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Discover the secrets for changing your mindset so that you can finally achieve the success you’ve always wanted! If you don’t possess a successful mindset, it will be impossible for you to achieve the success that you desire. If you want to change your life, you have to change your mindset. But how do you know if you need to change your mindset?   Here are some common signs that you may have a negative mindset:    You see nothing but negatives in your life.    You are always complaining about your life.    You blame others for your unhappiness and failures.    You worry about everything.    You have set such high expectations for yourself that you are constantly stressed.    You are never satisfied with what you have.    You don’t actively try to learn new things.    You are constantly living in the past.   Here is a comprehensive guide that will provide you with the steps you need to shift your mindset to obtain greater success and happiness in your life.       You will learn how to transition your thoughts into actions.     You will discover the best ways to say no to negativity.     You will discover why it is so important to demand discipline from yourself.     You will learn why it’s important to strive for success.     And how to finally go after your goals and achieve success.     And much more!   Changing your mindset can be done, it will just take your willingness to put in the hard work that it will take.

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While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.


First edition. August 1, 2018.

Copyright © 2018 Dr. Michael C. Melvin.

Written by Dr. Michael C. Melvin.

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 – Learning to Transition Your Thoughts into Actions

Chapter 2 – Learn to Say No to Negativity

Chapter 3 – Demand Discipline from Yourself

Chapter 4 – Strive for Success

Chapter 5 – Going After Your Goals




Every endeavor that we set upon starts with an idea. The invention of the wheel, the design of computers, the first trip to the moon. All of these started out as an idea before becoming a reality. This is why it is so crucial for you to have a sense of who you want to be in life if you're going to find success and happiness.

The mindset that you embrace is more important than your people skills, more important than your abilities, and more important than any other competency you may currently have or that you may develop in the future.

Your mindset is what will allow you to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals. It can help you improve your surroundings, allowing you to become a happier person, attracting more positive people and situations to your life.

Unfortunately, for many, as they strive to achieve their goals and dreams, they struggle, getting caught up in the moment or becoming stuck in their failures. They end up losing track of why they are doing what they're doing and find themselves merely going through the motions.

You don’t have to continue to live this way. Once you start to shift your mindset, you will notice that everything else in your life changes with it and you will begin to find greater success and live a happier life.

According to Carol Dweck, a renowned psychologist and psychology professor at Stanford, the beliefs, thoughts, and ideologies that you firmly believe in are what determines your quality of life. Your mindset is a mix of these elements and is the traditional set of different attitudes you nurture, as well as those that shape the rest of your life.

Her research into the human mind also established that there are two different kinds of mindsets; growth and fixed. It has been determined that if you possess a fixed mindset, you have the opinion that you are born with a specific set of qualities that can't be changed.

You believe that the traits that you possess are fixed, and there is nothing that you can do to develop them further or improve them.

A growth mindset, on the other hand, is one that allows you to think differently. When you possess a growth mindset, you believe that you can become better. You know that you can always learn new things, build new skills, and work on your shortcomings. With a growth mindset, whatever you want in life is achievable.

What many people fail to recognize is that these two mindsets aren't mutually exclusive, but they are in fact complementary to one another. Everyone starts out with a fixed mindset; you have particular talents and skills that you already possess, that you may think are unchangeable.

To transition into a growth mindset, you have to ask yourself than to determine what you want to achieve in your life specifically.

This leads to asking yourself how you are going to get from point ‘A' to point ‘B,' or rather, how you're going to change your ‘fixed' abilities to reach your goal.

Making this subtle shift in thinking begins to transform your mindset from a fixed state into a growth state. You have figured out where you need to change and take the necessary steps to actively work on those areas, allowing you to mold your thought process into something that is positive, productive, and evolutionary, giving you the capabilities to change your life.

The challenge for you becomes identifying your current mindset and determining a goal for yourself that will allow you to implement growth strategies in your life that you can work toward achieving.