My Love Is Real: Gay Romance (2018 Edition) - Trina Solet - ebook

For almost a year, Sean believed that Brian was his half brother. He denied his true feelings, but then a stunning revelation changed everything and tore them apart. Now Sean is desperate for a reunion. Sean wants him more than anything, but will Brian ever accept his love? His pride isn't the only thing standing in their way. A dangerous man has a claim on Brian.

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My Love Is Real: Gay Romance (2018 Edition) By Trina Solet

Copyright © 2018 by Trina Solet

All rights reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales or actual events is entirely coincidental.

All sexual activity takes place between persons eighteen years of age or older.

This novel contains material intended for mature readers.

Cover image is only for illustrative purposes. Any person depicted is a model.

My Love Is Real

Gay Romance

(2018 Edition)

Trina Solet

Chapter 1

Sean didn't like it when Brian came to live with them after his mother died. Brian was his father's other son, a year older than Sean and nothing like him.

It was the end of summer when Brian arrived on their doorstep and Sean had his first look at him. Until then, he only existed for Sean as a subject of arguments between his parents. It was usually about the money his father sent to Brian's mother.

Once he moved in, he lived in their apartment like a ghost. He was quiet and withdrawn, but he still somehow managed to get under Sean's skin. Maybe it was Brian's blue-eyed good looks that irritated Sean. Not that Sean was bad looking. Far from it. He had dark hair and eyes, a good build. Just having turned eighteen, he had a man's body, solid and strong.

Sean was perfectly aware of his power to attract anyone he wanted, while Brian carried himself like he had no clue how gorgeous he was. He walked around, unkempt, slouching, like he didn't give a crap. On top of that, Brian was stuck up, thought he was better than Sean. Sean's father claimed he was just quiet and reserved, but he didn't buy it.

When his father forced him to invite Brian to hang out or go to a movie, Brian always refused. And he didn't just refuse, he didn't even consider saying yes. He didn't even think about it for a half a second before shooting him down. Brian acted like he wouldn't want to hang out with Sean if his life depended on it. Like he had anything going for him other than being in college and being scruffy hot.

Brian had friends of his own to hang out with -- lanky posers, guys who read Sartre and stopped just short of speaking French at you for no good reason, girls who either wore no make up or wore it like it was Halloween.

During Brian's first month living with them, the air-conditioning in the apartment broke down. Sean's mother threw a fit. She kept glaring at Brian like she was accusing him of sabotaging it. Mom hated having him there more than Sean did. Dead mother or not, Brian got no sympathy from Sean's mom. She was used to getting her way, but this one time Sean's father put his foot down.

That night as the air-conditioned stayed dead and it was too hot to sleep, Sean stayed up watching some lame sci-fi movie. The living room was cooler than his room, and so late at night, he had it all to himself. He turned the TV off and stretched out on the couch. Half asleep in his boxers, Sean heard someone moving around.

He guessed it was Brian because he walked quietly and didn't turn on any lights. His mother would turn on every light as she went. His father would have been groaning or grumbling or something as he shuffled around and bumped into things.

First Sean heard then he saw Brian go into the kitchen. Sean was invisible lying on the couch in the pitch black living room, and he didn't let Brian know he was there.

In the light of the open refrigerator, Sean saw what Brian was wearing -- only boxers, dark blue ones. He also had ear buds in his ears and an old iPod in his hand. With his back to Sean, he was bending, reaching for something on the bottom shelf.

With him bent over like that, his ass was sticking out like he was offering it. And for some odd reason, Sean's erection was growing. It was the damn heat cooking his brain. Sean carefully pulled one leg up to hide what was happening in case Brian looked his way.

Hidden by darkness, Sean was still invisible, but he could see Brian so clearly. Why couldn't Sean turn away from the sight of him half naked, skin glistening from the heat?

The pop of a soda can tab startled him, got him breathing even faster. As Sean watched him, Brian straightened as if to let him admire the rest of his lithe body. Sean's eyes devoured the smooth muscles of his back and legs, the curve of his ass. One biceps flexed as he drank the soda. With Brian turned slightly sideways, Sean caught sight of his throat working as he swallowed gulp after gulp.

That was too much for him. Sean couldn't help himself. He jammed his hand down the front of his boxers. Choking back a gasp, he squeezed his dick like he wanted to choke it.

With a tight grip on his rock hard cock, he jerked as he watched Brian bend down again, looking for something else, completely unaware of him.

Right now, Sean could stand up, pull his cock free, let it jut out as he walked over to him. He could get behind Brian slip his hand down the crack of his ass, find the hole, tease it. Then he would pull down his boxers, jam his cock in there, fill him with it.

Brian wouldn't be able to stay quiet, he'd scream and moan, say his name. Sean would work that hole, make him love it. As Sean got closer to his climax, a new, insane thought entered his head. He wanted Brian to turn and see him, watch him come.

By the time Brian turned, Sean was pretending to be asleep, knees pulled up, a sticky mess soaked through the front of his boxers. He didn't even dare to breathe as he listened to the sound of Brian's quiet footsteps moving away.

Chapter 2

They were practically snowed in that Saturday. There was an overnight blizzard followed by icy rain. It was almost Christmas, but there was no Christmas card perfect covering of clean snow. It was a mess. Everything outside the windows was cold and ugly while Sean was on the phone listening to his girlfriend bitch about how she didn't want to be stuck at home.

"Let's go somewhere then," Sean offered though he didn't feel like wading through the muck the snow had turned into.

"Are you kidding? It's all slush out there. It's disgusting. I'm not going anywhere in that," she practically shrieked.

"OK. I don't want to go anyway," he informed her, his tone colder than he intended.

"What do you mean you don't want to go? What the fuck, Sean? I thought you wanted to hang out!" she shrieked some more.

"Molly, make up your damn mind already!"

And then there was more yelling followed by hanging up. That's what you get when you don't want a boring girlfriend. Molly was as hot as a grease fire and just as hard to put out. She called back almost immediately, but Sean decided to let her cool off a little instead of picking up just to listen to her screaming at him.

Not wanting to be faced with a phone demanding his attention every two minutes, he dropped it on the bed when he left his room. As he passed Brian's door, Sean noticed that his room was as quiet as a tomb. The door was open a crack, and he could see Brian reading and listening to music in there. He was on his bed, his lank blond hair falling over his face as he peered into the book he was reading like he was going to dive inside it and never come up to face the real world again.

Sean turned away and moved on. It was a bad idea to spend any time contemplating Brian. Bad things happened when he did that. Since the summer, Sean had been doing his best never to dwell on him, what he looked like, how he moved, the deep, soft sound of his voice.

But walking away had him facing a different kind of quagmire. His mother was pacing the living room, drink in hand.

"I don't supposed you know where your father went?" she asked seeing Sean before he could retreat.

"No. Sorry," Sean said and tried to go into the kitchen. His mother stopped him.

"Call his phone. Let's see if he answers you," she ordered him.

"Mom," Sean complained. He couldn't wait for winter break to be over so he could go back to college and get the hell away from his mother's drama for half a day.

"Call him!" she snapped.

"He's probably in a meeting. Leave him alone," Sean told her as mildly as he could.

"On a Saturday?"

"You want him to make serious money, but you don't want him to work overtime? I don't know, Mom." Sean didn't actually believe his father was working, but it was better if his mother did.

She didn't, not for a minute. She stalked right past Sean and into Brian's room. She had decided to try ordering him around. "Make yourself useful. Call your father right now," she said to Brian.

Sean arrived in time to see Brian calmly look up from his book and take his ear buds out. Sean's mother repeated her order.

"I don't want to bother him while he's working," Brian said in that irritating, mild but stubborn way. This time, Sean wasn't the only one who didn't like his attitude.

"It's so heartwarming that you stick up for your father. I told you to call him. Do it." Her tone was edging toward nasty, and Sean wondered how many drinks she poured herself before the one she was holding. The conditions outside were probably getting to her too. She would normally be out now at lunch with friends or shopping. Being stuck inside with people she couldn't gossip with was making her mean.

"Sorry, Mom," Sean said, wedging himself into the doorway of Brian's room. "So that movie starts soon, and I don't know how long it will take us to get there in this weather. We better start," he said to Brian and hoped he would catch on quick.

Brian stared at him for about a minute. Sean rolled his eyes at his inability to think fast. Sean's mother was already not believing a word of it. Brian's blank stare wasn't helping to convince her that the two of them were hanging out all of a sudden.

Finally deciding he didn't want to be cooped up with Sean's mother even if it meant spending time with Sean, Brian nodded.

"OK," Brian said and rolled off the bed. He didn't even run a comb through his hair, just slipped into his boots, threw his jacket over one shoulder and walked out.

"Give me a minute!" Sean had to yell. He threw on some boots and a jacket of his own and barely managed to catch up.

"Which movie did you want to see?" Brian asked as they stood outside their building, trying to acclimate to the cold while they decided which way to go. Sean assumed they would be going their separate ways once they got away from his mother. Brian's question caught him off guard. It was so stupid.

"I was just trying to get us the hell out of there. What movie did you want to see?" Sean asked sarcastically. It went right over Brian's head.

"I've already seen everything I want to see. But I am hungry."

Sean stared at him. Brian was looking around like he was trying to figure out where to go to eat. He had his jacket on now. It was brown corduroy on the outside, fake fur on the inside. The fur was mainly visible around the collar. It looked like road kill.

"Sure, we can eat," Sean agreed. He only did it because if he went his own way, he had nowhere he wanted to go. Not to Molly's, that's for damn sure.

It really was ugly out. Where cars drove over it, the snow had turned almost black. The sidewalks were worse. The snow that had melted turned into puddles of ice. They were either in danger of slipping or sinking into dirty slush.

Brian didn't have gloves on so he tucked his hands into his pockets. If he fell, he was going to land on his stupid face. Luckily Sean's gloves had been tucked into the pockets of his jacket. He had them on held his arms a little out at his sides, ready to catch himself if he slipped. It reminded him of how he used to walk when he was a little kid and he was stuffed into ten layers and a puffy jacket.

Brian stopped suddenly, and Sean nearly collided with him.

"I want to see what they have," Brian said and went right into some kind to diner. Sean had to step back to see the sign over the door. It said Eleni's Greek Eatery. Sean groaned as he went inside. It didn't smell appetizing to him, but Brian was already at one of the booths toward the back reading a menu. Sean joined him.

Brian ordered something called spanakopita. To his relief, Sean found that they had normal food too and ordered an Italian sub.

When his order came, Brian pulled it apart and ate it with his hands. It was some kind of pastry thing with spinach. Noticing that he was being watched, Brian looked up.

"You want a taste?" Brian asked and offered him a piece.

There was something about Brian's hand reaching out, a little greasy, holding something Sean was supposed to put in his mouth. The sight stirred Sean's dick. Sean made a disgusted face and shook his head at the taste test.

It wasn't supposed to be happening. Sean had masturbated that morning. He only had these weird reactions to guys when he didn't take care of it on a regular basis. And that one night when he watched Brian in the kitchen. But that was just the heat.

Now he couldn't keep his eyes off Brian licking his lips. He watched him wipe his fingers on his napkin, take another one to wipe his mouth. Sean's eyes traveled up from Brian's mouth to his eyes. They were incredible, blue and beautiful, and looking at him like he was crazy.

"Gotta piss," Sean said and escaped to the john. He didn't need to piss. He needed to get off. He rushed into a stall. His raging boner was hard enough to burst through his jeans. The hard-on he got staring at Brian ached for contact, for something tight to hold it, squeeze it, drain it dry.

Sean undid his fly and let his erection pop out over the toilet. It was big and hard, already oozing. He spit in his hand and stroked it while trying to shut out images of Brian's wet mouth sliding over his dick. In and out of Brian's hot mouth, maybe Sean would push a little bit, see how he took it, see if he could fuck his mouth like a pussy.

Then Sean heard the door open. Someone came in and cleared his throat -- Brian. For an insane minute Sean thought he would come over, ask to be let in, beg to suck him off, beg to drink his come. He didn't but Brian's nearness, his humming as he pissed, the thought of what Sean would do to him if the door wasn't separating them made his fist jerk violently.

He wanted to feel Brian's head between his hands, guide it over his cock faster and faster, hear him sputter as his mouth was flooded with Sean's come. Sean came barely able to suppress a moan. He shuddered, watching as the last of his seed spilled out, reminding himself that Brian was his half brother as he listened to him wash his hands.

Chapter 3

It was an early spring day, and Sean was on his way out of the apartment. His dad was away on a business trip. His mother was inside torturing the maid. On his way to the elevator, he ran into Brian. Obeying some dumb impulse, Sean decided to waylay him.

"Oh, no. You have other plans," Sean said as he hooked a hand around the inside of his elbow.

Brian raised his eyebrows quizzically.

"Mom is harassing Rita. Something got broken, I think. Whatever. We are bailing," Sean told him.

Brian pulled himself away from Sean and went to the door to listen. Sean took a few steps closer too. All they could hear now was vacuuming, but Brian decided not to take any chances.

With no plans and no destination, just looking for an escape, they ended up sitting on a park bench, eating hot dogs, drinking lemonade and hot tea. It was cold, but Brian had still picked lemonade as his drink of choice.

They had put down newspapers to sit on because the benches were damp and chilly. A fountain drizzled nearby, too near. Brian moved closer to Sean when a gust of wind brought the sprinkling of water from the fountain his way.

Shoulder to shoulder, through four or five collective layers of clothes between them, the contact made Sean's arm heat up, then grow almost numb with anticipation. But there was nothing to anticipate until he noticed Brian started to breathe funny.

Abruptly, Brian stood up and walked away. He threw a half eaten hot dog in the trash and kept his back to Sean as he finished his drink. Sean felt sure that he had only done it to have an excuse to increase the distance between them.

As they walked around, distracted and aimless, the trees and wet leaves muffled the sounds, made the whole place seem lonely and desolate. Since he always paid too much attention to Brian, Sean noticed that he was acting kind of nervous and keeping a safe distance.

That wasn't like him. To see how he would react, Sean made sure to brush his hand against Brian's at the first opportunity. Brian jumped.