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In a desperate attempt to see my Mistress, I decided to do the unthinkable. Surprise her at her office! But how? I decided the best way would be to disguise my visit as a job interview. Would I be able to pull this off without exposing her secret life as my Dominatrix?Some deep, twisted desire in me loved to see how far I could push her. The rage she sometimes displayed when I was bad would send me into waves of orgasmic ecstasy. I had known certain parts of our lives were off limits, but my obsession got the best of me. Could this end of our affair? Would this final act of disobedience finally force her to abandon me?

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Office Submission

Title and Copyright


Office Submission

By Mistress Daria

Copyright 2017 Mistress Daria

All rights reserved.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

No part of this publication may be replicated, redistributed, or given away in any form without the prior consent of the author or publisher.

I caught my mind wandering off to its favorite topic, my mistress. Oh how I missed her. It seemed like forever since she had kissed me goodbye. I thought back to last night, how she had tied me up and teased me until I had begged her to make me cum. Our meetings were much too sporadic for me. I knew that the lack of a steady schedule was part of the plan to keep me on edge. Still, I just couldn’t take it anymore, I had to see her, but how? Finally, an idea came to me and I decided to take the initiative.

She was in the middle of taking a swig of water when I knocked at her door and swung it inward. To her surprise, I stepped into her office looking as if I had never been there before.

I was dressed in a tight navy blue pinstriped skirt with a matching jacket over a white blouse. My legs were encased in thigh high, dark stockings that disappeared up and under my skirt. My sexy black heels had added about 3 inches to my height, bringing me to about 5'6". I looked like I was in for a job interview, which was exactly the impression I wanted to give. Before she had a chance to greet me, I flashed her my devilish smile.

"Hello Ms. Stevens," I said confidently, "Doreen at reception told me I could come right back. My name is Nadine and I'm here to apply for the secretarial position?" It took her a moment or two before she realizes what I was up to. I must say so far she was being a good sport about it all by deciding to play along. However, I was shaking inside knowing there would be heel to pay for my indiscretion. She sat herself down at her big oak desk and looked down at her appointment calendar.

She looked up at me with a smile and politely said, "I'm sorry Nadine, but I'm afraid there must have been a mistake. We have no openings and I definitely haven’t had any interviews scheduled for this afternoon. However, you can leave your resume with Doreen and if anything comes up I’ll be sure to contact you."

Much to her surprise, I gave her a coy little grin and sat myself down in the chair opposite hers. I simply laid back and slowly crossed my sexy legs, giving her a flash of the black stockings and white panties that laid underneath my skirt. She could also see that I wearing a garter belt. She sighed and licked her lips unconsciously. Her eyes came back to mine as I spoke, my eyes twinkling with mischief.

"Actually, I know that," I said demurely. “However. I was really hoping that you would meet with me and give me the opportunity to prove myself worthy. I just know that I could be a valuable asset to your firm. I can guarantee you that I won't disappoint you Ms. Stevens."

She leaned back further in her chair as she looked upon me in an appraising manner. While she looked on, I uncrossed my legs then re-crossed them once again, this time with my skirt riding up higher on my thighs. Her eyes locked on a peek of pale skin between the my stockings and my skirt. I could see her lips parting slightly, before she regained her composer. She then cleared her throat to speak, trying to force her eyes back to mine she said, "Before I make a decision, I have but one question. Why did you come here today? While this is certainly a great place to work, we don't normally have people just popping in to apply for jobs that haven’t been advertised."