My BIG White Boss - Aaliyah Jackson - ebook

My BIG White BossBWWM InterracialIt's Eriqua's first day on the job, and she's nervous. Luckily her boss, Matin Nouveau, is more than willing to take a personal interest in her to make sure she's used to her full potential... In every way.

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My BIG White Boss


Aaliyah Jackson

Table of Contents

Title Page

My BIG White Boss

Eriqua took a breath to calm the buzzing in her stomach. Why are you so damn nervous, girl? She thought. It’s just a job. It’s just the first day of a job. You’ve done this before, stop being so damn nervous.

Sitting across the desk, her new boss must have read trepidation in Eriqua’s face. He stretched his full, beautiful lips into an easy smile.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about here at Matin Nouveau Publishing. Your resume is a little thin, but, Eriqua...” he leaned across the desk, slid his hands over hers. Eriqua looked down, momentarily mesmerized by the stark contrast of his white skin mingled over black. What the hell was this white man doing?

“Your copy editing test was astounding. The best we’ve ever read. And your fiction sample was even better.” Eriqua’s new boss—his name plate read Martin Stevens—leaned back into his high-backed leather chair, arms folded on his lap. “If you can work at even a tenth of what you showed in your application materials, you’ll be the best editor in the office.”

“Damn straight.” Eriqua nodded and curled a line of hair behind her ear. “Thank you, Mr. Stevens.”

Martin again flashed his smile, churning butterflies in Eriqua’s stomach to frenzy. “Please, Eriqua, call me Martin.” He reached to the blotter on his desk and pulled the sparse, single sheet of Eriqua’s résumé. “I’m just puzzled, Eriqua... A good education, painfully smart, charming as hell...” He threw the sheet down and locked his gaze to Eriqua. “How is it that Penguin and HarperCollins haven’t whisked you away and handed you wheel barrows full of cash?”

Eriqua again took that breath to quell her stomach. Anyone else in the world and she could talk an hour on a single breath. What was it about this Martin that tied up her guts? She felt the first prickles of sweat at her hairline, warming her armpits, but dared not move to wipe away the perspiration.

“I had some family issues, some relationship issues that kept me in the Bronx.” Hearing her recent life spoken in the past tense began to restore Eriqua’s confidence. “I’ve taken care of personal matters, though. I’m ready to find you the next J.K. Rowling.” She punctuated her statement with the dazzling beauty of her smile and a little wrinkle of her nose.

As much as she didn’t want to lie to her boss on the first day, Eriqua only told a portion of the truth. The tip of the iceberg, as they say. The full truth included Darryl her ex-boyfriend, a false positive pregnancy test and a turf war. Martin didn’t need to know about Eriqua screaming in the doorway, pregnancy test in her hand, yelling at her damn fool of a boyfriend to stay the hell in for the sake of his unborn child. Who cares who tagged who’s turf? Who cares if someone sells a few dimes on your corner?