Nova Terra - M.R. Leenysman - ebook

Earth's first space colony is in crisis. All but 16 of its 128 men have been rendered infertile in-flight to the planet they call Nova Terra. To save their future, the 128 women agree to be impregnated by the remaining 16 "sperm-fathers", and each man agrees to impregnate 32 different women. The relationships and traditions of this new colony change in response, but when their kids grow up, they have quite a different opinion.

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Nova Terra

Nova Terra Generation 2 Ch. 01

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Back Matter

Nova Terra


Nova Terra Generation 2

By M.R. Leenysman

Nova Terra

It had all started out so damned reasonably. Design Earth’s first starship, the UNSS Avalon, that would be accelerated up to .999 light speed by the new hypergravitic engines. Crew it with 128 fertile married couples, trained in a variety of disciplines for both shipboard and colony life. Keep 16 couples awake at a time to crew the ship, while the rest were in stasis, with a varied schedule of wake/sleep periods designed to give all of us an equal amount of time working with the other colonists over the voyage.

Sure, we would age when we were out of stasis, but with everyone taking their turn, we would only physically age by 5 years by the time we arrived at our destination, Nova Terra, during the 40.2 years of experienced time while traveling 805 light years from Old Terra. After arrival, our birth control implants would be deactivated, and we could start populating our new home. The ship’s life support systems couldn't support population growth during the voyage, so we had to wait to be planetside, and as we were almost all under 25 when we left, we didn’t anticipate problems populating our new world.

Where the scientists and officials on Old Terra fucked us up was that while the stasis systems and the birth control implants had both been tested, they were never tested together! The testicular implants the men carried reacted differently in stasis, so instead of a temporary blockage of sperm production, it became permanent, as all their germ cells were destroyed.

When the first replacement crew of 8 was brought out of stasis three months after launch, and we realized what had happened to the 4 men who had just been woken up, we were already too far from Old Terra to consult with them quickly. So, the two doctors who were awake at the time came up with the only real solution they could think of, which was to totally remove the implants from the launch crew who hadn’t been in stasis yet, so that they could arrive in Nova Terra unharmed, and to also wake all of the other men who were still in stasis to remove their implants before they could do any further harm, then put them right back into stasis, a few at a time over the span of a week. Condoms were programmed into the replicators. Research was begun to find a way to reverse the condition by the time we got to Terra Nova. Meanwhile, we sent a warning message back to Earth, hoping to keep the same thing from happening to the UNSS Galaxy. We had no idea if Old Terra ever received the message.

No treatment was ever found, though. So, when we landed and established our colony on Nova Terra’s southern continent, which we named New Antarctica for its shape, not its climate, we had only 16 fertile men from the launch crew versus 128 possible mothers. Not the best start for a colony that needed to grow, okay?

I am one of those 16 men. My name is Chad Romson. We 16 were referred to as the sperm-fathers even before we’d landed. The term was even shortened to “SFs” by then.

We actually had to amend our Colonial Charter to deal with the crisis, beginning the debates during the voyage, but only being able to vote after everyone was awake, after landing on Nova Terra and getting shelters built to house each group of awakened crew. We’d had five years to get used to the proposed solutions, so it wasn’t surprising when votes were all unanimous except for the last of these amendments:

With an 8-to-1 ratio between fertile women and fertile men, each of the sperm-fathers will need to impregnate at least 32 women in order to achieve the four child per mother minimum needed for Generation Two of the colony to reach 500 children.

To maximize our remaining genetic diversity, each woman’s pregnancies will need to be by a different sperm-father, with the exception of each sperm-father’s wife, who will be allowed to be re-impregnated by her husband, after her required pregnancies with 3 other sperm-fathers.

The colony’s Lead Geneticist, Dr. Gideon Fowler, will use the DNA profiles of the crew recorded on Old Terra to determine the best matches between sperm-fathers and mothers, to further maximize genetic diversity. Each sperm-father will receive a differently ranked list of the women of the colony with the first 32 highlighted, with his wife in position #1, while each woman will receive a ranked list of the sperm-fathers, with the first 4 highlighted. It is recommended, but not required, that pregnancies occur in the order of the list.

Each woman attempting to become pregnant will be required to be exclusive to one sperm-father until pregnancy is confirmed, with paternity rechecked at birth, to minimize the effort being expended by the sperm-fathers to achieve 32 progeny each. All half-sibling relationships will be tracked, to avoid incest in Generation Two. Half-cousin relationships in Generation Three will require genetic screening before approval.

Children will be raised in the home of the mother, without any requirement of support by the various sperm-fathers.

All pregnancies are to be achieved by sexual intercourse..

That last amendment caused the most debate. The infertile men weren’t all happy about their wives being required to have sex with us sperm-fathers, but when Doc Fowler informed us that artificial insemination with the equipment he had available (in his words, “think turkey-baster”) would not produce as many successful pregnancies as the old-fashioned way, the vote wound up 212-34, with all but three of the women in favor. I think a lot of them were excited about the prospect of being allowed sanctioned affairs, but most just wanted their kids to be healthy and plentiful.

We sperm-fathers were certainly going to be busy little fuckers, until all of Generation One’s moms hit menopause. It might kill me, but I definitely planned on having a smile on my face if it did.

As the colony debated these amendments, my wife Nina and I, and many of the other couples we knew, debated our own unofficial addendums. Unofficial, because we didn’t want them written down in our future histories, for our children and grandchildren to see. While the Avalon Project had required us to be married to get into the program, most of our generation on Old Terra were not particularly monogamous. We only agreed to marry to satisfy the older officials who still believed in it and ran the program. There were at least twenty unofficial polyamorous groupings among the crew, numbering from four all the way up to 10 people. Amendment 7 to our Charter recognized these polyfamilies officially, while still requiring recognition of “primary wife” and “primary husband” due to other parts of the Charter.

And group sex and spouse swapping was pretty common among us, too. Nina and I had helped organize two of about half a dozen off-base orgies that were held during training breaks, which bonded a lot of us together far more than the teamwork exercises onbase. The officials training us were either oblivious or looked the other way, but we were a pretty rowdy and blissed out group pre-launch. And post-launch, when nobody on Old Terra could stop us any more, you couldn’t enter a room of the ship without it smelling like sex. There was so much spouse-swapping going on that we had the ship’s computer keep track of who was sleeping in which cabin each night, so communications reached the right people.

So under that heading of “unofficial addendum”, it was agreed among the colonists that whenever we SFs were going to impregnate one of the other women who wasn’t our wife, both spouses would have the option to either watch, or join in. If the couple weren’t into group sex or voyeurism, the husband would still have to let the SF have sex with his wife as many times over as many months as it took to get her pregnant. Our long-term viability depended on it, right?

It was a few days after the vote, when the mating lists were released. Looking at mine, Nina squealed. “Chad, I know I’m #1 on your list because we’re married, but your #2 and #3 are Trina and Keiko! You fucked both of them at our second orgy back in training, and we swapped again with Trina and Steve about six months ago, when we were all awake at the same time. I’d love a chance or ten to be with Keiko’s Sam, I’ve heard such good things about him. I somehow missed him at that orgy. I bet you’re #1 on both of their lists, if they’re so high on yours. If so, do you want to arrange a get-together with all six of us and knock-up all three of us at once??”

Waking up from stasis always resulted in a reset of a woman’s fertility cycle, so I knew all three would be ovulating pretty much together in a couple of days, as we had all been part of the same wakeup group. It would probably be the last time their cycles were so in synch, as Nina’s cycles were usually a day or two longer than the norm.

“Oh, I’d love it! I hope they haven’t already started with someone else on their lists. They’re both hot!” Trina was a pixie-doll Cuban/Jamaican, just 5’ tall, with B-cup breasts and a tight butt, but not much in the hips. Keiko was a mix of Japanese and Irish, only two inches taller, but skinny with barely an A-cup, but what both women lacked in curves, they more than made up for with ferocity in bed. Nina, on the other hand, had all the curves they lacked. Red-headed, green-eyed, 5’7”, 36D-30-34, with freckles practically everywhere. There wasn’t a part of her I could look at, that wasn’t sexy to me.

The colony headquarter facilities were still getting set up, and our communicators had just gotten activated the day before, so Nina called both of the women, confirmed my placement on their lists, and their interest in getting together, and arranged to meet for dinner at the cafeteria a couple of days later and then come to our house for baby making fun. We also made arrangements for separate solo sessions for me with both women for the two days following, to maximize their chances of pregnancy.

I was already thinking I was going to be a busy boy, when in the next hour, #5 and #4 on my list had both called, looking to schedule time with me, too. Jane, my #5, a leggy blond with average features and a cool demeanor, wanted me to come over that night. She’d already ovulated a few days before, having been awakened before us, but didn’t know who her first SF would be, until the lists came out, and how she was worried that her fertility window was closing for this cycle. She was actually the oldest woman in the colony, a whole 33 years biologically (about 840 years had passed back on Old Terra, more or less, nobody knew exactly), and knew her clock was ticking loudest. Her husband Carlos had to work a night shift, so wasn’t going to be there, but she said they weren’t interested in a foursome anyway, and asked for Nina to stay home, if Carlos wasn’t going to be there. Amber, my #4, on the other hand, an athletic brunette two inches taller than me, was among the last group to wake up, so had several more days until ovulation, and was going to check whether her husband wanted to participate. I told her I’d be in touch.

When I got to Jane’s place an hour later, she was all business, and that cool disposition was outright frozen. She didn’t want to kiss, had already masturbated herself so we wouldn’t need foreplay, just wanted to have me fuck her in the missionary position, and wouldn’t let me touch her in any other way. I stroked myself into her for about 15 minutes, with her hardly moving under me, before I came. I had to think about one of Nina’s blowjobs to even do that. We sat and talked for a few minutes about nothing important before I got another erection, then we fucked for another 20 minutes the same way before I gave her more of my sperm, imagining the upcoming six-some to get off. She never moaned, certainly didn’t orgasm. I cleaned up, redressed and said goodbye, really hoping she caught a baby, so I wouldn’t have to ever do that with her again. And prayed that I didn’t have too many more like her on my list. Babies should be made with love, or at least lust. This was neither But because of our genes, I had to put up with it, just as she did, and my heart actually hurt from it.

When I got home and let her know how badly things had gone, Nina was stunned. “She’s always telling me how hot her love life with Carlos is. I’m going to let her know she owes you a better fuck than that, even if she did get pregnant tonight. I’d never do that to Carlos. If he were an SF, I’d show him a fucking great time, and a great time fucking!”

I said, “Honey, if we set up foursomes with most of the women on my list, like I think we will, you’re going to have plenty of dicks to play with, when their husbands join us. And since two of my women are married to SFs in your top 4, you’ll get second shots at them, when it’s their turn to get YOU pregnant.”

She smiled. “Luke and Marnie and Bryan and Terese? Yeah, they’re going to be too much fun to only take one pass at. Definitely arrange the timing that way so they’re not trying to get me pregnant at the same time you’re trying to with their wives.”

“We are so going to need the computer to keep track of our social calendar. I’ve already got 5 women who want to be pregnant just this week.”

Two days later, we got together with Trina and Steve and Keiko and Sam. I can’t tell you what the slop was that we had at the cafeteria, while the food replicators were being dismantled from the Avalon to get set up again at the cafeteria, but it wasn’t what you’d call good. We’d have been better off the MREs that had been stocked on the ship for emergency rations, which were now 40 years old. But we needed our strength, so we ate it.

As their temp-home was closer to ours, Nina asked Keiko and Sam to bring their bedroom mattress over to our house, where we laid it beside ours on the living room floor, covered both with blankets, comforters and pillows, to make a big play area for the 6 of us.

We all undressed, but kind of sat there nervously, even though we’d all played with each other in the past. I decided to break the ice. “Hey, I know this whole situation with the mating lists is still pretty weird, and you're needing me to be the baby maker here, but we’re already friends, we’ve already done before what we’re about to do now, so let’s relax and make love AND some babies, okay?”

Steve asked, “So, what, does that make you the center of attention tonight?”