Middle East in Maps. Volume I: General and historical maps - Gniewomir Pieńkowski - ebook

Middle East in Maps. Volume I: General and historical maps ebook

Gniewomir Pienkowski

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Middle East In Maps Series is a great source of information to know about Middle East countries. The Volume I (General Middle East) includes sections on the Ancient and Modern Middle East. In Volume II-III there are included maps of Middle East countries with the main aim of showing political, economical and military changes in the region from the Antiquity till nowadays. Regionally, the series covers the area between Egypt and Iran as well as between Turkey and Oman and Yemen (Volume I: General Middle East, Volume II: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Palestine Authority, Saudi Arabia, Volume III: Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Yemen).



Middle East in Maps Volume I-III features:


  • Clear picture of the recent agricultural, demographic, industrial, environmental, economic, and political changes in Middle East region.

  • Clearly organized by countries - each country is introduced by a political and economical maps showing individual countries, followed by regional maps showing towns and cities, roads, railways, international boundaries, and topography.

  • Country facts and figures covering: population, economy, demographic data, hydrogeography, life expectancy, troops, oil reserves, settlements, refugees and migration;

  • Detailed regional and individual country political, economical, socio – cultural maps,

  • Original maps integrated into the text, placing conflicts in their historical, political, economical, socio-cultural and geographical contexts;

  • Thematic maps and graphs covering interesting topics, such as: international trade, wars and peacekeeping, tourist and resort areas, energy resources and consumption, aging and health risks, food and water, biodiversity, literacy, gender equality

  • Urban area and city center maps with full page satellite maps and color photographs;


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