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Nike competitor analysisAdidas-Adidas worldwide revenue is around 16 billion US dollar and has the brand valuation of around 7 billion US dollar. Adidas is one of the biggest Nike competitors. The main advantage of this company is its brand value and having a strong subsidiary in Reebok.Reebok- The company has world revenue three billion US dollar and brand valuation of around one billion US dollar. It is a subsidiary company of Adidas which operates independently. The company is mainly famous for its designer footwear for sports.Puma- The company has revenue around 3.4 billion and third Nike competitor which is known for its running shoes and sports apparel.The founder of Puma and Adidas were brothers but they got separated in 1948. Adidas is far ahead of Puma but Puma is global Nike competitor. Although Puma lacks in sports sponsorship revenue generated by Puma is enormous.Fila- The company is one of the largest manufacturing companies in footwear brand. Fila is not the premium category in comparison to Nike. The fila adopt penetration pricing technique by giving the cheaper branded product in comparison to NIKE. The company main policy revolves around cost advantage then its design or differentiation. 

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Nike Inc- Complete Analysis

SWOT, PESTLE and Marketing strategy

PESTLE ANALYSIS Political- The United State has the good policy for industrial development and government support the organization by providing low-interest capital and well arranged international tax agreements. Economic - Nike is the well-known brand but it also gets affected by the recession that western country is facing some time ago. In that period people have low purchasing power so they switch to lower end products. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

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NIKE INC- Complete Analysis (By- Bankim Chandra Pandey)


Nike Inc-Complete Analysis

Written By- Er Bankim Chandra Pandey, (Electronics & Communication), MBA (Internatonal MBA)

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Myself Bankim, complete my in electronics & Communication and MBA in international business.Presently I am working in private firms as Assistant Export manager.

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The aim of writing this book is to give a complete analysis of the company Nike in simple English so that students can understand the subject clearly and use the information in their assignment.



In modern world sport is regarded as a most important activity in day today’s life that help its in becoming a developing business. International Olympic organization. FIFA cup and international cricket cup helps in flourishing sport to larger masses in peace time. In starting sport was viewed as an activity but in the present scenario, it develops a formal and organized structure.Let take the example of a NIKE company to understand its business plan, marketing structure and promotion strategy.

The sports marketing plan consist of various elements such as marketing mixes,the sports environment, pricing strategy, penetration strategy and introduction to sports markets. Marketing mix consists of Product placing, pricing, promotions, segmentation, targeting and positioning of the products in the market and among the customer. The Sport’s market basically runs by the quality and the glamour quotient of the market trends. The company tries to showcase a sporting event in such a way that it can generate an abundance of income. Sponsorship is another way of earning money through sports marketing. This is also called as the commodification of the spirits as it consist of sale, display, sponsorship and advertising of the sports related events with aim of for generating income (Richard A. Posner, 1977). It is done to advertise various brands and merchandise used in sports. It is also important for the overall promotion of a sporting event like the Olympics and specific events in different sports.

Sports were popular in old times as well but the involvement of money was not there. It can be broadly divided into three levels, first being advertised on sports in general or any specific event, second being participation in a sporting event and thirdly the overall promotion of the sports in public to increase the sell ability of the sports gear and various other merchandise related to sports (Steven R. Ratner, 1999)