Naked Incest: Taboo Erotica - Peyton Orne - ebook

Warning: This is a VERY taboo, vintage, hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description.*******For once Millie Underwood was glad to do the laundry. Her mom hadn't even needed to nag her. In fact, Millie had actually volunteered. The reason? She was looking at a big part of it now, certain that the telltale evidence would've gotten her grounded forever if her mom had noticed."Mmmm, I sure made a mess out of these," Millie chuckled, inspecting the stained crotch.They were her panties, the pair she'd worn last night on her date. And what a date! That dude had been so hard up for her pussy that he'd fucked her without even taking off her clothes. He'd just pulled up her skirt, yanked her panties aside and crammed his big cock up her cunt. Then come a load of the hottest, thickest jizz imaginable!"What a date! One minute I was on my way to get some popcorn, and before I knew it ... wow, I had a huge cock in my pussy!"She'd been at the drive-in with her date, a wimp. He was more interested in watching the stupid movie than about getting into her pants. 

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Naked Incest

Peyton Orne

Copyright © 2017

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"Mmmm, I sure made a mess out of these," Millie chuckled, inspecting the stained crotch.They were her panties, the pair she'd worn last night on her date. And what a date! That dude had been so hard up for her pussy that he'd fucked her without even taking off her clothes. He'd just pulled up her skirt, yanked her panties aside and crammed his big cock up her cunt. Then come a load of the hottest, thickest jizz imaginable!"What a date! One minute I was on my way to get some popcorn, and before I knew it ... wow, I had a huge cock in my pussy!"She'd been at the drive-in with her date, a wimp. He was more interested in watching the stupid movie than about getting into her pants. So, to relieve her frustration, Millie had gone to get something to eat. That's when she'd run into her cousin Jack in the snack bar. She hadn't seen him since he'd joined the Navy.She hadn't been able to resist flirting with such a good-looking guy, regardless of whether he was technically family. Of course, she didn't know Jack would turn out to be such a pistol. One thing rapidly led to another."Don't like small talk," he'd told her when the electricity between them abruptly sparked. "We both know what we want."Millie had hungrily agreed so Jack had just backed her up against a wall in a dark place. Next his strong hands were rearranging her clothes, skirt up and panties tugged aside. She unzipped his fly and guided his huge prick into the damp warmth of her welcoming pussy.Then when it was over, Jack stuffed his dripping prick back in his pants, said something about looking her up in the next few days, and vanished into the night. Millie hadn't minded his swift exit, it just made him seem mysterious. So, with a cuntful of the stickiest jizz ever, she'd gone back to her date and sat there for the rest of a double-feature while her panties soaked up all that leaking cream.Later, at home, she'd stashed her clothes. The panties were the worst, but her skirt had also been stained by stray cum. Plus, her blouse had buttons missing from Jack pawing her tits while he'd been fucking her.Now Millie was covering up her traces by doing the laundry. The only problem was that her jizz-drenched panties had her impossibly turned on all over again."Well, after all, I am alone down here," she sighed, looking around the basement which served as a laundry room. "Nothing to stop me from taking a pussy-break."Millie set the dirty clothes on top of the washing machine and slipped a hand inside her cut-off jeans. Her excited pussy spasmed to the touch, immediately moistening another pair of panties. Right away Millie was rhythmically finger-fucking herself, on the verge of climaxing.But before Millie could enjoy her orgasm, she was suddenly thrown into a panic. Footsteps sounded on the stairway leading from the house into the basement and she bolted out of sight, moving so fast that she didn't manage to get her fingers out of her frustrated cunt until she was hiding in the darkness."Gary," she whispered, recognizing the intruder as her kid brother. "What's he doing down here?"Millie soon found out. After calling out to see if anyone was there and receiving no answer, Gary went immediately to the washing machine. He sifted through the pile of laundry then grinned when he removed a particular item."Yeah! Can't find a sweeter pair than these," he whispered, holding them to his face and sniffing. "They're still wet!""My God, he's got my panties from last night," Millie choked under her ragged breath.Then, stuffing the panties into his pocket, Gary turned and went back up the stairs. Millie found herself overwhelmed with curiosity. What, she thought, did he plan to do with them?The next thing she knew she was following him up the stairs. They were the only ones at home, their dad was working and their mom was at the store. When Millie discovered that her brother was now in his bedroom with the door closed, she decided to stick her nose into Gary's very private business. Millie nudged the door silently ajar and peeked inside."Wow!" she gulped. "I don't believe it."Her brother was on his bed. He was bare-assed now, lying there with his knees raised and his legs spread. Jutting from his crotch was as huge and hard a cock as Millie had ever seen."Jeez," she panted to herself, "never knew my own brother was hung like this!"But it wasn't just the size of Gary's prick that captivated Millie. It was also what he was doing with it. He'd wrapped her soiled panties around his rigid hard-on and was in the process of jacking off with them."Wonder if he's thinking about me while he's beating his meat," Millie whispered. "Do I really turn him on that much?"The answer was most definitely yes."Just wish I could get my stiff cock into more than just your panties, Sis," gusted Gary, having no idea that Millie could actually hear him. "God, how I want to fuck your tight pussy, Sis. It'd be a dream come true."Millie couldn't help being enormously flattered. Even more, she couldn't avoid her instant arousal."Yeah," she sighed. "I wouldn't mind trying that beautiful cock on for size. Mmmm, and wouldn't that blow Gary's mind if I just went ahead and stepped out of his dream in the flesh?"But, Millie cautioned herself. There was no way they could fuck being in the same familyÑÑwas there? "Jack's family, too," Millie thought aloud, remembering the fuck with her own cousin she'd so enjoyed last night. "And if I went ahead and let him fuck me, what's to stop me from taking it a step further?"The next thing she knew she was doing more than simply spying on her brother. The door creaked as she edged forward, thinking increasingly with her hot, throbbing cunt.And then, all at once, she was standing there as big as life. At the same moment, her brother groaned and shot his wad into her panties. That's when he also saw her, turning beet-red and then pale as ash while his prick uncontrollably spurted a torrent of jizz."S-sis!" he automatically blurted."So this is why my panties have been missing," Millie answered, smirking broadly.She went to the bed just as her brother's cock had slowed to a dribble and snatched the freshly soaked panties away from him. They were absolutely dripping, drenched with even more jizz than they had been the night before."And my favorite pair, too. Hope they're not ruined," Millie said. Then, after a steamy pause, she added, "Well, only one way to find out."Millie unzipped and squirmed out of her cutoff jeans, then wriggled out of the panties she already wore. Her brother's eyes bulged when he saw her naked from the waist down. His eyes practically stood out on stems when she began slipping into the other pair of pantiesÑÑthe ones Gary had just soaked with his cum."Ooooh, wet," Millie giggled, tugging the sopping fabric up her hips so it clung to her crotch like a second skin. "But they still fit. Fit real good, in fact. Nice 'n' tight ... Here, Gary, feel for yourself."She went to the edge of the bed, reaching out for her brother's hand. His fingers trembled as she placed them between her thighs so he could touch her cunt through the panties that clung to her cunt so snugly they might as well not have been there."Mmmm, something tells me things're getting even wetter down there," Millie then moaned, forcing her brother to feel her up for several seconds.Next she took her brother's sticky fingers from her crotch and forced him to suck them. Down below, his cock was harder than ever, she noticed."Well, what do you think?" Millie purred. "Can you taste my pussy juice?""Wh-what do you want?" Gary managed to stammer."That's entirely up to you, stud," Millie answered. "All I want from you is whatever you want from me. It's yours for the taking, Gary. Your fantasy comes true if you've got the balls to live it out."That said, Millie joined her brother on the bed, straddling him so her cunt flexed just inches from his face through the nearly invisible panties. Pussy juice trickled down her inner thighs."If you thought your fingers tasted good, consider the source," she beckoned. "Bet you could suck these panties right off my sweet pussy."Gary automatically licked his lips in the universal sign of hunger. Then his tongue remained out and pointed, cautiously closing the short distance between his mouth and his sister's inviting pussy."You're almost there," Millie teased. "C'mon, Gary, go for it!"Now her brother made contact and with it, he was cautious no longer. His eager tongue slurped Millie's cunt through the panties, starting at her clit and traveling down the seam of her pussy gash until he reached her asshole."All right," Millie gasped. "More, more! Suck those panties off my pussy and I'll come right in your mouth."Starving now for his sister's delicious cunt, Gary went beyond Millie's suggestion. Rather than using mere suction to separate her panties from her pussy, he seized their sodden crotch between his teeth and ripped them away."Mmmm, you've earned this, tiger," Millie swooned.She pulled the chewed panties the rest of the way down her legs with one hand while using the other to hold Gary's face directly between her open thighs. She jammed her bare pussy flesh with her brother's waiting mouth now. His long tongue snaked into her spasming cunt gash and began orally fucking her."Hope you're thirsty for something sweet and sticky," she sang out, then climaxed on the spot.As Millie came, her brother's tongue became a spoon, passing repeatedly between her oozing pussy and his mouth. He feasted on her orgasmic nectar and the longer he ate her, the wetter she got."Damn! You've got me so hot that it's like I'm pissing cum!"Millie scooted up and sat on Gary's face, angling his tongue straight up in her cunt. She trapped it there, swiveling her hips and corkscrewing it until she'd come again hard."Ooooh, shit! Too much of a good thing," Millie rasped, sliding her sloppy cunt off her brother's glistening face. "Gotta take a break!""Jeez, Sis, you aren't the only one with cum problems," panted Gary. "I gotta shoot my wad again so bad I can almost taste it!""Well, selfish me," Millie replied. "Here I was so busy tripping on having you eat my pussy that I forgot all about you getting your rocks off too.""Just a quick hand-job'd be enough to put me out my misery.""Oh, sweetie," Millie teased, "you must be kidding! Your big sister's about to make you forget all about hand-jobs."She turned around above Gary, kneeling astride his head to feed him some more pussy. Then, leaning forward, she got down to crotch level herself. She rubbed her face against Gary's cock and balls."Fantastic! Not many boys are hung like this. Yeah, this beautiful, big hard-on deserves something extra-special."Millie had intended to give him a blow-job but now decided to go beyond simply sucking cock. Pulling up her t-shirt, she freed her braless tits for action. So they weren't the largest tits around, but they had enough size for what she had in mind.Capturing his hard-on at an upward angle between her squeezing tits, Millie began tit-fucking Gary. And, as his cock head rhythmically emerged from her tit-rubbing vise, she licked and slurped at the bobbing tip of his prick meat."Oh, Sis ... Sis ... Sis." Gary groaned into the nest of Millie's cunt. "This is like dying and going to heaven! Wish it could last forever but I'm too far gone to hold back. Gonna ..."Before he was able to announce the obvious, it was already happening. Gary Underwood was coming in his sister's face and all over her tits. And, although he came quickly, his wish that it last forever came true in a sense for he certainly never forgot the way Millie deep-throated his gushing prick and sucked his jism straight to her belly."God! Never had anything like this happen to me before," Gary gasped when it was over. "Never did nothin' with any girl before, to tell you the truth."Bobbing up beside him with a sticky grin, Millie gleefully whooped. "Then you're a virgin, right?""'Fraid so, Sis," mumbled Gary."Fabulous!" Millie declared. "I'll tell you the truth, too. I've never taken a boy's cherry before. But I'm sure as hell ready for my first try if you're ready for yours.""Gosh, Sis, you mean it?"Millie promptly fell back on the bed, digging her ass into the mattress and spreading her legs as wide as they'd stretch. Her pussy yawned, its inner pink depths dazzling."Yes, Gary, that's exactly what I mean!" she bubbled. "Fuck me!""B-but...""Yeah, I know. I'm your own sister," Millie impatiently said. "But still there's only one thing that matters, stud. It's as simple as thisÑÑI want your big cock in my horny pussy just as soon as you can jam it in there!"Gary was only human. No normal male could resist a command like Millie's, even if she was his own sister. In her living centerfold pose, she seemed like she was all cunt and absolutely, totally, irresistibly fuckable!"Well," Gary now sighed, "looks like I'm not gonna stay cherry much longer!""Thatta boy!" Millie called up, spurring him on as he knelt before her and aimed his rigid cock at her pussy. "Put it in, stud! Fuck, fuck, fuck meeeee!"He took the plunge and his massive hard-on surged to the hilt in her welcoming cunt. She wrapped her legs around him, rocking him in the cradle of her thighs to start the blessed friction between prick and pussy."Am I doing okay so far, Sis?" Gary anxiously asked."Tell you what. This guy fucked me just last night and I thought he was hung with the best cock I'd ever had in my cunt," Millie answered. "But your cock feels even better!"She interrupted herself with an orgasmic moan that made her naked body vibrate from head to toe. And she was the kind of girl who didn't want to stop coming once she'd been fucked to a climax."More, stud, more!" Millie now urged her brother. "Keep me coming until you come too!""Yeah, Sis, I'd really like to!""Suck my titties while your big cock keeps working in my pussy," Millie cried, pulling his face down to her heaving tits.Gary might not have thought he knew what he was doing, but his mouth expertly did the job on her nipple. He bathed it with warm spit and then rubbed it with his rough tongue."Maybe you're cherry, but so far you're damned well perfect, too!" Millie said happily. "I can feel what you're doing to my titties all the way down in my cunt! Now give me a number on the other nipple."Gary's mouth promptly made the slurping switch."Use your teeth this time," Millie suggested. "That's right. Bite me. Bit my tit!"Gary was too inexperienced to question her judgment. So surrounding her rigid nipple, he sank his teeth into the spongy flesh."Harder!" Millie squealed. "Mmmm, that's it. Hurts sooo gooooood. Makes me come more than ever."However, as high as Millie was now orgasmically flying, her motto remained the sameÑÑmore, always more! She grabbed one of her brother's arms at the wrist, guiding his fingers down to her squirming ass. Then she coaxed him to explore between her ass cheeks."Feel it, Gary?" Millie asked. "Feel it down there, just waiting to be finger-fucked? Mmmmhmmmm, that's right, my asshole. I love something up my ass at the same time I'm getting my pussy fucked by a big cock and having my titties sucked and bitten."Gary didn't even think about it. He was a sexual robot by this point, responding unquestioningly to his sister's kinky commands. So into the puckered dent a notch away from her cock-filled pussy his finger probed."Ooooh, you do follow orders so damned right," Millie howled. "Now, take it even deeper up my ass. Get it so deep that you can feel my hot shit!"Gary added another finger and there was no way now that he could help but feel his cock fucking Millie's pussy through the thin wall separating it from her asshole. Then, as his sister had predicted, he became aware of the female fudge which now leaked from her bowels down to his knuckles."Can you dig it? I'm shitting along with coming!" crowed Millie. "Shitting and coming ... coming and shitting ... my finger-fucked ass and cock-fucked cunt getting off together! ""Jeez, Sis," Gary asked, "are other girls like you?""What do you think?" Millie saucily asked back."Something tells me," panted Gary, "that you're one of a kind, Sis.""I try!" Millie squealed. "God knows I try!""Wow, my first fuck, and I get the best piece of ass right off the bat," Gary sighed. "How could I get so lucky?""As far as I'm concerned, you made your own luck when you swiped my dirty panties. Any chick worth her cunt couldn't resist a guy who's hard up enough for her to get off on her panties.""Really mean it, Sis?" Gary asked, almost in wonder."Absolutely," Millie answered. Then, with playful suspicion, she added, "Say, I'm not giving you ideas, am I? You're not thinking about trying this with anybody else, are you?"Gary clammed up and Millie could only guess why. She might have quizzed him about it, but then she forgot about anything except the flexing cock in her pussy. She realized that her brother was about to shoot his wad, so she wrote off his abrupt silence, assuming that nature's call had driven all else from his mind."Come!" she urged now. "Flood me with your hot, thick jizz!""Yeah!" Gary sighed with relief. "You got it, Sis! "His hilted prick exploded at the depths of her cunt. With the arrival of his cum, Millie climaxed harder than ever herself."Incredible!" she cried.Reaching down, she jerked Gary's wrist, forcing his fingers to pump her asshole at the same time his prick creamed in her cunt. And, with her other hand, she pushed his face back down on her tits to make him bite them once again."Ooooh," she groaned, "we're finishing at just the right time. Feels so good I don't think I could stand anymore.""Same here," Gary groaned, his cock now slowing in Millie's swamped pussy.