Milked - Daniella Fetish - ebook

MilkedIn the future, there's a certain subset of women who are bred to be Milked, and Regine is one of them. However she understands that just because it's work, doesn't mean she can't enjoy it...

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Daniella Fetish

Table of Contents

Title Page


Regine stuffed the tissue into the sleeve of her robe and thumbed the ID scanner. Blue laser light highlighted the perimeter of her skin. The other Lactation Techs—they called themselves "Lactatrixes"—already in their pods, the dome-ceilinged foyer held an eerie, close silence.

"Welcome back, Regine!"

Regine jumped with surprise. Even with its cherubic plastic face and beautiful blonde curls, something in the reception droid's empty blue eyes unnerved her. "Glad to see you've recovered from your cold!" the cyborg cooed.

"Thanks," Regine said, hiding a sniffle. "Glad to be back."

Regine put her head down and strode toward the Lactation pods. Pausing only briefly so the decontamination airlock could radiate the environmental bacteria from her skin, Regine reached her own pod within seconds. She pressed her thumb to the scanner next to the door and slid inside.

Alone in the stark white room, Regine removed the tissue and let her robe drop the floor, leaving her nude.

"What a time to catch a cold!" she said aloud. She wiped the last traces of a sneeze from her nose and threw the tissue into the sanitation incinerator. The machine glowed red for a moment before emitting a satisfied hiss.