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Historical Short Stories of Older-man and Younger-woman.1.    His Father's Approval2.    Replacing Mama3.    What Pa Did While I Sleep4.    Wedding Night with My Father-In-Law5.    Taking Care of My Father’s Urgent Need6.    My Drunken Father Does Me7.    Lonely Days with My Father-In-Law8.    My Uncle Teaches Me before the Wedding9.    My Angry Father Checks My Cherry10.    A Ride with My Suitor's Father11.    Teaching My New Father12.    What Uncle Did Under My Skirt13.    The Headmaster’s Bedding Lesson14.    My Father Teaches Me to Please15.    Basic Instinct: Papa and I in the Jungle16.    Teasing the Butler17.    Addicted to Doctor’s Magic Seed18.    By Aunt’s Order: Uncle Deflowers Me19.    Consoling My Niece20.    My Father-In-Law’s BabyHistorical Short Stories of Older-man and Younger-woman.#1: His Father's Approval1812 England.Lady Bella is ready to marry his suitor and childhood sweet heart.But his father is in the way of their happiness.So, Lady Bella sets to convince his father, Lord Ravenhard, of their sincere affection…#2: Replacing Mama1779 England.With her mama recent passing, Miss Amelia decides to help her poor Papa, easing his ache and take care of his need…#3: What Pa Did While I Sleep1819 Dorset, England.Meggie’s mother becomes a nobleman’s mistress, leaving her and her poor pa behind in their small cottage.Meggie is a good girl and her pa is lonely…What an obedient daughter does to cheer up her pa?#4: Wedding Night with My Father-In-Law1811 London, England.Miss Olivia is finally a bride…But her new young husband doesn’t know what to do…So, they summon his father to show them how…#5: Taking Care of My Father’s Urgent Need1795 England.Miss Ruby is on the way to London with her father…And her father has an urgent need but they are sort of money…Only one way a dutiful daughter can do for her poor father…#6: My Drunken Father Does Me1827 London, England.Is it possible for a man mistaking his daughter as wife in his drunk?Miss Alice’s mother just passed away two months before, and her father can’t get out of his grief.When he mistakes her as her departed mother, as a loving daughter she lets her father does her… 

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Bundle: Older Man & Younger Woman (Regency Lady)

Rosie Zweet

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Copyright © 2017 by Rosie Zweet

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereofmay not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoeverwithout the express written permission of the publisherexcept for the use of brief quotations in a book review.First Edition: August, 2017

Author’s note: This work is only for ADULT.

All characters are 18+

** Individual pictured is model and used for illustrative purpose only


His Father Approval

Replacing Mama

What Pa Did While I Sleep

Wedding Night with My Father-In-Law

Taking Care of My Father’s Urgent Need

My Drunken Father Does Me

Lonely Days with My Father-In-Law

My Uncle Teaches Me before the Wedding

My Angry Father Checks My Cherry

A Ride with My Suitor’s Father

Teaching My New Father

What Uncle Did Under My Skirt

The Headmaster’s Bedding Lesson

My Father Teaches Me to Please

Basic Instinct: Papa and I in the Jungle

Teasing the Butler

Addicted to Doctor’s Magic Seed

By Aunt’s Order: Uncle Deflowers Me

Older Man: Consoling My Niece

My Father-In-Law’s Baby

Book 1

His Father Approval

Lady Bella Hamilton

1812 England.

Nathan told me to come here. I wonder why he does that. I believe he will propose soon. But he said that I need to convince his father, the earl, first.

I feel bored, waiting in this room for like a hundred minutes but still the earl not yet here.

I walk, pacing the room for a while. Oh, god! I detest waiting like this. With dark mood, I stand, looking at the dark night outside. My parents don’t know that I am here, of course. They think I am going with my cousins, dancing at Lord Summerjoy’s ball.

I sigh heavily, all of this because I took a pity of my beloved Nathan. He seems so serious and sad when he told me to meet his father and begging his blessing.

The Earl of Ravenhard is not a man with many words. I know him as far as I can remember. We are a neighbor in the country, our estate is next to each other. I know the Earl is a little bit scary. But Nathan insists that I can charm every man if I wish.

Swiftly, I jump and turn around when I hear a soft click of the closing door.

“Oh… my lord,” I put my hand on my racing heart.

“Lady Emma? What I do to owe this pleasure?” the Earl asks with a cold voice.

“My lord,” I say once again, this time in a proper manner. “It’s about Nathan and me, my lord,” I add.

I feel so nervous and my hands are damp with perspiration.

“Nathan?” he says coldly. “He’s Lord Darkwood to you.”

Oh, I know that Darkwood is Nathan’s title but he is always Nathan to me.

“I’m sorry—”

“It is my son, the one who sends you here, isn’t it?”

I nod and look at the earl more closely. I feel shiver runs down my body as my gaze locked with his briefly.

With brown hair and blue eyes, he looks so different than his son who has blond hair and gray eyes. I think the Earl is not that bad looking, just old with a stern face that always scowling. How old is he anyway? Forty? Fifty?

“Well… I can’t let my son marry a whore’s daughter, like you,” he says with cold finality. “I don’t want you to taint this family.”

My eyes widened at his blunt word. “I’m nothing like my mother!” I say, indignant

Oh, this is stung. I know my mother has a bit of reputation among the men of the ton. But I am nothing like her.

“But you just look like her,” he says, eyeing my face and body, then settles to my ample breasts.

I know it and I hate it. I have blonde hair, full lips and face what most people will call beautiful. And my breast is what I hate the most. It is big, too big. Before, it is not like this, but suddenly, it grows fast as I turn seventeen, a year ago.

He turns around and sits on the couch.

“Come here, Girl. Let’s see if you’re as innocent as you pretend to be,” he says.

His cold, angry eyes point to his lap, signaling me to sit there.

I walk closer, slowly, and angry at his accusation.

“My lord?” I ask when I stand at arm’s length.

“Here, Girl,” he says, steering my hips and shoves me down on his lap.

I know it is not proper sitting on gentleman lap. But I know it is useless to fight. Besides he is my soon-to-be fiancé’s father, so, he is also a father to me, isn’t it?

“Are you a virgin, Girl?” he asks as I settle on his lap.

I feel really insulted that he needs to ask. “Of course, my lord,” I say sharply. I have been kissed only twice, and all by Nathan. And unlike many other girls, I never sneak out for trysts in the garden or whatever the place. My courting with Nathan is always proper!

But he seems don’t believe me. His eyes narrowed, looking at me darkly.

“Women, bunch of liar, the lot of you. I’ve to check you. Be still!” he commands.

Then, he starts to lift my skirt.

“My lord!” I shriek.

But he just goes on and bunches my heavy skirt to my waist, despite my protest.

“My lord,” I say as I see his gaze lingering at my naked thighs.

“Shush, Girl,” he scolds me.

My cheeks must be as red as beet now. Even my own father never saw me like this. But I know that I have to make him believe about my innocence. Let him ‘check’ me, following his demand.

I don’t know how ones check virginity so I try my best to relax my muscle and close my eyes, letting Lord Ravenhard does what he needs to do.

I steel my resolve. I really want to show the angry lord that not all women are wanton and unfaithful creatures.

I close my eyes tighter as I feel his hand wandering on my thighs.

“Oh, my!” I yelp as I hear a tearing sound when he rips my drawers.

I sigh softly. My maid will wonder what happened to me.

His hand starts to move again. And I shudder as I feel his hand cups my naked womanhood. He strokes my flower, oddly gentle. His touch makes my flower starts to tingle. And it is spreading fast like a blazing fire.

I close my eyes tighter still, letting him strokes my petals and pinching my pearl lightly.

Oh, my! I feel a sharp jolt of pleasure and I feel a wetness and throbbing, pulsing sensation in my loin.

In a flash, I open my eyes in wonder as I feel a fat finger slowly pushes inside my wet cave.

I glance down, I see my womanhood engulf my soon-to-be fiancé’s father’s finger.

Oh, this feels nice.

I bite my lips to stop my moan.

Checking one’s innocent is a funny thing.

I see his eyes seem glued to the scene between my thighs. Then, he pumps me with his fat finger, in and out.

I wince as his long finger hitting something inside me.

In a sudden, he pulls out completely and put two fingers inside. He pumps me again, in shallower depth this time.

I feel a funny feeling in my stomach, and it grows stronger with his ministration.

I feel my womanhood tingle so bad. I shift, moving my hips, seeking for something more.

I need something, something bigger and longer than his hand inside me.

“My lord,” I whimper.

I buck my hips forward, and immediately, I wince as something inside me bumping at his finger again.

He glances up, locking my gaze. His gaze burns my like blue fire. “What is it, Girl? Do you want something?”

“Have you finished checking, my lord? So… Do you believe that I am a virgin?” I ask, biting my lips, and hoping that he not yet finished. Perhaps he will put more fingers inside me.

“Emmm…” he seems thinking hard. “Ahh… my finger is not long enough, Girl. I need to use another tool,” he says. His gaze is still locking mine as if waiting for my protest.

Yes, longer and bigger will be better. But I say nothing, just nodding and open my thighs wider.

Then, he fumbles on his breeches and pulls out something that much bigger and longer than his finger.

My eyes bugged at the sight.

“Oh, my,” I whisper. “It’s so big, my lord.”

He strokes his meat in his large hand. “Not too big, Girl. It’ll fit just right,” he assures me.

He grabs my bottom and scoots me closer.

“It’ll a little hurt. If there is blood in my meat, it means you’re a virgin, Girl,” he pauses and looks at me dead in the eyes. “Don’t scream,” he warns me as he lines his tool at the lips of my flower.

Very slowly, he pushes his hot tool inside, stretching me so wide.

I bite my lips. It is hurt and sting, yet it feels divine too. Slowly but surely, he feeds my hungry cave with his hard, pulsing tool.

Oh, Nathan should see my sacrifice now. I am impaled so wide on his father’s big throbbing tool.

I glance down again, and I see that only the tip of his big thing is inside me, but I feel stuffed full already.

Then, Lord Ravenhard pulls back a little and I whimper at the friction.

“Arrgh,” he moans and closing his eyes briefly.

It seems not only me that feels hurt.

“Are you okay, my lord?” I ask in concern.

He pushes his tool inside again. “Emmm… I am okay, Girl. You’re just too tight,” he groans.

He draws back again, and then thrusts hard.

“My lord,” I yelp. It hurts so much and I glance down. I see he is half buried now. I feel tear is rolling down to my cheek.

“Is it done now?” I whimper.

“Oh, poor girl,” he erases my tears gently. “It’s just started.”

He moves his hand to the place where we are joined. “I’ll make it better,” he says as he rubs me down there. And I feel the tingling come back with vengeance.

“Oh, it feels good now, my lord,” I say, smiling at him.

He pulls slightly and then slowly inches in again. “Do you like it?” he asks with a pained face. His face is taut with agony.

It still stings a little but it does feel good so I nod as yes.

He moves faster and deeper at my answer. And I am starting to really like it.

I try to move my hips too, answering his pumping.

I never know that checking one’s virginity can feel so good.

With hard shoves he makes my eyes rolling back as I feel all his tool is fully inside me. It reaches my inside, touching my inner wall and special place, making the fire in my stomach grows stronger. It burns so bright, blinding me with pleasure.

Oh, my! I feel so full and stuffed but in a good way.

Our hips undulating together, our body slapping and I feel wet and drenched down there.

“Arrgh,” I hear Lord Ravenhard groaning loudly. “So hot… ahhh…”

I put my hands on his shoulder and slam down harder and faster, impaling myself, up and down, at his erect tool.

“Oh, my lord, this feels so good,” I say as I bounce.

He grabs my back and he plants his face on my bouncing breasts.

“Oh, sweeeet,” I hear his muffled voice. “Young, firm tits.”

I know it is improper for him to touch my breasts like that, but at this moment I really don’t care as long as he lets me use his hot, throbbing tool, letting me riding him hard.

I feel he bites my nipple beneath my gown. And in reflex, my womanhood quivers, clutching his tool tighter.

My stomach clenches and I feel like bursting, and then, the feeling in my belly explodes and I feel a hot fluid gushing from my body.

“Oh, oh, oh…” I moan and arching my back, feeding Lord Ravenhard with my nipple more. He is lapping at it, alternating between right and left breast.

Finally, I stop spasming and now I feel weak and spent. But Lord Ravenhard is not finished yet. He still pumps me from below, hammering up and down, fast.

He grows more erratic by the moment, jolting my limp body up and down, following his rapid pumping.

He plows me so hard. He releases my nipple and moans loudly. His head tilts back and his hips are bucking madly.

“Ohh…. I’m coming… arrgh.” He is hammering me so hard, jolting my limp body harder.

Then, I feel he fills me with hot, scalding liquid, it floods me to overflow. I feel it seeps from my small womanhood.

“Arrrgh,” he is jerking and spurting, feeding me more.

Then he finishes, his breath ragged and he falls back to the couch, eyes closing.

“Do we finish now?” I ask in a whisper. I feel his thing is shrinking and softening inside me.

He opens his eyes slowly. And we look down at the mess we created below.

Gently, he pulls his dwindling meat.

“Let’s see now,” he says with a kind smile. He looks little bit handsome if he smiles like this and a bit younger too.

His tool is shining wet but definitely, we can see the pool we create below is tingled with red.

“You were a virgin, Girl,” he says proudly.

“Were? My lord?” I ask in confusion.

“Ah… ‘are’ I mean,” he says, stroking my hair lovely. Then he glances down again. His eyes widened in horror. “You are a mess, and wet now. We can’t have it, can we?”

Swiftly, he lays me down on the couch. “I’ll clean you, Girl,” he says with a smile.

In my horror, I see he dives his head there.

“My lord,” I yell in embarrassment.

But the protest is dead in my mouth as I feel his tongue licking, cleaning my flower, down there.

I buck my hips because of the pleasure his licking, swirling tongue inflicting on me.

“Ahhh… ahh… my lord…” Oh, Lord Ravenhard really is a kind man. He is willing to clean me like this.

The pleasure is mounting to an unbelievable high. It is getting unbearable. I feel my womanhood milking the thin air as I creaming.

I really wish his hard, throbbing meat is still there.

As if hearing my wish, Lord Ravenhard mounts me again, filling me to the hilt with one hard thrust.

“Arrgh,” we moan in unison.

Then, we are bucking, humping each other fast and hard. I put my legs on his hips, begging him to go deeper.

I hear a distant male sound like ‘my lord’ but I don’t care.

“Later, Jarvis,” says Lord Ravenhard to his butler, not pausing humping, plowing me.

I should feel embarrassed, I know it, but I am not. The only thing I care is the feeling his hard tool created in my belly.

I hear a distant clicking sound of the closing door. Hearing that, Lord Ravenhard turns into an animal. He opens my bodice roughly, tearing my shift and takes my bouncing breasts in his hands.

“Ahh… beautiful,” he moans. “Big, bouncing tits,” he says before putting my nipple in his hot, sucking mouth.

“Ah… my lord,” I yell and creaming again at the feel of his hot mouth.

He grabs my hips and hammering me so fast and hard. I am spent and tired so I let him use me until finally with a loud grunt, he fills me with another of his sticky hot load. And then, he collapses, crushing my small body.

He is heavy but I love feeling his weight.

After a moment, he lifts his heavy body and leans on his elbow.

“It seems I made a mess in you again,” he says with chuckles.

I smile in return. He looks so different than a stuffy gentleman I meet an hour ago.

This is the perfect opportunity.

Yes, now is the best time to ask about my marriage with Nathan.

“So, you don’t hate me anymore now, my lord?”

“I never do, Girl,” he says, and playfully squeeze my breast.

“It means I can marry your son, isn’t it?” I ask with a smile.

Suddenly, his hand stops mid-squeeze.

“Oh, yes… yes... marriage. Of course,” he sits up and tugs my skirt covering my naked half. “I think, you two should marriage as fast as possible,” he adds.

I am beaming at him. I want to hug him but it seems improper.

He steals a glance at me. “Your breasts, Girl. Cover it!”

Why he seems angry again? But I do as he bids.

“Ummm… don’t tell what happens here to anyone else, do you understand, Girl?”

I am confused why. I already proved my innocence, aren’t I? But whatever, I just nod answering his command.

“Can we do this again, my lord?” I ask shyly. “I happen to like it,” I add, blushing red.

“Ahh… that…” he stammers. It is odd to see him stammers like that. “Yes… yes… of course, we can. But it’s secre—”

I am so happy so I hug him tight, not caring about what propriety says.

Yes, if he wants it as a secret then so be it.

Book 2

Replacing Mama

Miss Amelia Mills

1779 England.

Tonight, I walk slowly to Papa’s study like I do every night since my mother passing two months ago. That first night, I rushed to his study after hearing his pained moan. I was afraid that he suddenly died like Mama.

I open the door and enter the study quietly. In the dim and silent room, Papa is waiting for me, of course. I know he is hard under his nightshirt.

Papa must be missing my Mama very much. With red hair, small, full lips and pixie face, I just look like her but a bit prettier, he often says proudly.

I know that many people of the ton consider me as a diamond of the first water. I just debut and enter the marriage mart a few months ago. But I already have many suitors and proposals. I am sure, I will be safely married by now if not because of Mama sudden death. But marriage, ball, the season and my suitors seem not important now.

Until now, I still miss Mama. And I can’t bear to think that someday I will lose Papa too.

I look at Papa’s kind face as I walk closer. He is the only parent I have and he needs my help to ease his pain.

Soundlessly, I kneel between his thighs and glance up at him with my big green eyes, looking for his approval and proud smile.

“Sweet girl,” he says while looking at me, his light blue eyes are full with love.

If he looks at me like this, sometimes I forget that he is not my real father. But he is the only father I remember.

He lifts his nightshirt and holds his manhood in his hand. So, I lean my face down and open my mouth wide. Then, Papa feeds me with his large and long meat.

Eagerly, I put it on my full lips, suck it and start to take care of his ache. I bob my head up and down, pumping his throbbing meat.

“Arrgh,” Papa moans low.

I can do this better now. My father taught me well in these last two months. His hips are jerking and he moans louder. He must really need this.

My poor father.

I put my small hand on his root, massaging his meat. He is so large and long. I can’t put all of him in my mouth.

As I suck harder, I feel a familiar ache starts to bloom. My womanhood starts to throb; I feel like I need something inside to fill me.

I don’t know why I always become wet, hot and needy when I help my poor papa. And later, I usually end up turning, tossing on my bed and cannot fall sleep after my father finished easing his ache.

My father strokes my hair slowly. “Ahhh… easy, Girl,” he moans and I slow down my bobbing head.

Then, he takes his throbbing meat from my mouth with a loud popping sound.

Why he takes it out? I wonder. Usually, he won’t take it until he fills me with his hot fluid.

“Are you alright, Child? You seem distracted,” he asks with concern in his eyes.

Oh, my father is truly kind and caring. “Papa… I feel itchy,” I say with a pout.

“Ahh… itchy?” he asks, smiling. “Can you show me where, Girl?” he asks kindly.

I stand up and sit on his large wooden desk, looking down at him nervously.

Slowly, I lift my nightgown to my waist. I don’t wear drawers since I know it will be wet when I finish with Papa later.

I glance down at my small flower. “There, Papa. It’s always wet and throbbing when I help you,” I say, fighting the blush that starts to creep to my cheeks.

My father sees my puffy flower with dark eyes. His light blue eyes seem darker now. With a great deal of effort, he finally lifts his gaze and looks at me in the eyes.

“It’s a sign, a woman needs a man, Girl,” he pauses and leans closer, his lips hovering over my mound now. He seems interested in my swollen petals. “Your husband will take care of your need later.”

“Like I take care of yours, Papa?”

“Yes, my dear,” he says, looking up at me from between my thighs.

It feels odd, seeing his smiling face so close from my puffy petals.

“But Papa will help you now,” he says as he starts to lick my petals.

I shudder at his touch and I moan as his tongue licks me some more. I feel his fingers on my petals, open it, giving his hot tongue a way.

Oh, God! He licks my inside.

“Arrrgh… oh, Papa…. Ahhh,” I moan, arched my back and I look down at his graying brown hair, and his long, lapping tongue.

I feel weak. The pleasure is just too much. I feel my womanhood quivering and a hot fluid is gushing out.

“Oh, ooooh,” I moan and fall to my back, breath heaving.

What happens to me?

“You’re ready now,” my father says, panting hard.

I don’t know what my father talking about. I just let him do whatever he wants. I feel too weak and spent, lying on his desk with legs wide open.

Out of my haze, I feel a hard, hot tool nudge my petals, spreading me wide and pushing in.

“Papa?” I squeak as I feel a sting inside me. I stay on my elbows, elevating my torso and looking down at what Papa does to my small womanhood.

My eyes widened in horror as I see my father is feeding his manhood inside me. “Oh, Papa no,” I say.

He stops and looks at me. “Why not, Girl?” he asks, confused.

“You are taking my virginity, aren’t you?” I ask.

He chuckles. “Oh, dear girl,” he says, amused. “You will still a virgin if I don’t put all inside,” he adds.

“All, Papa?” I ask, still confused.

“Look at my cock, Girl,” he commands me.

I glance down. I see that his long manhood is already a few inches in, penetrating me. His daughter.

“It’s only counted if ALL in, Girl…Let consider this… emm… preparing you for your future husband,” he says, his eyes look hurt.

I am blushing, embarrassed at my ignorance. And suddenly, I feel bad for doubting him.

He moves his hips slightly, feeding my cunt more.

“A girl like you needs a good man to teach her, and loosing her tight cunt.”

I blush at his crass word.

“Don’t you trust me?” he asks in a wounded voice.

“Of course, I am, Papa,” I say hastily.

“Good girl,” he says, beaming. “But it’s our secret. A smart girl like you surely knows that,” he adds, still smiling while keeps pushing in deeper.

I nod and lay my body down again.

Papa shoves his manhood more forcefully. I bite my lips to stop my pained moan. He stretches me so wide. Papa is right, I am too tight. It seems so difficult for him to put it in. He grunts loudly now as he stuffs me more.

I feel Papa’s hot tool slowly filling me. It is hurt so bad but slowly the sting fades.

Papa pulls out and pushes in again and again, giving me a lot slow pump.

After a while and a lot of pumping, I feel my cunt is opening wider for my papa. And I start to like being filled with throbbing manhood, and I feel wetter too.

“How do you feel now, my dear?” he asks as his hips keep moving, filling me again and again.

I open my eyes and glance down, looking at my Papa.

He looks pained but his still plows me relentlessly.

The pulling feeling of his plowing manhood is so nice. I just hope he thrusts harder, faster and deeper. But I know he can’t go deeper. I won’t be a virgin if he does.

“Ummm… it’s good, Papa...” I pause and moaning because of another hard thrust. “But… can you go faster?” I ask.

My kind papa does as I ask. He thrusts harder and faster.

Oh, God, he plows me so good. I had to bite my lips to stop my moan as Papa drives faster and harder.

The ache in my loin is growing stronger. And I really need his cock. I lift my hips, bucking on his impaling meat. I feel it slips deeper. And my eyes are rolling back at the feel.

“Oh, Papa… Please, please,” I plead, not sure for what.

“Yeees,” he growls. Our hips slap as he plows me harder. “My daughter feels so gooood… wet, tight…. Oh, ahhh…”

He grinds his hips and I feel his pubic bone hitting my petals.

Oh, my papa is ALL the way in now. He takes my virginity with his pistoning, old cock. He must be so lost in his pleasure and not realizing it yet. He must be so horrified if he knows. But I like it this way. And I don’t want him to know. I want him to pound me hard and fast.

“Oh, Papa… my tits hurt now,” I whine, distracting him from his plowing cock.

With a loud grunt, he rips my night gown and dives down, sucking my pointing nipple on his hot mouth.

Oh, my dear, this is so good.

His hips move faster now, plowing me to the hilt, in and out. And I buck my hips uncontrollably, eager to receive his hard pounding.

Then, he releases my nipple.

“Papa,” I moan in protest but he just moves to another breast.

I moan again and keep humping him fast.

I feel my cunt grows tighter and I feel like I am going to explode again. But the feeling is so much stronger than before.

Papa groans louder as I squeeze his pistoning manhood with my tight cunt.

Then, he releases my nipple and straightens, grabbing my hips with his large hands, and stopping my undulating hips. He is angling me, keeping my hips still and hammering me fast.

He throws his head back and grunting like an animal.

“My beautiful daughter… ahh… so tight… ahhh,” he moans.

I shudder and explode at his praise, and I feel my cunt milking his throbbing meat so tight.

With a pained expression, he yanks his spurting manhood. I feel his sticky fluid lands on my thighs.

“Oh no, Papa,” I yell. “Please…”

He seems so lost and can’t hear me. But he fills me again.

“Arrgh,” I groan when I feel his meat back in me.

His manhood feels so hot and large and twitching, spreading my tight inner wall again.

“Hot, wet… tight, ahhh,” he groans as he injects his molten cream inside me. And I explode again at the feel.


Three months have passed since my papa took my virginity and put a baby inside. I know he feels guilty about it but I don’t. I like being breed by my papa.

We do it again and again, at least once a day and more if he is not tired. I can’t get enough of my papa’s cock and so in love with the feel of him inside me like now.

I feel his hand palming my bouncing breasts. “Oh, dear, Mr. Grey will come soon,” Papa moans in protest but he keeps pumping me from underneath.

I arch my back and move up and down on my papa lap.

We look almost proper, my wide skirt hiding our joined body. But of course, it is not, no grown up daughter sits on their father lap, impaled on his thrusting cock.

Papa bites my neck and circling my waist with his strong arm, moving me closer to his hard chest.

But a soft knock on the door makes us stop our rutting.

And not long after Mr. West, our old butler, comes in. “Mr. Grey is waiting on Blue Salon, Sir,” he says calmly, not even bat an eye when he sees our sitting arrangement. I suspect he already knows about our forbidden relationship.

“Thank you. Please ask him to wait,” Papa says in his deep commanding voice.

We wait until the door shuts, and then, swiftly we continue our furious pumping.

“Oh, my dear!” Papa says as he shoots me with his seed.

I feel weak when finally we finish but Papa keeps my limp body steady, stroking my hair.

Gently, he pulls his soft manhood from my sore cunt and he kisses my forehand as he stands and goes out to meet our future.

I hope Papa’s meeting with Mr. Grey will run smoothly. He is the key to our bright future. With his expertise in forging a document, my papa and I, we will sail to America, not as father and daughter this time, but as a man and wife.

I feel giddy at the thought of becoming my papa’s wife. I wonder what I should call him later. But whatever it is he will always be my papa. And I love him so.

Book 3

What Pa Did While I Sleep