My Friend's Hot Mom - She's So Shy - Laura Lovecraft - ebook

Sam has always thought his friend Dave's mother, Robin is hot…in fact, most guys do. The only person who doesn't think so is Robin herself, who is as shy and demure as she is attractive.But for her birthday, Robin wants to celebrate by overcoming her shyness and having some sexy fun, but only with someone she knows will be good to her. Sam is more than willing to take one for the team, and show shy Robin what she's been missing

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My Friend’s Hot Mom: She’s So Shy


Laura Lovecraft

* * * * *

PUBLISHED BY: L.L. Craft Publications

My Friend’s Hot Mom: She’s So Shy

Copyright © 2015 by Laura Lovecraft


Chapter One

I pulled up in front of Dave’s house and sat in the car working up the nerve to ask to borrow money. Not that he wouldn’t do it, if he had it, but I knew things had been tough for him and his mother in the year since his father had left for California to chase some slut he’d been banging.

But I could pay him back next week when I got my paycheck from Stop and Shop and really needed the money today. I looked down at the passenger seat at the bouquet of colorful flowers I’d spent the last of my money on. The flowers were for Kim who had called me yesterday to say we were through because she didn’t think I paid enough attention to her.

I didn’t feel that was true and had the sinking feeling she knew it to and this was a cop out to start seeing someone else. But Kim was pretty, a lot of fun and, when in the mood, a damn good lay, better than the two other girls I’d messed around with back in high school.

I didn’t think she was ‘the one’ as my mother would say, but she was a great ‘miss right now’ and I didn’t want to give up on it just yet. As I got out of the car and made my way up the walkway to their door I reviewed my plan.

Go to the apartment she shared with her room mates, give her the flowers, apologize, then if that got me back in her good graces take her to Lupos where her favorite local band was playing. Which is why I needed fifty bucks, I had a few bucks to spend but the tickets were twenty five a pop.

I knocked and fidgeted until Dave opened the door, “Hey Sam!” he stepped aside for me to come in, “What’s going on?”

“Oh, well um…” I stopped, once again feeling bad about needing a favor. Noting he was wearing his Domino’s shirt and cap, I stalled, “I thought you had Friday nights off?”

“Someone called out and I could use the hours,” He shrugged, “Besides I’m riding solo since Tonya dropped me and I needed to be out of here tonight anyway.”

“Why do you have to…”

“Why do you look nervous?” he cut me off.

I sighed, “Kim broke up with me.”

“Oh, well, hey, welcome to the club.” He grinned, “Want to borrow some hand lotion and exchange links to great dirty movies?”

“Hopefully not yet, I’m going to try and get back with her.”

“Good luck, but I need to get going soon, you need anything?”

“Yeah uh….I feel like an ass asking, but I’m trying to get her to go to a show with me tonight and you wouldn’t happen to have fifty until Wednesday would you?”

“Jeez, not that much, no.” he shrugged. “Sorry, Sam.”

“It’s okay.” I shrugged, “I figured you might not and…”

I stopped at the sound of heels on the hardwood floor and looked up to see Dave’s mom, Robin enter the room. Normally I would have said hello, but normally, Robin wasn’t dressed the way she was now.

Dave’s mom was hot, damn hot, but in a prim, sort of girl-or in her case-milf next door- way. Robin had gorgeous blonde hair she wore up or pinned back with a head band most of the time and wore little if any make up. She was on the taller side and had legs that went on forever, but did everything she could to hide them.

Her mode of dress was either business suits with shapeless baggy slacks or skirts that were always knee length. The only reason I knew she had nice legs was I’d been sleeping over here and there since I’d been fourteen and had seen her in shorts a couple of times and one thrilling instance of seeing her in a bathing suit.

Even then, as soon as she realized I was there, the shorts were replaced by loose fitting jeans and she had quickly left the pool the time I’d dropped by and seen her sun bathing. She had emerged from the house in a long sundress that had gone down to her damn ankles.

Robin wasn’t chubby by any means, but not exactly petite and the couple of brief glimpses of her wearing something that flattered her figure displayed a sweet curvy ass and a pretty damn impressive set of tits.

I’d always found it odd that it was the fact Robin didn’t show herself off that turned me on about her. Must be that expression, leaving things to the imagination and I would be a liar if I tried to deny imagining her body many times in the six years I’d been friends with Dave.

But right now…Robin had quite a bit on display and I was not minding at all! She was wearing a short red robe that barely went past her ass and a pair of red fuck me stiletto heels that strapped around her ankles.

Those shoes did amazing things for her already damn fine legs and my eyes enjoyed the long journey up and down those shapely legs, lingering on her lush thighs. The robe was open at the top enough to show some cleavage-something she never displayed- and the sight of the round tops of her breasts caused my heart to skip a beat.

I swore I could see a hint of red lace and wondered what was beneath it. Completing this damn sexy makeover of my friend’s normally proper mother was her long blonde hair was not just down, but teased out. There were some blonde ringlets framing her face and I was struck with how pretty she was.

The deep red lipstick she was wearing added to that beauty, showing off her full lips and a mouth that definitely looked as if she would be good at a very specific skill.

“Dave!” she exclaimed, Startling me out of what had to have been some blatant staring. “I thought you were at work!”

“No,” He shook his head, “I told you they didn’t need me until seven, I was just leaving, when…”

“Sam!” Her eyes fell on me, “Oh my God!” I had to hold back a laugh as her face turned as red as her robe. “I…I am so sorry! Look at me!”

“Don’t be sorry,” I laughed, “I’m not.”

I realized how bad that sounded, but noticed Dave didn’t seem upset, in fact he laughed too,

“Hey. See that mom? I told you, you were Milf!”

“Dave don’t be rude!” she waved her hand at him and I caught a glimpse of her long red nails.

A quick glance back to the shoes showed off her toes matched and I wished I could get a damn picture of her like this, but something told me my imagination would hold onto this image for quite some time.