OF ROYAL BLOODBorn with the blood of a human and demon, Lana reaches her eighteenth birthday to find that her body is changing. She is now the only half-demon in existence, in a world of humans and demons.To survive, Lana must learn to control her powers inherited from a father she thought to be dead, so that she may take his life, before the man takes hers. In her journey to become stronger, her close friend Allan, the Lord of Demons, keeps her close in order to protect her.Lana meets knew people, some whom are friends, love interests, and even enemies. Love triangles form, betrayals are made, and death is unavoidable. However, Lana makes a promise to herself to protect those she cares for, even at the risk of her own life.

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Born with the blood of a human and demon, Lana reaches her eighteenth birthday to find that her body is changing. She is now the only half-demon in existence, in a world of humans and demons.


To survive, Lana must learn to control her powers inherited from a father she thought to be dead, so that she may take his life, before the man takes hers. In her journey to become stronger, her close friend Allan, the Lord of Demons, keeps her close in order to protect her.


Lana meets knew people, some whom are friends, love interests, and even enemies. Love triangles form, betrayals are made, and death is unavoidable. However, Lana makes a promise to herself to protect those she cares for, even at the risk of her own life.

Chapter One


Chapter One


Water rose and slammed against the rocks where a girl balanced upon one. The salt water sprayed up at her body, crashing against the tallest rock, and slowly retreating like a snake back into the harsh water. She closed her eyes; she loved the smell of the ocean and the taste it left upon her lips.

She quickly snapped her eyes open as she felt someone nearby. A shadow moved across the slippery rocks with ease, stopping a few feet away. The figure reached forward with a dagger in hand...


Waking with a start, brown eyes blinked open; a girl sat in bed shaking with sweat running down her temples. It was a reoccurring dream she’d had for the past week. She was never able to move from the man, and she hoped it was not her subconscious warning her of the future.

“Are you awake, Lana?” It was her older brother knocking on the door.

“I heard a yell.”

“I'm fine, Allan.” Lana reassured her brother as he opened the door.

“Was it the same dream again?”

Lana nodded. Allan was always taking care of her. His life made him cold and serious, withholding smiles from everyone, even herself. All the girls in her school swooned and giggled when they saw him. As said by her best friend Nena, ‘His dark hair, golden-brown eyes, and tall strong physique, is to die for. It’s what all women dream of.’ Lana could see how his handsome face would draw women; However, his cold facade around others made him seem less likable, his attitude that of one who looked down on others. Lana also seemed to question his age at times for the fact that he did not age after the age of twenty five.

“Go downstairs and eat your birthday breakfast. We have thirty minutes before you need to be at school.” Allan said while packing her backpack with her calculus and science books.

Lana sighed; she did not like to celebrate her birthday because it was a day that her mother had passed away. Lana shook her head back to reality, kicking Allan out of her room. Clothes already picked out the night before, Lana threw on her black skinny jeans; a white baby doll laced shirt, and a pair of pink ballet flats. She brushed her wavy long brown hair and twisted it into a side braid.

Leaving her room, she quickly grabbed her backpack and skipped her way down the two flights of stairs. As she ran through the living room on her way to the kitchen, she bumped into her brother easily knocking him off his feet onto the wooden floors of the doorway. Both looked shocked for a moment before Allan shrugged it off and stood with his mask of indifference back on his face.

“Wow, I didn’t think I hit you that hard. Are you okay?” Lana ranted, checking for injuries.

“Go get your breakfast and let us head out.” Allan grunted his response while walking with her to the kitchen counter.

Lana grabbed the chocolate-chip muffin her brother had made, vanilla frosting covered the top. As they made their way to the garage, Lana let Allan head down first not sure which Mercedes they would use. He had two; one was red, which he used when he was in an okay mood, and the other black, for when he was angry or irritable. Allan headed to the black car, which gave Lana the answer she needed. He was in a dark brooding mood today. More so than usual, she could tell.

It would be her last year in high school, and soon she would go travel the world. She was determined to do so, even if her brother didn’t like it. She knew Allan would be able to afford her trip around the world, wherever she desired to go. He owned two Mercedes, six acres of land, and a gated off manor on a private road. He had told her in the past that he was the CEO of a large corporate company, in their city of Mangrove, which owned other small businesses. Allan had never previously shown her where he worked, and on a few occasions, Lana would catch him disappearing at night when he thought she was sleeping. He would go as far as to leave guards around the manor.

Pulling out of the driveway, Lana held on for her life as Allan sped through the streets as though the devil were on their tail. He slowed down as they entered a busy section of town. She glanced over at her brother who seemed not to notice as he concentrated on the road. She realized, although his eyes were cold towards most people, they were never directed at her.

When she was 14, Allan had taken custody of her, so she didn't end up in foster care after their mother passed away. Lana had been told many times since she was a child, that her father, had walked out on her mother when Lana was conceived. It had been four long years since her mother had passed, and put in the care of her older brother.

“We're here.” Allan interrupted her train of thoughts. Lana blushed at being caught staring at her own brother. She found herself doing that a lot recently, and she didn’t know why.

Lana unbuckled her seat belt ready to bolt out of the car, a hand on the door handle when Allan passed her a cell phone. Lana looked at him questioningly, having asked him for one since she started her senior year. Thanking him and smiling so hard that her cheeks hurt she went to open her door once more.

“One more thing,” Allan explained, “It’s for emergencies only, and I’m on speed dial if you need me for any reason today.”Lana smiled her thanks and ran out of the car towards her school as the first bell rang. She realized she was faster than the day before. However, she thought it was because of all the time she had been putting on the track team recently.

Calculus was her first class of the day; she didn’t particularly like it, but she was good at it. Lana sat behind Nena, who shared a few classes with her, and groaned as her friend started up a conversation of boys. She then started talking about Allan, and Lana had to wonder if her friend would ever get it through her head that her brother was not interested in anyone. Lana felt the hairs on her arm's rise and looked by the door to see a new student enter. She was sure it was his first day at the school considering she had never seen him before, although it was strange since the school year was almost over.

The blond-haired boy walked over to the girls, his eyes on Lana.

“Hi there, my name's Silver.” The boy put his hand out, and for a few moments as she peered into his eyes she couldn’t look away. Her head ached, and her eyes burned.

“Hi. My names Nena,” her friend introduced herself, cutting off the staring contest.

Silver nodded in her direction and looked back at Lana smiling secretively.

“Hello Lana,”

Chocolate brown eyes widened as she looked up at the sky blue orbs in shock. She did not tell him her name.

Lana thought to herself, 'How do you know my name?'

Because your mind is wide open. She heard his voice in her head. His lips, she noticed, had not moved.

How is he doing that? She frowned looking over at her friend, although she didn't seem disturbed. Instead, Lana was sure she saw flowers around Nena's head with the admiration she was showing on her face for the new student.

I can read your mind. His voice echoed in Lana's head.

I’m locking you out! With that, Lana pictured a metal door closing in her mind and locked the door, imaging the key turning to dust. Lana saw Silver grimace in annoyance and knew it had worked.

“Well done Lana.”

Silver turned and left the classroom as the teacher entered. Mr. Lee was a no-nonsense type of teacher, beady eyes always glaring from behind spectacles, and a frown on his face. If a student talked in his class, he or she would be kicked out immediately to the principal’s office, not even able to grab homework for the day.

“Today,” Mr. Lee spoke in his monotone voice, “you will have a pop quiz to see if you have been paying attention to anything.”

The students held back a mumble of dissatisfaction, already knowing he would pass out a pop quiz; he did so every week. Mr. Lee loved to pass out quizzes and tests more than teaching. He would later, at the end of the class, give the students a chapter in the calculus book due by the next week, where he would then pass out another pop quiz on the subject.

As the quiz started, the boy behind her, Dan, started clicking his pen. At first, it did not bother her, but for reasons unknown to her, as the seconds ticked by, it seemed to become louder in her ears. She never had an issue with it before considering he did that during every quiz. Had her hearing gotten better somehow? She shushed Dan quietly, who sheepishly nodded and both went back to the quiz.

A few minutes later, Dan started up again. It continued for the next ten minutes before Lana finally snapped. Sharply turning back around, she glared at Dan to tell him off; however, as Dan looked up at her eyes, he screamed and fell out of his chair. He scrambled up, and the whole class stared after him as he ran out.

“Get back to your quizzes before I kick you all out.” Mr. Lee shouted at the whispering students. Lana shrugged and put what had transpired to the back of her mind.

“What did you do to that poor kid?” Nena asked after class.

“I don’t know. I was frustrated about the pen clicking in my ear, so I turned around ready to give him a piece of my mind, and he freaked out. Today is a weird day.” Lana whispered the last part.

Lana stopped short in the doorway of their next class. Silver stood by the window, arms folded across his chest, seemingly trying his hardest to ignore a girl. Lana realized it was Cindy as she did her signature hair flip and giggled, while reaching over to touch Silver’s arm in an attempt to flirt with him. He looked ready to snap her neck like a twig. He did not like the girl all over him, and it was obvious she was not catching his deadly aura. Cindy had a bad reputation of getting with all the hottest guys in school, and she was rude to everyone, even her ‘best friends’ on the cheer-leading squad.

Silver turned away from the window as though sensing Lana’s presence in the classroom. He confidently strode over to her as she was ready to walk to her seat. Silver took Lana by the hands, pulling her flush against his body, and leaned down to capture her lips. Lana stood shocked and red in the face, her eyes wide as a deer caught in headlights. Her first kiss was from a boy she had just met. The few people that were entering the class stared at the two, the teacher not yet there, or they would have been in the principal’s office for public display of affection (PDA). Pulling away a few inches, Lana felt Silver’s cold breath on her cheeks, and he smiled down at her, releasing her hands.

“That’s your answer.” Silver stated looking back over at Cindy.

He kicked out the kid from behind Lana’s desk and sat down casually. Lana wasn’t sure how to react. She was attracted to him. However, her hands itched with the need to punch him in the face for the stunt he pulled. She didn’t like being used for someone selfish purposes. She glared at Silver who looked back nonchalantly. With her cheeks red with embarrassment, Lana took her seat and faced the front as their teacher entered the room.

After school, Lana met up with her friends in the school parking lot; Dan and Silver stood there, as well. Dan saw her and she saw fear in his eyes, although he did try his best to conceal it. Silver winked at her while Nena tried her best to get the attention of another one of the guys who had joined their group, she believed his name was Mike.

“Dan,” Lana started, “why had you freaked out in class earlier?”

He nervously laughed and combed his fingers through his caramel-colored hair. “Seriously,” he leaned in, “Your eyes did something weird, and it freaked me out. I must have imagined it though.” Dan shrugged and Lana let it go, neither of them noticing Silver had been watching with a small secretive grin on his lips.

“Nena, can you pick me up tonight? I don't think Allan will want to drive me.”

“Okay, no problem, just make sure to be ready by 6.” She told her, “I want to make sure we get there early.”

Just then a dark Mercedes pulled up. All the girls stared and giggled as Allan stepped out of the car wearing his usual form fitted black suit and dress shirt, a few buttons undone and his tie loosened.

Lana cursed in her head; her brother loved to embarrass her. He was almost a celebrity at her school; the youngest CEO to have ever happened, nice cars and attracting many young women. It made her mad and somewhat jealous, though she could not image where those emotions came from.

Lana stomped over and ordered Allan back in the car, quickly getting in, glad the windows were tinted. Allan’s eyes showed surprise for a mere second before it disappeared. He scrutinized her, as though he was waiting for something to happen, before getting into the driver’s seat.

“Nothing happened at school today?” Allan asked as though inquiring of the weather.

“Well, now that you ask, I’m faster than I was yesterday, my hearing may have improved, and I scared a kid in class with a look. Maybe I learned how to work your glare.” Lana left out the part about Silver reading her mind not knowing how her brother would take that information. He had a habit of scaring off all the boys at school whenever they tried asking her on a date, and she didn't know how he would react to something as weird as people reading her mind.

“Keep your phone on you tonight,” Allan ordered.

Lana rolled her eyes at him but agreed to do so. She didn’t understand why he always had to try ordering people around. At home, she got out of the car and entered the kitchen; she got out her math homework and munched on a few carrots as she studied the new chapter. It seemed much easier to understand she realized as she skimmed through the chapter. Lana looked at the clock and saw she still had a few hours before she had to leave.

Finishing up all her homework in record time, Lana went to check in on Allan in his office located in the library. It was where he went often when he got home from picking her up from school.

“I’m taking a bath before Nena comes to pick me up.” Lana told him. “Is there anything you want before I start getting ready?”

Without looking up, “No, you may go.”

Lana shrugged and walked up to the third floor, her room located all the way at the end of the hallway. The house was big enough that she had her own wing on the top floor, as did Allan, on the first floor. A bath always relaxed her, and for reasons unknown, it felt like a long night was coming. Sitting in the bath, a red candle lit on the perch on the side of the tiled tub, she thought back to Allan. Lana noticed that lately he has become colder than usual towards her, and it annoyed her. It felt as though she did not know him anymore. She couldn’t remember much from when they were younger, but she knew that they used to be best friends before her mother passed away. Getting out of the bath, Lana grabbed new socks, a pink sweatshirt and a form-fitting tee shirt, and her skinny jeans from earlier.

A loud beep was heard at six o’clock, telling her it was time to head to the carnival. It came around once a year and lasted until midnight. Lana had never been to a carnival because her brother did not think it was safe, however, this year was her senior year, and she had told him off. Yelling her good-bye to Allan as she ran out the door, she laughed and bounced in her seat in anticipation as they made the ten-minute drive.

Nena and Lana made their way past the entrance to meet up with Mike, Silver, and Dan. Immediately Nena attached herself to Silver’s arm, to his displeasure. He smiled down at her acting like a gentleman as he headed to the house of mirrors. Throughout the numerous rides they went on, Silver made it his missions to sit near Lana, whilst Nena would try wedging her way between them to get closer to Silver. Meanwhile, Dan and Mike fought over who would sit next to Nena.

As the night progressed, they came to the Ferris wheel. Lana watched the ride go around and round in slow circles, stopping to let people on. A little girl about four years old leaned over the edge to look down at the people getting on, her parents oblivious to the fact that she could fall over. Lana saw the girl start to stand on the seat and ran. Nena yelled at her in surprise as she ran off, and Silver watched with interest.

Just as the girl stood onto her tiptoes on the seat, the ride moved causing her to tumble over and out of the small box. Both parents screamed in distress, reaching out to grab their daughter. Lana took a large leap, caught the little-girl mid leap, and landed softly back on solid ground. She could hear whispers from the crowd, and she saw the child’s parents quickly exiting to grab their daughter.

Lana put the girl down. “Are you alright?”

The girl nodded, her innocent eyes widening as she looked up at Lana, “You’re pretty, are you an angel?”

Lana shook her head confused. The girl giggled, gave Lana a hug and ran back to her parents.

“Time to go!” A voice spoke up from behind her.

Silver grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her to the parking lot to his beat-up truck. He had her stand at the back window, so she could see her reflection. Lana saw a girl with curves in all the right places, her hair no longer brown, but pitch black. She ran her fingers through her hair and came upon pointed ears. No longer did she have soft brown eyes, but large sapphire blue staring back at her. She gasped as she reached forward; it was like some out of body experience. She certainly looked different.


Nena arrived then, stopping short as she took in her best friend’s appearance, astonishment written all over her face. Lana could sense a little fear in her as well, which made her sad.

“What are you? You don’t look human,” Nena said, still afraid to move any closer.

Lana smiled showing her fangs, “I don’t know, but it’ll probably go away.” She said with little assurance in her voice.

Nena backed away, afraid of the beautiful monster before her. Lana stepped forward frying to re-assure her that they would still be friends. Nena shook her head; it couldn’t be anymore.

“You’re a monster. I can’t be your friend.” Nena said, a hand covering her mouth in shock.

“The correct term would be demon.” Silver interrupted.

“I don’t care of the term.” She gave him a look of loathing, “I won’t tell the police, but you will have to leave soon before someone at the carnival does.” With that, Lana’s best friend left.

“Tell me what you know.” Lana growled directing her fury towards Silver.

“It’s best if Allan explains it. Call him and let him know I’m driving you home.”

“How do you know Allan?”

Silver shook his head and told her to call him instead, and that she would receive her answers soon.

Allan waited in the living room, hot cocoa with marshmallows, whipped cream, and cinnamon sprinkled on top. It seemed to Lana, that Allan knew something would happen. She did not like people keeping secrets from her.

Allan got right to the point as they all settled down on the couch, Lana sitting on one side, Allan on the other, and Silver in the recliner across the room. “I am not your brother. I implanted that thought into your mind when your mother died. I did it in order to keep you safe.”

Allan stood from his position and sat beside her to place a hand to her forehead. Memories hit her like a freight train. She saw herself for the first time meeting Allan long ago when she was just a child, and she had played with him out on the swing set at her mother's old house. Then the day at her mother’s funeral, the day he had told her he would protect her, and the day he erased her memories; she couldn’t believe he would use such a trick on her, even if it was for her protection. Now she understood why she could not remember him when she was little, and why there were no baby pictures or any other pictures of him around the house.

“I gave you back most of your memories; however, some you will have to remember for yourself.” Allan told her.

She remembered her mother had been Lady of the Tiger Blue Clan, yet she had to go on the run when she started her last year of middle school. The week before she started High school was when her mother disappeared. Her mother had raised her as a human, not once did she think her daughter would be like her, a demon.

He interrupted her thoughts, “Your mother was killed by your father, Lord Vadin; he was a human, a sorcerer to be precise.” Allan paused, carefully choosing his words. “You are a half demon, which has not happened before so no one knew if it was possible for you to turn into a demon, or if you stayed human. You never showed the signs of a demon, but another factor that makes you different is that you may have inherited your father’s powers.”

Lana took a sip of her hot cocoa trying to calm herself down, not certain how to go about asking her next question. She already realized she would not be going back to school, and she was positive they would have to leave since demons were not welcome there.

“Why did my mother never tell me about my father, and what happened to the rest of my family?”

Allan paused for a sip of his drink, “There had been a large massacre. The day Lord Vadin killed your mother, he also killed all the Tigers Blue Clan members...you are the last of them. My father tried saving your mother Ruby; however, he was badly wounded from a previous injury from another demon, so he was not able to do anything when the time came.”

Lana looked down into her mug in thought. She remembered Allan getting her from school, worry had been written on his face as he told her of her clan's massacre. She concentrated trying to recall more information, yet it seemed as though her mind did not want to recall anymore.

“Why did he not come after me?”

“I believe he is seeking more power and assumes that in time, your powers will show up in which he intends to take it. He lets you live for now, but he will come for you one day and that is why I protect you. If he gets your powers, he will be able to control the world.”

“So he'll try to kill me like my mother.” Lana stated a dull pain of sadness running throughout her chest. She had wanted to believe her father would come back one day and say he loved her, but she now knew it was useless wishing.

“Lana,” Silver spoke for the first time.

She completely forgot his presence. He walked over to her, knelt down on one knee, placed his right fist placed over his heart; the other hand lay flat on the ground.

“My mother and father too died to protect your mother; they were warriors of the Lord of Demons at that time. I sought you out to protect you.” Silver bowed his head low, “I Silver Wolfgang, of the Wolfgang Clan, hereby swear to be by your side from this day forth, to protect you with my life.”

Allan, who rarely showed signs of emotion, lifted an eyebrow and snickered at his foolishness. Lana, on the other hand, did not like it, and did not find it funny or charming. She did not want anyone else to die because of her family.

“Please, except so that my parent's death will not be in vain.”

Lana sighed, “I accept.” Guilt...that was the thought process of her mind when he said that one sentence.

Silver stood and kissed her cheek, a goofy smile on his face. Allan cleared his throat aiming a displeased expression in Silver's direction. He did not like demon touching Lana.

Allan stood, “You are needed alive by the man who is known as your father, however, there are those who wish to kill you, so he will not acquire more power. You are destined to kill him, yet some do not believe you will. I shall have my men guard and protect you as well.”

“Your men?” Lana questioned raising an eyebrow.

Silver snorted, “He didn’t tell you who he really is, did he? That’s rich.”

Allan glared at Silver who stopped short. “I am Lord Allan Rivers, the current Lord of Demons.”

Lana’s mouth hung low. She remembered how he had always had somewhat an arrogant attitude since the day they had met when she was in elementary school. Allan, at the time was in middle school. Even when they had been little, he did not take ‘no’ from anyone, ordering them about as though they were his servants. Her mother had never mentioned the fact he was to be the future Lord of Demons. Lana rubbed her temples; all the information was getting to her. She was tired. It was already one in the morning. Her whole life was a lie, and she needed some time to herself to register it all.

“You need to start packing so we can leave.”Allan ordered interrupting her thoughts.

“Fine, but then I’m taking a shower before we go.” Lana said as backlash to his order.

She never did understand his bossy mannerisms, but now she understood. As a Lord, he was brought up to believe he could unfailingly get what he wanted, and he didn’t care what others thought. If he wanted it, he got it, that’s what he always believed.

“I’ll help you.” Silver said walking up the stairs with Lana.

Allan watched as the two disappeared up the stairs, knowing there was still much Lana needed to know. She did not know how to act like a lady and follow orders. She would need to be taught about swords, archery, and hand to hand combat, not to mention when her powers came in she would need meditation to control it. He let his guard down for a moment to sigh and rub his eyes in frustration.

“Thank you for helping me pack my suitcase.” Lana stated ten minutes later.

All her clothes thrown into her large black rolling suitcase, it stood proudly half the size of her body. As she turned, leaving the walk-in closet, she bumped into Silver’s chest. He looked down at her, his hand combing through her locks. She wondered for a moment if the kiss at school had meant something to him, or if it was simply to keep Cindy off his back.

“What kind of demon are you?” Lana asked as she saw silver specks in his eyes.

“Would you like to see?” Without waiting for an answer, Silver pulled off his necklace hidden by his shirt. The mirage dropped, and his true form changed before her eyes. He explained he was an arctic wolf, born and raised in the mountains until the age of fourteen, when he moved to a demon city with his grandparents. His eyes were silver, his skin porcelain white, and white hair fell past pointed ears.

Lana gasped; she had never seen such a beautiful man, his muscles seemingly standing out more than before. She didn’t realize she was staring until Silver moved closer to her face, she could feel his cold breath on her face. She remembered the kiss from school, and before she knew it, he was leaning down, his lips brushing against hers lightly, causing her to be frozen in place in shock.

“Out Silver,” Ordered a cold voice behind them.

Allan stood tall, leaning against the door frame of her closet, arms crossed across his chest. Lana rolled her eyes telling Silver he didn’t have to go; however, he didn’t listen. It seemed he would only listen to Allan. Silver kissed her cheek, quickly bowed before Allan at the waist, then heading back down the staircase. Lana crossed her arms and glared at Allan. Never had she been so embarrassed, and she didn’t even know why she felt a little guilty.

Allan walked forward, standing over Lana. “What do you think you were doing? He is your bodyguard, and that is all.”

“You have no say on who I decide to be with. Now get out before I punch you in the face. I had enough stress today, and I don't need you adding to it!” Lana said pushing Allan aside.

Allan seethed at having been talked back to. It was not something he was accustomed to. He understood when she did it before, because he was her ‘brother,’ but now that she knew the truth he had hoped she would stop acting up around him.

Having gotten out of the shower, Lana stepped in front of the mirror, noticing some marks on her skin. Two blue lines ran down her rib cage to her hips at a slight diagonal. She traced the lines with her fingertips and noticed it was smooth. Two more lines on each leg wrapped like vines all the way around, from ankle to thigh. Getting dressed in a new pair of jeans and a tank top, she yelled for Allan.

Allan and Silver both rushed in after hearing her yell.

“What are these lines on my legs and sides?” she lifted the bottom of her shirt, Silver blushing as she lifted her shirt too much, showing her pink lace bra underneath.

Allan pulled her shirt back down, “It’s the markings of your bloodline, nothing to be worked up about.”

“Let’s head out. Silver, bring the suitcases,” Allan ordered.

“Why do you keep ordering him? You could just ask him nicely.” Lana stated irritated.

“There is no need to ask, because either way, he will have to do what I say. All demons, even humans, are to do everything I say, because it is the law.” Allan grabbed the black Mercedes key, and they headed to the car.

Chapter Two


Chapter Two


Heading out, Lana noticed the sun would be up within a few hours. She hoped it would not take too long to get wherever they were going. She was tired and had not slept for about twenty hours. The half-demon turned to Allan questioning where they were going; the trio seemed to be heading in the direction of her school.

“We are going to the demon town past your high school. It is where my other estate is located.” Allan explained. “We will begin to train you immediately in the art of swordsmanship, archery, and hand to hand combat so that you may protect yourself.”

“Why would I need to learn that if I’m going to get powers?” Lana said. “It seems like a waste of time to me.”

Silver spoke up from the back seat, “You don’t have powers yet, so if you were to be attacked, how would you possibly protect yourself? We won’t always be there.”

The ride took about twenty minutes before they reached their destination. Arriving at Green Town, Silver handed her a map, so she could see a birds-eye view of the town. Lana was surprised at how big it was. The center of the town had a large building labeled as Lord’s Manor, which Lana realized was where the group would stay while in the town. Smaller houses encircled the manor, and surrounding those houses was two circular rows of shops and restaurants. Then, the last two rows were labeled as civilian homes, each different size than the other.

“Every town has somewhat the same setup.” Silver explained pointing at the small houses as they reached the center. “The Lord’s Manor is the center of the town showing its superiority and the few smaller houses surrounding it would be the maids and the warriors.”

“We will rest up and then wake in a few hours to start training.” Allan told them as they exited the car. To Lana, it looked almost identical to that of the house back in the human territory they had just left, with an extra wing added to the side of the house.

A frail looking maid exited the house bowing before Allan. “Welcome home, My Lord.”

Lana could see she was a little frightened, and her hair was matted and a mess. She wondered if Allan realized his maid was afraid of him, or that she had dirt under her nails and not very good hygiene. She looked over at Allan’s face, saw his expression and almost shivered. Allan’s eyes held no warmth. He stood tall and foreboding, and his voice when he spoke to the girl could have frozen her in place. He ordered her to grab two other maids and bring in the suitcases to their bedrooms. The maid ran to do as ordered.

Allan glanced over at Lana and saw the look on her face; some disgust, fear, and a bit of sadness, possibly for the maid. He looked away. Now she would see the real Allan; Lord of Demons.

Two more maids came into view, following the frail girl, each maid grabbing a suitcase. Lana was surprised to say the least, because she never would have thought Allan to have maids or treat them so bad.

“Each Manor with the exemption of the one in the human territory, has an indoor training room, also called a dojo.” Allan explained to Lana.

Allan then turned to Silver, “Your bedroom will be on the second floor, first room on your right. I expect you to stay in your room until I have a maid fetch you.”

Lana waved goodnight to Silver as she walked past the second floor and up to another set of long stairs to her own bedroom. She was glad to see the manor was decorated like the other. Too much change in one night would have been hard to handle emotionally. The other emotional challenge that Lana had a slight issue with was Allan. Since arriving at the manor Allan had changed, and she did not like the new attitude of his. Lana looked at her clock and noticed it was almost three in the morning.

“My lady,” A hesitant maid approached her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.” Lana smiled. “Please, call me Lana.”

“Lady Lana-”

“Just Lana, no Lady…. It sounds too weird.” Lana told her.