My Brother's Woman - Fabia Cherry - ebook

My brother’s new girlfriend looks like me! I might be able to chalk it up as a coincidence except for the fact that his last girlfriend looked like me too. Strange feelings stir within me as I watch him paw and kiss my lookalike. Can it be? Does my brother secretly desire me? When we’re alone I confront him about it…only for both of us to get swept up by uncontrollable, incestuous passions.

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My Brother’s Woman

By Fabia Cherry

Copyright 2018 by Fabia Cherry

This work contains explicit sexual content and is for adults only.

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.

My jaw nearly hit the ground when I saw my brother Hyde’s new girlfriend.

I was at one of our regular (and often mind-numbing) family get-togethers, held in the sprawling backyard of Uncle Brad and Aunt Katrina’s house. I had been standing off to one side on the patio, chatting with my mom and waiting for Uncle Brad to get done grilling the latest batch of wieners, when my mom glanced over my shoulder and exclaimed, “Oh, your brother finally showed up! And it looks like he brought that mysterious new girlfriend of his!”

So I turned and saw the new girl, and that was when my mandible nearly shattered into a thousand tiny pieces on the flagstones.

She looked like me. Well, not exactly, of course. But there was, shall we say, a more than passing resemblance. Same build. Same hair color and length. Same eye color. Even the shape of her face was similar, though her eyes were more widely set than mine and her nose was a bit squashier. She was like the bargain-store version of me. Oh, and she totally lacked my fashion sense. Or any fashion sense, really. She was wearing a red-and-white gingham shirt tied in a knot just under her voluminous breasts, a pair of neon-green yoga pants, and pink suede pumps. From her ears swung big gold Aztec-style earrings.