My Sister Needs An Anal Lesson - Volume 1 - Veronica Sloan - ebook

When Simon's sister casually mentions that her boyfriend wants to try anal sex, he has no clue where her devious mind is going. See, Kelly thinks the very idea is gross, but she knows it's her big brother's favorite position. The more he tells her about his experiences, the hornier she gets, until she begs him to show her how it's done!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Kelly could only relate the experience of her friend Becky. "She said it was like...relieving herself, and then having it pushed back in, and then doing it all over again.""Yeah, one girl told me it was like trying to squeeze toothpaste back into a tube," I said. "She hated it. But then another girl told me she actually liked that feeling.""Becky said she'd try it again if she was with a guy who knew what he was doing.""That's the secret to any sex, isn't it?"Kelly was obviously trying to distract herself. "I guess so..."I slid my phone over the table. "Say, you want to give me Becky's number?""Noooooo!" she moaned."Maybe I will have another beer," I said. "All this reminiscing is making me think of all the sex I'm not having."I barely heard her next thoughtful mumble. "Yeah, about that...""Mm?" I grunted from the fridge."Talking about stuff like this, especially when I've been gets me kind of horny."That wasn't a surprise. I was horny, too. Part of my reason for getting up was so I could hide my shame in the cold shadow of the refrigerator. "Uh-huh," I muttered."And after this whole talk I think maybe I'd be willing to try anal.""Guess Danny owes me a high five too, then.""No," she said. "I mean, I'm horny now, and just drunk enough to go for it."I stuck my head deeper into the fridge. "So call him up!" I yelled."He's never done it before. He just wants to do it with me," Kelly said.That sounded like a rough time for my sister's perky bottom. "Yeesh," I said. "Good luck with that.""I want to try it," she said. "To see if I like it.""So just call--" Suddenly it dawned on me. "What? NO!"She leapt from the table. "Hear me out!" she said."No way!" I backed away like she was a monster in a horror movie. "Kel, you're my sister..."She followed me around the kitchen island in a slow circle. We were both breathing way too sharply for such minimal exercise and the booze was not the one to blame. My sister suddenly looked like a wild thing, her eyes bright and bold. We circled faster until Kelly abruptly stopped, wiped her hair primly over her shoulders, and straightened the hoodie over her chest. "Okay, um, so you like butt stuff...""No!" I said."Waaaaait!" she whined. "Let's set aside the fact that this is my anal virginity we're talking about. What's wrong with you helping me?""Number one, you're my sister.""That's why it's okay!"I smacked my forehead. "How does that even make sense?""Because I'm asking you to help me find out if I like it! I'm asking you for help."That actually gave me pause. I tapped my finger on the granite countertop and tried to decide if that made it any less wrong.

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My Sister Needs an Anal Lesson

© Copyright 2017, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

NOTICE: This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Disclaimer: This story contains explicit content, including graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and consensual incest. It is intended for adults only. All characters depicted are over 18-years-old. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

Cover created by Veronica Sloan. Cover Photo © Can Stock Photo Inc. / gstockstudio.

* * *

Chapter 1: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

It started innocently enough. I was sitting at the kitchen table pretending to sketch the backyard, Kelly was staring into the refrigerator like the secret of life was stashed somewhere in the back. When I glanced up from my sketchpad she was bent at the waist, her skintight yoga pants stretched over her big, luscious bottom and the word ANGEL stamped across her cheeks. I started to laugh and she knew exactly why.

She grinned at me over her shoulder. "What are you staring at?"

"Oh shut up."

She was wearing her don't-bother-me hoodie but she was in a cheery mood. Fog curled around her beautiful lips as she shook out her hair. "They're comfortable," she said.


She wiggled her hips. "And I'm an angel."

I went back to my sketchpad. "Mmhmm."

I didn't know if she was still bent over but I refused to look up when she said, "You're not really drawing."

"I'm waiting for inspiration to strike," I replied.

"That why you were lookin' at my butt?"

I didn't rise to the bait. I kept sketching until her silence grew too suspicious. Cautiously I looked up again, and found her leaning over the refrigerator door wearing the same silly grin on her face. "Hey," she said.

"Hey?" I said.

She cocked her head back at the fridge. "You wanna get day drunk with me?"

And I said hell yes.

I was 22-years-old and still living at home. She was almost 21 and didn't really like her boyfriend. It only took two shots for us to start talking about that.

"But Danny's a cool guy," I said as I poured a little more rum in my Coke. "You guys have been together for years."

My sister rolled her sky blue eyes. "It's been a year, Sy."

I tried to hide my face behind a big gulp of alcohol. It didn't work at all. My sister kicked at my knees under the table. "Ow, ow, ow!" I whined. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It just...y'know. Seems a lot longer."

She blew a strand of strawberry blonde hair out of her eyes. "I know!" she moaned.

I should say right now for the record that Danny wasn't a bad guy. We were never friends but we went to the same high school and knew a lot of the same people. Solid dude. Yeah, he was kind of boring, but to an overprotective big brother that was a plus. As to why my sister dated him for so long, I had my suspicions...

My sister grabbed my mug before I could take another drink. "Tell me what that look meant."

"Aw, sis..." I grumbled.

The mug squealed over the table as she pulled it towards her. "Tell me or I drink it all!"

I sighed. "Do I have to?"

She mimicked my posture and my deep voice (making sure I sounded like a caveman). "Duh I huh duh?" she groaned.

I let the mug go. "Okay, fine. You're dating Danny because you didn't like it when people called you a slut in high school and you're trying to convince yourself you can be in a long-term relationship."

She kicked me again. I didn't even flinch. I just took the pain and sucked it up. "Even though..." she prompted.

"Even though you weren't actually a slut in high school, you just blew two guys at the same time and you thought they would keep it a secret but they didn't and then you didn't date anybody for a long, long time."

"Thank you," she said, and slid back my drink. "And thanks again for not telling mom and dad."

It's funny how your whole relationship with a sibling can change in a single moment. Before I found out about the senior party and my sister's wild dare, the two of us weren't really that close. Weird, since we were so close in age, but maybe not so weird considering she was a girl and I was a guy and we moved in very different circles. She was popular because she tried to be popular (and wasn't hard to look at). I wasn't popular but I also wasn't unpopular, because I once saved the Prom King from choking on his own vomit. Long story.

The point is, when the word got out that my sister sucked off two dudes, I called in a favor. I got the right people to say it never happened. It didn't change the facts but it did ensure that my sister graduated and our parents (and the faculty) believed she was the perfect angel her yoga pants promised her to be. Yeah, the rumors followed her through college but she was tough. She could live with rumors. Did it prematurely end her experimental phase? Absolutely. Did it make her date a safe guy like Danny to show all her haters what a normal, proper lady she was? Uh-huh. Did it leave her slightly pissed a lot of the time? Oh yeah.

The one good thing that came out of the mess was that my sis and I bonded. Hardcore. She thought I hated her because she was so preppy, and with one compassionate act I turned that around. I explained to her that, no, I didn't like thinking of her blowing two strangers (though one of them was definitely a teacher's aid) but I'd still do whatever I could to help her out. She was exploring her sexuality and she thought she was doing that with people she could trust. Unfortunately, one of them (the teacher's aid) preferred to slut shame her.