Mom and I Just Us - M.R. Leenysman - ebook

After the foursome with Derek's girlfriend and father, he and his mother Marcy get a night for themselves.Continues the story begin in "Mom and I Just Us".

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Mom and I Just Us

Back Matter

Mom and I

Just Us

By M.R. Leenysman

Copyright 2018, M.R. Leenysman

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Note: This continues the story begun in “Mom and I Get Even”…


Breakfast the next morning was the last big meal Mom had planned before Thanksgiving, as we usually ate light for lunch and dinner the day before. She made Eggs Hollandaise, hash browns, wheat toast with jam and coffee.

It was the smell of the coffee brewing reaching my bedroom that woke Angie and me. We shared a quick shower, washing each other amid the occasional caress.

We offered our help when we got down to the kitchen, but Mom was nearly done. Angie and I poured ourselves coffee. Dad came over from his workspace in the living room when the food was done.

Despite the revolution of the day before, we kept conversation over breakfast intentionally light.

Angie needed to head home after breakfast. She gave Dad and I long hugs and Mom an even longer one, followed by a kiss. “Thank you,” I overheard Angie whisper.

After Angie went out the door, Dad returned to his office setup and it was just Mom and me in the kitchen. “Is there anything I can help with today, to make tomorrow easier, Mom?”

“Not really,” Mom answered, shrugging. “I put the turkey in brine before I made breakfast. Everything else has to be done tomorrow morning. Today’s really just about relaxing for me, doing that bag of laundry for you. Tonight, I’ll spend with you. Your dad is meeting up with Aunt Jilly, now that we’ve ended our pact.”

“Dad mentioned they were lovers, last night.” I said, realizing how much I still had to learn about my parents’ hidden past.

Mom smiled. “She was more than that, for both of us. Jilly was my college roommate and she and her husband Sam were our first spouse swap, before Tommy was born. Then she became my first female lover, one weekend. Sam was a cop and died responding to a robbery, when you and Jessica were both two. Jilly turned more and more to Stan for comfort, with me joining them maybe one time in four, when I could get a babysitter. She introduced us to our first swing club after that and eventually opened her own.”

I said, “I realized that Dad must have stopped being involved with her because of the pact and she stopped coming around after that. What reason did Dad give her for ending things?”

“Oh, she knows the real reason, because we explained it to her together. She tried to talk Stan into allowing the incest to happen. She will realize what it means that Stan is back in her bed, too. She expected she would have to wait for you boys to get married and be off-limits to me before the pact would end.”

“Another person who knows about our incest,” I said.

Mom replied, “We’ve never kept any secrets from Jilly. If polyamorous marriages were legal, we would have married her as a triad and we would have raised you three kids together. Of any of our extramarital liaisons, she and Sam were the only ones we truly felt love for, the only lover I truly missed once the pact began. I considered making her the exception to the pact, but it wouldn’t have cost your dad enough unless he gave her up, compared to what he was asking me to give up.”

“That’s why she stopped coming around, because she was off-limits to Dad? Dad only said it didn’t work.”

Mom said, “We all tried being platonic friends for a little while, but she and your dad didn’t have much of an existing friendship before we started to swap, compared to her and me being roommates. She stopped coming around because she realized it was too tempting for him. It’s not like we were her only lovers, running a weekend swing club at that time, with her parents watching Jessica. For Stan, it was hard to be around her and not be able to touch her the way they both wanted.”

I nodded. If I had to resist touching Aunt Jilly after being her lover, I would have had trouble, too. It’s what scared me the most about getting involved with Mom - maybe having to give her up some day. “Why aren’t you going with Dad to see her, then?” I asked.

“Because I want to spend tonight with you, now that I’m able,” Mom answered. “I can have my reunion with Jilly once you go back to school. That’s if your dad doesn’t get her to come for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, since her club is closed. I know how you used to look at her, too. Care for a shot with her? Maybe go to her club this weekend, along with Angie?”