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Never Be Boring Again: Make Your Business Presentations Capture Attention, Inspire Action and Produce Results by Doug Stevenson

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The key to giving dynamic business presentations is to tell compelling and well-crafted stories that bring the principles to life for your audience. To become a better public speaker and genuinely connect with your audience, learn how to tell stories well.

Quite simply, well-crafted stories are the best way available to deliver content. Stories help people relate to what you're saying. They are a bridge which connect the speaker and the audience. When you tell a story, people get caught up in what you're saying, and visualize how it relates to them. They give you their full attention.

To never be boring again when giving business presentations, enhance your ability to tell memorable stories.

Key Thoughts

"You're not finished talking until you've told a story."

Doug Stevenson

"When you start telling a story, and you really get into it by having fun and letting yourself go, then people listen with full attention. That's what it's all about──getting their full attention. In order to do that you've got to have something better for them to listen to, something more interesting than the noise going on inside their heads. You've got to catch their attention. Stories are the best way to deliver content. Using a well-crafted story is the key to winning over resistant audiences. If you have to give bad news, sharing a story often makes listeners understand a decision and accept it, even when they don't like it."

Doug Stevenson

Chapter 1The benefits of storytelling in business

Being a good storyteller will enrich your presentations and enhance your credibility as a speaker. Using a story is the absolute best way to help people understand and"buy into"a new idea or initiative. Even better, stories can make abstract business concepts real and meaningful, which means listeners will internalize what you're saying.

There are eight key benefits of being able to use the right story in the appropriate business setting:

1. Stories engage the right brain and the left brain──they meld together intellectual stimulation(which appeals to the logical left-brain)with emotional stimulation(which appeals to the right-brain)to communicate ideas. By mixing a well chosen story with facts and figures, people will be convinced.

2. Stories apply with equal effectiveness to people with differing learning styles──in this way:

■ Auditory learners will learn from what you say through changes in the volume, tempo, inflection and voice pitch used in the telling of a good story.

■ Visual learners will be able to visualize what you're describing because you'll be acting out the story.

■ Kinesthetic learners will re-live what you're describing and have the opportunity to discuss ideas with you once you've finished telling your story.

3. Stories provide business professionals an opportunity to be original──especially when stories are used which make familiar information fresh and inspiring.

4. Stories can give you instant credibility──by convincing the audience beyond any doubt that you know what you're talking about. When a business leader uses a well selected story instead of reciting a long list of dry facts and figures, you'll immediately warm to his or her personality. Good stories help your listeners do the same with you.

5. Stories invite involvement on the part of the listener──such that the listeners can get swept up and immersed in a great story. They can visualize and feel what it's like to be in the story rather than being distracted or bored.

6. Stories create a bond and bridges of understanding