No Virgin Incest: Taboo Erotica - Brooklyn Michaels - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.*************Peggy stood and, smiling, walked toward her father. She couldn't believe that he was actually here. Finally. To fuck her. Her dazed, beer-blurred brain told her that it was time for her and her daddy to fuck. She needed to have her cherry popped, and he was just the man to do it!As Peggy walked toward her father, his eyes raked over her full, firm tits, her jutting hips, her wickedly curved legs. She saw the undeniable bulge in his pants.Before he could speak or move, Peggy had put her arms around his neck, her face close to his. Her mouth was open and inviting. His nostrils breathed in the faint clean scent of her naked body, the girlish sweetness of her breath. She was wet, from the pool, no doubt, and the slickness of her satiny flesh just added to her sex appeal.

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No Virgin Incest

Brooklyn Michaels

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 1

Perspiration trickled down the front of the skimpy halter that barely contained her large, full tits. She could feel the sweat running between her asscheeks, down along the lips of her aroused pussy and out onto the terrycloth towel between her and the hard, brick patio surrounding the pool.

She giggled as she realized that the sun was really turning her on now. She didn't understand it, but she didn't really care either. She began to pump her pussy rhythmically against the hard, hot surface beneath her. As she closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy, she thought about her sexy, big brother, Ron!

Dawn had always been attracted to her brother's sexy body" and young, handsome face. And, yes, she had to admit it to herself—she was also turned on by the savage streak in his personality. For Ron enjoyed being cruel, especially to chicks, like his girlfriends.

Impulsively, knowing that the thick hedges around the yard shielded her from the neighbors' prying eyes, Dawn jerked off her halter, cupped her large, heaving tits in both hands and continued humping her cunt against the hard bricks.

Seconds later, she peeled off her brief shorts, reached down* with her right middle finger and began finger-fucking her swollen clit. She closed her eyes and moaned aloud, rubbing her clit harder and harder as she thought back to that evening two weeks ago when she had watched her big brother, Ron, make savage, passionate love to one of his girlfriends.

Everyone else had gone out that night, and Dawn knew that Ron was counting on being alone with his gorgeous new girlfriend. Dawn had returned home early on purpose, hoping to catch her brother in the act of fucking his chick.

She had stood outside his bedroom, the door half-open, watching open-mouthed as Ron fucked Cindy with a cruel intensity that surprised her. And turned her on. For, it wasn't just the fucking that excited her, although she couldn't get enough of the sight of her big brother's massive ten-inch cock plunging in and out of Cindy's wet pussy.

More than that, though, it was the way he was fucking her. He had Cindy completely tied to the bed so she couldn't even move. He even had a gag over her mouth! And the cruel, twisted look on his face as he brutally rammed his huge cock home, driving it in and out of her pussy with a relentless fury, made Dawn come again and again as she sag- ged weakly against the doorframe, finger-fucking her tight, virgin cunt which was now pouring out hot pussycream.

Remembering that sexy scene so vividly now, Dawn humped her cunt harder and faster against the hard bricks as she continued to rub her lust-engorged clit, her left hand busily squeezing her huge tits.

Suddenly, just as she was about to come, Dawn was startled out of. her lust-crazed reverie by the sound of a voice at her side. She jerked her hand away from her pussy, sat up quickly, and looked guiltily into the face of her older sister, Teri!

"Wanna get a tan all over, right?" Teri asked huskily, her eyes raking hungrily over Dawn's young, sexy body. Teri gazed on her younger sister's large, flushed tits and blonde, fuzzy snatch. Her eyes narrowed and her breath caught as she noticed several drops of cuntjuice trapped in Dawn's pussy fur.

Dawn didn't bother to try to cover herself. She knew it was no use. She was caught. Terri had seen her finger fucking herself. She tossed her long, silken, blonde hair back over her shoulders and stared back at Teri.

As the two young girls stared at each other, the silence growing between them, Dawn's thoughts raced. She thought about her family: her big brother Ron, her older sister Teri, her younger brother and sister, Gary and Peggy, her father Phil, who was alone now since their mother had died a year ago.

Dawn shivered involuntarily as she thought about her handsome father. And, for the first time, she admitted to herself that she would love to fuck her father! The thought shocked her. Oh, sure, she wanted to fuck her big brother, but that was no new thought for her. In fact, Dawn had known for some time now that she was saving her cherry for Ron. She wanted him to be the one to pop it! And she knew he would be only too happy to oblige her. She had seen the way his lust-filled eyes undressed her everytime he looked her way. And Dawn knew that he would make it a memorable experience for her! Oh, it would hurt. She expected that. No, she wanted that. And she knew she would love whatever he wanted to do to her!

But now here she was thinking about her father, wanting him to fuck her too! Dawn shook her head in confusion. She just didn't know what to think. She suddenly noticed that the expression on Teri's face had changed. Her big sister was looking at her with a mixture of lust and cruelty.

Dawn moaned in fear and shrank back from Teri. And, suddenly, she realized that Teri was the only one in her family whom she had never felt close to. In fact, she had always been slightly afraid of her. For Teri was sadistic, just like Ron!

The two young girls were as still as statues, each lost in her own thoughts. Dawn's thoughts raced back over the last year, and she realized that her sister had changed in that time, had become even more strange, more twisted and cruel. And, Dawn knew, too, that Teri had been fucking other girls during that time.

Seeing the savage, wanton look of undisguised lust on her big sister's face, Dawn remembered all the hints Teri had dropped and all the overheard bits of conversation she had wondered about between Teri and her beautiful girlfriends. My God, she thought in desperation and fear, Teri must be a lesbian!

As though reading her young sister's thoughts, Teri finally spoke.

"No, Dawn, I'm no dyke. But I am gonna fuck you!"

Teri's cold, pale blue eyes narrowed more as she appraised her sexy, young sister from head to toe. Her calculating look sent shivers up and down Dawn's spine, shivers of fear and a rising excitement which took her by surprise. Surely, she couldn't be turned on by the idea of fucking another girl, especially her sister!

Dawn quickly decided that she would try to distract Teri by talking to her. That way, too, she would have a chance to get her own thoughts under control. Dawn knew that if Teri suddenly became aggressive she would not be able to fight her off. Teri was not only a year older, but she was much stronger and, judging by the hard look in her eyes, she was also very determined.

Dawn cleared her throat nervously. "Uh, Teri, you've, uh, made it with girls before, haven't you?"

Terri laughed. "Made it? Sure, I've fucked lots of young chicks, even younger than you, and they all loved it! So will you!"

Dawn felt a strange fluttering sensation deep in her pussy, and she began to clench her cunt-muscles as her breath quickened and her face flushed at her big sister's obscene words.

Still unwilling to admit to herself that she was turned on by her sister's promise to fuck her, Dawn stalled for time. Dawn struggled for composure.

"But, Teri," she began weakly, feeling her pussy fill with more and more hot cuntcream. "I've never ... I mean, I'm still cherry. I've never fucked a guy or a girl!"

Teri laughed. "I've never fucked a guy either. And I don't even know if I want to or not. I like girls, so maybe that does make me a lezzie, but I guess I won't know for sure 'til someone does me the honors and pops my little cherry!"

"Teri, I don't want to ... I mean ..." Dawn sobbed, trying to move farther away from her sister.

Suddenly Teri slapped Dawn's face. "Shut up, cunt! You've made me waste too much time as it is! Come on, you're gonna get fucked! And, like I say, you'll love it!"

"No, Teri, no! Please!" Dawn sobbed harder as she tried to escape, but it was no use. With lightning-like speed, Teri reached out and grabbed her kid sister, twisting her arm cruelly behind her back until Dawn's eyes filled with tears and she cried out in pain and frustration.

"Teri, let me go! Please! You're hurting me!" Dawn begged as Teri forced her toward the cabana next to the pool.

Teri laughed again. "Oh, no, I'm not letting you go, you little pussy, not until I'm through with you!"

Teri pushed her younger sister through the door of the cabana and shoved her down hard onto a small cot. Frightened and excited more than she had thought possible, Dawn found herself arching her back so that her firm, high tits jutted out even more. For some obscene reason, she wanted to turn Teri on!

Teri smiled and reached for a bottle of lotion. "You got too much sun, honey. You're all red and hot-looking."

"But, Teri, I don't want—" Dawn's words were cruelly cut off as her big sister slapped her tits viciously, making them swing back and forth, then-violent movement turning Dawn on even more. Teri forced Dawn over onto her belly.

"That's better. Now just relax," Teri murmured as she poured some cool lotion onto her hands and began to slowly massage her sister's back and neck with her strong hands.

"I saw you out on the patio, Dawn," Teri murmured huskily as she began to rub her sister's silken skin harder and faster.

"What do you mean?" Dawn asked.

"I mean I saw you finger fucking yourself! Shame!" Teri laughed. "You looked so beautiful. Your big tits and that gorgeous little snatch of yours. Bet it doesn't stay cherry for long, little sister!"

Dawn's breath caught in her throat. A flood of hot, wet pussy-cream oozed from her virgin cunt-hole, filling her cunt with throbbing desire.

"I know one stud who admits he'd love to pop your sweet little cherry for you!" Teri said tauntingly as she began to squeeze and pinch Dawn's flesh, making her moan and whimper with pain and excitement.

"Who?" Dawn tried to sit up in her excitement, but Teri shoved her roughly down again.

"Ron. He's the one. Told me himself. Said he'd like to fuck you, especially if you're cherry."

"Oh, God, Teri," Dawn moaned. "That's who I want. I mean, I want him to be the one. God help me, I want Ron to fuck me! To take my cherry!"

Dawn began to sob with shame and lust as she thought about her big brother's giant cock forcing its way into her tight, virgin cunthole.

Teri laughed, delighted now that her sister was turning on so nicely. It would make it easier for her to fuck Dawn. Teri's strong, commanding hands kneaded and worked the cool lotion into her sister's flesh. "Mmmm . . . I've always thought it would be nice if daddy popped mine!"

"Teri!" Dawn exclaimed. "You want daddy to fuck you?"

"Well, like I said, so far, I've only made it with girls. But I know I gotta try a cock someday to find out if I'm really a lezzie or not. And it might as well be daddy!" Teri tried to sound casual, indifferent, but her ragged voice betrayed her lust at the thought of her father shoving his huge dick into her virgin pussy.

Teri's hands moved over Dawn's back and ass, fluttering up and down her inner thighs. Breathless, unable to restrain her desire any longer, Dawn turned over onto her back and threw her arms above her head in a totally submissive gesture.

Startled, Dawn saw that Teri had stripped and was now completely naked. She stared at her large tits, out-thrust and with big, erect nipples. Dawn moaned, wanting to reach out and touch them, suck on them, but she knew instinctively that Teri was the one in charge, that she must wait for her commands. And she liked it better that way. She liked taking orders from her sexy, older sister, especially sexy orders!

"Good little girl," Teri breathed harshly, "just relax. That's fine."

Teri poured some lotion directly on Dawn's huge tits, then touched and stroked each nipple. Dawn arched her back and began pumping the lower part of her body. She really didn't know what to expect.-She had heard stories about how girls fucked each other. But she had never paid much attention, thinking that the lesbian scene wasn't for her. Yet now, here she was, longing for her sister's hot touch on her tits and pussy!

Suddenly, with a quick and painful movement, Teri sucked each of Dawn's nipples deep into her mouth and let her tongue swirl about the sensitive titflesh.

Dawn reached out and began to stroke her big sister's beautiful, large tits. "Ohhhh, Teri, that feels so good. Don't stop!"

Suddenly, Teri pushed her hands away. "Not yet, cunt! I'll tell you when you can touch me!"

Dawn was shocked. She knew that Teri was terribly turned on and wanted to be touched. But, apparently, Teri got off even more on ordering her around, on making her a sex slave.

Teri's mouth continued to work skillfully and methodically on Dawn's tits. At the same time, the older girl's hand was teasing its way down her tummy toward her gushing pussy. Dawn felt like screaming for Teri to hurry up, to touch her cunt, but she knew that that would only anger Teri. She had to let her take her own time.

Wet, sucking sounds reverberated through the cabana as Teri intensified her sucking efforts on

Dawn's large, heaving tits. Then, finally, just when the younger girl thought she could stand it no more, Teri's palm rested on Dawn's cunt mound and began a slow, sensuous pussy massage. Dawn's breath quickened and her body trembled, awaiting release from the hot desire which poured over her loins.

"Okay, sweet little pussy," Teri murmured huskily, "you can touch my tits now. But hurry! I wanna get back to your cunt!"

Teri dipped her finger gently into Dawn's wet, slick pussy, then flicked her finger against the younger girl's tortured clit, making Dawn cry out in pain and sexual frustration.

"Oh God, Teri! Please eat my pussy! Make me come!" Dawn moaned, tossing her head from side to side, unable to hold back any longer.

Teri's hand shot out, catching Dawn on the side of her head. Over and over, she slapped Dawn until the younger girl sobbed and whimpered, submissive once again.

"That's better! I told you to wait! I told you I'm the one in charge here! Now touch my tits or I'll have to beat you again!"

For the first time, Dawn began to wonder if her sister were crazy. She felt the flesh stinging on the sides of her face where Teri had struck her so viciously, yet the pain seemed to intensify her desire. Crazy or not, Dawn didn't care. Her older sister had her so hot with her sexy body and domi- nant ways, Dawn didn't care what she did to her, just so she fucked her!

Dawn sucked greedily on her sister's nipples. She used her tongue, her lips, the edges of her teeth on the massive, firm titflesh while Teri purred instructions and continued to rub her tingling, throbbing clit.

Finally, long moments later, Teri pulled her tits from Dawn's gulping, sucking mouth. Her nipple made a loud popping sound, and Dawn whimpered at being deprived of the delicious-tasting tit to nurse on.

Teri slapped her again. "That's enough!" she barked. "I tell you when to do what, understand?"

"Yes, Teri," Dawn muttered faintly, feeling more and more turned on. She was beginning to realize that she was meant to be a sex slave.

Teri lowered herself over Dawn's pussy and began to lick and suck at the young, virgin cunt. Dawn convulsed with ecstasy and desire as she felt her big sister's hot, grasping mouth tonguing her pussy-lips.

Dawn arched her back, driving her pussy against Teri's relentless, sucking mouth. She moaned and pushed her sister's head against her cunt, trying to drive her tongue deep inside.

Teri's hands seemed to be everywhere, now rubbing Dawn's firm ass-cheeks, now rubbing her pussy mound as she continued to gobble, making loud, slurping sounds that only turned on both girls even more.

Then, magically, just when Dawn thought she would go out of her mind with lust and the need for release, she felt Teri's hard, rough tongue push through her swollen pussy-lips. Teri licked her twitching clit.

"Ohhh, yes, Teri, yes! Lick my clit! Suck it! Bite it! Make me come!" Dawn yelled as she thrashed violently on the small cot.

Teri's hands moved to her kid sister's large, heaving tits as she raised herself from between Dawn's legs, her face drenched with cunt-juice.

"Beg me for it, kid," Teri murmured as she stared at Dawn's flushed face.

"Oh God, Teri, don't do this to me! I need to come so badly! Please make me come!" Dawn yelled, digging her nails into the palms of her hands until she felt the stickiness of her own blood.

"That's better, kid!" Teri yelled as she leaned down and bit Dawn's nipple, first one then the other, drawing blood.

"Oh, yes, Teri! I don't care what you do to me! Please! Please! Oh God, I can't wait any longer!" Dawn sobbed loudly, feeling as though she were losing her mind.

Teri laughed appreciatively. "That's what I like to hear. Okay, Dawn, I'm gonna finish you off now. I'm gonna make you come like you've never come before!"

Once again, Teri dropped her hot mouth to

Dawn's wet, throbbing cunt. Now she concentrated on giving her little sister the best tongue-fucking she had ever given any chick before. She stuck her tongue into Dawn's pussy, licking the entire area, returning finally to her twitching clit, which was rock-hard with desire now.

Teri's hot, hard tongue flicked against Dawn's little love-button, licking it, teasing it, knowing just how far she could go before Dawn would start to come. And, just when Dawn convulsed, about to have her much-needed orgasm, Teri pulled back, smiling triumphantly as she watched the tremors subsiding in Dawn's pussy.

Dawn, frustrated, began to protest, but then she realized that this was all a part of their sex game. Teri wanted to make her suffer in this way. She was being sadistic, but Dawn also knew that Teri was also helping prepare her for the most intense orgasm of her young life. And she was grateful. She would go along with whatever her sister wanted to do to her. And, just as Teri had predicted, she was loving every bit of it!

Time and time again, Teri's expert tongue and mouth brought Dawn close to a climax, only to pull back at the last second. Then, just when Dawn thought she would have to scream in frustration and unrelieved desire, she felt Teri's tongue invade her virgin cunt-hole. Amazingly, the older girl began to pump her rigid tongue in and out of the young girl's pussyhole like a miniature cock.

Dawn moaned and grabbed hold of Teri's head, mashing her face hard against her gushing pussy. Over and over, Teri drove her tongue in and out of Dawn's small, tight cunthole, fucking her faster and harder with each fuck-stroke.

"Oh, Jesus, Teri! That's so fantastic! Fuck me with that tongue of yours! Don't stop! Eat me, you bitch!" Dawn yelled, hardly aware of what she was saying.

Teri murmured happily, her face mashed against her little sister's streaming cunt. She loved the idea that she had made Dawn so hot. Her obscene words only turned Teri on more, and she drove her tongue in and out of Dawn's virgin cunthole faster and harder with each tongue-stroke.

"Oh, yessss, Teri! That's it! That's sooo good! I'm almost there! Oh, God, don't stop! Don't ever stop!"