Money Information and Efficiencies V7 - Carlanska X. Imeny - ebook

A selection of information about possibly trying to use money efficiently

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Carlanska X. Imeny

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Table of contents

A Plan for Saving More Money

A Plan for Getting Out of Debt


A Plan for Saving More Money

If you’re like most people, you feel a little overwhelmed with trying to control your spending or trying to come up with ideas that won’t be too difficult to implement. You probably feel like you can save $50, $100 or even a couple hundred dollars each month from your credit card bill but you aren’t sure where to start. This is going to focus on how to get you in the money-saving mindset and focus your efforts on ideas that are going to make the most impact.

It’s no surprise that you should focus your efforts on the areas you spend the most money. It’s intuitive, right?! However, far too often I see money-savings tips for things that either seem impractical or won’t make much of a difference (things that’ll save you pennies, not dollars). Don’t get me wrong – if you’re serious about saving, you eventually want to get to saving pennies…once all the dollars are gone. Starting off, though, you should focus on the big areas of spend.

This is where you need to classify your spend by area. Try to come up with five areas – you want enough areas to be able to separate your costs, but not too many that it’s overwhelming. Make sure all your spending is accounted for (when you sum the five areas, there shouldn’t be any money missing).