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Mindy is one of the many maids in the Dungeon Towers, an escape for the rich and powerful. She just wants to earn enough money and graduate, then find a proper job. But when she is caught spying on a group of black men with a submissive woman, she falls into the clutches of a powerful man who loses no time punishing her.Moaning Maid is a standalone short steamy story features dominating alpha males and submissive young women humiliated and used publicly.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~The attic was my favorite place in the house. It was mostly abandoned and nobody bothered me when I was there. The room was the only room that wasn't used as one of the sex rooms in the entire estate.Sex was the trade here. Rich men paid big money for the anonymity of being able to let go fully in the safety of the estate.The only difficulty they had was trying to find someone to clean up the mess after. While some of the maids were permanent, a few were temporary. It pleased the men to see younger women in sexy maid outfits cleaning up after them. The permanent staff were better at cleaning up the... harder to clean bits, to be honest. I was there as eye candy for the most part.Most of the time, I wasn't privy to what they were doing. I only needed to appear after they've finished. They knew their way around the house better than I did. While some of the men enjoyed dominating, there were some men, otherwise powerful figures in society, who enjoyed being humiliated and demeaned.By the time I reached the attic, I realized something was amiss. I was far from alone. There were noises coming from underneath the floorboards.I knelt down on the floor and put my cheek to it, trying to hear the words being exchanged beneath me. I couldn't hear anything beyond murmurs and moans that made my insides tighten.I bit my bottom lip and debated in my own mind. I was immensely curious about what was happening downstairs but I also didn't want to get in trouble for prying.I had been working in the place for a little more than half a year now and beyond seeing the men leaving the rooms that smelled excessively of sweat and sex, I had never seen anything first hand before. I heard stories, of course, mostly whispered hastily from the younger maids who were closer to my own age. The older women had been on the job longer and were used to what their jobs entailed.I was almost certain that Ashley had never seen anything firsthand before. They were careful not to let the temps know too much.I took a deep shuddering breath and crawled quietly to the edge of the attic where I knew I would be able to see everything.There was a panel on the floor that I could remove, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do that. It was risky. Someone could look up and see me spying.A particularly loud scream made up my mind for me.

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Dominate Me Book 4

Moaning Maid

A. X. Foxx

Copyright 2016: A. X. Foxx

All rights reserved. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Moaning Maid is a standalone short story that is filled with dominating alpha males of different races and single submissive young white women.

This story contains scenes of BDSM, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. If hardcore sex, bondage, spanking, and gangbangs aren't your thing, then this may not be the book for you.

Bird's-Eye View

I considered going back to the table empty handed when I realized I was down to my last five dollars.

"Do you want a drink or not?" the bartender asked, trying his best not to be snappy but was failing miserably at it. The tables weren't that busy, but he had been busying cleaning glasses behind the counter when I got his attention and didn't appreciate the interruption. It was only eight on a Monday night, too early in the week to start drinking.

I shook my head but my lips were saying, "Yes. Whatever's on the tap."I surrendered the last of my money to the young man.

He took the fiver with an understanding grin. "Drink on the tap is shit. I'll make you something better, Mindy" he said with a wink. I smiled gratefully at him.

"Thanks, John. I appreciate it," I said.

It's never a good sign when the local bartender knows you by your name and you, his. I had been to the bar every Monday for the past year. I was in my second year of university and while classes aren't too stressful, life in general was. I was always

John was five feet ten with the body of a bodybuilder. It was nice to stare at his behind as he prepared my drink. He had a cute butt.

My empty wallet let out an empty sigh as I threw it back into my backpack. John placed the drink in front of me. "Everything alright?" he asked.

"It's been better," I sigh and took a sip of the colorful drink in front of me. It was mildly lemony and fizzy with just enough alcohol to warm my insides. I moaned. "This is delicious," I said. "What is this?!" I asked.

He broke into a grin. "Something I came up with. Haven't figured out a name for it yet," he said.

"Well, it's delicious," I emphasized. "I got to get back to my seat. I'll see you this Friday?"

"Looking forward to it," he laughed, then went back to washing glasses.

It's definitely a problem when you knew the local bartender's shifts.

My friends were waiting for me with suggestive grins on their faces. I sighed, knowing what was coming. They had been trying to hook me up with a guy since we met. I wasn't looking for a relationship though, not when I barely had enough time for work and classes. The only reason why I continued to meet them in the bar every Monday and Friday was because Ashley was there and I was supposed to keep an eye out on her.

"So did you finally ask the guy out?" Nancy asked.

"What?! No!" I laughed, sitting down. "He's what? Twenty five? That's way too old."

"Oh, don't be ridiculous," she laughed.

I looked like an ugly duckling next to her but thankfully my looks didn't matter. I was working towards a degree in socioeconomics.

"So did you ask him?" Ashley prompted, reaching over to steal a sip of my drink. Ashley was a petite blonde with the perfect body. She had legs that went on for days, which was perfect since she was getting her degree in contemporary dance. I couldn't stand her most of the time. She was too chirpy and happy.

"No! He's not my type," I said. "I like my men... less tall," I laughed. "And give that back! Get your own drink!"

She laughed and gave me back my drink willingly.

"How's work?" she asked with a suggestive wink.

"Good," I answered carefully, wondering what she was up to.

"Don't you have a shift tonight?" she persisted.

"Yeah. I got to be there in an hour," I said and pretended to be busy stirring my drink.

"Has there been any new guys lately?" she asked.

I glared at her for a moment, but she was either oblivious to my glare, or didn't care. She smiled brightly at me.

"You know we're not supposed to talk about that," I kept my voice carefully level and continued staring at her as if she had grown a second head. She might as well have.

She laughed when the rest of the girls asked her what I meant by that. I took her job when she found a better gig modeling. At least that was her story. She did find a better gig modeling, but that wasn't until two months after losing the job.

"The place we work at has like, all these rich guys who pay stupid amount of money to do weird shit."

My heartbeat started speeding up the moment she started talking. It wasn't something we were allowed to shared with outsiders. It was understandable that we would want to talk about things, but there was an in-house counselor for that.

She was there for only a few months before she was let go, but had to continue seeing the counselor every other month. She talked too much and was showing herself a risk to the confidentiality clause.

Part of the reason why I was hired right after her was because they wanted me to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't talk. I prayed that I wouldn't have to stop her now. I would prefer not to look stuck up and be ostracized by my peers.

"Share, Ashley!" Nancy prompted. I looked at her curiously and gave the briefest of shakes. To my surprise, she took a small sip of her beer and started talking.

"I can't tell you the name of the place or where it is, but I can tell you stories," she started, lowering her voice dramatically. "The place we work at is-"