My Aunt's Spicy Lingerie: Taboo Erotica - Joseph Caldwell - ebook

Excerpt:"Suck my cock ... I didn't know anything could feel so good! Oh, suck it! I'll give you all my cream!"She responded wantonly and eagerly, forgetting that this was her nephew and only a child. He had a cock, a hard on. Pursing her lips around the pulsing head, she laved it with her tongue. She sucked with passionate joy as tiny drops of his pre-cum slid into her mouth.Her hands slid beneath him and tightly gripped the taut cheeks of his ass. Savagely she pulled his crotch against her face just as eagerly as he pushed her head down over his meat. He trapped her head between his sweating thighs."There ... there ... THERE!" he screamed. "I'm coming ... I'm going to shoot!" 

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My Aunt's Spicy Lingerie

Joseph Caldwell

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 1

Bobby accepted it right away. He was tired of moving around, too. He was also tired of the constant, nightly parade of "uncles" that visited his mother. Having just one "uncle," his mother's brother, Fred, around all the time appealed to him. He also liked his Aunt Marie. She was younger than his mother, and she liked to take him places and do things wit him.

About a year after he had come to live with them, his Aunt Marie broke down and told him that his mother would never be coming back. It bothered him for a few days, but he had come to think so much of his new life and the new friends he had made that he soon got over it.

One of the new friends was Mary Lou, A pretty blonde girl who lived on the same block, just three houses down. Mary Lou was a year older than Bobby and a little wiser in the ways of the world. She would be the one that would introduce him to the curious difference between boys and girls.

Her father's garage became their play room.

Bobby had already begun to have strange dreams connected with girls in general, and Mary Lou in particular.

Once in a while when he heard his aunt go to the bathroom early in the morning, he would sneak to the keyhole of the door and watch her piss. He always hope that sometime she would forget to put her robe on, but she never did. Now and then she would forget to button it up all the way and he would get a good look at her huge, swaying titties where the rob sagged open. It always gave him a hard-on and he would immediately jump back into bed and jack off, trying to get some release.

He knew Mary Lou didn't have big heavy tits like his aunt, but he had noticed little bumps starting to erupt beneath her sweater. He had also noticed that her little ass and her hips had started to change radically in the months they had been playing together.

He couldn't control his curiosity. That's why, one day when they were in the garage playing, he decided that he wanted to see her naked.

"Mary Lou, let's play 'doctor' today."

To his great surprise, she replied, "Playing 'house' is lots more fun. I used to play husband and wife with a boy last year, but he moved away."

Bobby didn't know exactly how to play or what he was supposed to do.

"We'll make a bed on this old couch," she said.

When the make-shift bed was finished, Bobby kicked off his shoes and crawled in.

"No, silly! You don't go to bed with your clothes on, do you?"

"No ... but I don't have no pajamas."

"Married people don't wear pajamas, silly. They go to bed naked!"

"You mean," Bobby gulped, "we should get naked?"

"Sure," she replied. "You scared?"

No." But he was.

"Well?" she said, kicking her shoes off.

"You first."

"No ... together."

Bobby nodded, and they started to slowly undressing, piece by piece.

Bobby could feel his cock getting rock-hard as Mary Lou pulled her dress over her head. Her titties were just starting to grow. The nipples were dark brown and they stuck out from the little two-inch mounds of rounded flesh.

"You're already like a husband," Mary Lou said, standing in her panties and pointing to the bulge at the front of his shorts.

"How do you know?"

"'Cause I seen my daddy real hard like that when he was gonna fuck my mother."

"You seen him naked?"

"Sure," she replied. "I seen them fuck too!"

"Really?" Bobby said, all embarrassment lost now in the curiosity of the moment. "How do they do it?"

"I'll show you. Let's get into bed."

Bobby practically leaped into the makeshift bed and pulled the covers up over him. Mary Lou surprised him by not only getting into bed with him, but also kicking the covers from their bodies.

"Don't you want to see each other? That's half the fun!"

"Huh ... oh yeah, sure. I - I forgot," he stammered, letting his eyes feast on Mary Lou's naked flesh.

He had never realized just how pretty Mary Lou was. Her hair was thick and it had a golden color as it cascaded around her face. She was big for her years, Bobby thought. She might even be able to pass for eighteen. This made him nervous when he viewed his own skinny legs. Her tits were almost ripe, nice and firm and round.

Mary Lou sensed his fright. She rolled toward him and took his hand. "Put it on my bottom ... like this, and then rub a little."

Bobby felt pain in his prick as it tried to crawl out of his shorts. She had on a pair of very tight panties that fitted like tights over the taut little cheeks of her ass.

Her ass was smooth as silk. Bobby molded it, patted it, and squeezed it. He ran his fingers between the cheeks of her ass, making her jump.

"Do you want to kiss me?" she said

"Okay," he replied.

They kissed. It was a dry, tight-lipped kiss. He didn't like it very well. He wanted to touch and play wit her body, not kiss.

"You want to kiss my titties?"

"Oh yeah!"

She pulled his head down to her tits.

"Kiss my titty with your mouth open ... yeah, like that. That feels good. Now take the nipple between your lips and lick it with your tongue. Ohhh, yeah ... yeah, like that! Don't stop!"

She was scaring him a little with her groaning and writhing. The more he licked and sucked on her nipple, the wilder she became. He though he was hurting her, but the sounds she made didn't seem to be caused from pain.

As she writhed, his hand slid under her thighs. He caressed them and suddenly his fingers were between her legs. It was warm and wet there.

"Yes ... play with my pussy at the same time," she gasped. "Wait ... let's take our panties off." Without waiting for him, she lifted her ass and hips off the bed and discarded her pink panties, dropping them carelessly on the floor. "Now, you too."

He pulled his shorts off and his cock shot rigidly forward from his hairless groin. He was trying to see her pussy, but her thighs hid it.

"Oh, yours is bigger than Ralph's, and the head of it sticks out!"

"Who's Ralph?" Bobby asked breathlessly.

"The other boy I used to play fuck with," she said, reaching for his cock. "I want to touch it." She curled her fingers around his prick and, suddenly, a stream of watery liquid spurted from the head and streamed across her forearm.

"You shot ... I made you shoot!" she cried. "I saw my daddy do that on Mommy's belly once. It's called coming and when you do it inside a girl it makes babies in her belly!"

"I can do it again," Bobby said. "Sometimes when I do that to myself, I can squirt three or four times before it gets soft."

"You want to see mine?" she said

He nodded.

Mary Lou rolled away from him and lifted her knees high in the air.

He gawked. Her pussy was a little pink-rimmed slit that protruded in a graceful swell below her belly and was covered by thin, downy blonde hair. "You got hair on yours," he said.

"You will, too, some day," she replied. "Touch it and play with it ... it feels good."

His hands roamed wildly over her inner thighs, the soft roundness of her buttocks and the fuzzy covering over her pussy. Then he knelt between her legs and pried the slit of her pussy apart with his thumbs. He could see inside the hole, and his body shuddered with delightful spasms of passion. Her cunt was a wet, fiery pink and it seemed to open and close by itself as if it were inviting him to do something.

But what?

Then she told him.

"You want to put your cock inside me ... I'll show you how."

"Oh yes ... yes, Mary Lou. I think I'd like that."

"Okay ... but you got to promise to put it in only as far as I tell you ... 'cause it'll hurt if you put it in too far."

She grasped his cock. She ran his prick up and down the wet slit of her pussy several times until Bobby thought his prick would burst with excruciating pleasure. Each time his cock paused at the top of her pussy, she would gasp and rub her pussy painfully hard against his cock.

"There! It's right at my hole. Push, Bobby! But do it real easy , or I'll make you stop."

He pushed and felt her cunt-lips parting under his pressure. Suddenly the head of his cock felt as though it had entered an oven. Hot, wet, sticky juices flowed out of her pussy to flood his prick.

The heat got stronger.

He could smell her sex wafting up from their joined loins. If filled his nostrils with lust and his body with a need for release.

And then it happened.

As he felt if come over him, he grasped the cheeks of her ass and tried to push his cock all the way inside her cunt.

Sensing his intent, Mary Lou wriggled her body backward, and his second stream of cum spewed forth to flood the downy fur of her pussy.

Bobby sighed as he sprawled across her body, panting.

"Let's do it again tomorrow," he said.

"Can't," she replied. "Tomorrow's Saturday. My folks will be home all day."

"We'll do it Monday then."

"Okay ... I'll show you how to make a girl feel good with just your finger."

Monday came and so did many other times in the garage. For the better part of a year, Bobby and Mary Lou explored and enjoyed each other's bodies. But the girl would never let him put his cock all the way inside her cunt. It was frustrating for him, but it was still more satisfying than relieving his prick with his fingers.

Then something happened that ended the good times. It seemed that it just happened over night. His cock became huge. He didn't even realize it. It was as though he masturbated one night wit just his fingers, and the next night he was using his whole hand and several inches of his cock stuck out above it, thick and rigid.

Also, the clear fluid that had previously spewed in thin streams from the head of his cock during climax changed radically. It became gooey thick and as white as snow. The thickness also increased, so that when he shot his cream, it practically covered Mary Lou's belly.

He also became stronger. He wanted to put his thick meat inside her warm hold more than ever. He could feel the lips of her pussy spread wide when he slipped the now-thick head between them

That was when Mary Lou said, "No more fucking."

And shortly after that she moved away.

Bobby became distraught and frustrated. After Mary Lou's departure, he had begun examining his Aunt Marie's body as she moved around the house.

He loved the way his aunt's breasts thrust high and proud in her tight dresses. He also noticed the way her ass-cheeks rolled and bounced in her skirts. Those same skirts were also tight enough that the mound of her pussy was clearly defined beneath the rounded swell of her belly.

He began fantasizing fucking hs Aunt Marie. He dreamed of lowering his body between her ample thighs and ramming his cock into her pussy. He had no doubt that his Aunt's pussy, compared to Mary Lou's, was huge.

On the weekends, when his uncle was home, he could hear them in the next bedroom, fucking. On those occasions, Bobby would sneak out of his room and across the hall to listen at their door. He would hear the bed squeak and bounce on the floor as his uncle fucked his aunt's cunt. Many times he tried to open the door a crack so he could see how they were doing it. But it was always locked. And the bed was out of range of the keyhole.

One night his aunt and uncle had a fight. They screamed at each other. Bobby didn't understand it all, but he guessed that his uncle had had a woman in another town and his Aunt Marie had found out about it.

They didn't fuck that weekend, and early Monday morning his uncle left as usual. When Bobby got home from school, he found his aunt crying.

"What's the matter?" he said, sitting beside her on the sofa and putting his arms around her shoulders.

"Nothing ... nothing you would understand," Aunt Marie said, sobbing and putting her head on his shoulder. "You're still wonderful and young and innocent. I wish we could stay that way all our lives. But the older we get, the more our desires get in the way of our innocence."

Bobby didn't know what she was talking about. He really didn't care either. Her breasts, smashed against his chest, felt like two huge, soft pillows wit hard tips. They sent a heat through his body that he had never felt before.

He felt like a man because he was able to comfort her.

That night she didn't feel like cooking. They went out to eat. As soon as they got home, she said her head hurt and she wanted to lie down.

Bobby watched television until he was drowsy and then went up to his room. He was in his pajama bottoms when he heard his Aunt Marie crying across the hall.

"Aunt Marie ...?"


"You all right?"

"Yes, Bobby ..."

Chapter 2

Bobby approached the side of the bed. He was ill-at-ease, yet he was excited.

"Sit down, Bobby," Aunt Marie said, patting the bed beside her.

He sat down and stared into the liquid pools of her lustrous dark eyes. They glistened with the remnants of her tears.

She took his hand in hers. "I'm glad you've come to live with us, Bobby. You've made many of the lonely days bearable. How old are you now?"

"Almost eighteen," he replied, his body shuddering as his thigh came into contact with her hip.

"You'll soon be a man and I hope you'll be able to understand how lonely a woman can get. Your Uncle Fred has been gone a lot and it looks like he'll be gone a lot more now."

While she talked, Bobby couldn't help but let his eyes roam across her mature, womanly body. Where Mary Lou's naked body had excited him, Aunt Marie's drove him wild. Her tits were very large, and he guessed they were also very firm because they stood up in two cone-like mounds even though she was lying on her back. He wished the lace of her bodice was as thin as the rest of the gown so he could see her big nipples.

Bobby knew she was old, at least thirty-five, but she was still attractive; the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her hair flowed in waves. It was a deep, rich brown, so dark that it was almost black.

Her tear-stained face was almost angelic with its barely-shadowed eyes, set behind long lashes and under thin eyebrows. Through the gown, he could see the smooth pinkness of he skin.

She was perfectly proportioned. Her tits were high and they quivered as she moved. So small was her waist that Bobby was sure it was no bigger than his thigh.

"But ..." she said, squeezing his hand and drawing his mind back to what she was saying. "I know you have your own little friends and can't be bothered with an old woman's problems."

She pushed herself up on one elbow and kissed him on the lips. Her lips were warm and soft on his, and he wanted to plunge his tongue into her mouth and French her the way Mary Lou had taught him.

But he was afraid. Would she be mad? Would she scold him?

Her tit was against his arm. It was soft and cushiony, like a pillow. He could see the darkness of one nipple as his gaze traveled down to where the lace had fallen open.

God, her tits were big! They were huge and beautiful. He guessed that her nipples were big too. One nipple would probably fill his mouth. He wanted to thrust his head between those two big beautiful tits and gorge himself on their warmth and softness.

"You're cold, " she said. "You must be chilly, with just ..."

She had looked down. She must have seen the bulge in his pajama bottoms. He had been trying to hid his cock, but it had grown to its full, throbbing length and his prick had almost popped out of his fly.

Her eyes grew wide, then wider. Then she composed herself and returned her eyes to his.

"Good night, dear Bobby," she whispered. "You'd better go to bed now." She rolled away from him.

Just before she covered her glorious body with the sheet, he got a glimpse of her white thighs and the rounded curve of her ass-cheeks.

His cock was throbbing like mad, and the heated blood of youthful lust pounded in his temples.

"I love you, Aunt Marie," he blurted.

The tiny sobs started again. "I love you too, Bobby," she blubbered. "Please turn out the light before you go."

He leaned over to the bedside lamp and snapped it off. As he did, his cock slid up along his belly. He couldn't help it; he squeezed the pulsing staff. His cock felt bigger than ever in his hand. He visualized Mary Lou's cunt. Only now it had a thick mat of black pubic hair covering it. Bobby realized that it wasn't Mary Lou's cunt he was imagining ... it was his Aunt Marie's.

He groaned aloud.


"Aunt Marie," he said, slowly raising the sheet.


"You're so lonesome, Aunt Marie. I think I'll stay in here for a little while." He slid beneath the sheet and stretched out on his side, facing her.