Mom and I United - M.R. Leenysman - ebook

As Derek's Thanksgiving break winds down, his family gathers at Jilly's house for its first family orgy, as his fiancee Angie's family begins to react to recent events...Continuing the Mom and I series.

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Mom and I United

Back Matter

Mom and I


By M.R. Leenysman

Copyright 2018, M.R. Leenysman

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I awoke Saturday morning to the sensation of Mom’s lips running along the length of my cock, her hand holding my shaft up as she kissed and licked from my balls upward along my shaft. Judging from the amount of saliva already coating my cock, she’d been doing it a while. She said, “Morning sleepy head,” when she saw my eyes open.

I could barely grunt, “Morning, Mom,” in response.

Mom’s hand spread the wetness around, as she began to stroke the shaft. Her lips kissed the tip and they spread around it as she slowly took me inside her hot mouth. Her wet tongue pressed against the frenulum as it passed by on its way to the back of her mouth. Stopping before it could enter her throat, she rose back up, working her hand across the fresh supply of spit, mixing a handjob with the blowjob.

“Turn around,” I managed to say, “I want to eat you, too.”

Mom turned her body and straddled my face with her thighs, then settled her pussy onto my lips. My tongue went to work, splitting her labia in search of the sweetness of her flavor. She had apparently done some cleanup before waking me, as I didn’t taste any residue of my cum from the night before. I wouldn’t have minded tasting half a dozen guys inside her, if it meant I could show her my love in that moment.

“Mmmmmm,” Mom moaned, the deeper my tongue reached into her snatch, even before I approached her clit for the first time. When I did stroke across it with just the tip of my tongue, she moaned even louder.

I slipped my right index finger inside her, while my left hand blindly reached along our bodies to ensnare her breast, circling around the nipple. Inside, I bent my finger slightly to drag across her gspot. My back arched as the vibrations of her answering moan reverberated throughout me. I put my tongue and lips into overdrive, sliding and nipping around her labia as I gradually added a second finger, slipping them in and out against resistance from her muscles squeezing upon them. Then I attacked her clit, nipple and gspot all at the same time and she came apart and pulled her mouth off of me to scream, somehow still stroking my cock.

“Fuuuuuuccccckkk! Oh, gawd, baby! Make me cum! Unnngh! Yesssss! Baby!” Her abdomen started undulating against my forearm as I clamped thumb and index finger against her hard nipple, pulling it away from her body. A gush of her fluids washed over my face as she cried, “Yes, pull it! Pinch it! Oh, fuck, honey!” and shuddered from head to toe.

She shook and screamed for a minute as I continued my assault. She tried to end it by lifting her pussy from my face but I cried out, “Not done with you, yet!” and pressed my thumb against her clit, rubbing it in concert with the fingers still inside her, letting my hand move with her jerking body. She made enough space between us that I could reach my left hand to her opposite breast, to pinch her nipple there, too.

“Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmiggooooddddd! Derek! Baby! Oh fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck!” she screamed, her hand on my cock squeezing me tight. It was probably the only thing that kept me from cumming myself, just from the joy of making Mom cum this hard.

She collapsed atop my face again and I withdrew my fingers from inside her, replacing them with my tongue, gently lapping up her juices. Her clit was pressed against my chin, her last shakes continuing to stimulate it, with no effort from me.

She gradually stilled. Her tight grasp of my cock turned back into stroking as she recovered. She muttered, “Your turn, baby,” before engulfing my cock in her mouth, rising and falling just three times before swallowing my shaft into her throat. Her hands let go of my cock, bracing them on the mattress so she could practically do push-ups onto my shaft, milking me with every swallow. Her breaths between strokes blew from her nose onto my balls.

“That feels so good, Mom!” I encouraged. I clenched my fists beside me, trying to delay my orgasm, but soon gave in, pulsing yet another splendid orgasm deep into her throat as I screamed, “FuuuuucccccckkkkKKKKK!!!” It was almost painfully intense, after the activities of the previous day, of the whole week. Almost too much. Instead, I didn’t want to stop cumming, once I had started.

Mom retreated enough to breathe, while my cock sprayed the inside of her mouth, soon filling it. Finally, my spasms ceased and the arch that had formed in my back fell down to the bed.

Mom maintained a tight seal with her lips as she lifted her face up, not losing a single drop of my cum. I watched her swallow all of it as she turned to lay against my left side, her head resting on my shoulder. “Mmmm, not very submissive at all,” she muttered, making me chuckle.

“God, I think I’m going to be shooting blanks by tonight,” I said. “Don’t misunderstand, I’m not complaining, just concerned that I might hit a wall today and be unable to cum any more.”