdom that brings work, they say, and it is true, but this fruit of wisdom has a result that has not been seen.

   We then move on to the sentence in which we say "all the old and the young ahead", but the error is even greater, we must not generalize. Because you have to take that young man who can give you more.

   It must be selected, felt, measured.

   Since society is so complex and varied that feeling and measuring is no longer possible, except through newspapers, books, television, we think with the intellect and we must educate people to understand.

   Today we can introduce (and this is the purpose of the book) a new science, a new analysis of the behavior of our neighbor, able to decode, to understand the nature of men.

   And by means of this analysis, choose them even at a distance, even if there is no real sensory and physical knowledge, the one that we ourselves are the first to use.

   I approach and know a person, without asking or giving anything and this person does the same. The moment he approaches me, he sends me a baggage, a set of information that he is unaware of, that neither he nor I, if we are not ready and if we do it on purpose, we can decipher and warn.

   But we both have an immediate impression, like: I dislike, I like it, it's competent, it's not competent, I trust it, I do not trust it.

   Our body machine is so complete that, beyond reason, at first glance can analyze, can understand, can see, the danger, the beautiful, the good, the ugly, in another living being and also in the encounter with nature.

 As we can experience in animals, even in us there is this extra-rational sensitivity, which reason has not yet been able to decipher, which inadvertently emerges at an irrational level in our consciousness, and warns us of a danger, a feeling of negativity, of positivity and so on.

   We make another effort, giving a hand to the nature that created us and that led us to have this sensitivity, not by our will, but by complexity, will and conscience and not awareness of nature itself. In this sensitivity we bring a lengthening in our reason, that goes fishing in this sensitivity, that goes to decode it and read it.

 Here then, all that seems absurd to us, like telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, levitation, etc., will be called new sensibility. Which can not take us beyond the horizons of the known, but can make us decode the unconscious.

   And it is as if we open a window to a new dimension, where all things are present beyond and beyond appearances.

 Then we will make tabula rasa of all these commercial illusions and we will be able to say: «That is the man able to go on that mountain, this is the man able to represent my interests, to guarantee me the order and protect me from the violence of the bad guys» if we want to call it that.

   But we will not go to make trades that go unjustly to strike the just in the name of justice, or to unjustly condemn in the name of justice. Or to become the looter, in the name of justice and order.

   Here the problem of the book is born, without wanting to extend it to the highest peaks, to the maximum knowledge, where we no longer need anyone, to the conquest of the absolute.

   A glimpse of that realm of real life, essential and total that awaits us, we would become like those dumb religious, because they are all dumbfounded. Not Christ, not Jesus because this is different.

 A: Even Buddha was doting?

 No Buddha was not dense, because although he had not arrived at the absolute truth, he was on the path of research and never sold.

   He transmitted his experiences, not absolutely, but as an experience. The road he has made is true. To the point where he arrived, great truths are arrived and revealed.

   But he has not gutted them all.

   On the contrary, Jesus Christ revealed all the truths of man's journey. He did not reveal all the truths of the universe, and the dimension that opens up on the path. She rightly did not develop them, because it was not possible to unveil these truths in the era in which she lived. And if he did, he could not resist the three years of evangelization, because they would have killed him first.

 A: Can you explain to me, according to metaphysical knowledge, the secret history of Jesus Christ?

   Jesus Christ is the greatest human experience.

  A: Yes, but since he has done certain things (miracles, the gospel, etc.) from the age of 30 onwards, according to historical sources, before the age of 30 where he was?

   In itself.


A: But is it true that he was in India?

 As it turns out, historically it is true, but the story is about a physical person, not a real person.

   For example, if you were to make my story, you would say: he was a musician, he lived here, he lived there.

   But could you ever tell the emotions I have been through, the meditations and the researches I have done, what I have discarded and what I have learned, what I have analyzed and thrown away, how much of the analysis I have left?

   The emotions I felt, how much of transcendence did I receive and how much did I gain by reasoning? How much of psychology and psychiatry is there, how sick I am and how healthy I am, how much I am true and how false I am?

   It must be said that every living being is false, but why?

   The most real living beings (what we are), affirm the most absolute truths: for those who are against our truths, we are false.

   For those who have a knowledge of the things we are talking about in this book (and which we say to be true), we are not false.

God in himself has contradictions, which almost border on falsehood.

   Satan is a false before God. The order that Satan proposes, for God is not valid, is a false order.

   On the contrary, God's order for Satan is false.

   We are arbiters between the two, how can we recognize the truth of the order of God and the falsity of the order of Satan?

   We say the order of God is true, because in this order we are respected, and we find our survival in absolute.

   In the order of Satan we are used, and we do not find an absolute survival. Then we can say: the order of God is true, the order of Satan is false.

   Every living thing in itself is right, it becomes unjust, when it is compared in terms of other living beings. We say that honest man, as well as being right in himself, is also right towards others, because he brings them good.

   It not only enters the lives of others bringing peace, work, positivity, etc. but brings respect and dignity.

   For example, we say that the thief can be right, because to survive he sees no other solution than that. But, if we consider it in a society and in the context of others living, it becomes unjust. Because, when he enters the house to steal, the other individuals remain deprived of something. It demolishes what others have built, takes away from others, does not give.

   So where the order, where a setting of being is satisfying for everyone, brings life and enrichment for everyone.

Where everyone is at ease and find more than they have, then they are inclined to give their own in view of the most. Where instead they enter and are annihilated, where they find that all the others are bigger than themselves and are used and deprived of what they have, in addition to not receiving anything, that is bad.

   In this sense we can determine good and evil, otherwise if we go to analyze one and the other, let's move to the democracy considered by some "stupid", the one that today live in Western countries. For example, it may happen that a trade unionist commits injustice against one, to the detriment of others.

   When you go to study the creation in depth, to analyze the whole, we can start from a state of our being, interior, of predisposition towards a faith, for a possibility that is not known, for a way of being that not known. Then, on that predisposition we investigate, we search, we listen, we see, we experience, until we can determine that this faith is real, that is, become reality, and then that this reality is what we expect.

   When one arrives on this reality, many of those dimensions are opened, first towards oneself (because one arrives to make a colossal, physical and psychic analysis of ourselves, which can also escape from that which is the declared terminology of science).

   So we necessarily do things psychology, and self-analysis.

   But then where do you go? Our experience can be compared with what others have done and with the science that derives from it, with the written experience that derives from it.

   This must be done to see if you are in the parameters of normalcy while being different, or you are confined in some closed alley, where one ends up being crazy or idiot.

   Intending insanity, as happens when one insists on believing, searching, never finding anything, without ever having anything in return. That can be insanity.

   So when you come to the bottom of the analysis of yourself, when you find yourself in control of your body machine, you discover that it is not your thing at all, but belongs to the whole story, to all the evolution.

You find that your body machine does nothing but throw you out and throw towards you, in a violent, deceptive and irrational way, everything that has acquired and that has in its being, of biology, of inheritance, of experiences lived by your ancestors.

   With your way of analyzing things, at some point, you risk losing yourself, because you have lived experiences that you do not know. You wonder where they come from and look for their biological justification. You have lived for better or for worse, concentrations of actions that do not belong to you as present life, as current biological life, and find them in your hereditary biology.

   The man in principle, although it is a perfect machine, because he has come to be in all this time, even if he has a great chance of being present to himself, in fact, it is not.

Or it is so superficial, that every turn, every curve, every variant of the self, makes him rise and asks him "who am I?".

   This is because, in the final analysis, the man who looks for himself from today to tomorrow for years and years, if he is not well guided and does not have certain characteristics and behavioral ways, risks undermining his research work and therefore to turn around himself, with regard to current life.

   It risks to settle on such phenomena and then to not get to anything. Then it is a missed opportunity, because it is like an inert matter in its dimension, having remained at a level equal to that in which it had left.

   In other words, he has not become anyone, he has not changed anything and is therefore canceled. Because the new, that is evolution, has a purpose, that of making it become a different thing.

   Instead, in doing so it has become nothing, it is a state of being and that's it, and it has no more space in itself.

   Spaces offer themselves to the new, not to the old. Spaces understood as existence, not as we understand them. That is, that form of closed space that surrounds us and that does not belong to us, but that contains us.

   It is very different from the space that is ours, right in becoming is in our point of arrival, where space is proportional to ourselves.

   Thus, it is infinite, if we are infinite, limited if we are limited.

   As an example, if a child in the mother's belly thinks of space, if she could stretch the leg by two centimeters, it would already be a miracle. But if he wanted to imagine the space that awaits him outside, which is also the space that contains it, this space is so vast that it would not be able to imagine it.

How does an embryo conceive the space that surrounds it outside? It is unimaginable compared to the space it has in the womb.

It is the same if we think of the space we can have, renewed and arrived at the apex of evolution, when we have achieved the purpose of the evolution of creation.

   Space is directly proportional to ourselves, to how we will renew and realize ourselves. If the universe is immense, and it takes about 15 billion years to travel it, our personal space can be 200,000 times as much. And yet, it is nothing compared to the absolute.


A: The absolute is the classic concept of infinity?

   Exactly it is unimaginable, because then the beauty of the question of our space, is that it will be relative, to ourselves, not only as space, but also as life. Everything that we will not know how to think, organize, realize or we would like to think about realizing and organizing will be our real future future dimension. And the totality will not however be that.

   We will know that totality will not be that, and we will still aim at our greatest happiness towards totality.

When the totality comes towards us, it will be able to point us and lead us towards other totalities, as we are and how we will be. We will never completely grasp it, but we will also enjoy the little.

   A: To make a comparison, it is like the Chinese boxes (seen however to the contrary), if one opens one, in the interior one sees another, which hides a third one and so on?

   It is the game of the infinite, which is diversified in itself, while remaining infinite.

   To make this concept accessible, it can be said that the most beautiful joke is the horizon of the sea.

   You live in your nature where you are, which, however, is not the same as mine.

Now the two of us are facing the sea, and we see that horizon.

Do we want to see if, measuring it, my horizon is the same as yours?

   If we go to see, I bet it's the same, but it's different.

Why is it different? Because when we go to see it moves, because your sight is not the same as mine.

   Even if the phenomenon is not complete, the concept is the same, in fact we find ourselves on a definition of horizon.

   A: That is, as long as the senses are altered and there are subjective perceptions of reality.

   The altered conscience means that a lower consciousness of me causes less space for me.

   But be careful, my space is called space like yours. Within that space there are all my experiences, as inside your space there are all your experiences. So you can not say that I am not as complete as you, even if your space is bigger.

   The point of analysis, of the smallest and largest, is not me, it is not you, it is a third person, who has the longest vision of yours.

   When we measure things, we know that, for example, I see more than one blind man, because when I tell him that there is something there, he tells me, "no I do not see it." So if the horizon, instead of referring it to the sea, we refer to a landscape in which there are houses that can be counted, you would count ten houses, I five, and only so I could know to see less than you.

   A: Making a comparison, it's the same thing, when you want to measure a distance. A third person would be the yardstick that allows us to establish how many units of measurement there are in the whole length?

   This third person, which is then the starting point and the one of diversification, is also the fulcrum. He is one like us, who is present in everything and everything belongs to him.

   It is the fulcrum of the order in which all horizons are united, and everyone's life is dimensional to him, not to the rest.

   The rest then pervades everyone's life by sympathy, so it is complementary to everything that exists, as it is complementary to me.

If there is more, but it is not complementary to me, it does not exist.

So, it becomes new when it looks and becomes complementary to me. Can I give you an idea?

  A: No, I did not understand, can you give me an example?

   As long as America did not exist, it was not complementary to Europeans, it was not known by Europeans, it did not exist.

   When America was discovered, has the world expanded, or has it remained the same? For the Europeans, has the world expanded or remained the same?

   It became complementary, but remained the same. What was there before, there was also later. When you discover a great soul, such as a musician, and you see him on the street, you see a man like you.

   In your comparisons, in your reasoning, in your relationships with that man, if he does not tell you that he is a musician, use the tape you use for yourself and for everything that is complementary to you.

   Give him action fields, he can be taller, smaller, lower, thinner, darker, whiter, he can walk louder, slower, and so on. But you do not know what the musician does, so you know him by the way you see him.

   When he introduces himself to you with the musical instrument and fascinates you, then you see him even more boundless. But he was a musician before introducing himself to you, and you did not know it, so the situation of being remains what it is.

   The situation of conscience varies, the relationship of conscience varies, because it is on your complementarity that has enriched your own consciousness. The more the man grows, the more he enriches, he conquers himself, he becomes bigger, the more he moves his boundaries and sees an ever larger part of the whole. But the whole will see it only and only when everything in him will be complementary.

 And since he can not do it absolutely, because it would not be contained by the individual, he does it gradually and then life takes place in an eternal present of complementarity.

 It starts from this assumption: when man is born is like a white paper, but in fact it is not, because it has a wealth of emotions that derive from its biology, its conformation by inheritance and so on.

   To be a perfect machine should be educated and should accept for education to use themselves in the best way, not to postpone, to accept all the information possible and imaginable, to investigate and be curious, not in the bad but in the good.

   In wanting to learn he should never postpone, he should put his whole self in every experience, always using the maximum of himself in every minute of his life.

   At this level we will have people we do not know, those who have gone closer have wasted less years and less time than others.

   At men it becomes greater who engages more in things or is pumped by others, because men are used with each other.



   One cannot separate the spiritual from the scientific or the philosophical, because these categories reflect a state of consciousness and nothing more than living beings. These distinctions in the long run delay all evolutionary phenomena, of maturation, of becoming, of completion of creation itself.

   When we say religious, scientific, philosophical, we descend into the characterization of what is the becoming, the evolution, the maturation and of what is a return to the original source of the universe, which started from a certain form and is now in another form, and has a final destination that will be another form yet.

   A: Is it true that the universe is about 15 billion years old, measuring time as we perceive it?

The universe, understood as a principle, has more than 15 billion years, measuring it with the system of our time. In itself one must measure it moment by moment, because it is not of the same age. That is, the universe starts from what is not time, until you get to the flattest time, which is almost the absolute.

   Then, in the flattest time of time, it has more than 300,000 billion years. At the most accelerated time, it is about 15 billion years old.

   A: Is it as if in the initial phase the phenomena have been carried out in a very slow way and only in the final phase, from 15 billion years onwards, have they been carried out quickly?

   Of course, but it's still like that in a certain part of the universe. That is, when you focus on a configuring explosion of a universe, the Big-Bang, as scientists say, is already very long.

   It is first in energetic times, then it is a time of preparation semi-energetic (where there is the assembly of the first basic elements of the constitution of the matter itself), until you reach the total explosion that flattens the time to the maximum of himself. At that level, we begin to measure time among men, with the meter of today's science.

   This is not the real science, but it is the knowledge acquired to date, that going back in the phenomenology that has unleashed the universe phenomenon has come to the so-called Big-Bang, and measures the time from the Big Bang onwards.

Before the Big-Bang, there are various times, as there are other forms of universe that are integrated into the Big-Bang, but which are not part of the phenomenology of the Big-Bang.

   It could be called not the basic energy of the Big-Bang, but a state of being, a state of energy of a different form from what we know, which is the base not of the Big-Bang, but of the propagation of the Big-Bang.

   We are 15 billion years from the Big-Bang and probably within 15 billion years we will end this cycle of super-movement of what is the physical world. Before the Big-Bang we have a phenomenon of preparing the Big-Bang itself, of becoming towards the Big-Bang, which takes place thousands of times longer.

   A: According to scientists, the primordial matter, created as a result of the Big-Bang phenomenon, expands, and at some point, if the total mass of the universe does not reach a certain value, after several billion years it must implode. That is, now the universe is expanding, then it comes to the height of expansion, so either it continues to expand indefinitely, or goes back and contracts.

   Theoretically, and this is where the first collision emerges between the physically and acquired knowable science, and the metaphysically knowable science, which is not recognized but which is equally true.

   The first phenomena of metaphysical science are beginning to be seen today. For example, the existence of antimatter, until it was considered under the actual fact experienced (with particle accelerators), was a negative phenomenon and had become metaphysically necessary.

That is, the scientist has managed to come to an understanding of antimatter, because in the laws and behavior of the physical phenomena of matter, there were dissonances that for the laws and for the behavior of the matter itself (in the experiments), could not be there. So, to justify these phenomena, he had to hypothesize antimatter, which was also scientifically verified and is an answer to many crucial questions.

   When we assume that before the Big-Bang there are very long times, we no longer consider physical times, but the preparation of physical times, energy times.

   These are very long and comparable, (measuring them with the meter of the physical world) to 318.640 billion years of preparation. Above this, there are still times that, for our conception of time, are almost eternity.

   A: And before these 318.640 billion years, what was it?

   There was a state of conscious flattening, that is, a meditative state of the absolute.

   When you become aware of an evolutionary phenomenon, you do it briefly, then according to the means of measurement, instrumentation, analysis, you can quantify it. When you go to quantify the time, from the moment in which the principle of creation was put into practice, make hypotheses, with a meter that is between the physical and the conscience.

   As a conscience you have an identification of a fact.

   See how one splits himself to generate a project, forget everything in your head, forget everything as you move forward. You become more and more a project and less yourself. Then look at the clock, considering the parameter of time and say, "The house project takes 10 years".

   Then commission the masons (and for them the project begins), who begin to make the house. The designer follows the construction of the house, checks that the project is fine, analyzes that everything is put in the right place.

   Then go look at the clock parameter again and say, "It's been another year, eleven years have passed since I thought about making a house."

   But, if you ask the bricklayer how long it took to make this house, what does he say? A year, because to build it took a year, while you are eleven. The bricklayer is right, but you are right too.

   Because he starts from the moment you told him to build it, but you started from the moment you started designing it.

   A: Referring to what has been said, the man at the origin of the times, existed as a primordial spiritual entity, or was it created later (as a spirit not as a body)?

   Man on one side is terminal as a spiritual phenomenon, on the other he is terminal like the physical world.

Man (along with other forms of intelligent life), is the quid that has the ability to self-analyze, to prepare and to propose itself.

   By intelligence I do not mean the ability to remember, to learn, etc. Consciousness is not an IQ (thank goodness it is not), but it is the ability to propose oneself in a world in which one is, one lives and one becomes.

   So, by acquisition of consciousness, you can measure yourself, by proposition of conscience you can transmute yourself into something else, into another person. We live two states of consciousness: one co-opting and one free.

   The coercing one is that in which we live according to the improper conscience (and this is where the quid of the eternal is born), because the universe is not aware of having its own consciousness, yet it has it.

   The universe, the darkest matter, the atom itself, has loves and repulsions, of which it is not aware of it.

   The atom is not conscious, not because it is too small, but because it is a component that has sensitivity and contrariety. He has loves, so he eagerly acquires certain elements, which are proposed to him by other organisms, and rejects with other force, other elements that are not appropriate to him.

   A: This is purely coincidental, or not?

   No, it's not random. Because if we consider, in addition to the atom, aggregations of atoms, a stone for example, this has loves and negatives, because two stones are not glued spontaneously.

   There are some materials tampered with, those neutral, which are the most abject and that we have ennobled, to call them the most coercive stickers.

   These stickers, which also combine the most diverse things, act as an intermediary and at the same time attract.

   A: The concepts we have outlined so far, taken separately, not included in the context of the other topics covered in this book, can not be proved. So is it better to write about scientific rather than spiritual things?

   It is exactly the opposite, because first of all we need to eliminate the concept of spiritual, physical and so on. Then we have to eliminate the physical energy concept, because it is a different aspect of the same thing. Energy is a different aspect from the spiritual, but it is always the same thing.

As well as the physical, it is a different aspect from the energetic and the spiritual.

   There is a very limited exchange between one and the other, so everyone remains in principle what it is. But, in short, absolutely, there is a total exchange. That is, we pass, we diversify, we can find ourselves, in one and in the other stage.

In this way you can demonstrate yourself, first intuitively, then really, as you have never been born, as you never die, but how you diversify yourself. Then life takes on another flavor.

   It is like good and evil, which does not exist if not compared to categories of being, to ways of being.

   A: Is scientific knowledge more useful than spiritual knowledge?

   Perhaps, for how the spiritual has been proposed up to today, being so immature and backward knowledge, as the experimental knowledge of man until the last century.

   Everything that could seem a miracle, exceptional events, extrasensory phenomenology, knew to be natural and was attributable to man, experimentation and knowledge.

   Today matter has fallen into a fundamental element of creation, because the maximality of matter has fallen, the consideration of something as we saw it. Instead, we have seen that every thing that we see and that has a physical form, massive, of any nature, of metal or glass, even water, comes from small invisible bricks, which could be described as the example of 'water.

   If we could do with solid objects what we do with water when it is inside a container and we pour it into another container, we will see objects vanish and atoms may take another form.

   Then doing the same with the atoms, we would see them vanish and the elements that make up this atom, which are infinite, would take another form and so on. This method of pouring allows us to channel the lowest elements that make up the material, up to the photons.

   Since they have a balance of essentiality in the physical world (just as water takes the shape of the container that contains it), all these containers are the forms of containment of the essentiality of a mode of being of a thing, a thing analyzed in itself, freed from its form, it can become anything else.

   If I mentally (because in my mind by coercing phenomenon of consciousness, not self-consciousness, which is in the physical universe, which has a behavioral consciousness that we have translated into laws) I propose to transform an object that has one form in another, I can do it because at this level the transformation is immediate. On the physical plane instead the transformation (when it is possible) always requires some time.

   By observing these behaviors, which occur at the mental level, which are ordered and have a conscience, we realize that we are part of this type of consciousness.

   At the same time, we have our own consciousness, of which we are aware of it. We have an intelligence, a nature that escapes the physical world and produces phenomena of a universe that is unknown to us.

Knowing the phenomenon and the unleashing of our thinking, we reach beyond and recognize in us an input of different information and not triggered by the physical coercing world, but by another dimension, which we call transcendence.

At this level, by focusing well on what happens in us through the transcendental phenomenon, and what happens in us through the physical phenomenon, we can make ourselves a tool to empty the forms and perform the miracle.

   But we need a means to interfere with something that is adjacent to us, not in conformity with us, but is different and diversified from us.

By participating in physical nature, transcendental nature, acquiring the notions, focusing on what comes to us through the transcendental, acquiring and translating it into real terms, as far as we are real, we come to participate in this phenomenon that is ultra natural.

   Since we are immersed in nature and also live in nature, we can coercive it against its own forces, which are the physical laws and which constitute its traditional natural behavior.

   I can coerce it through my own work of translating different forms of being and ways of being of transcendental order.

   By shifting these orders to the material world itself I am going to tamper with the forms, the atom and so on with a physical transmutation to the Spiritual, upstream of a spiritual transmutation towards physical transmutation. That is, when I take from the transcendental what is not natural, I get a new conception of being, of anything, which will be found in a different way.

   If I put it in this thing, which is the different way, I'm going to put it in a different form than the force of order, which is the same thing.

This recorder has its own power of order, it is an electronic order, it is a molecular order. The moment I give him a strong blow with his hand, I go to place a counterforce on his order, and if this is greater than what he can bear I will destroy him.

   This is the disruptive force, it is the evil part (let's say so), this is the evil, that if it is aimed at a better recorder, or a better functionality is good. If instead it is only a function of destruction, it remains a disruptive action and that is enough and it is bad.

   When an individual goes towards the good, he also performs evil, that is, he always performs a deleterious act. Even when the father educates his son does evil, because the child does not understand the reason for the blow, the slap.

   He does good things in his intentions, because he gives it to him, because that is the means to lead the child, on the best thoughts and ways of being.

   When I make myself the arbiter and become the tool to explain this phenomenon, if I do the work thoroughly I do good. On the other hand I hurt.

This is the first parameter, which is not absolute, but is relative to myself. Then, to be real, it must be relative and positive, even towards everything around me.

   So if I extract water from a rock, it is a common good for a crowd of thirsty people; if from a rock crumble stones that throw at a crowd, it is a common evil and therefore I do evil.



Observing those who do UFO sightings, in the first analysis we would think they are stupid, crazy and megalomaniac or who have a longing for fame. No doubt there are people of this type but also very reliable people. The UFO phenomenon is a psychic phenomenon.

A: Is it just psychic?

Not only that, it has a 99% psychic component. The contributions come from different sources and are also by means of entities that are not part of this dimension, that is, a non-physical, but energetic dimension. They are non-organic, but energetic entities, intelligent, living energy forms.

 A: So they are not of other planets?

These entities could never be alone in our world, without the contribution of our psyche. But they can change, and then manifest themselves on our physical plane, only with the contribution of someone psychically to the physical boundaries, being contactable and being frustrated in the energy dimension.   Then there is an exchange of entities. While remaining the physical entity it is, it gives physical input to these entities, which manifest themselves on the physical plane for relatively short times.  

When they manifest themselves, they materialize in the place where you see them, however, for optic laws, that is, for the classical physical phenomenon, so by moving away an object we see it small and when it comes close we see it big when the object begins to materialize it seems coming from a distance and going in one direction, instead it is stationary at the same point.         A: And for objects captured by the radar, who spotted the object hundreds of miles, how do you explain them?         We are talking about these physical contacts, then there are other intergalactic forces that contact us, is another pair of sleeves. There are also those, that is, a phenomenon does not exclude the other.         A: But these galactic forces, who would be in practice?   

There are other civilizations far older than us, far more advanced than ourselves.      

A: But these forces come from afar because, according to science, can not you overcome the speed of light?

The speed of light can be overcome, not on the physical plane, but on the energetic, spiritual one. We must grasp the separation between the physical plane and the energetic plane, because there is a real interchange between them. Intelligence dominates it, because there is no distinction between physical and energetic.         Your intelligence is not purely physical, but it is also energetic because it rides the physical plane and energy, beyond the spiritual that may not be there, if you belong to that category of beings (which we will later discuss) that we call theoretic . Your intelligence mostly lives in those physical and energetic phenomena of interchange between the two dimensions, physical and energetic, that is, the physical produces pure energy phenomena at a certain level, and it is possible on the energy plane to overcome the square of the speed of the light.

Physical astronomers, however, can never exceed the square of the speed of light. However, they can overcome the speed of light reaching a balance of physical substance that can ride all that phenomenology of crumbling, heat generation, impact with bodies wandering in space, which occurs from the speed of light (about 300,000 Km / second) to the square of the speed of light (90,000,000,000 km/second) and even at a lower speed, but in lesser form.  There are physical shapes that manage the speed of light as they want and remain intact.         A: But we are talking about the speed of UFOs, the physical ones, who can travel from one planet to another.         The most common and known UFOs that have been spotted up to now on Earth do not exceed the speed of light.         There are, however, other machines built by intelligence that ride the physical-energetic dimension that are able to overcome the speed of light within the limits of the square of the speed of light and are able to overcome the physical barriers.  Not only that, but they are also capable of crossing heavy physical bodies, that is atomically assembled in large masses.

A: So you mean that these spaceships are capable of crossing a planet at this speed?

   Yes, they can cross black matter. Who has the capacity and knowledge of the shift from the physical plane to the energy plan, has the ability to interpenetrate matter, by itself or by means of machines. It should also be considered that the machine at that level is not a machine of fact but it is a means of shielding its being and it becomes a completion and extension of one's body.

These extra-terrestrials coming to earth are a very small minority and when it happens it is not for use and consumption by them , but it is for use and consumption by all men. That is, if it happens that an interplanetary machine landed on the ground, for exploration, for search, sagging, gravity, casualty or stuff like that, there may be so many reasons.  This machine is spotted by all landlords. This is the pure extra-terrestrial thing.

When you turn to those extra-terrestrial facts, seen by a small group of people and not by others, but above all by the same people, everything allows you, and it is lawful, to think before the extra-terrestrial to a psychic phenomenon if not to a joke.  When there is a Javan who comes to Mount Sinai, all the people of Israel see.