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A chubby innocence is at her patient's service - in every situation The entire Night Shift Nurses series in one handy volume. Contains: - The Nurse's Fat Udders - Fist Fucking the Fat Nurse - A Group Fuck for the Chubby Nurses Looking after the head doctor's patients require nurse Anny's full attention, which the handsom Mr. Buchmann gives back fully, especially as he spies her voluptuous bust. With little experience in matters of love, Anny at first doesn't quite know how to handle the obvious bodily reaction of the man, but then something takes hold of her and she indulges in her sexual cravings - and those of her patient as well. But can she encourage him to another round after her oral insemination? And which openings has she prepared for that? And can they keep their activities a secret from the other nurses? Hearing about the intimate ways her colleague is taking care of special patients awakens nurse Theresias curiousity. And so, when Anny pays one of her small visits to Mr. Buchmann, the young, eager nurse accompanies her - only to watch, at first. But as her busty and chubby co-worker gets the full brunt of her patient's cock, she finds it increasingly harder to restrain herself. Will she be joining them in their lust? Or can she keep from becoming yet another Night Shift Nurse with benefits? Running the nurse's station alone at night has very welcome benefits for Anny and Thera, who find it increasingly difficult to quench their constant craving for warm, throbbing cocks. So when a whole group of fresh patients arrive, the two horny nurses use every inch of their chubby bodies to milk even the last drops of sperm. Contains: group sex, double penetration, anal, oral, bisexual, fisting,

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Night Shift Nurses

A Patient Story


Text Copyright 2016Zora Vítková. This book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License. The license terms can be found at:

This is a work of fiction. All sexually active characters are at least 18 years old or older.

Cover is based on the image “Super Sonico and Suzu Fujimi” by Greyloch, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License steht. The license terms can be found at :

The nurse's fat utters

„You called, Mr. Buchmann?“ Carefully, the nurse closed the door to the room behind her and stepped up to the patient's bed.

“Yes,” he answered with a telling glance, that slowly travelled down her body. His eyes rested especially on her voluptuous chest, which was showing clearly through her tight, white nurse's uniform.

Nurse Anny felt very exposed, almost naked, watching him undress her with his eyes. Slowly, she lowered her eyes, full black hair falling into her face, hopefully hiding some of the blush that reddened her cheeks. “How… how can I help you?” she asked meekily and looked down, where the tips of her white shoes were pushing against one another.

“I can't get a comfortable position,” the man answered and turned around in bed uncomfortably. Anny smiled and stepped closer. She wasn't usually this shy, but handling the head doctor's patients was a different matter entirely. On top of that, Mr. Buchmann was very handsome, an older man with greying hair, having only a slight amount of a belly, just enough to be exactly the way she liked it. He had been shaved when he was admitted, but now a salt-and-pepper stubble framed his chin, and his short cut hair was unkempt. For a moment, she fought the desire to caress and groom him, but then just scuffled around the bed and fluffed up his pillow.

His gaze followed her, and wandered from her breasts to her butt, and back again. My god, does it shake like that all the time, when she walked? She wondered, suddenly having become very self-conscious about her body. She tried hard to tighten her muscles to keep her curves under control, but to no avail. Taking a mental note to wear a more wide outfit in the future, she suddenly was torn from her thoughts by something entirely different: There, under the blanket, was a distinctive bulge at Mr. Buchmann's crotch.

Her eyes widened when she watched the slowly growing erection that began to spread there, and only a few moments later she could tear herself away from it, only to meet the patient's gaze once more. “I'm sorry,” he said, not sounding sorry in the slightest. “But I'm just a man, and you've got a certain… vibrancy.”

Anny nodded and smiled. She didn't get very many compliments, being too thick for most men, even though her figure was well proportioned. She opened her mouth to give a response, but it left her speechless. Her mind was blank, words were at the tip of her tongue, but disappeared before she could utter them, and so she croaked and stuttered for a moment, feeling like a dumb schoolgirl, lovestruck by her teacher. But then, as if led by a magical force, she gracefully let her fingers run across the bulge. It was as if a different woman took possession of her, a strange, stronger, more confident, arousing woman, who knew what she wanted, and didn't let herself get intimidated. “Maybe I can take care of that,” she replied with a dark voice, almost whispering, while she slowly stroked the warm, hard member under the cloth.

Now it was the patient's turn to be baffled. “Oh God,” he groaned and let out a long sigh. “That would be wonderful. It has been so long since