My Hotwife The Teacher: Cuckolded By The College Students - Isabella Tropez - ebook

"My husband is half your size, and has one tenth the stamina." The words made Matt's face flush with humiliation and arousal as the college student bent over his wife in full view..."Isabelle is a full time college professor, a modest dresser, and a loyal housewife. At least, that's what Matt thought until he decided to visit her after one of her classes. What he sees will stop him in his tracks, as he watches his wife being taken rough, unprotected, and in public.

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My Slutwife The Teacher | Isabella Tropez

My Slutwife The Teacher

Isabella Tropez

“Come to bed, honey.” Matthew lazily rolled over while looking lustfully at his wife. He could just make out her trim silhouette in the glow of the desk light.

“Shh, go back to bed. These papers aren’t going to grade themselves. And I need them for tomorrow.” Isabelle replied hastily.

“Sometimes I get the feeling that you care about your students more than me.” said Matthew.

“Oh? Is that so?” Isabelle said with a cheeky smile as she glanced over at Matthew.

“Yeah, you spend all day at the college, doing god knows what, and then every minute you are here at home you spend working.”

Isabelle got up in reply, slowly walking towards the bed. “Well I have been working a lot recently, maybe I could use some time to relax.” Matthew could see her dark hair gently resting on her shoulders and a spark in her eye. His eyes traced down her pale face to her very visibly large breasts pouting beneath her undershirt. Even in the faint light he could see her large nipples protruding out, not hidden by the small cotton night wear. Her round hips swayed side to side and he could see the shape of her vulva pressing up against her panties. He always thought his wife was attractive, even as a younger woman she had that experienced sexy mature aura to her. And now that she was a little older, she had only grown into her sexual prime. Isabelle often went to the gym to keep her figure toned; she was by no means skinny, but had a nice round plump healthy hourglass shaped body. Matthew especially enjoyed her large milk white breasts that were incredibly firm for a 40 year old and her large but very taut ass. When she bent over her cheeks were very large and shapely while still being firm and smooth, the type of ass that made Matthew want to sink his cock in her every time he could. She completely matched the “sexy professor” type look with bright green eyes peering out behind small little square glasses.