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NibblersTelekinesis is the next phase of human evolution. Nibblers have this ability and literarily eat half the world’s population as a side effect of having their powers. They have lost all ability to speak, and communicate only through thought. They are a dangerous breed that can move objects by strength of thought. Humans must not only survive the flesh hungry Telekinetic Nibblers but also themselves, as they fight over dwindling supplies and territory.Mandy is a Straggler, a lone wolf with no affiliations to any of the warring clans. She loots supplies from anywhere she can and hides from other people and the dreaded ruling fragment of the old government “Enterprise.”How long can Mandy survive in a world where humans hate Stragglers and Nibblers want to eat anything that breathes?Charlie & The MixiegruffAn outsider, out on an ordinary day, somehow gets sucked into a crazy, dangerous, magical mirror world. He is soon attacked by harbingers of the darkness- Darkstalkers. Defenseless, Charlie is almost doomed to certain death, but for the intervention of an unlikely mythical hero who tries desperately to protect the drifter. Zoe, the Mixiegruff and Charlie don’t exactly get on well. She can’t stand him, even though there is something about him that keeps her drawn to him. She stands by him through his dangerous journey into the Marelands, as they fend off Ogres, Dark fairies and other mythical adversaries.

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Series One

Chapter 1

Panic-New Detroit, Jan 2, 2050

Telekinesis is the next phase of human evolution. But this huge leap came with a terrible price. Half of the world’s human population was wiped out in months by a quarter of its newly evolved relatives. This is us; all that is left after most of humanity had been put in the dirt. First, they fed on the sickly, then they took the old. No one noticed at first- In a world of smart phones, social media and celebrities, people just buried their faces in their own cocoons, living their lives more selfishly than ever.
Mandy stops scribbling on a notepad, hanging from a rope strapped round her neck. She is rattled by an explosion in the distance. The military, or at least what was left of it were shelling the place. She grabs her duffle bag from the ground and heads out of the window. Her heart beats faster and faster, as she races down an old scaffold. She can see red lights pointed at her chest.
“Put your hands where we can see them! Do it now!” a man in black military gear shouted.
His hands itched on the trigger. The other men behind him were anxious as well. A million possible outcomes ran through Mandy’s brain, as she gulped in huge breaths. They won’t keep her breathing for long if they suspected that she was a threat to them and if they thought she had been intoxicated, they would put a bullet in her brain- scrambled minds can make people do whatever a Nibbler suggests.
There was only a few second’s to make her move. The Enterprise control everything now. They collect taxes and keep order amongst warring clans. Mandy had no clan, she had no people; she was a Straggler. Everyone hated Stragglers. They were the ones that lived without responsibilities, or burden. Stragglers also helped themselves to other people’s stuff. They were sought of, like foragers with a bad case of kleptomania.
The guns were still on Mandy. She hadn’t moved a muscle. Her eyes were roaming-they scanned every corner of her entire vicinity for a possible escape route. The Nibblers didn’t have malformed faces, drooling mouths or big claws, or glowing eyes. They looked like everyone else, except for the fact that they ate people- they literally ate people. They couldn’t talk; Nibblers had lost all ability to coordinate and control the ability of speech. Mandy knew there was no way of telling if she was human, and there was no one to vouch for her because she wasn’t part of any of the bickering smaller clans. She did the dumbest thing she could possibly have done. She ran as fast as her feet could carry her, across the wooden planks. Shots were fired instantly. They hit the metals in the scaffold structure.
Mandy was either brave or really foolish. She jumped down from the edge of the scaffold, free falling without any ropes. The men in uniforms ran to the edge of the scaffold and fired more shots at the falling teenage girl. She got a few grazes. She didn’t scream. She was as tough as nails. As Mandy came closer to the bottom of the scaffold, she grabbed unto one of the metal bars and swung around for a bit before breaking her fall. She climbed down, carefully avoiding the line of fire.
“Those Pricks fucking tried to kill me!” Mandy ranted, as she ran quickly into the streets, nursing the bullet wound on her arm.

She couldn’t stop yet. She needed to get out of the sights of her pursuers. They were known to be brutal with Stragglers.

Chapter 2

High Citadel, Jan 2, 2050

In the new world, humans were becoming more brutal than Nibblers. At least the Nibblers only killed to appease their hunger. But humans turned to slaughtering each other for precious supplies and just to prove a point-that they are in charge of running things. In a world without real leaders, anarchy reigned. Mandy was one of the few caught in the center of it.

“Commander Prometheus, We couldn’t find her. It’s as if she vanished into thin air,” one of the troopers reports to the apparently distracted commander.
Commander Prometheus seemed to be scanning the streets below him. The commander turned to the trooper, gripping his neck tightly, “You let that insect get away! Were we not in need of combat hardened men, I would throw you off this roof myself!”
The commander throws the man to the ground and walks away, leaving him gasping for breath. There was a chopper waiting on the roof. He climbs up into it and signals to the pilot to take off. The chopper climbs slowly into the air. Commander Prometheus wears a sullen look, as he stares at an old photograph. A single tear rolls down his bearded face, but his angel-blue eyes did not betray much emotion. Men of war rarely showed a softer side.
The photograph clearly peeled open an old wound- something buried deep in the recesses of the commander’s memory. His childhood flashed before his eyes. He could smell his mother’s cooking. He could see his dad put his arms round her, as he tried to steal some bacon from the pan. His mom batted his dad’s thieving arm away.
“Oh can I have just this one, Agatha?” the commander’s Dad pleaded, trying desperately to use his charms on his wife.
Agatha didn’t budge. Prometheus’s dad resulted to playing dirty. He tickled her, and she laughed like a giddy little school girl. They kissed a bit. Then Prometheus’s dad snuck a bit of bacon into his mouth, and crunched on it quickly.
“Careful Zachary, you don’t wanna choke on that,” Agatha joked, as she returned to making breakfast.
“What are you doing over there son?” Zachary asked, scooping the peeping boy into his strong arms and throwing him in the air.
“Prometheus! Prometheus!” a voice shouts repeatedly in his ear. He seemed to be half asleep and deaf to it. “Governess Hannah! I didn’t know we had arrived at High Citadel yet. Forgive my absenteeism, I have been rather preoccupied of late,” Commander Prometheus apologized, making a fist and striking his chest and suspending his left foot in the air in a gesture of salute.
“Men must fight their wars, and we the matriarchs of this great city must play our part. You are forgiven, Commander. You may follow me into the Conversing chamber. We have much to discuss.” Governess Hannah waves a hand, permitting the commander to relax from his awkward saluting posture.
“I trust the cleansing went well in New Detroit.” Governess Hannah smiles with relish, crossing her legs, as she sunk her posterior into a huge leather seat.
“We lost some good men to the flesh eating Nibbler scum, but after all said and done, we prevailed.”
“I believe we hit a big chunk of the New Detroit Nibbler hive in the missile strike,” Commander Prometheus spoke calmly, folding his hands behind him.
Rising to her feet, the Governess looks Commander Prometheus straight in the eyes and moved her lips slowly,
“Did you do a body count?”
“I believe it’s too soon to make such a presumption. Those things might be rabid, but they’re not to be underestimated. The last time the world did that, it cost us everything.”

Chapter 3

St Jasper's Street, Jan 3, 2050

In the center of St Jasper’s street, a waistcoat wearing man was preparing to address a gathering of all sorts of people-the Planters, the Menders and the cut throats; they all clamored for a chance to catch a glimpse of him. He was stood on a pile of boxes. He took a swig out of a small flask, cleared his throat, then proceeded to speak.

“They came out of no where. Like beasts under the cover of night, they took everything from us. They took our fathers! They took our mothers! They took our children!
They stepped on our heads like insects, and buried our faces in the mud. How can you eat? How can you go home and lay with your wife in an empty home, when they have torn the children away from our breasts?
Get up! Get up! We take down every one of them until we have burnt those Nibblers out of bloody memory!” the man in the waistcoat rambled on, shouting on top of his voice.
The response to his fiery speech was a rapturous cheer, and of course food, drinks and other precious commodities were dumped into the back of a waiting wagon.
With a fake smile, the speaker raises his hat and waves goodbye to the gullible gathering. He was a man that peddled false hopes for his own gain. He was a fraud, like the shadow of a life that everyone had been living after their lives had been turned upside down by loss- losses brought about by the savagery of war between the armies of the Enterprise and the Nibblers.
The people in between were always going to be the collateral damage. Mandy had been laying huddled under a blanket at the back of the wagon. The ride was very bumpy, but she managed to fish out some alcohol and penicillin from the sacks in the back of the waistcoat wearing deceiver’s wagon. She drank a bit of the whisky. It tasted like horse piss. Mandy spat it out instantly, pouring what was left of the bottle's contents over her flesh wound. It stung so badly that she almost let out a big yell. Acting quickly to stop that from happening, she covers her mouth with her other hand.
Mandy made muffled, inaudible noises, but the trotting of the horse’s hooves blocked out her soft whimpers. The wagon went past some uneven ground, sending the stowaway in the wagon flying from one end to the other. “Ouch!” Mandy yelped, bumping her head into the wooden walls of the wagon. Finally, the horse-pulled wagon came to a stop in front of a derelict house.
The windows were all boarded up. The fraudster in the waistcoat dismounted from the front of the wagon and limped sluggishly towards the front door. He stopped halfway, sniffed the fresh air and took off one of his boots, emptying it of it’s sandy contents.
“Woohoo! Now that’s what I’m talking about,” he screams jubilantly, as he peeped into one of the bags he had unloaded.
He fetched a cigarette pack out of the bag and lit it. Savoring the taste of tobacco and ejecting the fumes from his nostrils, he throws his head back against a pillar in front of the house.
“You can come out now. I know you’ve been hitching a ride all the way from New Detroit,” the smooth talking conman spoke, staring directly at the wagon. There was a bit of a ruckus at the back of the wagon. Then out popped a teenager, wearing a bandage on one arm. She came out with both arms in the air.
Blowing her long walnut brown hair away from her eyes, she offers the olive branch, “I don’t mean you no harm. I just needed something for my arm. I was minding my own business when some crazies shot me.”
“Now ain’t that a damn sweet tale. Seriously! Are you trying to con the master of con?”
“Heck, I invented the word con,” the conman stares intently at Mandy, as if he could somehow probe into her brain.

Chapter 4

Trust A Stranger-New Detroit Mountains, Jan 3, 2050

Mandy shuts her eyes and walks slowly towards the conman. She opens her fluttering eyelids and hisses, “my hands are kind of getting heavy. Can we just cut the crap already?”

“A Straggler who is direct. I didn’t see that one coming. Do you come with a name kid?” the grinning conman asks, still chewing on the cigarette.
“I am Mandy, Mandy freeborn,” the words rolled out of the teenage girl’s tongue, as slowly as dripping water from a barren tap.
He sniffs at her dismissively, “All Stragglers are called Freeborn, what else would I possibly call you kid.”
“You’re not gonna shoot me, are you?” she bites her lips, anxiously staring at the pistol on the Conman’s holster.
“Don’t be so crude girl. I ain’t no child killer. You behave yourself and I won't be shooting you in the leg,” the conman laughs, hunching over to pick a set of keys from a crack in the floor boards.
“The name is Daniel Kneecaps, and this here is home, sweet home,” Daniel kneecaps announced, urging the wary teenager to join him.
The war with the Nibblers hadn’t taken the electricity. The rivers generated power and High Citadel controlled the Clan that lived on the river bank where the only power station left standing was located. It was an old thing that hadn’t been used in decades. It took a lot of manpower and erudite men to get it working again. Besides, no one had any protective gear to handle nuclear materials and all the parts in the nuclear stations had been stripped bare. People needed anything metal for weapons, and the wires were stripped and melted to make even more weapons.
“Where did you learn to write?”
“No one writes stuff anymore. Besides why does a Straggler want to bother with all that fine writing anyway?” Daniel Kneecaps quizzed Mandy, forcing her to break her concentration.
She doesn’t say a word. She tucks the notepad underneath her shirt and frowns disapprovingly at Daniel Kneecaps. He knew not to probe further and carried on taking the supplies into the kitchen.
Mandy looks up to see a creepy stag head glaring back at her. She couldn’t bare to be in the presence of such variety of taxidermy. It’s glassy dead eyes totally creeped her out. Throwing a dirty blanket over the stag head, she mutters cheekily, “sorry Rudolf, those horrible eyes have got to go. My God! Are you a sight for sore eyes?”
In the derelict house, cold air seeped through the cracks on the wall, brushing against Mandy’s pale, soft skin. Mandy walked slowly towards the wall where the stag head was mounted. She pasted the side of her face on the brick wall. It felt chilly. The rushing air gushed against her cheek.
“This feels a bit hollow.” she taps the bricks gently with her fists. Turning to walk away, Mandy loses her balance and almost trips. Her hands press against a loose brick. It falls in and dust clouds escape from the sides of the wall, as it slides open.
“Whoops! I didn’t think that would be there.”
“Hey Dan! Did you know about this backroom?” she shouts into empty space, walking towards the kitchen. She doesn’t find her host there. Her eyes quickly find a note on an old grey fridge. Her eyes fixate on it for a bit- “Gone hunting. Help yourself to the beer and fresh biscuits, they’re homemade.”
She shoved a few biscuits in her bag and sniffed at the beer in the glass bottle. It didn’t smell as bad as she thought it would. She poured some of the booze down her throat.
“Not bad, not bad at all,” Mandy smiles, licking the foam from the booze off her lips. She felt a little encouraged to attempt to nibble on the biscuits.
“Please don’t taste awful,” she tucks into the biscuit. It tasted divine.
There was some soft moaning and then she rubbed her aching belly, making soft noises, “mmmh, yes.”
It was a hard life for Stragglers. Mandy hadn’t had any food in four days-Everyone was becoming more guarded and crafty at hiding food away from pilfering Stragglers. Someone almost put an arrow in her chest once. She was lucky, he was a lousy shot.
When her rumbling belly was appeased, Mandy’s curiosity returned. Her eyes fixated on the room behind the false wall. She steadies her breathing, grabs a pan and walks into the dark, dusty room.
“There is nothing in the darkness that will hurt you.” she flicks the switch on the lighter, illuminating the dark room. There are all sorts of guns hanging on the wall.
“This is the mother load.”
“Come to mama! This could do some damage,” she grabs a shiny magnum. It looked as if it had been polished with utmost care. The gleeful look on her face soon turned into abject terror. There were tanks with full bodies, and body parts suspended in some sort of clear fluids lined up in one corner.

“What the devil is all this?” her lips trembled, as she struggled not to throw up. It was a losing battle. She emptied the contents of her belly on the floor in utter disgust at what she had just seen.

Chapter 5

Captive-New Detroit Mountains, Jan 3, 2050

She had barely taken all of the horror she had seen in, when she heard the front door creek.

“Oh my God! He is back,” Mandy whispers softly to herself. She couldn’t sit tight and hope for him to go away. The cat was out of the bag now, and she knew he was going to kill her for what she had discovered. Breathing heavily, she hurries out of the dark room, crawling on all fours.
“I hope he doesn’t find me. I don’t wanna die today,” she rambles on in a shaky tone of voice. A very shaken up Mandy pauses in her tracks. She could hear boots stumping. The footsteps seemed to be heading in her direction.
“No, no, no.” she closes her eyes, pushing her back against a cabinet. She stooped really low, gripping the shiny magnum ever so desperately. Daniel Kneecaps has a candle holder bedecked with melting candle sticks. He walked slowly through the room. He seems to have a heavy bag with him which he throws on the table. It sounded like it had a lot of tools in it when the bag slammed against the table.
“hmm, mmm, It’s not polite to poke your nose in people’s shit,” Daniel Kneecaps chuckles, whistling a tune as he searched the room for the Straggler.
“I don’t wanna hurt you or anything. Your thieving from me is just gonna cost you an eye. I’ll be real gentle when I poke it out with this spoon.” he smirks, picking up a weird looking cutlery.
She surprises him with a gun pointed at the back of his head.
“You won’t be taking anything from me today. In fact you won’t be taking anything from anyone else, ever!” she posture’s, keeping the barrel of the gun firmly pressed on the back of Daniel Kneecaps head.
“Are you sure about that kid? Do you even know how to shoot that thing?” he goaded her, squeezing on the candle holder very tightly.
“Trust me! You’ll find out soon enough. No sudden moves or ill..” the words slipped quickly out of her mouth. Before she could finish the sentence, he knocked the magnum out of her hand with the candle holder. She races to where the gun fell, but he grabs her by the hair, pulling her towards him.
She knees him in the groin. “ouch, little bitch!" he squelches a bit.
He punched her in the face, sending her sprawling on the floor. He walked slowly towards her saying, “I’m gonna enjoy cutting you up real slow like an Easter turkey.”
“Don’t get up too quickly.” he yanks on her hair, laughing mischievously. “Cut this! Fucker!” she screams, stabbing his boot with a big hunting knife.
“Oww! I’m gonna kill you slow,” he howled, grimacing in agony.
She ran for the door. She didn’t get far. A knife came flying, tearing into her shoulder and pinning her face first to the door. The pissed off limping man dragged her off, taking her back into the backroom.
Mandy wakes up feeling groggy and rotten. She can see hazy objects and squints pointlessly- her eyes don’t quite focus on things.
“Don’t be getting any ideas about running; you wont get very far.”