Mystery of the Missing Jars (Gospel Time Trekkers #4) - Maria Grace - ebook

Mystery of the Missing Jars (Gospel Time Trekkers #4) ebook

Maria Grace



In this fourth volume of the Gospel Time Trekkers series, children ages 6–9 are taken on a journey that imaginatively retraces Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter, Sarah, from the dead, revealing that “being raised to new life” has more than one meaning!

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Dateno, Maria Grace.

Mystery of the missing jars / written by Maria Grace Dateno, FSP ; illustrated by Paul Cunningham.

pages cm. -- (Gospel time trekkers ; 4)

Summary: Siblings Hannah, Caleb, and Noah, aged six through ten, travel through time and space to Capernaum where they meet Jairus and his daughter, Sarah, whom Jesus raised from the dead, but get in trouble when Caleb is accused of stealing.

ISBN-13: 978-0-8198-4922-9

ISBN-10: 0-8198-4922-7

[1. Time travel--Fiction. 2. Brothers and sisters--Fiction. 3. Raising of Jairus’ daughter (Miracle)--Fiction. 4. Jesus Christ--Miracles--Fiction. 5. Christian life--Fiction.] I. Cunningham, Paul, (Paul David), 1972-illustrator. II. Title.

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The Scripture quotations contained herein are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible: Catholic Edition, copyright © 1989, 1993, Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Cover design by Mary Joseph Peterson, FSP

Cover art by Paul Cunningham

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Copyright © 2014, Daughters of St. Paul

Published by Pauline Books & Media, 50 Saint Pauls Avenue, Boston, MA 02130-3491

Printed in the U.S.A.

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Pauline Books & Media is the publishing house of the Daughters of St. Paul, an international congregation of women religious serving the Church with the communications media.

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To my siblings—

George, Jennie, Elizabeth,

Sarah, and Emily

—and to our childhood memories

(even if only some of us have them).


Chapter One: The Smashed Rocket

Chapter Two: Exploring the Market

Chapter Three: A New Friend

Chapter Four: Sarah’s Story

Chapter Five: Dead—then Alive!

Chapter Six: Smoke, Fire, and Mud

Chapter Seven: Five Little Jars

Chapter Eight: One Broken Jug

Chapter Nine: Stolen Jars

Chapter Ten: Wondering and Worrying

Chapter Eleven: Sounds in the Night

Chapter Twelve: New Life

Where Is It in the Bible?

Chapter One

The Smashed Rocket

“It’s not fair!” I yelled as I came into the house.

“Caleb, calm down and tell me what you’re angry about,” Mom said.

“I’m not angry! I’m just so mad that Kevin said he wouldn’t mess up this time and he did.”

“What did he mess up?”

“Our rocket for the Space Adventures Science Fair project! We’ve been working on it for ages. I know we could have won a prize. And now he’s ruined it!”

“Maybe it can be fixed,” said Mom.

“No, it can’t!” I said.

“You didn’t even see it,” said Hannah, as she came in the door behind me. She had been visiting her friend, who was Kevin’s older sister. “Neither did I. I’m just telling you what Kevin’s sister said. It’s in pieces and kind of smashed. But it might not be his fault, Caleb. Their baby sister might have done it.”

“Why do people always blame the youngest one?” asked Noah. He’s six and is the youngest in our family.

“You’re not helping, guys!” I said.

“Well, according to you, there’s nothing anyone can do to help,” said Hannah. “Come on, Noah. Let’s go see if there are any tomatoes that are ripe.”

“What am I going to do, Mom?” I asked, after they had left. “The fair is this Tuesday!”

“The first thing is to wait until you see the damage yourself. It might not be as bad as you think.”

How could “in pieces and kind of smashed” not be as bad as I think! I thought.

Just then, my mom’s cell phone beeped at her, and she looked at the text message. They’re almost always from my dad.

“Hey, Caleb. Dad wants you guys in the workshop to try out that new 3-D puzzle he’s working on.”

“Sure!” I said and jumped up to head out the door. It was amazing how I felt so much better so quickly.

My dad’s workshop is next door to the house. It’s where he makes furniture and toys out of wood, which is his job. He’s starting to teach me woodworking.

I was halfway across the yard to Dad’s workshop when I heard Hannah and Noah coming back from the garden. I was going to hurry into the workshop by myself and not tell them that Dad had called for us. That way I could be the first one to try out the new toy. But something made me change my mind. I stopped and turned toward them.

“Hannah! Noah!” I called. “Dad wants us to try out something.”

“Oh, yay!” said Noah. They hurried over and we headed toward the workshop.

That’s when something amazing happened.

It wasn’t the first time it had happened. (It was actually the fourth time.) But this time we weren’t trying to make it happen. We weren’t talking about it, or even thinking about it.

But it happened anyway.

Chapter Two

Exploring the Market

The air got thick and we moved slowly, as if we were trying to walk through water. And then, the air was back to normal, but we were changed.

“It’s happened again!” yelled Noah. “We’re back in the time of Jesus!”

He jumped up and down in his light brown tunic. I had one like it—it was a sort of robe with a tie around the waist. Hannah’s was similar, but had decorations around the neck, so you could tell it was for a girl. Whenever we went back to the time of Jesus, our clothes became like this—it was what everyone was wearing.

Hannah and I just stared at each other. I couldn’t believe we were here again. The first time it happened, when we ended up in Bethlehem, we had been riding our bikes. The last time we were just starting to weed the garden. This time we were just walking.

“Wow,” I said. “This is amazing. How in the world did it happen again?” I looked around and realized that we were right outside a village.

“This looks a little like Gennesaret,” said Hannah. That was the village we were in last time.

“I can smell the sea!” said Noah. It was called the Sea of Galilee, but it was really a big lake. Last time, I went on a fishing boat on the lake at night. It was fun, but ended up being kind of dangerous.

“But we’ve never gone to the same place twice,” I said. “So it probably isn’t Gennesaret.”

“True,” said Hannah. “Let’s go walk around and see.”