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A lesbian named Julie was ready to experiment with heterosexual love. Against all odds, she became pregnant. The noble Henry proposed marriage and she accepted. The birth of the baby brought them joy and they bonded as a family.  Rosalinda grew to be smart, talented, and lovely. She held onto her virginity until her late teens but her beauty and charm led her into a robust love life.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~For almost three months after the sexual encounter that Henry, Frank and Jessie had with Beth and her daughters, it was Jessie who could not stop thinking and talking about Beth. He had only known her for one night but spoke of her as if they had been friends for years. Henry and Frank were amused by his conversation but also somewhat confused that someone with the playboy's reputation that Jessie had would be so infatuated with someone who could be described as a "plump, older woman" by the average young airman. Jessie would have none of that; Beth was his Mona Lisa and he was despondent that he did not even have her address, her phone number or even her last name. All he could do was hitch-hike to town and back more times than he really needed to in the hope that she would once again offer him a ride.As fate would have it, the contact Jessie had dreamed of, finally happened. A fellow airman came from the day room to tell him that he had a phone call, "Sounds like a sexy chick, you lucky dog."Jessie answered the phone in the day room  and as soon as he heard, "Hello Jessie, this is Beth," he felt the butterflies in his stomach. He was very nervous but also was thrilled that she had called. Although he had no way of getting in touch with her, it was easy to call the airbase and get the extension to the barracks, and for that fact, Jessie was thankful beyond words. He was shaking and his words were stuttered, and realizing his anxiety, Beth said the things she hoped he wanted to hear so as to put him at ease. She invited him for dinner and a visit and said that she could come to the base to pick him up at this very moment. Of course, he accepted the invitation.After hanging up the phone, Jessie went to the parking lot outside the barracks to wait for his ride. It would take at least fifteen minutes to drive from town to the base, but that was not on his mind at that time; he just simply wanted to be there waiting so as not to miss his dear Beth. While waiting, it struck him that he was the only one invited and was thus wondering exactly what the "visit" would entail, but more importantly, he was just delighted that he would see the woman he loved and had been missing for several weeks. When the car arrived, Jessie saw that only Janice accompanied Beth, and with no sign of Julie, he made no assumptions and asked no questions. Beth got out of the car to approach him as he was standing in the parking lot.  She gave him a tender kiss on the lips that was received with whistles from a group of four airmen passing by, and then Jessie was finally at ease. Seeing Beth and feeling the touch of her lips on his along with the amusing approval of the other airmen put an end to all of his previous anxiety. She opened the car door for Jessie in chauffeur-like fashion with him to ride shotgun while Janice would ride in the back seat. Looking a little different from their last meeting, Beth was wearing a fashionable mini-skirt and as she sat in the driver's seat her skirt was hiked up to the point that Jessie had a perfect view of her hefty, but beautifully shaped legs.

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Nymphette Daughter

By Houston Cei

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2017 by Houston Cei

No part of this book may be copied without permission from the author.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

All events and characters is the following story are fictional and of the author's imagination. Any similarities to actual events or characters, living or dead, is coincidental. 


The story begins in the late 1960s shortly after the celebrated Summer of Love that had blossomed in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco, California. It was many years before the advent of cell phones or even the personal computer, but nevertheless, times were changing. Thousands of youngsters known as flower children were carrying signs and waving banners with such slogans as “Make Love Not War” and the AM airwaves were saturated with psychedelic music. This new movement in music was led by such rock groups as The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane and also some marquis individuals such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

The San Francisco “sound” caught on in Los Angeles when a young organist by the name of Ray Manzerek teamed up with a handsome lad named Jim Morrison to form a rock group that would be known as The Doors. The legendary band has been heavily criticized over the years, but to this very day it has second generation fans, many of which are college girls young enough to be Jim Morrison’s granddaughters. Psychedelic music along with the aid of mind-altering drugs brought out the true meaning to the word “stereo” which is the concept of the separation of sound. Many of the bands of the late 60s had strange names but some were rather catchy such as Iron Butterfly, Credence Clearwater Revival, Blind Faith and Canned Heat. It seemed like those groups with strong names survived in the music industry much longer than the ones with meaningless names such as the Strawberry Alarm Clock which seemed destined to be a one hit wonder. In the docudrama of The Doors, the actor portraying Jim Morrison said that he did not like doors because they were a “waste of time” thus perhaps this irony is fitting for such a controversial star.

Girls would sport their legs in mini-skirts which would progress into micro-skirts that revealed even the lower parts of their buttocks; and as sideburns grew longer on the males so did the hair styles to the point that shoulder length hair was quite fashionable for a young man. The country was divided over the issue of United States’ involvement in the war in Vie Nam, and the survival of the draft would eventually come to be in serious jeopardy. The conservative sexual attitudes of the 1950s were surely on the wane.

The following story of the Nymphet Daughter begins with the military career of Henry Jay Rivera shortly after the celebrated Summer of Love when he is a young Airman finishing the last year of his service in the U.S. Air Force. It is a fantasy but it is meant to be believable and includes graphic descriptions of sexual acts with no implied moral judgment.

Chapter 1: Henry Jay's Last Year of Service

Enlistment in the Air Force was a four year tour and Henry Jay was beginning his last year. He had enlisted three years ago immediately after graduating from high school and since he was six months short of turning eighteen, he needed at least one parental signature to join. He was headed for an Honorable Separation when he would be a veteran at the age of twenty-one years and six months. He had always been a good airman but not a model; he simply did his job as a technician in the computerized radar system at the relatively small air station and always respected authority. Although Henry only stood a modest five feet eight and weighted about 150 pounds, he was handsome and had a strong, outgoing personality, qualities that offset his lack of size.

Finishing two years of service was considered a major accomplishment for most young airmen; it meant that he was then “over two” was going “downhill” towards an Honorable Separation. If going over two were an accomplishment, going “over three” was monumental. Airmen on their last year of service were often treated like celebrities by their peers. Even though the draft still existed at that time, these young men had all enlisted of their own free will; and although some were disenchanted with the Air Force, they were proud that to be serving their country.

Life went so smoothly for Henry at the site where he was stationed that he sometimes wished he had chosen a rougher branch of service like the Army or even the Marine Corps. Nevertheless, Henry was happy at his assignment in Corvallis, Oregon where he was only fifty miles from his hometown of Eugene.

On one particular weekend, Henry Jay and his two roommates and a few other close buddies were giving him a small “over three” celebration. The barracks consisted of two bays of three-man rooms and it was relatively easy to smuggle in a six pack of beer, a bottle of wine or booze one at a time for a small party. Pinochle was the usual game of choice, but when alcoholic beverages were available, it would usually be penny ante poker.

The airmen set up two card tables together for six men to play and used their clean trash cans to hold ice to keep the beer and white wine cold. The music was kept reasonably low with the door closed in case the Air Policemen would be making their rounds.

After the party had been about an hour underway, two other airmen showed up; it was two inseparable buddies named Frank and Jessie who were often called “the James Boys” in reference to the infamous outlaws. Frank and Jessie were notorious party animals and knew more civilian girls in town than any other airmen on the station.

After Henry invited them to join the party, Frank said, “Thanks anyway but we’ve got something going.”

“Then what are you doing here?” one of the other young men asked.

“Okay, here’s what’s happening,” Jessie chimed in, “we were hitching a ride into town and we got picked up by three girls. Hey Henry, how do you say ‘whore’ in Spanish?”

“Puta,” Henry answered.

“Okay, that’s what we have: three putas” Jessie answered firmly. “Actually, it’s a woman and her two daughters, and we need one more guy. That’s why we turned around to come back here instead of going on town.” All eyes were on Jessie as he spoke and then he added, “Henry, since it’s your celebration for going over three, we think it would only be appropriate for you to be the third guy.”

The airmen all started laughing and agreed with Jessie that Henry should be the lucky guy. The plan was for everyone, except Henry, to leave the room and Frank and Jessie would sneak the girls through the back door of the barracks and into the room. This was not an uncommon situation for Frank and Jessie; they knew all the ropes. It would happen after eleven pm and since it was a Friday night, the barracks would be nearly empty with the only issue being to keep a lookout for the Air Police. The James Boys had never failed before and certainly were not about to fail this time.

After the poker party broke up and the girls were in the room, Frank introduced them as Beth, Julie, and Janice who looked in no way apprehensive about what was to happen.

“As trite as it may sound, we are very pleased to meet you,” Beth said to Henry. “We are a little acquainted with Frank and Jessie from the ride over but there are more things that you should all know.”

All three young men were delighted just to be privately together with three women in a room with one double and one single bunk. Beth looked a little older than Julie and Janice and she wanted to clear the air, “Okay guys, here’s the deal: I’m the mother of these cute girls who are going to give themselves up to you. I am a single mom so there’s no husband you have to worry about, but before we pair off, let me say this: I am the only lover these girls have ever had so two of you are each going to pop a cherry.” The young men had no response as they turned to look each other in the eyes. Beth continued, “Yes, we are Lesbians but my girls would like to try the other way for a change. So guys, go ahead and choose; no hard feelings if I’m the last choice.” In reality, there was more personal information but Beth saw no need to reveal it at that time, especially considering that this would probably be a one night stand for everyone. He father was a violent alcoholic who abused both his wife and daughter and Beth took the first opportunity to leave home when she met a man she hoped would be her champion. After having two children, her mate proved to be no different from her father so she left him and had been a struggling single mother since Julie and Janice were toddlers.

“As far as we are concerned, we can leave the choosing up to you.” Henry suggested.

“Fair enough,” Beth responded.

Julie and Janice both looked very cute in their fashionable mini-skirts that revealed their pretty legs, and Beth looked more like a dike in her loose fitting jeans and with her hair cropped short, but as she took the lead in undressing, she revealed that she was also quite an attractive female. Although she was somewhat overweight, those extra pounds were well distributed in the places that would qualify her to be described as “pleasingly plump” by most men.

“You look like you could be their sister,” Jessie commented to Beth.

“Thank you. I think I’ve made my choice,” Beth responded with a smile.

“She’s just being nice. Mom hears that all the time,” Julie said to Jessie.

Once everyone was in the nude, Beth said, “Okay guys, I can see that your dicks are all hard and ready, but my girls need a little warm up if that’s all right with you. You’re all gonna get some pussy for sure but I know men enjoy watching girls together so let’s make that a little prelude for your entertainment.”

Everyone was still standing in the nude with clothes tossed around on the table and on the floor. The pricks of the young men were stiff and ready as they were gazing down at the bushy cunts of their female companions. Julie and Janice moved into position on the single bunk to lick each others pussy which they did with great gusto. To add to the excitement the young gentlemen were already experiencing, Beth dropped to her knees beside the bunk and with Julie on top of Janice, she brushed her face on the creamy, smooth skin of her daughter’s ass. She parted the buttocks with her hands and titillated Julie’s anus with her tongue. Frank and Jessie had seen such action before, but this was a first for Henry. The airmen whistled, clapped their hands and shouted in approval of the show.

To make the situation more personal, Frank and Jessie cleared a space in the center of the room and took the two mattresses from the double bunk to place next to each other on the floor. “This way, we can fuck side by side,” Jessie explained with a humorous tone.

All three young men were amazed at how enthusiastically the two sisters were in performing their mutually cunnilingus while Beth was also enjoying the licking of her daughter’s anus. The scene was so pleasant and entertaining to view that the boys did not mind waiting for a while with their hard cocks in their hands.

It must have been the double stimulation of a tongue moving along the inner lips of her pussy while another one was up her ass that caused Julie to be the first to utter the moan of delight that indicates an orgasm. Beth and her daughters had been in such threesomes many times in all combinations but this time the next move would be something totally different.

Beth lifted her head from Julie’s buttock’s to look over at the horny young men standing on the mattresses with their stick pricks in their hands. “Okay guys, we’re read,” she said and remembering that she had chosen Jessie, she addressed Frank and Henry, “Be gentle with my girls. Remember, there’s never been a dick in either of their cunts and I know you’re both excited to be the first.”

Julie kissed her sister gently on the lips before standing up and while Frank was moving forward to fuck Janice, Beth was curiously watching and at the same time hoping that her daughter’s first experience at heterosexual intercourse would be a pleasant one. Jessie and Henry also wanted to check out the action before having actual sex with their partners.

Janice spread her legs and as she allowed Frank’s hard cock to enter her juicy cunt, she was pleasantly surprised to find that she enjoyed the feeling. As their eyes met, Janice smiled, put her arms around his neck and they moved together quite smoothly. Julie was already satisfied and indifferent to the action, but the rest of the audience was enjoying the scene, especially Beth. “So how do you like you first feel of a cock in you cunt?” she asked her daughter.

“It’s pretty damn good, Mom,” she answered and keeping her movements she added, “I never wanna give up licking pussy, but this is kinda neat for something different.”

“Wonderful!” Beth exclaimed. Although she had been looking forward to such an encounter for a considerable length of time, she was nervous about how it would work out for her daughters. She was relived to a point but was still concerned about her other daughter and turned to her to ask “Are you ready, Julie?”

Julie was less enthusiastic than her mother and sister, but she could see that they were having a good time and did not want to put a damper on their fun so she simply responded, “Yes, Mama.”

Julie positioned herself on her back to allow Henry to mount her, and as he slowly eased his cock into her pussy, she gasped. “Are you okay?” Beth asked.

“Yes, I’m fine, Mom,” Julie answered. She wanted to put her mother at ease and added, “Like Janice said, it’s ‘different’ but pretty good.” Actually, Julie was indifferent to her first heterosexual experience but she wanted to do her best please her partner for the night. Beth’s apprehension was then gone as she could see that her daughters were both okay with getting fucked by men for their very first time in their lives. With the two mattresses side by side on the floor, Beth was on her knees right beside her daughter who was still getting fucked by Henry. Jessie was standing in front of her with his hard prick in his hand. He had been looking over her voluptuous body ever since she had first been in the nude and he surely liked what he saw: smooth, creamy skin, bouncing 42 DD cup breasts and those shapely legs sometimes described as “thunder thighs.” Beth could see that Jessie was feasting his eyes and she equally enjoyed having someone look at her naked body. With a smile, she made eye contact and said, “Jessie, are you ready for your piece of ass?”

“I don’t think I can wait much longer,” he answered.

Jessie’s standing cock was pointed right in front of Beth’s face and she could she could see some pre-cum staring to ooze out of the hole in the head of his penis. It has been a long time since she had tasted cum, but she recalled liking its sweetness so she let the head of his prick rest on her tender, wet tongue to catch’s those few drops. Beth then took over half of Jessie’s thick nine inch cock into her mouth and as she put her hands on the cheeks of his ass, he put his hands on the back of her head.

As Janice was still getting fucked by Frank on the single bed, she turned her head to see her mother on her knees giving a blow job and exclaimed approvingly, “Way to go, Mom!”

Beth chucked with her mouth full of cock and then lay on her back with her legs spread apart and said in a horny tone, “Come on Jessie, get some of this pussy you’ve been wanting all night.”

Jessie did not realize it until Beth had spoken those words about wanting her pussy all night that she was the one of the three women that he had really wanted all along. He looked down at her wide opened cunt and he was without a doubt ready to go inside her, but for a moment more, he wanted to savor the view he was already enjoying. Beth had a healthy bush of beautiful curly, black pubic hairs and the inner lips of her vagina protruded well outside the vulva. She could see that he was fascinated and was pleased to let him savor the sight. She knew that her pussy had a horny look to it, but both men and women loved to go down on it and she enjoyed showing it off. The voluptuous woman that Jessie was so attracted to had just sucked his cock and now she was ready to get fucked. She was on her back with her legs spread apart and her pussy that he saw as so very pretty was inviting, but he stood their speechless while breathing deeply and unevenly.

Jessie was momentarily confused by his feelings. He was the one who flagged the girls down when hitchhiking; he was the one who initiated the conversation that led to bringing them into the barracks; he was the one who invited Henry to join in; and he was also the young man known around the station as the outlaw “Jessie James” who gets more pussy that any man around. One couple had already fucked and another coupe was still fucking, but he was just standing there with his dick in his hand.

Beth could see that Jessie was nervous and wanted to put him at ease; at the same time she was delighted with his admiration of her body as she said, “Just relax Sweetheart. Come on and stick it inside for a treat.” Jessie positioned himself on top of Beth and as his cock went inside her juicy pussy she gripped it tightly with its fleshy inner lips. Although he had a reputation of being the major stud on base, the sensation of his cock inside Beth’s cunt was a pleasure beyond any that he had ever felt.

The other two couples had finished having sex and were sitting side by side on the single bunk conversing while Beth and Jessie were enjoying the best sex of their lives. Janice expressed that she enjoyed the evening and was pleased that her mother was having a good time. Julie remained indifferent about the sexual encounter but did not express her feelings to the others.

Beth and Jessie continued to move slowly and harmoniously; they looked directly into each other eyes and for the first time he noticed how big and bright were her emerald green eyes and also that she possessed a pair of beautiful, shapely full lips. Jessie was dazzled and when he pressed his lips to hers, she slid her tongue between them. They both opened their mouths and with mingling tongues they were locked into a passionate French kiss. Up until that point, the other two couples did not even realize the extent of the passion between Beth and Jessie. They had been moving so slowly that it appeared to be just simple sex, but then they realized that what Beth and Jessie were experiencing was by no means simple.

Finally, Beth let out a gasp and seconds later Jessie shuddered as they climaxed almost simultaneously. He stayed on top of her and she stroked the hair on the back of his head as he wept while together they enjoyed the lingering effects of the intense climax that each of them had felt. Beth was the only one in the room that could understand Jessie’s feelings as the thought entered her mind: he thinks he’s in love with me.

It was well after midnight when the girls were ready to part company. The swing shift was over and the midnight shift had left for work and almost everyone else in the barracks was asleep, thus it was easy for the young airmen to slip the girls out of the room and into Beth’s car.