My Wife The Slutty Rap Groupie: Interracial Cuckold Hotwife Husband Humiliation - Isabella Tropez - ebook

He felt a lump in his throat and his stomach lurching as he watched his wife walk up on stage towards the group of black rappers...Alan's favorite rap group is in town, and although his innocent wife Kathy doesn't approve of their music, she agrees to come with him to the concert. When halfway through the concert they ask for girls from the crowd to come up and twerk, the last thing Alan expects is Kathy to jump up and down asking to be selected. When she's picked and begins grinding on the entire group, it's just the beginning of what will be a long night of humiliation. He'll find out the hard way what a rap group can do to the willing white girl he calls his wife! Can Alan take it when he's forced to watch his wife being taken in every way without protection?

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My Wife The Slutty Rap Groupie | Isabella Tropez

My Wife The Slutty Rap Groupie

Isabella Tropez

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Alan, “Dynomite Stuntz is coming to town!” flattening the newspaper on to the table, unable to believe his eyes.

“Dynamite what?” asked his wife Kathy in a sleepy voice. She was just not a morning person.

Alan looked at her, his mouth open.

“Dynomite Stuntz, my favourite rap band! How can you not know this, we've been married 5 years!”

Kathy raised an eyebrow. “Don't tell me, that nasty stuff you keep playing on the radio?”

Alan nodded in a mock-offended way.

Kathy groaned. “Honey, they're simply awful. And so objectifying, just listening to the words makes me sick.”

Alan shook his head. “It's all just for fun, babe. They're performing tomorrow night, won't you come with me?”

Kathy closed her eyes and considered it for a minute. “Fine,” she said, looking up. “But next week, you take me to watch the latest sappy RomCom movie, after which we'll have a big dinner and big dessert and then sleep in.”

Alan grinned happily. “Sounds perfect to me.”

He hugged and kissed his wife. She was a very pretty lady, her wavy blonde hair framed her cute, round face so well. She was feeling a bit insecure because of a slight weight gain over the past few months, but Alan secretly loved it. He knew if he told her she'd think he was being insincere so he kept it to himself. But he loved how her breasts had gotten so much larger, how soft her tummy was and especially how much her ass had filled out! It was thick and pear shaped, not exactly firm, but very shapely. She carried her weight well and he thought she was absolutely stunning, a thought shared by most men, but for some reason she didn't notice the glances she would receive as she walked on the road and didn't even consider that maybe those cat callers were hooting at her.