Mom and I XXXmastime Pt. 3 - M.R. Leenysman - ebook

It's Christmas Day. Derek wakes up to the shout of his fiancee's mother, who has just discovered both of her naked daughters in bed with him. Can even XXXmastime miracles get him out of this? Part 3 of 3 of this section of the Mom and I series.

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Mom and I XXXmastime Part 3

Back Matter

Mom and I

XXXmastime Pt. 3

By M.R. Leenysman

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Without a pause, Pat slipped from beneath my covers and greeted her mother with a hug and a cheery, “Merry Christmas, Mom! What are you doing here?”

Debra’s eyes shot open even wider upon seeing Pat was nude and hesitated in returning her daughter’s embrace, as if afraid to touch Pat’s skin. Other than Debra wearing a sweatshirt and track pants versus Pat’s nudity, they looked more like sisters than Angie and Pat did. Once Pat ended the hug, Debra demanded, “Answer my question, Pat! What’s going on here? Are you committing incest, too?”

Pat grabbed my discarded sweater from the floor and slipped it over her head, barely covering her buttocks, then tossed me my boxer briefs and tshirt. I passed the tee to Angie and she slipped it over her head, while I managed to put my briefs on without exposing myself, then we sat up in the bed, pulling the covers over our legs and waists.

Leaning against my desk, her pussy barely hidden by the sweater, Pat answered, “Mom, I had sex with Derek last night, then we went to sleep.”

“And your sister?” Debra asked, pointing at Angie.

Angie answered, “I did not have sex with Pat, if that’s what you’re implying, Mother. I was down the hallway having sex with Tommy and Jessica while Pat was fucking Derek…”

“Watch your language, young lady!”

“No, Mother, I won’t. Fuck is the right word. If I’m old enough to do it, I’m old enough to say it. Besides, you gave up any power to tell me what to do or not to do when you threw me out of your house. Now, you’re trespassing in my new home and you still haven’t said why.”

“The front door wasn’t locked…” was Debra’s defense.

Angie snorted. “I didn’t think you picked the lock. But opening someone’s unlocked door without permission is still trespassing. For the last time, answer my question. Why are you here? It’s barely 7.”

“I… I’ve never had to spend a Christmas Eve alone and missed you and Pat terribly, even your father. I couldn’t sleep and thought I would try to make peace with you and ask you to come for Christmas breakfast with Pat and me. Since she said she would be there at 8:30, I had to see you before then and still have time to get home and cook. Only I find her here.”

“You want to make peace, Mom? Start by being honest. You threw me out, claiming it’s because I’m bisexual. Dad told me that it’s really because you think I’m committing incest with him and you won’t believe his denials. For a month, you’ve refused to take any of my calls, or I would have denied it, too. So, let me be clear. I have not had sex with my father. Just now, you see me in the same bed as Pat and jump to another accusation that I’m having sex with her, instead of simply sharing Derek with her, when you also know Derek and I are in an open relationship, that extends to my involvement with Tommy and Jessica, if you haven’t already figured that out. Then, last night, while Dad and I were discussing your accusation against us, Dad told me the full story of what happened with Rachel and Scott. I think you see incest even when it’s not happening. But I would think you’d be more careful about who you accuse, after that.”

Debra went pale. “That’s… that’s not fair. I saw Scott and Rachel having sex together. I didn’t imagine that. She even admitted afterward that Bonnie is Scott’s daughter. It’s… it’s not my fault he took his life, after I told our parents.”

“You’re right, that was his choice and it was the wrong one. Still, would it have hurt you to stay quiet?” Angie asked, as she got out of bed and walked around it towards her mother, standing in front of the open door. “Were they really hurting each other, showing each other love that way?”

Angie reached her mother and stepped close, backing her mother into the door, then kissed her full on the lips. Debra started to react to the kiss, before pulling her mouth away, but stayed in Angie’s grasp. “Angie! What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that if you had a little taste of incest, you might realize it’s not quite as sinful as you say. Did that kiss injure you? I think it turned you on, until you told yourself it was wrong - out of habit, not instinct.”

“You just got done saying you haven’t committed incest with your father and sister,” Debra pointed out.

“Because that’s the truth. I have not had sex with either of them. What’s also true, though, is that I’m not opposed to the idea of it, now that the idea has been discussed because of some other things I don’t have permission to reveal. The same is true about having sex with you. If you weren’t so vocally opposed to it, I might have tried seducing you. I certainly thought about it, even before you accused Dad and me, as I questioned whether I was attracted to you, once being with Jessica showed me I’m bisexual. But your eyes this morning, watching Pat walk towards you naked, told me a different story than your words.” Angie kissed her mother again, with no resistance this time.

I glimpsed Pat licking her lips, but couldn’t figure out if it was because she was nervous or turned on by Angie’s tactics. I thought confronting Debra this way was risky, myself, but trusted Angie to know her mother’s limits and protect our secrets. Debra was the person we were most concerned would find out. But, if Angie could get her mother to accept it all?

“Was it jealousy that made you tell on Rachel and Scott?” Angie asked, delving into her mother’s eyes, as Debra shivered. “You wanted Scott to yourself? Or was it Rachel? That’s it, isn’t it, Mom? You were attracted to Rachel and got upset that she wanted Scott instead of you. So, you informed mainly on him, figuring Grandpa would send him away and you might get your chance to comfort Rachel after he was gone. Except, Scott killed himself, Rachel blamed you for it and, instead of seeking her forgiveness, you’ve denied what you felt for her then by being vocally anti-gay and anti-incest ever since. Is that about right?”

In the barest whisper, Debra answered, “Yes,” as tears fell from her eyes. Angie held her tight as she sobbed, resting her own head against her mother’s shoulder and looking towards me, her face reflecting a mix of sorrow and victory.

A minute passed before Debra gathered herself and said, “But, everything bad that happened, happened because of those incestuous desires. Mine, Scott’s, Rachel’s. If we’d just been normal…”