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DESCRIPTION:Work Assignments are given to the family. Not everyone gets the assignments they want. Chris starts to fall for the Administrator. A family's journey through sexual utopia. After a mutable disease reshapes society, the family seeks shelter at the Mediplex. How easy will it be to overcome the social mores they grew up with? And how kinky can the Admin be?EXCERPT:Chris couldn't help it, he closed his eyes and reached out. When he felt the larger hands of the Admin, he allowed the man to place his own smaller hands on the man's throbbing cock. He gripped the cock and slowly stroked it tenderly. The man shifted, allowing better access, and moved the panties into his other hand, and wrapped them around the boy's bulging cock. Chris startled, but soon settled as the feel of the satin caressed him. He moaned and shifted his legs.The Admin watched, entranced, as Chris' legs spread. He could see the pearly pinkness of his pussy lips. The man leaned in, looking closely, and took the tip of the boy's penis in his mouth. He could see the wetness between the lips as he did so. Chris moaned louder. The Admin kept his lips on the tip of the cock while he still stroked the boy's shaft. As he ran his tongue over the head, he felt the boy tremble. He started sucking and stroking quicker as Chris' breathing quickened. The man extended a finger, grazing the pussy, and Chris yelled out. A stream of semen shot from the boy and down the man's throat.Chris opened his eyes and startled as the Admin slowly withdrew. “It's okay, Chris,” he said kindly, then nodded towards his crotch where the boy's hand had stilled, yet was still wrapped around the man's cock. “Go ahead and finish me. It won't take long.” The Admin lay back on the bed, not looking at Chris as the boy slowly started stroking again. “You may want to switch it up a bit,” the Admin said, as if from afar. “Change speeds, play with my balls, tease the head. It's all good.”Chris looked at the man's cock in wonder. It was large and had good girth. Not extremely veiny, but healthy. The tip was bright pink and straining. Chris took his other hand and used one finger of it to circle the tip as he kept stroking. The Admin groaned. “That's it,” he said, his voice more hoarse. “Keep going.”

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Morgan Destera & Bradford Matthews

Published by Morgan Destera & Bradford Matthews at Lot’s Cave

Mediplex Story No.3

Mediplex, © 2017, Morgan Destera & Bradford Matthews

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Lot’s Cave

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Mediplex 3


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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by Morgan Destera & Bradford Matthews

A knock came at the door mid-morning the next day. Annette answered it, her face changing from curiosity, to outright shock and distaste within seconds. She stepped aside resignedly to allow the woman to enter.

The woman was dressed head-to-toe in hot pink, skin-tight latex. There were no discernible openings for sight or breath, but there was a large nozzle-like end on the face that looked like a filter or re-breather device. Her body was lithe, flawless. The latex clung and accentuated every mound and curve. Her nipples were hard and imprinted in the material. Even without sight, she moved fluidly as she entered the room and gestured to the tablet she carried with her. “Assignments,” she said briefly, through the voice-enhancing nozzle. “I have the assignments for the family.”

Annette nodded and left the room to gather everyone. Within minutes, the family was settled in the communal lounge area, sprawled on leather couches, chairs, and even a bean bag chair. They eyed the woman curiously, taking in the sight of her pink presence.

“I have the work assignments for your family,” the woman said again. “This is all very basic. You will begin your jobs on Monday. We will allow you the weekend to continue to rest and get to know your surroundings. We encourage you to walk about the Mediplex and grounds area. Everything here is self-sustaining. That means, we have no manufacturing, We have crews that go out in the world and scavenge. They bring or send back items we need which are cleaned, repaired, and put to use. “Almost everything in the Mediplex itself is recycled or cleaned, sterilized, and used again. You need to get to know your surroundings and get used to the way things are done here. We will be lenient at first,” her head moved slightly towards Don, “since you are new and just learning the rules. Again, the main rules are that everything is permissible as long as there is consent. The one thing we will not tolerate is abuse.” She turned again, this time towards Angelica, who shifted nervously and rubbed her arms.

“Now, for the assignments.” She tapped on the screen of her tablet. “Bob, as it was mentioned earlier, you are permanently disabled. You will not work, but you will volunteer your time in the laboratory. As much as possible. Not only will you donate your time, but you will contribute anything you may have in your body which we may need in order to heal you and others afflicted with these diseases. We feel you may have some secrets inside you we need to discover. In the process, we will also work on your other problems, such as your erectile dysfunction and your infertility.”

Bob opened his mouth to protest the secrets being spilled, but stopped himself. The words had already been spoken. There was no taking them back. He could feel his face flush, and refused to look at the rest of the family.

The woman shifted towards Annette, who waited with a hard face, her arms crossed across her large bosom. “Annette, you have been assigned to the Nursery as a caregiver.”

Annette's face softened for a moment.

“You will help feed and care for the infants and their mothers. It is a treasured position. Not all women are capable of nurturing, though they all claim to have that instinct. As you know, nowadays not everyone can produce a child. And fewer are able to both produce and care for the child properly. But almost every woman can hold and bathe and clothe a child. You will be a step above this. Since you have had a family, you will be added to the developmental sector.”

Annette almost smiled. “Thank you. I...”

The woman held up a hand. “Please save all comments and questions until then end. There is a lot of information to get through.”

Annette clamped her mouth shut.

The woman consulted her tablet. “Angelica,” she continued. “You will be working in maintenance. Specifically ventilation. You will be clearing the ducts from litter, debris, and clogs.