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Collected stories of My Submissive Librarian Novella This anthology contains four stories about My Submissive Librarian Novella which previously appeared in these books: Filling Her Holes In The Broom Closet Reading Erotica At The Library The Interview Between My Legs On Stage At An Erotic Convention My girlfriend makes sure I get plenty of opportunities to show off both my sexy word skills as well as my wordy sex proficiency. In return, she gets her holes stuffed, mouth used and all the cocks she asks for.

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My Submissive Librarian Novella

for your reading pleasure


Text Copyright 2014 Kathrin Pissinger

This is a work of fiction. All sexually active characters are at least of 18 years or older. Any resemblance to events or people, past or present, living or dead, is not just coincidental but would be fucking surprising.

Front cover based on the picture “Sexy Teacher Maryn” by Glen Edelson, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

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For Elena, who loves to read from my lips.

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Hi there. Nice to meet you. Since we're about to become intimately acquainted, you can call me Kat. I'm your friendly lesbian kink explorer, smut peddler and deluxe porn story author. My stories are full of wonderfully depraved lesbian domination, doused with a good dose of peeing, some rough fisting, stretching and hard insertions, anal as much as vaginal, a little bit of public humiliation, abuse and degradation, with the occasional spanking and bondage, sometimes coupled with some gratuitous sperm play in my rare bisexual moments and, of course, all of that with lots and lots of beautiful, regular, naughty and oh-so-willing women.

I know, you're impressed already, right? So before you dive in and delve deep into the story and your own orifices, let me use this precious moment of your time to tell you how you can get a FREE, EXCLUSIVE book of mine: “Dark Fairy Tales – Taking Beauty From The Wolf” by just subscribing to my newsletter HERE. Also included are regular updates on new stories and sales, and the occasional little gift. Yeah, I know, like you needed any more incentives, but that's just how generous I am.

Well. Let me get out of your way, then, so nothing may stand anymore between you and orgasmic bliss.





Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Filling Her Holes In The Broom Closet

Reading Erotica At The Library

The Interview Between My Legs

On Stage At An Erotic Convention

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Hey, have I ever told you about my hamster Yogi? Well, it's a sad tale, because Yogi's dead. Technically, that's even true because he didn't exist in the first place, so "dead" comes close enough. Everything else is made up.

Anyway, one day Yogi comes in and he's all like' "Hey bitch, I just fucked two hamster maidens and now I want some cereal." (I've never had a hamster, but I think this is what they would act like if I did.) And I'm like: "Get your dirty heterohamsterial ass out of my clean gay kitchen, you tosser." So he goes to his hamster wheel and just falls asleep because he's all tired from fucking and not very sporty to begin with.

I feel sorry for him and so I get him a small bowl of cereal and when he wakes up he's sooo hungry he just eats it all at once and the cereal gets all puffy inside his cheeks until they inflate and he flies away. That's the last I've seen from him, but I'd like to think he's still merrily fucking hamster maidens somewhere in a corn field. Poor Yogi.

What're you doing here anyway, go read the stories.

Also, cereal and hamsters don't mix. You've been warned.

Filling Her Holes In The Broom Closet

I'm not a terribly big reader, but I do enjoy a good book now and then. And so whenever I find the time, I'll visit the local library after work, especially since I've found out that besides books they've actually got a decent CD and DVD collection. And so it was this one time recently when I was there, browsing through a few books, late as usual since I can never seem to get off early from work.

I had found a few CDs and was now going curiously through a row of self-help books about love and sexuality, just to see if I could find one that would speak to me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see someone standing next to me, but I ignored it, thinking it was just another visitor, when suddenly, the woman addressed me. "Excuse me," she said, "we're about to close..."

I turned and looked at her. She was about my height, with a decent, round face that was dominated by a huge pair of black-rimmed glasses. Her wavy black hair was cut very high and short towards the back, but got somewhat longer to the front of her head, framing her face down to her chin. She wore a lose blue sweater, so I couldn't see much about her figure, except that she had the widest hips I had ever seen.

Her thighs were thick, and broad, and to make it even worse she had squeezed them into tight turquoise leggings. According to the tag she wore on her chest her name was Novella. I nodded at her. "I'm sorry," I said, "this is the only time I can find to come here, and I must've gotten carried away. I'm just looking for something to stimulate my writing."

"Oh, you're an author?" she asked, her eyes suddenly lit up with curiosity. "Ah, author is a big word," I replied, shrugging. "I mostly write lesbian porn." I leaned against the bookcase, resting a hand on my hip, smiling at her as I was watching her expression. "Oh," she said and then paused for a minute, not knowing what to say to that, but her eyes retained their curious look. "So, ah... where could I find your... works?" she asked finally.

I laughed. "On the internet," I said. "Let me write down some of the sites you can find me on." I reached for my handbag, trying to get a pen and something to write on out of it, which proved difficult with a hand full of CDs. Seeing my struggle, she came closer and held the disks for me. I scribbled a few URLs on an old shopping list (cucumbers and bananas, I remember those fondly) and when I handed it to her, I smiled and leaned in, whispering: "Or you can just find out right here."

She grabbed the paper and looked at me surprised. "W-what do you mean?" she asked. I ran my hands slowly down her sides, tracing her figure through the bulky shape of the sweater until I reached her hips. One hand moved along her front, slowly towards her crotch until it rested there, pressing gently, but firmly against it. She froze, with paper and CDs in hand, unsure what to do. I took that opportunity and slid my fingers under the waistband of her thighs and let them crawl down between her legs.

I found her panties, and slid inside those too, feeling a small patch of short cut pubic hair and long stubble around it until I finally reached her wet, hot epicentre. Her outer labia were big and puffy, entirely covering her inner labia, so when I slipped my middle finger into her slit, I immediately felt wetness and soon hit her clit. She gasped, and backed into the bookshelf, looking at me wide-eyed and horny. I could feel her breath on my face as I looked into her eyes, my finger rubbing her clit fast and hard.