Moist Encounters - Jessie Puce - ebook

Moist Encounters ebook

Jessie Puce



Vicki's office sexcapades will have you looking for your most attractive coworker, finding a secret room, locking the door, and getting down right filthy with them. As the top recruiter at Growth Jobs, Vicki aims to please and not only at work.  She has the hots for her manager Rachel, and a wandering eye for her office buddy Nico. As she is put on to the fact that her big boss Craig is the one who holds all the cards, she has to find a way to get under his pants. This short erotica is steamy and will have you tingling in places you never have before.

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Jessie Puce

Moist Encounters

I dedicate this book to all the men and women who have fantasies about the most attractive person in the office, but cannot cross that line. Vicki crosses that line for you, BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Moist Encounters By Jessie Puce


A Sexy Office Chronicle



Jessie Puce





I hate driving downtown Sacramento. I’m not sure why the fuck my office thought it would a good idea to merge with our sister company Action Works. This is an inconvenience to everyone. Plus this stupid area has NO parking!  Our company has only been here for two days, and I've been “period cranky” ever since.  I hate change because I don't adapt well to it.  When I woke up this morning, I told myself today would be a good day, but so far, not so much. 


After half an hour of driving around, I finally found a place to park; three football fields away from our new workplace.

 Gee I am so excited for my trek back to my car in stilettos this evening! Yipee! 


My office is a disaster! Where the hell are the delivery men going to put my stuff?! 


“ Knock knock”

Gosh who the fuck is it?   


The door opens without my permission, I turn around to see who it is, and low and behold it's my boss Rachel.


“Oh hey Rachel how are you?”


Rachel is my bubbly curvaceous boss. She is always happy and her tits are always pushed up into her chin. She has long golden brown hair, and hazel eyes. Rachel is the epitome of perfection. Think Ashley Graham, but just a little shorter. 


  I don’t understand how it’s not even 10am and she has the biggest smile on her face. She must’ve had at least eleven coffees by now and some dick, or her own fingers. She is always smiling and I could never figure out why.


“I’m doing very well Vicki! You look a little lost though love, what can I help you with?”


I am fuckin’ lost. I hate this place!!!


“Oh no I’m good Rachel, just trying to figure out where to start.”


My office looked like the streets after the pride parade here in Sacramento. Everything was everywhere and I just knew I wasn’t cleaning it up.


“Rachel, when are the guys coming to clean all of this up, and set it up for us?”

“It’s supposed to be done within the week, and that’s what I came here to talk to you about.”


As Rachel came closer to me, I could smell her Victoria secret “Tease” perfume take heed of my nostrils. As sexy as Rachel was, she didn’t know where to draw the line when it came to fragrances. Sometimes it seemed as though she had used all of her body mists in one shot, and the whiff attacked the air like a harsh wave of ocean water.


Despite her overly excessive perfume, Rachel is the only woman I've ever been curious about. I haven't been with a woman as yet. But I want to find a way to lick Rachel's sweet pussy. I want to get my hands onto her clit, and feel her juices flow down my fingers, while I shove my tongue down her throat. I want her golden brown hair wrapped around my hands as I use a strap on to go deep into her walls. One day, I want Rachel to say my name, for more than work purposes.


“You’re going to have to share an office for a week, just until we get everything settled.”


Sharing is not in my DNA. I’m an only child. I don’t want to share! But since Rachel is telling me, I'll do whatever she says. I'm normally a ballsy bitch, but I crumble when it comes to my sexy boss. 


“That’s fine Rachel, I know that things take time. So no worries.”


“Vicky, you’re handling this move thing better than I thought.”


I need this job, plus I want to fuck the shit out of you Rachel.


“Of course, I’m looking forward to mixing and blending with the new team, change is good. Don’t worry about me boss, I’ll be fine and fit in anywhere you put me.”


“That is great! I am loving your positivity!!!”


Rachel is swaying her body towards me to give me a hug. I now think this is my chance to touch her.