Mom's Here To Help! - Laura Lovecraft - ebook

Steve has an embarrassing problem: he can’t get it up. It started a couple of weeks ago when he couldn’t have sex with his girlfriend. Since then he’s so worried about it, he can’t even get hard while watching porn. Steve is so frustrated he turns to his mother for advice. To his surprise not only does she understand, but knows exactly what to do because a good mother always helps her son!

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Mom’s Here To Help!


Laura Lovecraft

* * * * *

PUBLISHED BY: L.L. Craft Publications

Mom’s Here to Help!

Copyright © 2015 by L.L. Craft

Chapter One

“Yeah look at that,” Steve whispered while staring at the hot blonde on her knees sucking cock on his lap top. “Look at that little slut go.”

The little slut was sucking like the porn star she was, easily taking the guy’s huge cock deep into her mouth and moaning, gagging, drooling and spitting all over it. As fast as she sucked, Steve stroked, working his cock with his lotion lubricated right hand.

Unfortunately his cock wasn’t half as excited as the guy in the video and he was fighting not to concentrate on it, but just watch the video and think about the girl, not his barely semi hard cock. She stopped sucking and standing up, bent over a table.

The guy slapped his huge hard cock on her ass a few times, then grabbing her hips proceeded to fuck her silly. She was moaning and squealing and the camera jumped around, showing off her wide eyes and open mouth as she yelped, then her big beautiful tits swaying and her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit as her pussy was being pounded by his hard dick.

His hard dick; because Steve’s was currently at half mast and not getting any bigger. Unable to help it he looked down at his only partially inspired cock and moaned, “Come on, what the fuck!”

He stroked faster then gasped, “Oh, fuck!”

He was going to cum. He tried to stop, but groaned when he realized he was at the point of no return and even with his hand no longer moving a drop of cum appeared at the tip of his cock and oozed out.

Groaning more in frustration than pleasure, Steve stroked his cock and watched as his cum pumped down his just now hardening shaft. By the time he’d squeezed out the last few drops he was fully hard, but as soon as he stopped jerking it just as quickly began to soften.

“Fuck!” He exclaimed, “Not again!”

For the last week any time he jacked off he either came while still only semi hard or had just finally gotten fully erect before immediately coming. Disgusted he released his useless flaccid cock and shut off the porn.

Grabbing some tissues from the box on his desk, he wiped his cum and lotion covered dick and tossing gross tissues into the trash, pulled his shorts up over his now totally flaccid cock. What the hell was wrong with him?

Whatever it was, he better figure it out and soon because it wasn’t just happening while jerking off, it was happening when he was with Ashley and she wasn’t going to be okay with it much longer.

Sitting back in his chair and staring at the spreading wet stain on his boxers and annoyed at how small his cock felt between his legs, Steve hoped this would go away as fast as it had shown up, but he was starting to wonder if it would.

It had happened for the first time three weeks ago. Ashley’s parents weren’t home and they’d been fooling around in her room. Ashley was a damn hottie, long reddish brown hair, green eyes, long legs; big tits, a smooth little pink slit and she loved to fuck whenever they had the chance.

He was laying naked on her bed and she had just done a fun little strip tease for him and as always his cock was rock hard at the sight of her tight body and those amazing tits. She had come up onto the bed, knelt between his legs and begun blowing him.

He’d laid there thinking life couldn’t get any better, a gorgeous girl sucking his cock and the entire afternoon for him to return the favor, licking her sweet pussy, then fucking her as often as they could manage in the next few hours and that was usually two or three times.

She’d sucked him for a few minutes, moaning and whimpering around his cock and shaking her perfect little ass back and forth. Ashley had then slid up on top of him. She leaned over, letting him suck her hard pink nipples, then kissing him.

He’d put his arms around her and they’d kissed deeply, their tongue’s in each other’s mouths. She was sliding her wet pussy along the length of his cock and that’s when he noticed he didn’t feel as hard as he had before.

Ashley had then slid her pussy up to the tip of his cock and eased down, to slide him inside her. She loved being on top-and he loved her there-so it was a move she’d done many times in the months they’d been fooling around.

But this time instead of entering her hot tight pussy, his cock had slid along her wet skin. She tried again and his cock didn’t even feel like it was bending. Ashley had sat up and reaching behind her, grabbed his cock and stroked it.

Steve was alarmed when he felt how soft he was and tried to focus on her hand and her tits, her pussy, trying to get it hard again. Ashley had been good about it, smiling and saying it was just his way of getting more of her mouth.