Munchkin Cats and the Munchkin Cat - Susanne Saben - ebook

Everything you need to know about Munchkin Cats - from Munchkin Kittens to the adult Munchkin Cat, to the Dwarf Cat. Includes detailed insight into Munchkins, Teacup Cats, and all types of Short Legged Cat. Covered are Munchkin Cat Prices, behavior, quirks, and everything you need to know about raising a healthy & happy Munchkin Cat. Another informative and entertaining title from passionate cat owner and lover Susanne Saben!As a true Munchkin cat lover- she enjoys advising on all aspects of Munchkin Cats from raising a Munchkin Kitten, the first vet visit, Teacup Cats and how to tell the difference, Munchkin Cat prices, Scottish Fold Munchkins, Genetta, Lambkins, and how to find the best Munchkin Cat Breeders.  Whether you are looking for a Munchkin Cat, already a Munchkin Cat owner, or a seasoned Munchkin Cat owner, the tricks and tips within this guide will prove invaluable. This book is a must-have guide for anybody passionate about Munchkin Cats. Susanne lays out everything you need to know in an easy to understand and memorable style. The book is written in an easy to read, straightforward, and fun way to enhance your experience around every aspect of living with and loving your Munchkin Cat! It's everything you need to know about Munchkin Cats, the Munchkin Cat, Munchkin Kittens, the Dwarf Cat, & Teacup Kittens from Munchkin Cat owner Susanne Saben. This is the must-have guide for anyone passionate about Munchkin Cats or wanting to know more. Munchkin Cat Prices, Scottish Fold Munchkin, Dwarf Cat types, Dwarf Kittens, Genetta, & More!

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Your Munchkin Cats Bible:

Includes Munchkin Cats, Teacup Kittens, Munchkin Kittens, Dwarf Cats, Dwarf Kittens, And Miniature Cats, All Covered!


By Susanne Saben

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Munchkin Cats and Other Miniature Cat Breeds

Munchkin Cats, A Quick History

Characteristics: Traits and Munchkin Cat Temperament

Potential Health Issues with Munchkin Kittens and Munchkin Cats

The Different Kinds of Munchkin Cats

Chapter 2 – How Do I Become a Good Munchkin Cat Parent?

Responsible Munchkin Cat Parenting

Chapter 3 – Where Can I Get a Munchkin Cat?

Munchkin Cat Adoption from a Shelter

Finding a Reputable Munchkin Cat Breeder

How to Spot Munchkin Kitten Farms or Kitten Mills

Papers and Documents for Your Munchkin Cat

Chapter 4 – Understanding a Munchkin Cat’s Personality and Temperament

Munchkin Cats are a Very Friendly Breed

Munchkin Cats Are Intelligent

Munchkin Cats Are Born Explorers

Munchkin Cats Are Well-adjusted and Even-tempered

Munchkin Cats Are Low Maintenance

Chapter 5 – How to Choose the Right Munchkin Cat for You

What is the Ideal Pet Munchkin Cat?

Hand-reared or Orphan Cats vs. Litter Munchkin Kittens

What is the Right Age to Bring a Munchkin Cat Home?

Should You Choose an Adult or Kitten Munchkin Cat?

Choosing the Munchkin Cat for You

Ask if the Munchkin Cat Has Insurance

Be Prepared to Walk Away

Visit the Munchkin Cats Ahead of Time

Chapter 6 – Preparing Your Home for Your New Munchkin Cat

How to Cat-Proof Your Home for Your New Munchkin Cat

Building a Home for Your Munchkin Cat

Your Munchkin Cat’s First Night

Chapter 7 – Feeding Your New Munchkin Cat

What is the Best Diet for Your Munchkin Cat?

Is Wet Food or Dry Food Better for Your Munchkin Cat?

How Often Should You Feed Your Munchkin Cat?

How to Choose the Right Cat Food For Your Munchkin Cat

The Common Mistakes Cat Parents Make When Feeding Munchkin Cats

Chapter 8 – Caring for Your Munchkin Cat and Understanding Its Needs

Grooming Your Munchkin Cat

Giving Your Munchkin Cat Proper Health Care and Maintenance

When Should You Bring Your Munchkin Cat to the Vet

Chapter 9 – Can You Train A Munchkin Cat?

Teach Your Munchkin Cat to Sit On Command

Teach Your Munchkin Cat to Come on Command

How to Train Your Munchkin Cat to Use the Toilet

Use Treats and Training to Reinforce Good Behavior

Chapter 10 – Munchkin Cat Groups, and Other Fun Activities

Try Going on a Munchkin Cat Vacation

Chapter 11 – Living Happily with Your Munchkin Cat

1. Walk your cat on a leash.

2. Get some toys.

3. Offer perches by the windows.

4. Put cat grass around the house.

5. Buy or build a cat tree.

6. Buy a cat bed.

Final Thoughts on Your Journey with Your Munchkin Cat





* * *


These days, pets – especially cats – have become members of the family, as cared for and as beloved as a child; and why shouldn’t they be? Cats bring joy to the family in many different ways, and they bring distinct personalities that make them just as real to interact with as a friend and family member. But unlike people, cats are dependent on us for their basic needs, to be taught the rules, and to understand the living environment that is your home. As cat owners, we have the responsibility to understand our cats and to offer attention, affection, and care as well as boundaries to keep them safe and content.


When we care for our cats properly, we have the potential to create a strong and lasting bond that can be genuinely rewarding to all parties. Cats, especially munchkin cats, can grow to become an important and valuable part of our family and our lives. But if we let them down by treating them as fixtures in our home, we are creating a problem for ourselves and abusing a pet that is unable to protect itself or fend for itself.


If you are looking to add a new cat to your family, then munchkin cats are the perfect choice. Smaller than most cats, it gives the appearance of being permanently youthful and its temperament supports this completely. Extroverted, energetic, and fun loving, munchkins are bound to be constantly the center of attention and the life of every party. They will be there to greet you enthusiastically at every end of the day, eager to play with you as well as other members of the family – including other cats and dogs.


Understanding your munchkin cat is the first step to becoming a responsible and loving parent and master to your new pet which is exactly what we want to offer in this book. Meant for long-time munchkin cat lovers and new munchkin owners alike, your Munchkin Cat Bible acts as a quick reference as well as a comprehensive guide and a fun read for like-minded cat lovers who want to get to know their munchkins better.


Your Munchkin Cat Bible takes you through owning and loving your munchkin cat, from finding the right munchkin cat or munchkin kitten for you to taking steps to having a well-behaved and responsive pet, to finding new ways to spend time and have fun with your munchkin. Buying this book will help you become the responsible and informed parent and owner that every munchkin cat deserves.


Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Munchkin Cats and Other Miniature Cat Breeds


* * *


Welcome to Munchkin Cats and the Munchkin Cat, a book written for all munchkin parents and potential munchkin parents who are looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use book. Congratulations, you’ve found it! This book covers the different stages of munchkin ownership. Whether you’re looking to adopt a munchkin cat, to get to know your new dwarf cat more, to find common ground with a munchkin cat that has developed problems fitting in, or to look for more fun things to do with your munchkin kittens, this book has something for you.


One of the reasons why I wrote this book is to help set the expectations of would-be owners and to avoid what I would call ‘mistaken adoptions.’ Like any parent, potential munchkin kitten owners have the responsibility to know what they’re getting into. Sometimes, we fall in love with a munchkin cat, and we take one home without knowing what adoption actually asks of us. These are the munchkin cats that end up in shelters because people underestimated the demand of having a cat as a member of their family.


When we’re taking home a cute munchkin cat, we never imagine that we would ever want to drop it off at a shelter a few months later. What every cat owner wants is a loving and well-mannered companion, a pet that offers nurturing and accepts it at the same time; and that’s what we want every munchkin owner to achieve with this book, by becoming a well-informed cat parent.


Every cat owner gets the cat he or she deserves which is a way of saying that our pets reflect our handling of them. With this book, I hope to help you gain an improved understanding of your munchkin cat, determine whether a munchkin is a good fit for you and your family, and help you have a great time and a loving life with your munchkin pet.


Figure 1: The Munchkin Cat is a Very Inquisitive Creature, as You’ll Soon Find Out!


Munchkin Cat Fast Facts!



Munchkin Cats, A Quick History


You may be surprised to know that our short-legged cat friends are relatively very young in terms of cat breeds. Unlike Persian cats (documented as early as the 1600s in Italy) and Siamese cats (illustrated in manuscripts from way back in 1350 AD, yikes), our munchkin cats today can be traced back to a pregnant cat in 1983 found in Louisiana by a music teacher named Sandra Hochenedel after it was chased by a bulldog. Hochenedel took the cat in and named her Blackberry.


Blackberry gave birth to a healthy litter, with half of the kittens born short-legged. Hochenedel gave a male, short-legged kitten to a friend, Kay LaFrance, who named the kitten Toulouse. Toulouse and Blackberry eventually parented more short-legged munchkin kittens and became the ancestors of the munchkin cats that we have today.


Did you know?

Munchkin cats were named after the munchkins in the novel The Wizard of Oz. Another more official name for them is Louisiana Creole Cats.


Despite its humble beginnings, munchkin cats gained in popularity when they were featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in 1995. The article described munchkins as a polarizing breed that had cat communities in an uproar over deciding whether its short stature was a deformity or an acceptable trait. In the end, the munchkins won out, gaining acceptance as an official cat breed and as beloved pets in homes all over the world.


Characteristics: Traits and Munchkin Cat Temperament


The most distinctive and obvious traits for munchkins are their small stature. As adorably short-legged as the dachshund and the basset hound dog breeds, munchkin cats are easily recognizable for their shortness that also gives them a longer and slinkier appearance. As a matter of fact, this cute cat breed shares the same genetic mutation as short-legged dogs but without most of the health problems that come with it for canines.


Did you know?

Munchkin cats and munchkin kittens can be hoarders. They love shiny things and will hide the ones that they find like small treasures, to play with later. That’s how they earned the nickname magpies.


Figure 2: The short characteristic stature of the Munchkin Cat gives it a very unique look.


Other than its short legs, munchkin cats are distinguished by their regular body size as adults, with a weight range of 5 to 9 pounds or 2 to 4 kilograms. The coat can be long or short and comes in just about any pattern, color, or patina that you can imagine on any cat!