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She’s every man’s fantasy. She’s totally off-limits. And she won’t leave me alone…They say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I spent the last seven years in Australia to escape the vindictive plots of the woman who had once been my best friend.Today I came back home for the first time in years, and the first thing I saw was her innocent daughter, Callie. Now I can’t stop thinking about the sexy little nymph and all the filthy things I’d like to do to her. I’m dying to claim her for myself, but touching her would be utterly insane–she’s half my age, and her mother is already my worst enemy. So why can’t I get her out of my head?I’m trying my best to keep my hands off her. Callie has other ideas, though. She wants me, and she’s pushing every button I’ve got. When she barges into my bedroom, I just can’t take any more. Turns out it’s Callie’s first time. Do you think I’m going to stop?This 66,000 word collection includes all eight installments of the My Wildest Fantasy series.

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My Wildest Fantasy

Omnibus Edition


Kelli Wolfe



Copyright © 2015, 2016 Kelli Wolfe

Published by Pink Parts Press



All rights reserved. No part of this eBook may be reproduced in any form or by any means, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review, without permission in writing from the publisher.


All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.



She’s every man’s fantasy. She’s totally off-limits. And she won’t leave me alone…

They say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I spent the last seven years in Australia to escape the vindictive plots of the woman who had once been my best friend.

Today I came back home for the first time in years, and the first thing I saw was her innocent daughter, Callie. Now I can’t stop thinking about the sexy little nymph and all the filthy things I’d like to do to her. I’m dying to claim her for myself, but touching her would be utterly insane–she’s half my age, and her mother is already my worst enemy. So why can’t I get her out of my head?

I’m trying my best to keep my hands off her. Callie has other ideas, though. She wants me, and she’s pushing every button I’ve got. When she barges into my bedroom, I just can’t take any more. Turns out it’s Callie’s first time. Do you think I’m going to stop?

This 60,000 word collection includes all eight installments of the My Wildest Fantasy series.

* * *

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Part 1

Over the years Olivia had pulled every dirty trick she could think of to keep me out of the beach house we shared. I punched in the numbers on the keypad by the front door and was rewarded with a loud thunk as the heavy locks released. With a sigh of relief, I stepped inside and dropped my bags onto the tiled floor of the foyer. After half a dozen civil suits, an exasperated judge had warned her that the next “little misunderstanding” was going to get her locked up in the county jail for contempt, no matter who she was or how much money she had. After that I hadn’t had any more trouble, but I’d been out of the country for the last seven years and I was still mildly surprised that she hadn’t “forgotten” to give me the latest code.

I was also surprised that Olivia hadn’t changed much around the place. Deep down, I was grateful for that. I had needed something to come home to, some familiar place to relax and let myself go for a while. My time abroad in Australia had allowed me to turn a small mining outfit into a powerhouse that had made a fortune while the commodities market ran wild, but there had been no time to settle in or put down roots. Enough was enough—I needed a break, and I had become increasingly lonely for home. This beach house was the one link to my past that I had left, and fortunately Olivia was off skiing in Switzerland so I wouldn’t have to worry about running into her while I was here.

A faint noise came from somewhere in the house and I turned to listen. With Olivia out of the country for a month I had expected the place to be empty. Someone was definitely there, though. My footsteps echoed hollowly as I went through the foyer and into the open kitchen and dining area that took up half of the lower floor of the house. The noise grew significantly louder. It was music. Had someone left the house sound system on without realizing it? Maybe the maid had been listening to it while cleaning and forgotten to turn it off when she left. I opened the pair of arched doors to the living room, which looked out onto the shimmering ocean waves, and squinted as the blinding wave of sunlight flooding through the tall windows hit me square in the face.

The drapes should have been drawn if no one was home, and the music was coming from outside, maybe from the pool house. When I tried the handle I found the glass doors unlatched, and I stepped out onto the patio into a blast of light pop music thumping with a trendy beat. As I watched, a striking blonde pulled herself up the ladder out of the infinity pool, crystal droplets sparkling on her tanned skin and cascading back into the pool from her long, water-straightened hair. For a moment she paused at the edge of the pool with the droplets pattering down onto the tiles at her small, bare feet, her eyes closed as she lifted her face and stretched to bathe herself in the hot, golden rays of the sun.

Long, perfectly shaped legs tapered down to slender ankles, one of which glittered in the sunlight with a delicate golden bracelet. Her skimpy, navy blue bikini was barely large enough to conceal the ripe curves which proclaimed that this was a woman and not a girl. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were firm and round and set high on her chest, and her hips had a generous swell that I imagined would be a perfect fit for my hands. Desire flared, stirring my cock with a heat I hadn’t felt in ages.

As I took a closer look, though, I realized that while she had the body of a woman, she was a lot younger than I had first thought. She was in her early twenties at most, and something about her suggested that was stretching it. Nineteen, maybe? Eighteen? Far too young for me, that was for damned sure.

When she lowered her gaze, she realized she wasn’t alone. Soft gray eyes went wide in surprise, and she took an alarmed step backwards.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

I frowned. Was this Olivia’s idea of a joke? She knew I was going to be here. Had she planted some little bimbo here to irritate me? “Who am I? Who the hell are you? This is my house.”

“Your house? But this is…” She looked dubious, but then she narrowed her eyes and wrinkled her nose as she got a better look at my face. “Blake?”


She cocked her head. “It’s me, Callie.”

Impossible. This was Callie? She had just started middle school. Except that had been seven years ago, which would make her exactly the right age to be the still-dripping young woman in front of me. A wave of guilt for my earlier thoughts did nothing to dampen my awareness of how sexy she was as she walked up to me with the boneless, primal grace of a cat.

“I was just having a quick swim before I had to go start getting ready. I’m going to a party with some of my friends tonight.”

Something about this wasn’t right. “What are you doing here?”

Her lips pursed in an irritated little frown. “Oh, Dad has been giving me all kinds of grief, so Mom told me I could stay here until he cooled off.”

“But she’s in Switzerland. She just left you here all alone?”

“Don’t you start,” she snarled, stamping a tiny foot. “I’m eighteen years old and I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

“Fine. I just wish that Olivia had mentioned that you were going to be here.”

I could see her plan, now. She had left her daughter behind to aggravate me into giving up on the idea of staying at our house. I had to admit it was pretty brilliant. It wasn’t going to work, but it was brilliant.

Olivia’s father and my father had been best friends as well as business associates, so we’d known each other since we were toddlers. Despite me being two years younger we’d been friends as well, even through the worst of my angsty teen years. When the business took off our parents got together and bought this luxury beach house, and this was where we spent most of our summers afterwards. For one month it was ours, the next month it was theirs, and then in August we all stayed there together. Until I graduated high school and went away to college those August vacations were something I looked forward to all year, but after that I stayed away while I did my best to avoid Olivia at all costs.

Our parents were gone now, but Olivia and I still shared joint ownership of the beach house. That might not have been so bad if Olivia hadn’t hated my guts.

“Great,” Callie muttered. “First Dad doesn’t want me around, then Mom runs off to Europe so she can avoid me, and now you don’t want to be around me either—and you haven’t even seen me in years.”

She spun on her heel and stalked over to a lounge chair to retrieve her towel, my eyes following every exquisite movement; I couldn’t have looked away if I had tried. I hated myself for it, but I just couldn’t make myself stop. My cock stiffened painfully in my jeans as she bent to dab at her legs. Sweet god she was a gorgeous little thing.

After giving herself a quick pat down, she slung the towel around her waist and faced me with her fists on her hips. “You don’t want to be around me, fine. I don’t care. You won’t know I’m here. I’ll move my things out into the pool house tomorrow and you can have the whole place all to yourself.”

With an aggrieved sigh she shoved past me and stormed into the house, slamming the door hard enough behind her that I was surprised the glass didn’t break. There was something to be said for quality craftsmanship. I watched her through the window, her hips swaying hypnotically as she went up the stairs, and my cock gave another sharp twitch.

Maybe just finding a hotel and letting Olivia win this round wasn’t such a bad idea.

I carried my bags upstairs to my old room. Everything had been left just as it was when I set off for Australia. The room had been dusted, but other than that nothing had been touched. I spent a few minutes lingering over the books and CDs I’d left behind, remembering old favorites and fondly flipping through the pages of a couple of novels I had completely forgotten about. I dropped one book I had particularly liked onto my nightstand so I could read it later, and hoped it would be a good distraction from the twisted thoughts churning in my head.

She was half my age and she was Olivia’s daughter, for god’s sake!

The devil on my shoulder whispered that she was eighteen and perfectly legal and what Olivia didn’t know about wouldn’t hurt me. My hard-on liked that argument a lot better. Go figure.

I had to do something to get her out of my mind, so I pulled out my laptop and did a little work and caught up on the news. By the time I snapped the lid shut again, a couple of hours had passed and I felt calmer. I could do this. I was a grown man, and I was not going to let some little teenager get under my skin and force me out of my own house. That just wasn’t going to happen.

But as I caught myself dawdling again, I came to the uncomfortable realization that I was hiding in my room. She had me scared. I was afraid of running into her, afraid of my overwhelming reaction to her. Afraid that if I got too close I wasn’t going to be able to resist her, that I was going to taste the forbidden fruit of her sweet, pouty lips and to hell with the consequences.

The shower up the hall cut on, followed by that same upbeat pop music Callie had been listening to at the pool. My perverted mind conjured up a vision of that luscious body all wet and slick and soapy—and naked. Very, very naked. It took no trouble at all to imagine my hands wrapped in her long blonde hair as I fucked her mouth and then took her from behind, hard against the wall of the shower. Hell, I was the one who needed the shower—a nice, long dousing with ice-water until my erection finally went away. Or I could just fill the bathtub up with ice and see if that worked.

Faintly over the sound of the music I heard her voice lilting as she sang along, and I found myself smiling despite my X-rated fantasies. She might be the hottest thing since the invention of fire, but the girl couldn’t hit a note with a shotgun.

While she was occupied with her shower and I was safe from her for at least a little while I headed downstairs to the kitchen to start making a grocery list. Somehow I doubted that Callie spent a lot of her time cooking, and I was sick of a seemingly endless diet of frozen dinners eaten straight out of the microwave. I had just finished my inventory of the pantry when I heard a sound behind me.

“Mmm. Nothing’s sexier than a man in the kitchen.”

I turned to find Callie leaning against the granite-topped island, a playful smirk on lips now shaded a bright pink, those big, gray eyes dancing with laughter. She had changed into a dark blue cocktail dress about the size of a cocktail napkin, and a pair of black heels added enough inches to bring her eyes up to my nose. Ice blonde hair fell in a frozen waterfall past her breasts, gleaming like silvery silk against the dark fabric of her dress. The sight of her had me salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs, and I clenched my teeth as a fresh surge of desire raged through my veins.

“Look, I’m sorry,” she said with what sounded like genuine contrition. “You just hit a sore spot with me earlier. I don’t know why Mom didn’t tell you I was going to be here, but I’ll move into the pool house tomorrow so you don’t have to worry about it. I spend most of my time out there anyway. You can just pretend like I’m not here.”

Yeah, right. As if I could be within a hundred yards of her and not be aware of her. And of course my window looked right down on the pool, where I could watch her cavorting around in that tiny little bikini all day long. Pretending not to notice simply wasn’t an option.

“You don’t have to do that,” I grumbled. “I was just surprised to find someone else here.”

She smiled again with a shy little flutter of her eyelashes. “I’m really not that bad once you get to know me.”

Oh, I wanted to get to know her. I wanted to rip off that little scrap of a dress then throw her on the kitchen table and pound her until she screamed. And then spend the next few days getting to know her in every room of the house, in every position, in every way I could think of until I was too exhausted to get it up any more.

“I’m sure you’re not.” Fortunately her cell phone dinged before I could add anything more inane.

“That’s my friends,” she said. She started to walk past, but then she paused and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Welcome home, Blake. Don’t wait up.”

But the lingering scent of her and the memory of her softness pressed against me ensured that I would be doing nothing else.

I watched a couple of movies to try to get my mind off of Callie and that dress, and then sat flipping through television channels until I finally threw the remote down in disgust. We had hundreds of channels, and hundreds of DVDs lined the walls. I should have been able to find something to pique my interest. Unfortunately there was only one thing I was remotely interested in, and she was totally off-limits. After a frustrating half hour poking around I headed upstairs, hoping that I could read for a while and make myself drowsy enough to sleep off my obsession.

My eyes wouldn’t stay focused on the page, and I reread the same paragraphs half a dozen times without remembering a word. With a groan I dropped the book back onto the bedside table. She was going to drive me crazy. I really wasn’t up for an icy shower, but the pool was a possibility. I could burn off my nervous energy doing some laps and then cool down and maybe get some sleep. And if that didn’t work then I’d try the ice-water shower.

I had driven myself through lap after lap until my lungs were on fire and my arms felt like wood. It didn’t make any difference. When finally I stopped to catch my breath, the only thing I could see was Callie in that damned dress.

“Nice form.”

I blinked water out of my eyes. It really was her, and not just my overactive imagination. From my vantage point in the pool her legs seemed to stretch up for miles before disappearing beneath the hem of her short skirt, and despite the rigorous workout I had just subjected myself to, my cock swelled and stiffened in my swim trunks.

“Thanks. Did you have a good time at the party?”

She nodded and wobbled a little on her stilt-like heels as she hit a wet spot on the deck.

“Were you drinking?”

Callie glared at me. “Don’t start. You’re not my dad.”

“You’re only eighteen.” How many times had I told myself that in the hours since I had run into her that afternoon? I had lost count a long time ago.

“So what? Look me in the eyes and tell me that you were twenty-one the first time alcohol passed your lips.” She waited for a second then snorted at my silence. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

She turned away in a huff then spun back, flung out a hip, and planted one small fist on it. “And for the record, no, I wasn’t drinking. I never do. Despite what everyone seems to think, I’m not stupid.”

“I didn’t say you were stupid.” Just spoiled and mouthy. And way too damned sexy for her own good. Or my own good, either.

“Thanks for caring, then. It’s more than my parents manage most days. Good night.”

I cared, all right. I especially cared about the way that ass of hers moved in that skintight dress as she sashayed back into the house. I was ninety-nine percent sure she wasn’t wearing any panties, and my erection was iron hard when I climbed out of the pool and stood staring after her. I was never going to get to sleep.

Slinging my towel around my hips so I wouldn’t drip on the carpet, I followed her inside and headed for the shower. But while a shower could wash the chlorine stink away, it would never wash me clean of the filthy thoughts which crowded my mind every time I thought of Callie in that dress. It would have taken a whole half a second to flip the skirt up over her ass and bury my cock inside of her. My balls tightened and prickled at the thought of her tight pussy clenching and gripping me. Jesus.

I turned the tap on as hot as I could stand it, until steam rose in clouds as I opened the shower door and stepped into the stall. Jets of water pounded against me, cascading down my body as I tried to sear away my desire for Callie. I knew almost immediately that the heat was going to do nothing to relieve the tension which tormented me, though. Each little stream of water trickling down my cock and balls stroked against nerves that cried out for relief.

My teeth ground together in frustration. It had been too long since I’d gotten laid. That was the only explanation for the way she got under my skin. I just needed to take care of it, and then I could forget her.

I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild. Visions flooded my mind—my hands buried in the pale silk of her hair while her full, pouting lips swallowed my cock. Her soft tongue swished against my skin before wrapping around the head and sending shockwaves of pleasure shooting down into my balls. Then in my mind, those wide, gray eyes looked up at me with a mixture of lust and innocence that left me shaking in need.

With a groan, I wrapped my fingers around my straining shaft and squeezed. I was so fucking hard that there was no give at all. Damn. Just this once I’d jerk off while thinking about her. I’d get her out of my system and that would be the end of it. Liar.

Quickly I looked around the stall, and my eyes settled on a bottle of conditioner sitting on a ledge. As I popped open the top, the scent of vanilla and honeysuckle wafted through the steamy air. It smelled like Callie, and my manhood twitched in recognition. It should do nicely.

I squirted a generous dollop onto my palm, then fisted my cock. My fingers slid along the shaft, squeezed and massaged the head, then glided back down to my balls. With a shuddering sigh I closed my eyes and pictured Callie kneeling before me, and it became her hands pleasuring me, rather than my own.

One small, warm hand traveled my length, while another cradled my slippery balls in soft fingers. Using slow, deliberate strokes she played with my cock, and then with a wicked little smirk she sucked my balls into her mouth to tongue them until I burned.

The pink, bare slit of her pussy spread wide as she posed before me in my mind. Moisture glistened on her lips, and I imagined her clit swollen and hard, peeking out of its hood. God, I’d lick that sweet cunt until I drained her dry. The taste of her spread across my tongue, tart and wild, while the smell of her hot sex sent me right up the wall. I spread her slender legs even wider to bury my cock in her, hard and fast, and I hammered into her until her moans turned to helpless cries of passion.

My hand moved faster on my cock, pumping like a machine. Below, my balls tightened in their sack as pressure boiled inside. God, I was so close.

I imagined flipping Callie over so I could take her from behind and make her work that sweet little ass to fuck herself on my rod. With each thrust backwards her cheeks spread, and I couldn’t resist the lure of her pink asshole taunting me. While she took my cock in her pussy, I eased my thumb into her ass, enjoying her moans and whimpers as I filled both holes at once.

Had anyone ever been in Callie’s ass? Fuck, how I wanted to be the first man to claim that tight, virgin hole. I wanted to be the Christopher Columbus of that ass.

The prickling heat in my balls became unbearable, and my fist flew along my shaft as I pictured myself pounding into her from behind. Moments later, my orgasm struck like a bolt of lightning. I grunted as thick, white cum spurted from the end of my cock to splatter against the wall and floor of the shower. Panting in the heat, I kept working my shaft until I was drained dry and the water had sluiced away the thick gobs of jizz.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had an orgasm so intense. My legs were shaking and my head buzzing, and I had to lean against the wall of the shower so I didn’t collapse to my knees. It felt as though I’d been saving that for months.

But even as I reached for the knob to turn off the water, I realized that the problem hadn’t gone away. While my erection had subsided, my lust for Callie had not. Fresh images of her naked body crowded my mind, and fantasies of all the filthy things I’d love to do to her played out one after another until I felt a fresh stirring as my balls tightened again.

As I walked back to my room and flung myself onto my bed, I wondered how many times I’d have to beat off to get her out of my system. Ten? Twenty? It seemed hopeless. What had happened to my self control? I’d taken pride in my ability to rule my emotions and body, to give in to desire only on my own terms. How had Callie managed to weaken me so easily, without even trying?

When I crawled out of bed the next morning I was ready to throw in the towel. I had spent the rest of the night tossing and turning and cursing Olivia. Screw it; she could keep the house. Once I got myself some coffee and pulled myself together I’d find a hotel. One with a bar.

The music emanating from the kitchen warned me that I was heading into trouble. Every instinct told me to go back to bed, but my caffeine addiction overrode my sense of self-preservation. Callie was too busy dancing in front of the stove and waving a plastic spoon around to notice me. Wearing nothing but a light purple t-shirt that hit her mid-thigh and with her pale golden hair up in a high ponytail, she looked good enough to eat, and I was ready for breakfast.

I slipped around behind her and, quietly as I could, scooped a measure of beans into the coffee grinder. She still hadn’t noticed me, so with a grin I hit the switch. As the sudden loud buzz cut through her music, Callie shrieked and spun towards me, her spoon held out before her like a sword.

“Morning,” I said cheerfully.

“Oh, my god. You asshole. You about scared me to death.”

“Sorry.” The smirk was probably a giveaway that I wasn’t particularly sincere.

“Oh!” She hurled the spoon at me, but fortunately her throwing wasn’t any better than her singing, and it bounced off the cabinet a good three feet from my head before clattering to the floor.

I raised an eyebrow. “Maybe that will make you think twice before you prance around down here half-naked. You never know who’s going to be sneaking up behind you.”

One hip shot out, and she planted a fist on it. “You’re the only other person here.”

“True,” I said, dumping the grounds into the coffee pot. “But for all you know, I’m a child molester.”

“I am not a child!” Her glare could have stripped the paint off the walls.

“Well, then I guess you’re safe after all.”

“Am I?”

She crossed the distance between us and moved close enough so that I could feel the heat of her, and the balmy coconut scent of her body wash teased me to hardness. I wanted to lick her, to taste her from head to toe. In her bare feet she only managed to come up to about my chin, and she stood there looking innocently up at me with her big, gray eyes. She was so close I could see the little flecks of blue at the edges of her iris, so close that her breath tickled my chin, and I quivered with the effort it took to restrain myself from wrapping my arms around her and ravaging that mouth.

“Perfectly safe,” I grated through clenched teeth.

She let the tension simmer for another second before she smiled and gave my chest a gentle pat. “Then there’s no reason for you behave like a grumpy old bear and play mean tricks on me, is there?”

Without waiting for an answer she plucked another spoon from the holder on the counter beside me and went back to the stove. “Seriously, Blake, you need to loosen up. I appreciate all your concern, but I really am a big girl now.”

“I’ll take that under advisement.”

The coffee wasn’t brewing nearly fast enough so I yanked the pot out and stuck my cup in its place. Maybe if I scrounged around I could find the equipment to set up an IV drip.

“Oh, I almost forgot. I’m having a few friends over tonight to celebrate my birthday.”

“So you’re what, twelve this year?”

She threatened me with her spoon again. “I’m eighteen, and you know it. For six weeks now, actually, but Mom wouldn’t let me have the party while she was here.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Did she tell you that you could have a party while she was gone?”

“She kind of forgot to mention it. You’re invited, by the way.”

“Gee, thanks. No party. Not happening.”

“Oh, yes it is. I invited everyone two weeks ago, and I’m not cancelling at the last minute. Just because you showed up out of the blue unannounced doesn’t mean you get to wreck my life.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s my house. I get to make the rules.”

She cocked her hip and folded her arms. “It’s also Mom’s house, and since she left me here alone while she went on vacation halfway around the planet, she must not mind too much what I do with it.”

It killed me to admit it, but she sort of had a point. “Everyone is out of here by midnight,” I growled.

“Seriously? What, are you planning on turning into a pumpkin or something? Two o’clock.”

“One o’clock. Final offer. Take it or leave it. And you clean up the mess tomorrow.”

“Oh, all right. Deal.”

I shook a finger at her. “If the cops show up, I’m not involved.”

Callie heaved an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes. “Don’t be silly. I’m having a birthday party with a few friends, not a Roman orgy.”

Too bad. I might have accepted her invitation to that. Tendrils of pressure throbbed at my temples, and I fled with my coffee before I blew a blood vessel.

“Don’t forget that you’re invited to the party,” she called out as I retreated.

No way in Hell I was going anywhere near a party with a bunch of eighteen-year-old kids.

I managed to avoid her the rest of the day, although I heard her rattling around the kitchen and out at the pool. But even without seeing her, I obsessed. What did she have on under that purple t-shirt? And what would the little witch have done if I had kissed her? The last thing in the world I needed was to find out, but for some reason I never did get around to looking for a hotel. Later that evening when I heard the shower start I put in my earbuds and cranked up the music on my phone to drown it out. How long could I avoid her?

A tapping on my door managed to penetrate through my music. I ignored it. After a few seconds it started again, more loudly. She just was not going to give up. Stubborn and persistent, just like her mother.

“I know you’re in there, Blake. Ignoring me won’t make me go away.”

I yanked the door open to find her standing there with a fluffy, pink towel wrapped snugly around her torso. She didn’t have any makeup on, and the water had darkened her hair to the color of fine honey. Somehow she managed to look even more delectable than she had the night before when she was trying her hardest to be hot.

Callie ignored my frown and put on a bright smile. “There you are. I was beginning to wonder if you were going deaf or something. People are going to start showing up around nine o’clock, and at ten they’re going to sing Happy Birthday. You should come down and have a beer and sing for me.”

“Are you out of your mind? No.”

“Please? Pretty please?”

She was ridiculously cute when she batted her eyes like that, but it wasn’t going to help her. “It isn’t going to happen.”

“Well, if you won’t come down, then I’ll bring them up here.”

“You seem to have trouble recognizing the word ‘No’ when you hear it.”

“Oh, I recognize it. I just choose to ignore it when I don’t want to hear it. I’ll see you at ten. One way or the other.”

She was unbelievable. Her parents had obviously been lax with spankings. Thinking of that while watching her towel-clad ass wiggle down the hallway sparked a swarm of highly erotic images. Maybe it wasn’t too late to instill a little discipline. Spankings had never been one of my kinks, but I was willing to give it a try.

I knew better than to think that she wouldn’t go through with her threat, so at ten o’clock I trudged downstairs and headed towards the sound of music. There turned out to be less than two dozen kids fairly evenly spread between the den and the patio, and to my surprise they seemed to be keeping things fairly low-key. Callie was in the den chatting with a sandy-haired guy who had the build and tanned face of an athlete. With her hair swept back up in a ponytail and wearing a simple, teal green printed sundress, she looked sweetly sexy. I willed my cock to stay down. Why was it that the more sweet and innocent she looked, the worse I wanted to fuck her?

Her eyes lit up as she saw me, and she darted over to grab my arm and drag me to a knot of people sprawled on the couches. “Everyone, this is my Blake.”

What the fuck? Her Blake?

A sultry redhead wearing a tight, denim miniskirt and half-reclining against one of the boys tilted her head towards us. As her gaze swept over me from head to toe, she gave a low whistle and licked her lips. “Where have been hiding this one, Cal?”

“He just got back from Australia.”

“Nice.” Eyes the color of good bourbon devoured me with naked interest. “If I promise to be good, can I come sit in your lap?”

“Sylvie, behave!” Callie grabbed my arm again and drew me back towards the kitchen. “Don’t worry about her. She’s harmless.”

Like hell she was. I had seen the look in that little vixen’s eyes, and I would have been safer in a room full of starving wolverines. On the other hand, safety was highly overrated, and she had the distinct advantage of not being Olivia’s daughter. What’s the old saying? The best way to forget one woman is in the arms of another?

Callie must have caught something of what I was thinking, because she squeezed my arm with a frown. “She’s jailbait—still seventeen.”

And I was feeling older by the second. As everyone gathered in the kitchen, Sylvie made it a point to come stand beside me and brush up against my arm. I knew she was only teasing, but I bailed just as soon as we finished singing Happy Birthday. Better safe than sorry. As I headed for the stairs, though, I glanced back, and the hurt expression on Callie’s face made me feel like a supreme jerk for leaving.

A little before one o’clock the place started to empty out, and soon all the noises from downstairs died away. Callie had been as good as her word, and as a salve to my conscience I promised myself I’d help her clean up in the morning. Or maybe it was just something my subconscious whipped up so I’d have an excuse to spend time around her without having to feel guilty about it.

I probably should have expected the tap on my door. “Come in.”

She walked in and closed the door behind her, then leaned back against it with her arms folded across her chest. Since this had the side-effect of emphasizing her luscious breasts, she had my complete and undivided attention.

“Why don’t you like me?”

“What? Who said I don’t like you?”

She frowned. “Ever since you got here you’ve been giving me attitude. You’ve been judgmental, you’ve criticized, you’ve talked down to me. Tonight you ran away from my party without a freakin’ word. I think most people might have made an attempt to get to know each other again after being apart for years and years, but not you. You keep pushing me away.”

“I don’t know what to tell you.”

She walked over and stood in front of me, the wild and spicy scent of her perfume settling over me like a fog of lust. Every single time I saw her I wanted her more, and I was beginning to lose my will to keep her at a distance. Frankly, I was having a really hard time remembering why I was supposed to in the first place.

“I just don’t understand. I’m not a bad person, and I’ve tried to make friends. People generally do like me, you know—especially the boys.”

“Well, I’m not a boy,” I grated. The erection swelling in my jeans was proof of that.

“Then tell me why you don’t like me.”

Her pout was too much. I rose to my feet and looked down into the soft, gray depths of her eyes. “I like you too damned much, Callie. That’s the problem. I can’t like you.”

“Why not?”

I bent and took her hard, my mouth a hungry beast feeding on hers. Her pink lips tasted like strawberries, soft and sweet under my tongue. I licked against her then gripped her lower lip with my teeth while my hands pulled her into me. The thin cotton of her dress slid along her sides beneath my palms as my hands traveled down her smooth curves, encircling her waist and hips and then clutching her tight ass hard in my fingers. She moaned and I gripped her even harder to press my cock into the warm softness of her middle, thrust my tongue against her mouth until her lips parted and I could finally taste her.

To my surprise she didn’t resist at all. Her tongue swirled against mine while her arms circled around me and she settled against me with a soft little sigh that infuriated me. What the hell was she doing? I wanted to scare her off and she was kissing me back!

With a low growl I pulled back and spun her in my arms so that my cock was jammed against her ass. One arm went across her chest to grasp her tits and hold her against me while the other ran down her stomach until I cupped her mound through her skirt. Bending low I brushed my lips against her neck just below her ear.

“This is why I can’t like you,” I breathed. I rubbed her nipple with one palm while my fingers found the edge of her furrow. “Because all I’ve thought about since I got back was what you’d look like underneath your dress and how it would feel to have those pretty, pink lips wrapped around my cock.” She gave a little start as my fingertip settled on her clit, but that was all. She didn’t squirm or try to get away. “I’ve wondered how you’d taste and what it would be like to bury myself inside of you.” My finger rubbed her swollen knot through her thin cotton dress and she shivered.

“If I like you I’m going to end up fucking that tight pussy of yours until you can’t walk straight anymore.” I flicked the tip of my tongue against her earlobe. “Do you begin to see the problem?”

In response she ground her ass back against my erection. “Blake,” she moaned, and her nipple stiffened beneath my palm.

I shoved my hand under the hem of her short dress and slid up her thigh to her panties. She was already wet so that my fingertips came away moist from the satin, and I pushed one finger inside the crotch to reach her hole. As I nudged the tip inside she moaned again and my cock pulsed in response.

“Well that didn’t take long,” I said.

I nipped at her earlobe with my teeth while my slick fingertips went back to her clit. At the first touch Callie trembled and sighed, then began to rub herself against my hand. My cock strained hard each time her body slid against mine. If she kept that up I was going to come in my jeans. Hell if that was going to happen.

Yanking my hand out of her skirt I reached between us and unfastened my jeans so I could dig my swollen rod out of my briefs. When it was free I took her shoulders, turning her towards me and then shoving her down onto her knees. Her eyes widened at the thick cock staring her in the face, but she took hold of it and pulled it to her mouth.

The soft, wet heat of her mouth and tongue was better than I’d imagined, and I dug my hands into her gossamer hair. As the velvet of her tongue slid against my erection I began to fuck her face, slow and deep. I watched the shaft slide in and out of those perfect lips while she looked up at me, over and over until I hit the back of her throat. She gagged then and jerked back, but my hands held her head until she recovered and she swallowed me deep once more.

I felt that prickling sensation in my balls that warned me I was getting too close. One day I wanted to shoot my cum down her throat and make her swallow every drop, but not today. Not until I’d fucked her and made her scream my name.