Mom and I Books 1-5 - M.R. Leenysman - ebook

Derek is attracted to women who remind him of his mother, Marcy. His current girlfriend Angie is no exception. So, when March and Derek walk in on Angie having sex with his father, Stan, getting even with them is just the beginning of a Thanksgiving week full of sex, secrets and swinging. Collects the novelettes "Mom and I Get Even", "Mom and I Just Us", "Mom and I Revelations", "Mom and I Swing" and "Mom and I United".

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Mom and I Get Even

Mom and I Just Us

Mom and I Revelations

Mom and I Swing

Mom and I United

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Mom and I

Books 1-5

By M.R. Leenysman

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Mom and I Get Even


The summer before my Senior year of college near Baltimore, I was working an internship near my home in Newport News. I met Angie McDougall there. She was attending the same local university that my brother Tommy had just graduated. She’d met Tommy a few times, but they weren’t more than acquaintances, being both different years and different colleges within the university. It still created a connection between us that led me to ask her out.

I would be a fool not to be aware that Angie resembled a younger version of my mom. A lot. I have a definite type, attracted to women with blond hair and the right amount of curves, that describes my mom completely. Angie was hardly the first girlfriend who fit that type, either.

It took Angie very little time to call me out on it, once she had met my parents, Stan and Marcy Rosetti, and had a chance to review my Facebook profile to see pictures of my past girlfriends. She said, “Damn, Derek. Are you consciously seeking out girls who look just like your mom?”

“I think I inherited my Dad’s preferences,” I said, defensively. I would say anything but admit to secretly fantasizing about sex with my own Mom. Sure, she was a classic MILF, but I wasn’t supposed to be the “I” in that acronym.

Angie had wavier hair and hazel eyes where Mom’s were brown. At 5’5”, she was about an inch taller than Mom, about ten pounds slimmer, with C-cup boobs instead of Mom’s Ds and narrower at waist and hips. I could imagine that a pregnancy or two would have Angie looking even more like Mom. Not that I wanted that or anything, right?

We dated that whole summer, falling fast for each other. We had sex whenever and wherever we could, which wasn’t always that easy, since we both still lived in our childhood homes in neighboring towns. Angie had an older sister Pat with an apartment in her town who sometimes let us use it, but not that frequently.

By the end of the summer, I was deeply in love and Angie said the same. As our return to school approached, Angie and I agreed to an open relationship, so that neither of us had to be celibate on campus. We would see each other whenever we were home, but would not commit to anything more permanent until after we graduated. I was already saving up for an engagement ring, though.

I cultivated a fuck buddy on campus, a green-eyed blond, an even closer match to Mom’s physique, even at 21. Alissa Gould planned to join the Peace Corps after graduation, so wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship. But she didn’t want a series of one-night-stands with different guys, either. We occasionally scratched each other’s itch and were fine with that.

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, Angie let me know that the guy she’d been occasionally dating on campus had pushed for more of a commitment from her, which she refused to make, so he broke things off. I expected she’d be extra horny when we saw each other. I didn’t hook up with Alissa the weekend before Thanksgiving, either, as I had some papers due before the break.

Meanwhile, I was getting hints from my parents that not all was well at home, now that they were finally empty nesters. As I mentioned, my older brother Tommy had attended a local college, living at home. He graduated the previous spring, then took a job in Chicago. He wasn’t coming back to Newport News until Christmas, putting extra pressure on me at Thanksgiving to try and glue our parents back together.

I wasn’t sure what I could do to help their marriage. I certainly didn’t expect what actually happened.

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I drove home. I saw Mom’s car pull into the driveway next to Dad’s just before I got there and parked at the curb. Mom noticed me pull up and ran over to the car. “Derek! You’re early,” she said once I’d opened my door, to hug her tight.

“My professor canceled my last class, so I got an early start,” I explained, pulling my backpack and a duffel bag full of dirty clothes from the back seat.

Mom said, “I was able to leave work early, too, thinking I’d get home before you. At least I’m here. Your Dad is working from home this week, since there aren’t any classes scheduled.” Dad worked as an IT trainer, usually teaching classes on a weekly basis. The holiday meant no class this week.

We walked up to the front door and Mom unlocked it. It took only a moment after entering to see the clothes strewn over the living room floor and hear moans coming from the master bedroom next to it.

“That asshole,” hissed Mom, as she started heading that way, slipping off her heels to be quiet. I set my bags down and followed her, hoping against hope that we were just hearing Dad watch some porn on his laptop. The fact that some of those clothes on the floor were a woman’s hadn’t yet penetrated my brain.

Mom froze in the open doorway and I came to a stop mere inches behind her. Looking over her shoulder to see Angie, her Hawaiian flower tattoo visible on her left shoulder, bouncing on top of my Dad, was the last thing I expected to see. “So fucking good,” Angie muttered, between moans. Neither of them noticed us, with Angie’s back to the door and Dad’s view of the door blocked by her.

Despite the shock, my prick still responded as if I was watching porn, stiffening in seconds. My mom, instead of screaming, began to back out of the room, bumping right into my surging dick. We both retreated. Once in the hallway, Mom turned and gestured for silence. She took my hand and walked me back through the living room to the stairs and up to my room. My cock was still hard, my mind still filled by the image of my dad’s cock driving up into my girlfriend.

Once the door to my room was closed and we were sat down on my bed, Mom finally spoke, a lot more calmly than I expected. “I should have known he wouldn’t keep his promise forever. I’m both sorry and not sorry that he broke it like this, though.”

“What promise?” I queried.

“He made me a deal six years ago, baby. He would be exclusive to me, if I didn’t make any moves to seduce you or Tommy once you each turned 18.” Her hand moved to my thigh, just an inch from my hard rod running down my pant leg.

“What?!?” I blurted. “Seduce us?” Did I hear her right?

Mom grinned at my shock. “You joke with people that you’re drawn to girls who look like me because you inherited your dad’s attraction to blonds. It’s probably even truer that you inherited an itch for incest from me.”

“You’re kidding,” I said. “Aren’t you?”

“Nope,” she said, moving her hand that last inch, grasping my cock through my jeans. “I’ve been attracted to all of the men in my family. I gave my cherry to my brother Mark before he went into the military. After my mom passed, comforting Dad turned into an affair that lasted for the next year, before I met your dad, who reminds me of both of them.”

“Grandpa?” I asked.

Mom answered, “Yes, baby. I fucked my dad and we both loved it. I confessed it to Stan before we got engaged. He didn’t break up with me over it, but didn’t approve of our idea of family love and insisted I end the affair. Then Grandpa met Bridget and married her. As you boys both got closer to 18, your dad insisted I shouldn’t pursue anything with you, even though I was attracted to you both. We made a deal. He had to be 100% exclusive to me and I would be exclusive to him. It might come as a surprise to you, but we had an open relationship prior to that. We had other lovers, swapped with other couples, went to swing parties, things like that. Less often after Tommy was born, but often enough. It turned your dad on to watch me with other men. He just didn’t want my permission to choose other lovers to extend to my family. So, we cut each other off from the lifestyle entirely.”

My world was spinning off its axis, but my cock was getting even harder, thinking about Mom with other men, my libido inserting myself into each scene. “Jeez, Mom. Is that promise what’s causing trouble between you two, now?”

“Mostly,” she answered. “Now that neither you nor Tommy are living here to tempt me every day, Stan is thinking that we should go back to swinging, but I said if we were going to end the deal, I wanted his permission to pursue the two of you when I could, or even pursue my Dad again. He refused, so we’re stuck between what he wants and what I do. I didn’t expect he would break the promise with your girlfriend, though. If she’s even the first that he’s fucked behind my back.”

I said, “Well, Angie and I have chosen an open relationship, too, at least while we’re apart for this school year. She has my permission to be with someone else, which would include Dad.” I paused before asking, “Do you really want to have sex with me, Mom?”

“I wondered how long it would take you to stop avoiding the subject, baby,” Mom answered. “Yes, I do. I think sex is best as an expression of love, even between family members, maybe extra special between them because you are deciding that your love is more powerful than the taboo. I also know when a man is attracted to me and you show all those signs. I’m not just talking about this erection,” she said, giving it a quick squeeze. “Which I expect is as much from seeing Angie getting fucked as from this talk. It’s all of the other times I’ve seen you looking at me with desire in your eyes and a stiff dick in your pants.”

Mom leaned in and kissed me, her tongue pressing against my lips, asking for permission to enter. I opened my mouth and our tongues did battle for a minute, before she drew back and, putting her hand on my face and rubbing her thumb over my cheekbone, asked, “I’m not misreading you, am I?”

It was my last chance to back out. Not happening. Looking straight into her eyes, I said, “No, Mom, you’re not misreading me, however much I’ve tried to hide it before now. I think you’re gorgeous, the perfect woman, inside and out. I rank all other women against you. Angie comes close, but she’s still not you. I would be honored to be your lover. I love you.”

“Good answer,” she murmured, reaching for the buttons on my shirt. I watched as she bared my chest and untucked the shirt from my jeans, then moved her hands to my wrists to undo the buttons there. She pushed the shirt over my shoulders and pulled it down my arms and off, tossing it towards my hamper.

She looked at me, sensed my hesitation and chuckled. “We’re not going to get very far, if you’re afraid to even undress me, Derek. Pull my sweater off.”

“Sorry, Mom,” I said, as I pulled on the waist hem of the snug sweater to draw it up and over her head, exposing her lacy bra, her nipples protruding through. “I guess, after living my whole life thinking I wasn’t supposed to be doing this with you, I’ve got to adjust and treat you more like a woman who wants me to make love to her and less like my mom, who I’m supposed to respect above all else.”

I caressed her breasts through the thin cups of her bra. They were a bit softer than the girls my own age, but not by a lot. As I squeezed her nipples for the first time, Mom arched her back, pressing her glorious tits into my hands. She reached behind herself and flicked open the clasp, then shrugged the straps from her shoulders.

I pinched the fabric around both of her nipples and Mom growled at the rasping sensation as I pulled each nipple and lacy cup towards me, until the bra pulled free and I tossed it aside. Facing me were the boobs that I’d fantasized about so often, in all their naked splendor. Wide, light brown areolae capped with darker, thimble sized nipples that barely pointed downward from the weight of each orb. Her body was well muscled, proof of years of going to the gym for weight training, aerobics and swimming. A few silvery stretch marks scattered along her abdomen reminded that she gave birth to Tommy and me.

Determined to stop being nervous about her being my mother, I lifted her right breast, leaning over to capture her thick nipple in my mouth, my tongue swirling around it. My right hand slipped between us to unbutton her slacks and work the zipper down.

“That’s more like it, honey,” Mom cooed, as her hands wrestled with my belt to get into my jeans.

Soon, we each had a hand deep inside the other’s pants, squeezing or rubbing as best we could. I sucked hard against Mom’s boob, sealing my lips around her entire areola, hoping I’d leave a hickey behind.

I didn’t expect Mom was going to keep this a secret from Dad, after he had broken their promise to each other. Marking her was just one part of getting even with him. Not so much for having sex with Angie, but for denying Tommy and me the joy of loving our mother this way. Until now.

Although, since I’d never shared with my parents the open nature of my relationship with Angie, he might be due some anger if he had made the first move without knowing I would be okay with it. That was the last I thought about Dad for a while.

I stood up, kicked my shoes off and pulled my jeans and socks off, standing naked before my mom for the first time as an adult. She leaned forward, grasping my cock and balls, then placed a kiss on the head of my cock. “My beautiful boy,” she whispered, before drawing me into her mouth, her tongue running fast circles around the rim of my glans.

“Oh, fuck,” I muttered, chills running up my spine. Mom shifted around to kneel on the bed, her elbows on the edge. She engulfed me again, sucking harder. Her tongue pressed against the underside, wriggling back and forth. I felt my glans reach the back of her mouth before she angled her head to allow me entry into her throat. I felt that distinct swallow and before I knew it, her nose was pressed into my pubic hair and her tongue tip was extending along my balls. Angie usually gagged half a dozen times before she accomplished taking me deep. Chalk one up for experience.

Mom started a rhythm of pulling back to breathe and then pushing forward to sheathe me once more. She face fucked my cock, rather than the other way around, but I was more than satisfied to let her be in charge right then. I would get my chances to lead.

Every stroke, every slither of her tongue, every vibrating moan, produced more of that delicious tickle that told me I was closer to cumming. “Oh god, mom, that feels fantastic,” I said and her eyes locked with mine.

She pulled completely off of me only long enough to urge, “Fuck my mouth, Derek. I want you to take me,” then drove me all the way in again, grabbing my hands from my sides to put them onto her head, my fingers slipping into her golden hair. Her left hand moved back between her thighs. I figured she must be frigging herself and wished I could see it.

Taking her at her word, I pulled back and darted my hips forward, plunging back into her throat, setting a faster pace in and out than she had. Making sure she was getting enough breath in between her grunts, I worked myself higher until at last I had to shout, “I’m cumming, Mom! Oh, oh, fuck!” and my orgasm took over. Half a dozen strong streams roared through my shaft, into her throat, then flooded her mouth as I backed off a little.

I felt her swallowing around the end of my cock to keep up with my cream. As she pulled further away, she kept up her suction to make sure not a single drop escaped.

“Hmmm, yummy,” she purred, as she rolled back onto her knees, licking her lips and wiping some spit from her chin. Mom shimmied her pants and panties down, pulled them past her knees and off. “Ready to return the favor, honey?” she asked, as she flopped down onto her back, her heels tucked against her butt at the edge of the bed, her spread knees nearly on the bed. She reached between her legs and spread her engorged labia with one hand, while the other beckoned me with a crooked finger. “Show me whether any of my younger clones taught you right,” she teased.

I grabbed a pillow and folded it in half to kneel on. My hands wrapped over her firm thighs as I brought my face closer. I smelled her arousal first, before I tasted it. Both were delightful to my senses. After kissing her inner thighs, I ran the flat of my tongue along her labia from taint to clit, then ran the tip back down the left and up the right. “You’re yummy, too,” I said.

Mom had her left hand on my head. I could see her right hand pulling on her nipples. She grasped me tighter as I got close to her clit again. I took the hint and flicked across her clit for about 30 seconds before moving on again. Her tangy juices were copious and I drank deeply from her well. When I’d lapped up as much as I could, I slid two fingers inside her, seeking her g-spot. Her muscles nipped at my fingers. My tongue started working towards her pleasure nub as I located the rough patch inside her.

I heard Mom mutter, “They sure did,” just as I flicked across her pea again. “Oh, Derek, fuck, fuck FUCK!” she cried, as her back arched after I pressed my fingers across her pleasure patch. I sucked both clit and hood into my mouth, lashing back and forth with the tip of my tongue. “Fuck, fuck, aaiiiiEEE!” she cried out and shook in orgasm.

I didn’t let up, looking to extend her raging orgasm. Her tremors gradually stopped and Mom pushed my wet face away. Reluctantly, I eased my soaked fingers out of her, getting ready to climb onto the bed and fuck her for the first time.

“Oh my god!” I heard cried from the doorway. I looked back to see Angie staring at us, wearing nothing but a loose tshirt of Dad’s and a look of shock. “You’re… you’re…” she stammered.

I whirled around on my knees and said, “Loving my mom? Yes. Brought about by you fucking my dad, in part. You’re welcome to join in or to head back and fuck my Dad some more, but you’re not stopping us.”

“Join in,” Angie decided as she walked over to the bed, sitting beside Mom, who had sat up again but didn’t cover herself. Angie took Mom’s hand and said, “I didn’t come here today to seduce your husband, Marcy. But I did want a chance to talk to both of you about Derek, his transparent attraction to you and figure out how to move forward in a relationship with him if he really wants to be with you instead and I’m just a substitute.”

“Can’t I want you both equally?” I asked.

“Let me finish, honey,” Angie said, turning back towards Mom. “Stan not only admitted he knew of Derek’s attraction, he revealed your desire for your sons and the deal the two of you made to keep you away from them. Once I knew the attraction went both ways, I convinced him to stop opposing it, since it was only going to create resentments. Then I revealed my own attraction for him, the open relationship Derek and I have and took Stan me to bed as his first lover post-agreement. Derek doesn’t get to be the only one attracted to the same physical attributes. I’ll admit right now that I wouldn’t mind a shot at Tommy, either.”

Mom said, “My marriage started with me being attracted to Stan because he reminded me of my brother and dad, not just physically. It’s no wonder my sons draw that same attraction. Is Stan really okay with this? Why isn’t he up here to say these things?”

Angie shrugged and said, “I think ‘okay’ is too strong a word right now. I’d describe him more as resigned to it. He realizes that opposing a physical expression of your love for your sons is causing stress in your marriage, which he wants to resolve.”

“Having sex with you is some way to communicate a ‘yes’,” Mom said.

“You weren’t supposed to be home yet and we got so aroused from talking about everything that we couldn’t wait. When we finished fucking and then saw that both of your cars were outside, we started hearing moans from up here and figured out that you must have seen us and decided to get even with us before Stan got a chance to make his permission explicit.”

“That still doesn’t explain why he’s downstairs,” I said.

“While he’s willing to let this happen,” Angie said, waving her hand at the two of us, “He said he didn’t want to see it, even though he admits to being a voyeur with Marcy and any other men. Give him time to adjust, though. I think he may be willing to do a foursome, eventually, more than he would want a threesome without me there.”

“I need to talk to him, make sure he and I are still good,” Mom responded. Turning to me, she said, “We’re not done, baby. Give me a half hour to talk to Dad, make it clear that he’s not losing me to you, then come down for dinner. I plan on spending the night with you, to finish consummating what we started.”

I got up from the floor, tossed my pillow back onto the bed and sat beside Angie as Mom redressed and left. I turned to Angie and asked, “Are you okay with this, babe?”

“I talked your Dad into ending his blockade, didn’t I?” She snuggled her head into my shoulder, then sniffed. “Mmmmm, I can smell Marcy’s cum on your face. I’ve never been attracted to another woman before, but your mom gets to me. What I was trying to say at the doorway, before you got all defensive, was ‘You’re beautiful.’”

“Really?” I asked.

Angie nodded. “Watching you, I not only wished I was her, getting licked by you, I wished I was you, getting her off like that. I want… I want to watch your consummation tonight. Maybe I’ll lick your cum out of her after. Can I… taste?”

I nodded and Angie turned my head to kiss me. Our tongues tangled with each other as a growl grew in her throat. “Oh, gawd,” she murmured, when we parted. “I want more.” Angie began licking across my chin, seeking more of Mom’s elixir.

“This is totally not the way I expected this day to go,” I said, chuckling, when Angle stopped and backed up to look me in in the eyes.

“Hah! The best days never are,” Angie said. “It’s the ones that surprise you that you remember most. I didn’t expect what has happened to me today, either. I was only looking to get advice, before you came home. I certainly didn’t expect I might gain both of your parents as lovers, too.”

“You know I love you, Angie,” I said, before kissing her deeply once more.

“I love you too, Derek,” she said, when we parted. “Will you be okay with your Dad at dinner?”

“You think I’d be mad because he had sex with you? You had… you have my permission to be intimate with whoever you want and he knew he would have the same permission from my mom if he agreed to let her be with me. Mom might have a problem with his acting on that before telling her about changing his mind, but that doesn’t affect me, since I didn’t know anything about their agreement before today. If I have any problem with him, it’s the time lost between Mom and I because he cock-blocked us. If he’s not going to do it any more, I can let go of the resentment, forgive him before he asks.”

“Good,” Angie said. “So… your parents were swingers, huh? I could see us fitting into that lifestyle, don’t you? I wonder if they still have contacts there.”

“One thing at a time, babe,” I said. “Let’s get through the rest of today, first.”


We chatted for a while longer before I slipped my clothes back on and we headed downstairs for dinner, only to find that Mom and Dad were in their bedroom, door wide open again, fucking each other’s brains out.

Mom was in the same position Angie had been, so neither one of them saw us right away. Dad’s hands were on Mom’s boobs.

Before that day, I would have closed the door and made myself scarce. Instead, Angie and I watched from the doorway, my hands wrapped around her hips, reaching under Dad’s tshirt to frig her pussy, while she rubbed her rump against my re-hardened cock.

“We have an audience,” I finally heard Dad say.

Mom slowed to a stop, turned her head to look at us and said, “Join us, kids.”

“You’re sure?” I asked, as we walked towards the canopied king bed. Angie was already shedding the tshirt as I began undressing again. “I thought Dad didn’t want to see us?”

Dad raised onto his elbows and watched us approach the side of the bed, then answered, “I’m trying, Derek. Your Mom and I talked and I finally admitted that my opposition to her incest was less about any immorality and more about fear that I’d lose her, whether to her dad and brother or to you and Tommy. She got me to see that I’ve only ever felt that insecurity towards her family members, where I knew she already loves you, not to other guys she’s been with over the years based solely on sex. I figured out that I’m actually better off letting the two of you have sex in my presence, rather than asking her to make love to us separately, where my imagination would scare me more than the reality. Adding in Angie helps it be even.”

“Even,” I repeated, as the last of my clothes hit the floor for the second time in an hour. “Mom and I thought we were getting even with you when we went upstairs, now we’re getting even in a different way as a foursome. So, how do we arrange this?”

Mom answered, “I want to finish riding your Dad, but how about having Angie ride Stan’s face, while you stand between us and she and I give you a double blow job? Then we can switch positions and I can let you put that cock back where you came from.”

“Works for me,” I said. Really, all of it was more than I ever expected to happen. What would be the point in being impatient?

Mom started gyrating her hips over Dad’s pelvis again, while Angie moved over to straddle his head, facing Mom. His arms curled over her thighs to pull her down onto his lips and I got a glimpse of his tongue splitting her labia.

I climbed up onto the bed, using the canopy rails to stabilize me so I could stand without falling as Mom bounced up and down on Dad.

Once I was upright, my cock sticking straight forward, Mom and Angie both leaned towards me, each bracing against my pelvis with one hand. Before pressing their lips around my cock from both sides, Angie lunged forward to press her lips to my Mom’s in their first kiss.

Mom returned the kiss for fifteen seconds, then pulled back. “You want me, too, honey?” she asked Angie.

“I want to try, Marcy,” Angie said, nervously. “I’ve never been with a woman before, though.”

“I have,” Mom said, shocking me again. “I’d love to be your first. After we wear the guys out, that is. If I know these two, just watching us should be good for one more erection.”

Mom and Angie teamed up on my cock, licking it from both sides, taking turns taking it down to the root. When Mom saw Angie gagging, she gave her some tips that helped immediately, although I was too overwhelmed with pleasure to remember what Mom said.

Meanwhile, between Dad’s licking and his thrusting, the women were both moaning and grunting, the vibrations adding to the sensations my cock was experiencing.

When one would cum, the other took over blowing me. I lost count of how many orgasms they had. I managed to outlast Dad, who shot into Mom while grunting into Angie. I almost didn’t notice, until Mom climbed off of him to a kneeling position on my left.