Mom and I Revelations - M.R. Leenysman - ebook

As Thanksgiving morning dawns, Derek and his mother Marcy awake in his bed after a night of making love, while his father Stan is visiting an old lover. By the time the holiday is over, reunions and revelations will transform the relationships and future of a family that is much more complex than first appeared.

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Mom and I Revelations

Back Matter

Mom and I


By M.R. Leenysman

Copyright 2018, M.R. Leenysman

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Note: This continues the story begun in “Mom and I Get Even” and “Mom and I Just Us”…


I woke to my cellphone alarm at 7:00, with Mom draped over my left side, her breasts warm against my side, her left knee thrown over mine. I would have loved to snuggle with her, all day. Unfortunately, my bladder was calling me to get up. I eased myself free of her and made my way to the hallway bathroom. No sooner was I finished than Mom rushed into the bathroom for the same purpose.

I gave her a quick kiss while she peed. “Good morning, Mom. How can I help today?”

“We showered last night, so how about you run downstairs to start some coffee while I get dressed, then you can come back up. I’ve got to prepare the stuffing, get the turkey out of the brine, stuffed and in the oven by about 9 AM, then start in on vegetables and side dishes, so we can eat around 2 or 3.”

We had just put the turkey into the oven and I was helping Mom with peeling and cutting vegetables, when Dad returned home, with Jilly and Jessica arriving with him. Jilly looked much the same as I remembered, but Jessica had only been 15 when we had last seen each other, having attended different schools in the area. Born just two days after me, we’d felt as close as twins when we were younger. Cute as a teen, she had become a beautiful young woman, sharing her Mom’s auburn hair and a physique that vaguely reminded me of Angie’s.

Dad seemed unusually quiet as he walked up to Mom and whispered to her. I saw Mom’s eyes go wide for a moment, then Dad turned to me and said, “Take a seat, Derek. Something’s… ummm… come up.”

“Okay…” I said, moving to the living room couch. What was this about?

Jessica plopped into the seat next to me, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and whispered, “Missed you,” then settled back. Jilly sat on the other side of Jessica, also pretty quiet.

Mom and Dad took the love seat adjacent to me, then Dad asked, “Derek, did you do one of those ancestry DNA tests recently?”

I answered, “Yeah, about two months ago. I haven’t received the results yet. Angie’s dad Jake was adopted, so he knew nothing about his ancestry. As a Father’s Day gift, Angie bought a bunch of those tests, got her Dad to take the first one. He’s apparently found out who his father is, based on that. She also handed some out to relatives on her mom’s side of the family, to establish a baseline for understanding the results. She had one left over and gave it to me the night before I went back to campus and I forgot to take it until the beginning of October.”

Jessica turned to me and said, “I’m one of those relatives Angie gave a test, Derek. She and I are second cousins. At least, we’re supposed to be second cousins. We realized during a class we had together during freshman year of college that my Grandma Hannah Tirman and Angie’s maternal grandmother Rose Simpson are sisters. She gave me one of the tests when she started the search for her Dad’s relatives. When my results came back, it identified a few relatives but I didn’t recognize any of the names, neither did Angie. However, she had the expected matches that should have been our shared relatives, but I wasn’t listed among them. I chalked it up to my test being botched somehow and didn’t retest.”

“What does that have to do with my test?” I asked.

“This morning, I got an email that I had new matches. You are listed as a match, along with one of my mom’s cousins, who had done the test independently. You and I have 24.8 percent genetic commonality. That level indicates an aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, double cousin or… half-sibling.”

“You… you… think you’re my half-sister? How?”

Jessica smiled. “The usual way. Our parents started swapping well before we were born, Derek. I’ve known about that for a while now.”

“I just found out a couple of days ago,” I said. “Along with finding out about your mom’s club.”

Jessica said, “Okay, so both men had sexual contact with both women, so it’s possible either of them could be our shared father. Given my lack of matches to Angie’s family, I’m thinking it’s probably Stan.”

I was so shocked, I barely noticed how quiet my parents were being about this news.

Jilly said, “Looking back, your parents were trying to conceive you and I had just stopped taking the pill, but wasn’t planning to actively pursue conception until the next month. Stan was taking his condom off to enter Marcy and ejaculate in her, while Sam was using condoms in both of us. Where we possibly screwed up was that Sam wasn’t changing condoms after being inside Marcy before entering me, unless he came in it. It would have been possible for Stan’s sperm to transfer from Marcy to me on the outside of his condom. At the club now, we have warnings posted next to the condom supplies about using the same condom in consecutive partners, for STD prevention, but enough members opt to take the risk to go bareback that I should probably add a pregnancy warning, too. Just so you know, you and Angie will be considered guests and will need to use them. You need to present a clean STD test to become members.”

Jessica nodded, then said, “However the pregnancy happened, the question now is to confirm which man is our shared dad. We need you to log in and see whether the site has any other matches for you that could confirm or deny that.”

“Ummm, let me grab my tablet. I have the login info on there.” I sprinted up the stairs to my bedroom, feeling my world spinning around again. I pulled my tablet off of the charger and walked back to the living room, quickly seeing an email notification from the testing site that I had matches and logged into it.

“Okay, I’m in,” I said, sitting on the couch again. “Ummm, matches. There you are, Jess, 24.8% like you said. I also see one of Dad’s cousins, Maria Giambetti, and a couple of her kids. That confirms that I’m a Rosetti, so you must be, too.”

Jessica said, “I remember the Giambetti name from my matches, but didn’t know who they were.”

“Oh, my god, I have a sister!” I pulled Jessica into a hug, which she resisted, for some reason. Puzzled, I pulled away and looked around the room, seeing cautious expressions, when I expected excitement. “Okay, what’s up, everyone? I would expect this to be happier news than the faces I’m seeing. Is there another shoe that has yet to drop?”

Jessica took a deep breath. “There is. Last night, my mom and I… we had a threesome with Uncle Stan… with our dad. He committed incest, without knowing it.”

I looked my Dad’s way and he was avoiding eye contact with me. I shifted my gaze to my Mom, who said, “No secrets within the family, baby.”