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You´re the biggest Fan of Michael Jackson and you wanna prove your knowledge? Then it is time to take the challenge, with a unique Quiz-Book of your personal music idol. 200 questions to show everyone that you´re an expert of Michael Jackson: did the Jackson 5 change their name to? What boy band was the opening act on Michael`s History tour? Which part did Michael play in the film "The Wiz"? And? Do you know the answers? These and many more questions are about to be answered by you. Establish yourself as an expert in conversations with music connoisseurs. Impress your friends and family and show them, how much you know and understand about music. Even you will have a lot of new insights! Additionally, you will learn about the history of quizzes. All the different formats, that was invented - from the early Parlor Games and TV Shows, to nowadays Magazines, Videogames and Apps. The quiz is one of the most popular entertainments. Because everybody wanna satisfy their thirst of knowledge. Luckily an addiction with positive consequences. Perfect for curious Quiz-Fans and the perfect present for all "Michael Jackson FANS" - this quiz will make you a master of your craft in a most enjoyable way!

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Early Life

Michael Jackson’s Music Career

His Achievements

His Death and Memorial Service

His Wealth and Earnings Before and After His Death

Michael Jackson’s Influence and Legacy




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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson alias Joe was a prominent American dancer, singer, and songwriter. Most of his fans dubbed him as “King of Hip-Pop”. Michael was one of the most famous celebrities and entertainer across the world. During the year of his death, he was the bestselling artist in the music industry. He made a debut in his music career in 1964 together with his brothers Marlon, Jermaine, Tito, and Jackie.

In 1971, while at Motown Records, Jackson began his career as a solo artist. From the 1980s, he became one of the dominant and popular figures in the music industry. His videos have been known for breaking racism as well as transforming medium to a promotional tool. It was through the popularity of his videos, brought MTV to fame. He was responsible for the establishment of the complicated and popular dancing techniques named the moonwalk and the robot.

Michael Jackson’s Early Life

Michael who was born as Michael Joseph Jackson was born on 29th August 1958 in Gary, Chicago. He was the eighth born in a family of ten children. His parents were African-American and lived in a twobedroomed house located in one of the streets in Gary. Jackson’s mother was a Jehovah’s Witness believer. She was a pianist and clarinet player who aspired to be a performer in western and the country.

However, his father a steelworker at the U.S steel and a former boxer as well. Jackson and his father used to have a troubled relationship since he acknowledged in 2003 that his father used to whip him and abuse him as well. He once explained that his father used to insult him that he has a fat nose.

Michael Jackson’s Music Career

In 1975, Michael signed with Epic Records through The Jackson 5. Jackson performed and engaged in international tours through The Jacksons. Joe who was the lead songwriter wrote several hits for the group. Later on, he went solo and released solo albums that were produced by Jones. Jackson grew to an established solo performer after the release of various hit albums and singles. However, his success grew more after he released his sixth album, “Thriller.” He earned more awards from this album.

From 1984 to 1985he merged with his brothers and PepsiCo for a $5 million product promotion deal that endorsed him to break records. In the 1980s he developed skin problems which were thought to have been developed by his bleaching. In 2009 he held a press conference citing that we would be coming back through This Is It show, after which he will retire. The concert film became the highest-grossing film in history

His Achievements

In 1980s Michael joined the Hollywood Walk of Fame as one of the Jacksons but later became a solo artist. Throughout his music career Jackson was a successful musician who scooped almost every award American Music Awards and World Music Awards as well. However, due to his stunning singing and entertaining talents, he has been inducted into other numerous halls of fame including Songwriters Hall of Fame, Dance Hall of Fame and Vocal Group Hall of Fame. Also, Jackson’s awards also include many Grammy Awards and Guinness book of records. He also achieved to be one of the best-selling singers in the modern music. Nevertheless, his sudden death has been described as “Moment of Significance” by a Film Institute in America, due to its global outpouring grief. Lastly, he also managed to achieve several Honorary Doctorate from Fisk University and United Negro College Fund.

His Death and Memorial Service

It was on 25th June 2009 when it was reported that Jackson was not breathing in an attempt to sleep under the care of his personal physician Conrad Murray. Conrad had given Jackson some medication in an attempt to help him have a sleep in his mansion in Los Angeles. However, after an attempt to resuscitate him was not successful he was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA medical center by Lo Angeles Fire department after several resuscitation efforts. An hour later after arriving the medical center, he was pronounced dead at around 21:26 UTC.

However, the sad news spread quickly triggering an outpouring grief across the globe. It was reported that there was a heavy internet traffic causing sites to slow down and crash due to the overload. On 7th July a memorial service was held at the Staples Center. The memorial service was followed by a private service at the Hall of Liberty situated at the Forest Lawn Memorial park, Los Angeles. The body was later entombed at the same memorial park after a memorial service attended by 31.1 million people.

His Wealth and Earnings Before and After His Death

It has been estimated that Michael Jackson earned a total net worth of $750 million in all his lifetime. Also, he recorded sales of his recordings amounting to $300 million. In addition, it is estimated that he might have earned more than $400 million from the shows he performed. From 2002 to 2007 it has been estimated that Michael Jackson’s wealth ranges from -$285 million to +$350 million over the years. According to Forbes, it has also been reported that after his death his wealth has grown to $1.995 billion.

Michael Jackson’s Influence and Legacy

He was referred to as the king of pop due to his transformations of the music videos and paving way for Hip Pop music. Despite his demise, Michael has continued to influence and motivate several numbers of artists in the music industry. According to Guinness world records he has been recognized as the most successful entertainer in history. Also, other numerous media groups have also described him as the greatest and unstoppable entertainer in history with outstanding skills. His dancing styles, movement, legacy, and sound have inspired musicians of all genres.


In conclusion, Jackson as the greatest entertainer in the history of the music industry has left a legacy that inspires numerous modern and young artist. It is crucial for the modern artists to learn from him to set a record that will influence and benefit other future generation rather than benefiting their own interests. Lastly, death does not mean the end of your stardom but transforming it into another form that benefits another generation.


On which date was Michael Jackson born?

August 17, 1956

July 8, 1959

August 29, 1958

September 15, 1957

What was Michael Jackson's middle name?





Michael Jackson was raised by his mother to follow what religious faith?

Roman Catholic

Jehovah's Witnesses