Nursing at Nighttime: Extreme Taboo Lesbian Erotica - Yoko Bono - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.*******Kitty clung close to the girl's cunt. "I was hoping you wouldn't, darling. If you had let him fuck you, I'd have found an excuse to fire you." She trailed a string of moist kisses along the naked leg. "Now that I've found someone that I can enjoy sex with, I don't want to share her, much less with a man.""Why didn't you just ask me?""Action speaks louder than words, darling. Have you ever been with a man?""Of course. Haven't you?" Virginia replied."Oh, yes-five of them, as a matter of fact-all at once. They raped me when I was eighteen. I haven't been with a man since."Virginia smiled. "But that doesn't mean you don't like cock, does it?"Kitty ran her tongue lightly over the girl's dark, musky pubic fur. "I'd only like a cock if it were attached to you, my darling."Virginia pushed Kitty's face from her cunt and jumped out of the bed. "That's just what I've been waiting to hear!"

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Nursing at Nighttime

Yoko Bono

Copyright © 2017

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Kitty Hayes hadn't even removed her nurse's uniform. She had just pulled up her skirt and began fingering her syrupy pussy right through her panties.

The reason for her passion was the darkly beautiful Virginia Fields, who paraded nearly naked back and forth in front of her windows across the narrow courtyard from Kitty's apartment.

Virginia was the new Recovery Room nurse that Kitty had hired at Dr. Kurt Lessing's cosmetic surgery clinic, where Kitty herself was the head nurse. That had been a week before, and from the moment Kitty had met the younger nurse, she had had the itch to make love to her.

Kitty had put Virginia on her own shift for that very reason. For the past week, they had gotten home to their respective apartments at about the same time. The pattern hadn't altered. Virginia would strip down to her panties, have a few drinks and dinner, watch TV and then go to bed.

But always, when the last moment came, when the girl would discard her bra and panties for bed, the light would go out first.

As Kitty removed her own clothes to get at her cunt and tits easier, she hoped that this night, the beautiful twenty-one-year-old brunette would leave the light on just a little longer.

Virginia again moved into view in the opposite apartment just as Kitty discarded her panties. Virginia wore a pair of brief black panties, and a lacy half-bra that cupped her generous and gorgeous tits like a pair of caressing hands. Her skin was tanned to a copper color and her hair was as dark as the night. Even the distance between the two rooms couldn't hide the flashing sensuality in the girl's black eyes.

God, Kitty thought, how beautiful she is, and what an animal body. A body made to fuck and be fucked.

She felt a warm glow of desire bud in her cunt. She pressed her moist thighs together as her lust grew more urgent. As Kitty watched, Virginia removed her bra, freeing her saucy upturned tits, with their dark, olive-tipped nipples.

Kitty gasped at the sight of the luscious breasts. She raised her hands to her own, lifting them, hefting them in the cups of her palms. She felt the tips rise to firm, stiff peaks. Now Virginia stripped off her panties and stepped toward the bed. Kitty moaned aloud and massaged her aching tits.

Just before Virginia reached up to turn out the light, she glanced over at Kitty's window and smiled slowly.

"She knew I was watching!" Kitty cried aloud. "She knew it and she still didn't pull down the shade!"

She moved back from the window, her heart thudding wildly, her blood racing in her veins. She sat on the turned-down bed, a film of perspiration breaking out on her upper lip. She threw aside the covers and tore off her bra. The cold sheet did little to calm her feverish flesh as she stretched her naked, lithe body out full length.

"Oh, God, I need it," she moaned aloud, and then thought: But what do I need? A cock? A cunt? Both? Oh, shit, how can any one woman get so fucked up?

And then she shivered. Her belly began quaking with the desire to get fucked. She wanted to come. Her pussy was wet and beating for a cock, a pussy, something!

Closing her eyes, she moved her hands over her large, swollen tits, across the softness of her belly and finally rested on the sides of her pussy. Her fingers softly stroked the lush fullness of her thighs and then spread open the swollen cunt lips.

She sighed as her finger slid in, found her clit and began to circle the quivering button, spreading the honeyed juices in an exciting caress.

She groaned from between her clenched teeth as the probing finger slid its way up and down the wet slit and then, as if drawn by a magnet, felt its way to the open, waiting cunt hole. Her thighs pulled up and split wide her squirming pussy to her fingers. She pinched the tender hole with her nails, enjoying the sharp, exciting pain as her muscles quivered.

And then, with a deep, convulsive groan, her hips jerked up, jamming the fingers in deep. Her thighs jerked from the shock and spread crab-like, her knees pressed tight against the bed as she finger-fucked herself with a desperate hunger.

Kitty writhed and twisted, her hips pumping in time to the fingers plunging in and out of the dripping cunt hole. The cords of her neck stood out as a shuddering gasp ripped out of her. The bed springs squealed as the white body lashed and bucked under its own torment. She couldn't he still-she was just on the edge, just on the tip! All she had to do was push a little harder, a little harder!

Her fingers twisted desperately, deep into her belly. "Oh, God," she moaned into the empty room, "I've got to come, got to have a come! Gotta come! Come!"

Her knees jerked up, mashing against her dancing tits. She groaned at the sudden shock of her burning nipples grinding sensitively against the rigid muscles. She rammed her knees back hard, enjoying the exploding orgasm as her hot cunt juice spilled out of her convulsing pussy. Wet sucking noises filled the room as her body fucked faster on the glistening fingers.

"Oh, God, I need a prick, something to set me off. I need something, anything! I've got to come!"

Desperately she reached the crack between her trembling ass cheeks. She found the tiny asshole hiding underneath the flood of cunt juice. Spreading the puckered hole with her fingers, she set the middle one just at the edge. She teased it around in the juice for a moment and then snapped her knees up hard, spiralling her finger deep into her hot, squirming ass.

Her head whipped loosely as she fucked herself, as if it was going to be her last time. As if she were going to die. And then, with an almost groan of relief, she felt her climax ripping her cunt apart. From somewhere deep in her screaming belly, she felt it building, searing her nerves raw.

Her ass cheeks began to tighten. The muscles in her belly grabbed at the driving fingers as the erotic sensations racked through her.

She choked as the first spasm hit her. Her body curled into a tight, quivering ball as she gagged, fighting for breath. She screamed as her belly sucked in and then exploded out as the shattering come whipped her helplessly against the bed.

Kitty shivered with a deep, trembling sigh as she felt her orgasm subside, and let her hands slip wetly from between her thighs. She lay still, her mind focused on the satisfying warmth invading her body, of the pleasure she had given herself. It felt so good, and yet it shouldn't have, she thought guiltily. A twenty-eight-year-old woman, masturbating as if she were a little school girl, when there were all those pricks outside just waiting for an opportunity to fuck her.

She breathed a long sigh of relief and, rolling over on the bed, buried her face into the softness of the pillow.

"One of these days," she moaned, "one of these days, Kitty Hayes, you're going to make up your mind just what you want for the rest of your life, a cock or a cunt."

Dr. Kurt Lessing was a handsome, six-foot, blonde-haired stud. He enjoyed fucking beautiful women as much as he enjoyed making them beautiful with a scalpel and his talented hands.

But right now he didn't feel like a handsome stud. He felt like a tired, overworked man. And Dusty Rawlins was writhing on his bed, naked, begging him to fuck her.

Kurt didn't feel like fucking, but he knew if he didn't satisfy her, there would be no sleep until he did. It was times like this that made Kurt think about his rule of no screwing around with any of his staff at the hospital.

And he hadn't-until Dusty.

She was his surgical nurse, and from that first day, two months before, when they had gone out for "just a drink after work," he had been hooked. Oh, he hadn't been hooked on Dusty for a wife, she wasn't the marrying kind. He had gotten hooked on her pussy, and the wild, uninhibited way she fucked.

He had never met a woman like her, and now he wished he hadn't. Her sexual demands were getting to be far more than he could handle.

"Damn, Kurt, darling, put it in me! Please?"

Shrugging in defeat, Kurt dropped his pants and shorts and moved in between her thighs.

"Owwww, honey, you're already almost hard enough to fuck little Dusty's pussy good! Does just seeing my pussy ooze do that to your cock, Kurt?"

"Yes, honey, it does." Kurt didn't add that any pussy did that to him. He juggled his hips around until the head of his dick found the gaping entrance to her cunt hole.

Her thighs were firm and the hair around her pussy was a perfect triangle. The pale hairs were smoothly waved rather than kinky. They parted and thinned in the middle. There was the merest hint of pink flesh beneath the downy fur. Kurt could see that her cunt lips were already hot and swollen, engorged with the blood of lust.

"Wait, honey!"


"Let me suck it a little first. I want it good and hard when you plug me!"

Kurt figured he was plenty hard enough to fuck her, but one didn't put Dusty off when she was in the heat of battle. Besides, she could really suck a cock. He knew her mouth would put him in the mood to enjoy her cunt, no matter how tired he was.

He slithered up her body until his ass cheeks rested on the two pillows of her tits and the head of his now-dripping cock was bobbing against her red lips.

Dusty curled down in front of him, running her hands over the length of his prick. "Mmm, nice, real nice-thick and long and hard. Just my kind of cock!"

All cock is your kind of cock, he thought, as he sat back on her tits and watched her hands continue to stroke up and down the length of his throbbing prick.

He could feel the tension building in his balls as his cock swelled and the skin drew tight under her expert touch.

Dusty pulled herself into a higher position in front of him. Staring at his cock, she opened the ruby lips of her mouth. Holding his prick with a determined firmness, she ran the full length of it into her mouth without stopping, then back out again.

"Good?" she purred, smiling up at him.

"You know it."

"I have the best head in my class," she giggled. "But I never had a cock like this to work on. With a cock like this, I'm even better!"

Grasping the massive shaft lightly at the base, she fed it in and out of the velvety softness of her sucking mouth and throat. Every now and then she would allow the tender skin along the cum tube to drag slowly across the edge of her teeth.

Kurt began to writhe and twist. He squeezed his hands into fists to keep from crying out encouragement to her and losing what he considered his cool upper hand.

Squeezing his balls with an eager, tightening grip, she began to bob her head up and down on the full length of his cock with a steady, mind-boggling blur. Again and again, as she took the massive hunk of meat to the fullest, she brought her tongue into play at the same time, driving him crazy. She managed to suck his cock and lick his balls at the same time.

Her tongue didn't seem to be content to merely lick and stroke the end of his steaming prick. It fought at it with nipping laps and biting, darting thrusts. Kurt could feel his cock inflating with juice. The cum churned around and around in his aching balls, then started toward the mad rush of orgasm.

He grabbed two great handfuls of the soft hair that tumbled down her shoulders and began to pull her to him.

When the scalding cum erupted from the tip of his big cock, rather than hold it in her mouth in preparation for spitting it out, or allowing it to run out the corners of her mouth, Dusty threw her had far back and tossed the hot jism down into her belly like it was the best drink she had ever taken.

She went back for more, diving her head over his cock. She sucked and sucked and swallowed until Kurt thought his balls would flow out the head of his prick and join his cum in her belly.

"Well?" she said finally, looking up at him, "is that enough?"

"You decide," he said, his eyes directly on her pussy. "Is it enough for you?"

She smiled. "Never." She opened her arms to him and lay back on the bed. "Come to my pussy!"

Just the sight of all that beautiful cunt was enough to turn Kurt on and make his prick hard again.

She cupped as much as she could hold of his prick. Then, giving him a slight squeeze, she opened her cum-stained lips in an inviting smile. "Come on and fuck me, lover!"

She moved and wriggled her hips until the head of his cock was parting her cuntal lips. The rigid meat slid smoothly far, far inside her cunt. She moaned and shuddered as she gave herself up completely to him. With her tits quivering, she let her body slide forward. Her cunt sucked at his prick hungrily, drawing it fully inside her sopping hole.

The skin on his meat stretched taut as it slid up her hot channel. His arms went around her.

"Oh, yeah, it's good, lover. It's so good! I can feel the fucking thing clear up to my goddamn throat, sweetie!" she rasped, her voice filled with lust. "Don't stop-don't stop!"

Both their bodies began to perspire as they frantically fucked each other. Her hips were insistent as they pounded against his. Her hairy cuntlips seemed like two wet claws as they squirmed and sucked to keep his rigid pole deep inside her writhing hole.

Harder and harder, her body rocked forward, meeting every one of his pounding thrusts. He shoved against her, and when he knew he could go no farther, when he felt her hard pelvic bone directly against his own, he set himself hard against her and moved slowly, hips gyrating with precision in order to bring her off fast. She countered by matching his rhythm and motions with her own hips, moans and gasps of pleasure erupting from her constricted throat.

Suddenly he was coming.

He thrust his hips forward with all the passion she had built within him. He felt her softness close around him, driving him to a quick release.

Dusty, too, felt it and quickened the rhythm of her hips to bring herself off at the same time.

"Jesus, baby, I can't wait any longer. I'm gonna come!" he shouted.

"Do it, lover! Come, come!" she cried, throwing her head back and arching her body until her tits seemed about to leap from her body into his waiting mouth. "I'm coming, too! OHHHH, JESUS, I'M COMMMMINNNGGG!"

Her hips were on fire from the pressure of his straining cock. She bit her lips until it seemed that her teeth would go completely through the skin and blood would start to flow down her chin.

Together, both of them hunching and straining against each other, Kurt's cum poured into her spasming pussy.

The beautiful blonde nurse rocked through her own explosion and kept fucking. "More, lover, more! OH SHIT, I KNOW I CAN MAKE IT AGAIN!"

"No, Dusty, no more," Kurt groaned, popping his dick from her cunt and rolling to her side. "You can, but I can't."

"Please, lover, just once more?"

God, he thought, she's the most insatiable cunt I've ever met. "Sleep, Dusty, go to sleep. Got three operations in the morning."

"You sleep, darling," she purred. "Ill suck."

He felt the warm envelope of her mouth cover his cock just as he drifted off to dreamland.

Kitty was almost asleep. The tap on her door was so light she waited breathlessly for it to be repeated. It came again, three raps this time. She leaped from the bed and drew on a thin robe. She ran to the door, opened it a crack before throwing it wide.

Virginia stood outside the door, a twinkle dancing in her eyes. "I saw your light on, and I- II In her eagerness, Kitty almost took the beautiful girl into her arms. Virginia was wearing a diaphanous white negligee that revealed almost every detail of her gorgeous body. She walked gracefully to the center of the room, her smooth copper-toned legs flashing beneath the knee-length negligee.

"I hate to disturb you, Kitty, but I've run out of cigarettes and I thought maybe-"

"Oh, I have plenty," Kitty said hastily. She found a pack. "They may not be your brand-" Virginia smiled lazily. "If you like them, I'm sure I will."

Kitty held out the cigarettes. Her glance dropped to the pert tits and her breath caught in her throat. She felt the palms of her hands go moist. She was trembling, and she had trouble speaking clearly. "I wish I could offer you a drink or something, but there's nothing in the place."

Virginia smiled at the woman's nervousness. She knew very well what her beautiful body, clearly outlined under the see-through material was doing to Kitty's nerves.

She had planned this visit to Kitty's apartment since that first interview with the woman. She had sensed in Kitty the desire of a woman for another woman. Virginia could always sense that in another female.

"I don't really want a drink anyway, Kitty," Virginia said, moving closer until her tits through the thin negligee nearly touched Kitty's through her robe. "But I'm sure there's something else you could offer me."

It was there, an open invitation. It was exactly what Kitty had been dreaming about all week. But now that it had been expressed, she wasn't sure she knew how to handle it.

She openly looked down at the gleaming darkness of Virginia's pebbled areoles through the filmy white material. "You know, Virginia," she gulped, "you could get raped running around the apartment house at night like that."

Virginia looked down at the jutting ski slopes of her tits. "Do you really think so?"

Kitty's mouth watered and her cunt gushed juice out onto her naked thigh as the girl raised her hands and began to caress her own tits.

They sat on the only piece of furniture where they could be side by side. Kitty thanked herself for getting just a studio apartment, on having a bed in a living room, when she felt her own thigh press hotly against Virginia's.