My Best Friend’s Daughter - Nicky Sasso - ebook

Being afraid he will tell her parents about her affair with a dangerous, married man, Maggie seduces her father’s handsome best friend, fulfilling his most pervert wishes.

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My Best Friend’s Daughter

By Nicky Sasso


My Best Friend’s Daughter

Copyright 2018-Nicky Sasso

All rights reserved

My Best Friend’s Daughter

I had known Bob and his wife, Mary, for years. We had been visiting each other. There were never disputes or disagreements between us. For years, we had enjoyed spending time together. His daughters, Maggie and Anna, had been growing before my eyes – for years. Two cute girls, grew up, turning into real beauties. The older one, Anna, already graduated from high school, and the younger one was a high-school student. Bob was a strict father. He was already afraid, or maybe I should say paranoid, of his little darlings becoming a prey of a scoundrel, who would “corrupt” his little daughters. He confided in me, saying he already had problems with Anna, an extremely sexy chick. I knew she had already tasted a dick. Bob said to me in confidence that, the other day, he saw her getting out of an expensive car, driven by a guy much older than her, which could only mean one thing. The little tart received a dick.

I had to comfort him, telling him stories in which I didn’t I believe. I told him that perhaps someone gave her a ride accidentally. Just to ease his suffering. I know he slapped the girl and took away her phone. Also, I knew that wouldn’t save her. The girl was a slut and there was no help.

I certainly noticed every hot chick, but I wouldn’t hit on my friend’s daughters, sisters, wives or any other woman related to a friend. Simply NO. It was my principle, and I respected it stubbornly when I had a chance to fuck a friend of mine’s unsatisfied wife, or God forbid – a horny sister.

I had plenty of women, even though I was middle-aged. I was in good shape and simply – I knew how to behave around women. I knew when to be tough, and when to be nice. I had my favorite girl for fucking, when I wanted a young chick. I fulfilled all my fantasies with my hot wife.