Mom's Taunting Tongue - Bo Dunne - ebook

Eighteen-year-old Connor's date, Gena, takes one look at his manhood and bursts out laughing. She takes pictures with her phone and hurries away. Dejected, Connor goes home but walks in on his mother, who's with a very well-endowed stranger. Later that night, his mom Mattie learns that Connor saw her. Connor's devastated and Mattie knows she has to keep his spirits up somehow.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Mattie, Connor’s mother, leaned down to put more beers on the table for a trio of twenty-something guys, and she pretended not to notice how their eyes dropped to her cleavage, revealed in the loose, blue, deep-V pullover. Her 36C boobs were easy to see in a blue lace bra. She was almost old enough to be their mother, but they were semi-regulars who had tipped her well in the past. She hoped her ongoing boob show, plus their beer buzz, would keep their generosity flowing just like the beer. “There you go, guys. Will there be anything else?”“Nah, we’re fine,” said one guy, without looking up from the deep V revealing her boobs.Mattie laughed. She wasn’t very tall, and her lack of height emphasized her bust. Her constant walking as a barmaid here at the Grillin’ Gator Bar kept her short legs toned and shapely. While her butt was bigger than she liked, she knew it still attracted male attention as she walked around the bar and bent over to serve customers.Right now, she knew that a guy named Hank was sitting behind her, almost certainly looking as far up her snug little black skirt as he could. Hank drove through this area a couple of times a year on business and had become a casual friend. Now she straightened up and turned around.Hank was still looking down at her bare legs, before he raised his gaze and grinned. “Nice to see you again, Mattie. I always think of you when my route’s going to bring me this way.” His attention dropped back down to her boobs.“I’m flattered. The truth is, I think of you, too.” Mattie ran a hand through her short, brown curls, which came from her Irish heritage. She was forty-one years old and had never married. Connor’s biological father had just been a one-time hookup.

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Gator Tail Trailer Park No. 2

Mom’s Taunting Tongue

By Bo Dunne

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright @ 2018 – Bo Dunne

(previously published as “Always My Knight”)

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~

Connor shifted his position next to his date Gena on her family’s creaking porch swing, tongue-fencing in her moist and willing mouth. They were in a screened porch on the front of the single-wide trailer on a warm, humid summer evening in rural Florida. Her mother and sister were out and the sun was down, leaving them alone in the shadows like a couple in an old black and white movie. He had taken off her bra and was massaging one of her big, firm tits with his hand as they kissed.

“Come on, just check out my cock,” said Connor, his lips still against hers. They were both eighteen years old, enjoying the summer after graduating from high school. Light from the kitchen window allowed them to see. The beat-up porch wasn’t much to look at, but Gena was stunning even in the shadows, with the cheekbones and full lips of a supermodel as well as the height and long legs. The only difference was that her massive rack was much bigger than any supermodel’s.

“Maybe I’ll check out our cock and maybe I won’t,” Gena said in a teasing tone as she gently pushed him back. She was sitting in only a little blue skirt and also white lace panties that he had glimpsed when she got out of his car at the restaurant. Her pullover shirt and bra were lying on the swing next to her phone. Her long, shapely legs were crossed, showing off beautiful thighs and calves. “Are you sure about this? You know I was seeing Jarrod early this school year. He busted my cherry last fall.”

“Everybody in the school knew you two were together. We all figured you were, you know, doing it.” Connor hesitated, then added, “Besides, he told every guy in the school.”

“A lot of guys get worried when they know I had Jarrod first.” She watched him carefully, with a hint of a smile.

Connor had the same worry, but he was dazzled by Gena’s looks. He was trying to get past his worries.

“Are you a virgin?” She brushed a strand of her rich, chestnut hair out of her eyes to look at him.

He hesitated, but there was no point faking. “Well, yeah.”

“I guess it’s okay.” She shrugged, making her full, pointed tits bounce as though they were teasing him.

“You could help me with that problem.” Connor wondered if this was a mistake. Jarrod had been a brawny linebacker on the football team. The school rumor was, Jarrod was really hung. Connor knew he couldn’t compete with that. Connor was tall and rangy, but he was a nerdy bookworm, not a jock. He knew there would never be the same kind of rumors about him.

“But would you be any good to me?” Gena asked, in her teasing tone.

Connor wasn’t sure what to say to that. In fact, because Gena was tall, Connor figured his height was the only reason a babe like her had agreed to go out with him. He had somehow worked up the courage to ask her out because he was even taller than she was, and she was known for playing the field right now.

Still, knowing she wasn’t a virgin gave him hope she might give him a real chance. Taking off her bra was a good start. Tonight he had taken her to dinner and a movie in a real town up the highway, and then back to her own front porch. For anyone living in this down-scale GatorTail Trailer Park like they did, he had spent serious money on her. He had spent a week’s pay from his summer dishwashing job.

“Is Jarrod the only guy you’ve had?” Connor asked. He knew that wasn’t his business but he was curious to see if she would answer.

“Are you sure you want to know?” She ducked her head and peeked out from under her hair, smiling.

Damn, she was beautiful, he thought to himself. And she was sitting there, making conversation with him, with those big tits just right out there in front of him like this was just any other talk. “Sure, why not?”