Naughty Wife Desires 2: Shared with the Neighbors - Deborah Cockram - ebook

After a single, torrid late-night encounter in a shower with the tall, young stranger named Tony, Jennifer can't focus on anything the following day, other than their next rendezvous. She spends the day with her hubby and kids, playing, watching…and dreaming of Tony, her body trembling at the memory of his caresses, kisses, touches.Jennifer doesn’t know what's gotten into her – she's 37, with two kids and a 15-year marriage – far too old and with too much going on to engage in silly little dalliances, no matter how hot, awesome and scintillating her young fantasy man might be. Still, she can't get him out of her head, and no matter what she tells herself, Jennifer knows she's going back to meet him again, tonight.Finally the day ends, her hubby and kids head out and Jennifer slips back to their agreed-upon place, only to find that Tony's invited a few friends along – two other young men and a woman – all with young beautiful bodies and hungry, desperate eyes.Will she give herself over to them? Will her husband catch her? And what will her decision mean for her marriage? Those answers, and so much more steamy, salacious tale of romance, passion and desire.

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Deborah Cockram

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Table of contents

Naughty Wife Desires 2: Shared with the Neighbors

By Deborah Cockram

© Copyright 2017 by Deborah Cockram and After Midnight Press

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Everyone in this story is 18 or older.

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Naughty Wife Desires 2: Shared with the Neighbors

(Naughty MILF Taboo, Older Woman Younger Man First Time Group Cheating Romance)

By Deborah Cockram

I had agreed to meet Tony here, at midnight, at the two small shower stalls outside my home. Tony was a tourist, living, along with two other men and a woman, in the second unit of the duplex my husband, kids and I inhabited. We had purchased our side, just five blocks from the beach, several years ago and enjoyed a nice full-time life here in Ocean City, New Jersey.

The other side of the duplex was a rental, and every week from late spring through the end of summer there was a different group of people living next door. This week it was Tony – a young, tall, muscular man I would guess was a good 15 years younger than my own age of 37. He was gorgeous. And earlier today he had kissed me, held me in his arms, right here in one of the two outside showers we used to wash away the beach sand before going inside the house.

He had promised to meet me here, at midnight, but as I stood here, in the dark of the moonless night, I realized he hadn't been serious. It had been too much to hope for. With bitter disappointment in my gut, I turned to go back inside when the shadow – large and wide – blotted out the faint light coming from the security lamp across the neighbor's yard. I gasped as his hands came down on my shoulders, slipping down my body – pausing ever-so-slightly as they passed the swell of my breasts – on their way to my hips. He reached around me, hands squeezing my ass as he lifted me, pressing me into the shower with his weight against me. The door swung open, then slapped shut and we were in absolute, total dark.

He pressed me against the wall, slipping my shirt up and off of me, letting it fall to the ground. His body felt like a collection of hard, tight, knotted muscles, his cock between my legs, brushing against my pussy without entering. He sat me down on the little bench seat, went to his knees and pressed his lips to mine, tongue slipping into my mouth, his hands now on my hips, thighs, between my legs, fingers slipping inside my pussy.

I shuddered violently when he pressed his fingers against my clit. He wasn't gentle or gradual, yet Tony wasn't rough either. He was direct, touching me where he wanted, how he wanted, no playful build-up, yet he seemed to know exactly how much pressure to apply, how to draw sudden intense arousal from my body.

His kisses grew more urgent, pressing my head back against the rough wooden wall, his fingers working back and forth across my clit, pressing against it, then releasing pressure, pressing against it again before releasing, sending sudden waves of orgasm washing through me. I closed my eyes – not that it made any different, the shower stall was so dark – but with my eyes closed I could almost see and hear the ocean, its waves washing up on the shore then retreating, wrestling with the next in-coming wave, and that was exactly how my body felt. Each time he pressed a new wave of arousal seem to wash over me. When he pulled his fingers back, it seemed to withdraw, almost retreat back to my pussy, not quite returning before he pressed again, another wave of pleasure washing over me.

Over and over the did this, until I moaned and cried out, my muscles convulsing, my heart slamming inside my chest, the absolutely most intense orgasm I'd ever felt running along every nerve in my body.

He continued like this for some time – exactly how long I wasn't sure – until I thought I might pass out. I closed my legs around his hands, muscles contracting, as one final, overwhelming wave of climax gripped my body.

He continued moving his fingers, but slower, with less purpose, while he relaxed his kiss, my head no longer pinned against the wall.

Finally he pulled away from me. I nearly collapsed it was so sudden, I was so spent.


That was what happened last night, or maybe this morning, since it all took place after midnight. There was more, much more. But in the end he had driven me to orgasm with his fingers, had allowed me to take him right to the edge of his own climax with my mouth around his enormous, hard cock, only to pull away, to tell me to return today, during the daylight hours, to let him fuck my mouth.

It's all I could think about the whole day. At breakfast I can't tell you how many times the kids would say something, and I've have to ask them to repeat it, or I smiled and nodded and hoped I was answering in the right way.

Then we went down to the beach. Randy, that’s my husband, doesn't like to spend a lot of time there – he works in construction all week, so he's not all the keen on being out in the hot sun during his off time – but the kids love when he goes with us, so he promised he'd spend the day there with all of us.

It was hot, even with the wind whipping from the ocean, and torturous to be there, watching the women and men gleaming in the sun, their bodies covered in sweat, the scent of sunscreen mingling with that of the ocean.