My Aunt Gives A Sensual Surprise: Taboo Erotica - Astra Kilgore - ebook

Timmy felt pretty weird. Was he becoming some sort of pervert? He thought that the years of sexual deprivation had warped his mind. But he knew what the cure was-fucking.Timmy began to picture his aunt as a nurse who could cure him. With her sweet pussy, she had the power to save her nephew from a life of sexual perverson. If only she would! 

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My Aunt Gives A Sensual Surprise

Astra Kilgore

Copyright © 2017

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Every time his father had that look in his eye he would disappear into the bedroom with his wife. Then Timmy would have to listen to the sounds of fucking as they filled the house.

Not that he didn't like hearing those sounds. He loved it. But it made his horniness gnaw at him. And Timmy was already horny enough.

By the time dessert was served, Joan, Timmy's mother, was smiling conspiratorily back at her husband.

Timmy began looking at his mother as his father was looking at her. Yes, she was a gorgeous and sexy woman. Timmy didn't have any difficulty understanding his father's desire.

Joan's tits were big and firm. And under her silky blouse the erect nipples could be clearly seen. The soft material of the blouse caressed the firm roundness of those boobs. When she walked, her tits would move up and down with a slow and heavy motion.

"Would you like more ice cream?" Joan asked her son.

"Huh? Oh, no thanks," the boy answered.

Timmy wondered if his mother had caught him staring at her tits. But he realized that she was too interested in his father to pay much attention to him.

Timmy watched his mother moving around the kitchen as she cleared the table. Her black hair shimmered over her shoulders, her tits quivered and her shapely ass switched back and forth in her tight slacks.

"Oh, Bill!" Joan screamed as he husband reached out and grabbed her arm.

Timmy watched as his father pulled his sexy wife down on his lap. He kissed her briskly. But Joan jumped up and glanced briefly at Timmy with a shy expression on her face.

"I think I'll go watch TV," Timmy said.

"Good idea, son," Bill said as he got up and went after his wife again.

As Timmy left the kitchen he saw his father lean against Joan's back as she stood at the sink.

In the living room, Timmy stared at the TV. But his mind was with his parents. Now he could hear their muffled voices coming from their bedroom.

Trying to watch television while his parents were doing exactly what he'd been dying to try for several years wasn't easy. At eighteen, Timmy thought it was high time for him to get fucked. But so far, he hadn't been able to find a girl willing to let him sink his prick into her pussy.

So he sat in front of the television with a hard and throbbing cock. Listening to the giggles drifting in from his parents' room put him in a daze of sexual longing.

Finally he couldn't stand it any longer.

Trembling with passion, Timmy went creeping toward his parents' bedroom. As he neared their closed door the sounds of happy lust grew louder.

"Oh, baby," Bill was cooing. "That feels so nice!"

Hearing those words charged Timmy's imagination. What was going on in there at that moment? he wondered. And when was he going to get his chance to play with a woman's naked body?

The sounds from the bedroom changed. Now rather than words, all that could be heard was eager breathing and an occasional gasp of pleasure.

"Oh-h-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h-h," Timmy heard his mother moaning.

"M-mm-mm," Bill moaned.

Timmy knew from experience that looking through the keyhole wouldn't offer anything interesting. That hole only gave him a view of his mother's dresser.

But now Timmy noticed that the bedroom door wasn't closed all the way. There was a line of light flooding around the door.

Suddenly Timmy felt as though he'd been slugged in the stomach. The idea that he might be able to see his mother and father fucking was the most exciting thing possible for a horny eighteen-year-old kid.

As quietly as he could, Timmy crept to the door. He leaned forward and put his face near the edge of the door where light escaped from the bedroom.

He found that he could see into the room. But all he could see was the side of his father's chest of drawers which stood beside the door.

Timmy was so disappointed he could have cried.

But just being so close to the fucking couple was exciting. And now he could hear every breath and every rustling of the sheet.

Then Timmy noticed that he could see the picture that hung on the wall just above the bed. If he could stand on something he would be able to look over the chest of drawers and see his parents going at it.

But what could he stand on? Timmy's brain cooked with ideas.

He could bring a chair from the kitchen to stand on. But could he get a bulky chair to their door and back into the kitchen without making noise?

Before Timmy scared himself out of the plan, he found himself carrying a chair down the narrow hallway to his parents' room. . With a pounding heart and throbbing cock, Timmy set the chair down in front of the door.

Then he climbed up on it. His horniness was making him dizzy, and he had to be very careful not to fall off the chair. He didn't even want to think what would happen if he were caught.

Pressing his face into the corner of the door jamb, Timmy was treated to a sight that he would never forget.

When his eyes focused, Timmy saw the upper half of the bed. And on it was the upper half of his mother's body. She was on all fours. Her head was bobbing up and down. And below her head stretched Bill's legs.

The sight of his mother sucking his father's cock was a powerful jolt. But when Timmy followed the length of his mother's body with his eyes, he discovered that she was sitting on his father's face. That was an even greater shock.

He could see his father's forehead sticking out beneath his mother's ass. And his father's head was nodding. It didn't take Timmy long to realize that his father was licking his mother's pussy.

Timmy had to push the door open a bit more to get the whole view. But there was no chance that the sucking couple on the bed would notice. They were too busy eating each other.

It had been a long time since Timmy had seen his mother naked. The last time she had appeared nude in front of him he had been too young to be interested. So this was a real treat.

In the position his parents were in now, he couldn't see any of his mother's more interesting parts. But he could see how her tits oozed out from under her as they lay on his father's stomach. And her ass looked fabulous as it bobbed above his father's head.

Timmy never dreamed that his own parents would actually eat each other. Being an innocent kid, Timmy thought that only whores sucked pricks and that only young studs would want to lick a cunt.

But if his parents were doing it, it must be all right. It sure was exciting to watch that kinky action.

Still gasping in voyeuristic shock, Timmy unzipped his pants and fished out his stiff and jerking cock.

Holding his burning prick in his fist, Timmy had to fight the urge to jerk off immediately. He wanted to wait for the rest of the show before spilling his own gism.

"M-mm-mm," Joan hummed on the cock in her mouth as Bill's tongue wiggled in her twat.

Timmy saw his father reach around one of his mother's thighs and grab her ass. Then he seemed to spread the asscheek, giving himself a great view of her asshole. The thought of having a juicy cunt on his face while staring at a chick's asshole seemed like a dream to Timmy. He wondered, doubtfully, if it would ever happen to him.

Joan was obviously holding Bill's balls in one hand while she gobbled up his prick. And Timmy could see that she was getting his dad's fat prick stuffed deeply into her throat.

"M-mm-mm-m," Joan moaned. "Og-ga-a-a."

Although she was gagged by her husband's wang, Joan was sounding out in pure joy.

Timmy began to realize that his mother was coming. He'd never seen a woman in the grip of an orgasm before. It was quite a thrill.

Joan's body began shaking. And Bill had to lift his head to keep his face wedged between the loose lips of her cunt. But Joan didn't stop sucking the prick in her mouth.

Finally, Joan squealed loudly and lifted her crotch from her husband's face.

Timmy understood that she had come, and now couldn't take any more licking on her tender twat. Now he could see his mother's cunt. Right below her round asscheeks the hairy lips of her quim peeked out.

"That was great, honey," Joan said as she lifted her mouth from Bill's cock.

She rolled off her husband, and he swiveled around on his ass so they were side by side.

Now Timmy had a perfect view of his mother's naked body. He could see how her big tits rested on her chest with their enormous weight. And the silver dollar-sized, brown nipples made his mouth water.

Timmy saw how narrow his mother's waist was and how flat her tummy was. But he didn't linger on those features. His eyes moved right over them to the triangular nest of black curls that covered her snatch.

But the view of his mother's cunt was obscured soon by his father's hand. Timmy watched as his mother spread her thighs. Then his father slipped a finger up her tunnel.

Timmy had never even fingered a chick's pussy. He would have give anything to be in his father's place right now, even if the cunt belonged to his own mother.

But watching was going to have to be good enough for now. After all, this was better than anything that had ever happened to him in his horny life.

Joan's body gyrated as Bill's finger moved around inside her twat. She grabbed Bill's prick with one hand. They kissed deeply.

Timmy was still holding his prick. But he didn't know how long he could resist jerking off. He could already feel his gism coming to a boil in him.

"Come on," he heard his mother whisper.

"Fuck me!"

Timmy's eyes widened. He watched his father move over his mother's body. Joan surrounded Bill's hips with her widespread legs.

They were both staring down into their crotches where they were coming together. Although he couldn't see what was going on between their bodies, Timmy could imagine his father's big prick invading his mother's pussy.

"Oh-h-h-h-h," Joan gasped. "God, that's wonderful!"

Timmy saw his father's hips press forward as he slid his prick into Joan's cunt. And his mother's gasp told him how good it felt.

Now it was time for Timmy to share in the ecstasy. His fist began moving up and down on the hard bone of his cock.

Timing his fist to the lunges of his father's ass, Timmy tried to imagine how it would feel to have his own prick in the hot envelope of a woman's twat.

While fucking, Joan and Bill looked at one another. And from where he was peering into the room, Timmy could see how his mother's face was contorted in an expression of pleasure.

"Oh-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h," she gasped as her cunt was filled repeatedly with the hard cock.

Timmy's knees began shaking as his own orgasm began blossoming inside him. Still, he tried to keep his fist moving slowly, in the same rhythm as his father's plunging prick. But he was too far gone for self-control now.

"Fuck me!" his mother screamed.

Bill's ass began bucking faster. Now Joan's body was being quaked by each thrust into her snatch.

"I'm coming again!" Joan cried. "Uh-h-h-h-h."

Now Timmy was coming too. Bullets of streaming gism leaped from his prick and hit his parents' door.

With the sight of his parents writhing in climactic joy, Timmy's orgasm was the greatest of his young life.

As his parents' fucking slowed to a stop, Timmy let his fist stop its pumping. He saw how his father lay on the limp body of his mother. Arid Timmy wished he could collapse and rest too. But he had to get out of there before he was caught.

His legs were like rubber from the excitement of watching his parents fuck and from his powerful orgasm. But he managed to climb down from the chair and carry it into the kitchen without making any noise.

Timmy couldn't leave his gism running down his parents' bedroom door, though. What better evidence could he leave?

So, with a pounding heart, he forced himself to go back to the door and wipe it. He held the doorknob so the door wouldn't swing open.

"You're a great fuck, honey," Timmy heard his mother say to his father. "And you seem to get better all the time!"

"It's easy being good with you," Bill said. "I could keep fucking your sweet, tight, cunt all day and night!"

Sweet, tight, cunt, Timmy thought. God, how he'd love to have one to stick his own prick into. Well, maybe if he changed his tactics with the local chicks he could get fucked too.


The sight of his parents getting it on continued to burn in Timmy's brain. And the next day he vowed to do everything he could to experience that glory for himself.

On Saturday afternoons Timmy and the rest of the kids in the neighborhood would go to the matinee at the movie theater. The boys would ask the girls to sit with them. Then the boys would try to grab the girls' tits.

If a guy got his hand inside a chick's blouse he considered it quite a victory. Once in a while a boy would be able to finger fuck a girl. Then he would prove he wasn't lying by letting the other boys sniff his finger.

On the Saturday after witnessing his parents fucking, Timmy showed up at the movie theater early. He wanted to have the first crack at the hottest chicks.

Timmy's prick was already stiff as he stood in the lobby of the theater. He watched like an eagle as the place began to fill up with kids.

"Hey, Timmy," a voice called.

Timmy saw Chuck, a good friend, coming toward him. But Timmy lost himself in the crowd before Chuck got to him. Chuck was better than Timmy at picking up chicks, so Timmy didn't want Chuck around. After all, he meant business on this particular Saturday.

Then Timmy caught sight of Sally. She was one of the hottest chicks in the neighborhood. She always let some lucky kid feel her tits. And there were stories about her letting guys stick a finger up her twat.

Timmy squeezed through the crowd until he was beside Sally. She was with Nancy, another hot chick. Timmy had never had the nerve to ask either of these chicks to sit with him. They were always in demand, and they usually sat with guys on the football team.

Now, as Timmy approached Sally, he could feel his face turning red. Shyness was weighing him down.

But then he remembered how his mother had looked as she lay naked on her bed. And Timmy knew that Sally would look as good if he could ever get her clothes off. Already, he could see her big jugs jiggling under her tight jersey.

In an advanced state of horniness, Timmy stepped up to Sally and said hello.

"Oh, hi, Timmy," Sally said with a smile.

Her smile encouraged Timmy. But her big tits and shapely ass encouraged him more.

"Would you like to, uh, sit with me?" he asked in a quavering voice.

Timmy's hands were already itching to wrap themselves around Sally's luscious tits. If she turned him down now, Timmy would be shattered.

"Sure, I'd love to," said Sally.

Timmy's heart leaped in his chest. And his prick began to swell.

They walked down the aisle together. Timmy was proud to be seen with Sally. All the boys knew that he was in for a good time. And Timmy was so eager he could hardly wait for the lights to go down.

Sally selected a seat near the side of the theater about halfway down. A perfect place for necking, Timmy thought.

Timmy had grabbed a few tits in that theater. He'd even managed to cram his hand into a bra once. But now he was concentrating on Sally's cunt.

Timmy noticed the kids around them look at him in envy. But he was thinking about how his father had stuck a finger into his mother's cunt. And he was hoping with all his might that he would get a chance to reach into Sally's twat with his long middle finger.

When the lights went down and the screen lit up, Timmy took a deep breath. What if she won't neck with me? he wondered.

But when he put his arm around the girl, she leaned toward him, resting her head on his shoulder. Timmy could smell the sweet odor of her hair.

Just having such a sexy chick close to him made his prick press desperately against his jeans. In the corner of his eye, Timmy could see Sally's tits rising and falling with her slow breathing. And in her lap he could see how her tight-fitting slacks hugged her crotch.

Before the cartoon was over Timmy nudged Sally's head with his own. She turned her face to his. Timmy saw her eyelids close just before their lips met.

Sally could kiss better than any other chick Timmy had necked with. Her lips seemed so soft. And as soon as they began kissing, Sally's lips parted.

Thrusting out his tongue, Timmy felt Sally's tongue meeting his. And as they began exploring each other's mouths, Sally began rotating her head slightly, like an experienced necker. And he could feel her hot breath puffing through her nostrils onto his upper lip.

The longer they kissed, the faster Sally's tits rose and fell. Timmy was sure she was getting hot.

But how hot would she have to be before he dared grab at her boobs?